Indian Idol II: The open neck to neck battle …

Now, we are at the finest edge of the competition. The people, who were started believing that this Indian Idol is going to simple inspite of a series of shocking results, I think they have got their answers.

What is needed to be an Indian Idol?

A question that have been asked so many times and a lot of diffrent kind of answers but one thing is sure as have been said by all judges that he/she should sing well and perform well, why they have said so, why they do not go only for singing, or only performance? Because there is a vote system and we all have seen how the vote system goes on.

There will always be a differnce between trained and gifted singer.

If you have to see the best of trained voice from Karunya then go for “Lagan Lagi” performance by him, that was only performance of him that impressed me.

If you have to see the gifted voice, then see “Kaun Hai Jo Sapapno Mein Aaya”, “Main Yahan Hoon Yahan” and the superb one that I liked most “Holi Khele Rakhubira”, although that was a rocking and cheerfull knock but it made many of us to tears, the happiness because our wait for that Sandeep paid off. Kabhi Kabhi hum apane bachcho se/ Apane karibi dosto se bhi naraaj ho jate hai but our hearts from the inner corners always pray for the moment when they come back on the track. I never left the belief in Sandeep and I always found it on the mark excpt Shadi round wheer his voice quality was good but confidence was not that much. Even I really liked his “Lagaan” performance acccording to the voice.

What else you needed for being Indian Idol, one who make you feel the song, one you make you think about him/her, one whose a slight sign on his face make you to emotions.

I never thought that I will ever see someone even comparable to Kazi’s Magic as I even not rate Abhijeet Sawant more than him according to the charm. Kazi was definately a youth icon because of his attitude and style.

But I found Sandeep Acharya as an anser, I know you will argue a lot of technicalities, but I go for the likability, even if you are give the chance to meet someone between Sandeep and Karunya, then you are going to choose Sandeep Acharya. If some father has to marry his daughter then he will choose Sandeep Acharya. If someone has to choose one from contestents for a date then you are going to choose Sandeep Acharya. IF Kazi was youth icon then Sandeep is just lovely and as simple as he could be. Only he could accept that Amey helped him in that performance, only he could say sorry for being out of Sur and only only he could make thanks to Sonu Nigam who was clearly artificial and very limited while praising the performance, the best peformance of that day “Holi Khele Raghubira”.

Although Amey also seems to me a personwise good but at the Neha’s vote out time, he seems to me some kind of artificial and also promoting himself, I do not know that I was right or not, but he always went under my doubt after that and I felt sorry if I was wrong. Amey has did nothing what he should not do at the vote out time, because Mini Mathur told him to do that what he did. He knows that nothing like rematch is going to be happened and the best option was that he has taken. Even the controvrsies that had been raised, I claim that it was a stage drama, triggered by Sonu Nigam and others. Anu Malik always looked to be against from the decision. It was sure that the drama is not going to happen, if Sonu Nigam have not triggered the same. I seriously say you all to think about that Amey was not the favourie candidate of Sonu Nigam and everyone rated Sandeep and Karunya to be the toppers for the day and the bottom two were obvious inspite of proper performances of Amey, then why such a strong reaction. You know that one always has to go.

One more point that he was in SRGMP 1999 where Sonu Nigam was Anchor itself and Shreya Ghoshal was winner, is making me soft about him, although when I was writing this post, then I do not know about the fact. This fact is forcing me to see the thing in another view.

I know the above para is making me at the Gunpoint of Amey’s fans, while I am already at the Gunpoint of Karunya’s fan, but I am really really sorry, if I do not feel like them for Amey. For them I have to say that Amey was the third according to me personwise after Sandeep then Monali and then Amey. These three are not only good but really rally caring for their fans and friends near them. You all Amey’s fan knows that most of the times, I tried my best to never go against Amey Date, I hope that you all will appreciate my view even if you do not like it.

I have not going as ridiculas as Diya Mirza did that I am not going to believe in Indian Idol, if Sandeep does not win, but I have to say that I will be disappointed a lot with lakhs of my friends. I am assuring Sandeep that even Judges like Sonu Nigam may be campagianing for Karunya, but It is not going to stop you, it has no problem that you have not so much good comemnts to make a VT for you. But I am sure that you will never be ashamed of any moment which you have spend in Indian Idol 2. You did not know that how many in india loves you, you really did not know that how many new viewers are joined to save you, you did not know that you have a charm that could make even those people to join the show, who never voted for any kind of show. I challenge that could Karunya make anyone, who have not ever voted for any such show, to vote for him?

The target is very near and you have enough to get over all the difficulties.

I am fearing that the next Gala may be a problem for you as you are needed to get your best as you have done confidently in last Gala and also Sonu Nigam wil also not in front of you, but as that Gala song is to be chosen by public and according to the image, you are expected to to get the songs by Udit Narayan again and this will again going to a problem. May god help the best man.

When I joined on the message board then there were few to support Sandeep and many of them even said that the worst ever Final may be that one in which Sandeep Acharya and Anuj Sharma will be in front of each other. I have to say them that their casuality made that fate near. Hoping to see Sandeep and Karunya aganst each in Finals as everyone of us expecting and voting in the same way.

I see Karunya on the leadng edge for tonight (20 March) as he is expected to get the best songs. Hope that Sandeep supporters have gone wisely, now restlessly waiting for the Monday’s night performance. Please God be with us, with Sandeep,we are not expectng to loose him.

I am warning to Sandep’s crazy supporters, that they are becoming a lot of casual after the best of Sandeep Acharya in last Gala, thinking that he got all of the support back to him. I want to remind them that it’s we only we who have made him to come to this point and the competition for him is not became lesser, never tink there is a strom against Anuj Sharma, he is getting much votes and for their suporters it is the last chance and they will do it as they have always did till ths point. So, be carefull. Note that this week may be the next disaster week for Indian Idol, this is the time to vote for the whole day, if not for the whole night, note that seven days for vote does not mean that you have to vote seven times lesser as you usually do. Note that in place of 12 hours now you have 24×7 hours and I am expecting at least more than 14 times of the votes that Sandeep got in the last Gala.

Comeon, you could do it, we could do it and we will make it.


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