Indian Idol II: Who was favourite in which show and downlaod links …

I should say that yesterday was a good day for this message board as many guys came with thoughtfull comments although much of you were agianst me but if my message trigger you to go this much crazy and thoughtfull too then I really, really liked it.

Many names, I have recieved from you people, I never got angry on even worstest comments. Now, I want to remind you all the summary of the show as happned to me and how I got my favourites.

23rd January 2006
Today, I was watching the episode in which Monali sang “Ghar Kab Aaoge”, I will always remember this episode as this was one which make me joined in voting as I thought Monali could be vote out in that Gala and I will never ever forgive me that I neither voted nor paying too much attention on the second Gala because of one serious job assignment on me.

The link for that show is given below:

30th January 2006
The first round of Girls clearly sorted out my favourites as Meenal Jain, Monali Thakur and none other but Neha Kakkar, I am sorry but I was not impressed by Antra as she did not touched Sunidhi Chauhan in “Ruki Ruki Si Jindagi”.

Then it was the time for boys, I was really looking for the boy, who have sang “Nasha yeh pyar ka nasha hai” in Theator rounds as I have never seen him yet nor was knowing the name. My wait paid off and Sandeep Acharya was first one with “Papa Kahate hain”, he was really good on stage and really really impressed me a lot. This show refind my favourite list with the names:

1- sandeep Acharya – Papa Kahate Hain
2- Neha Kakkar – Jubi Jubi Jubbi
3- Amey Date – Tum Jo Mial Gaye Ho
4- Meenal Jain – Lambi Judai
5- Antra Mitra – Tu rutha to main ro doongi
was not so good but her ending made her in my good list.
6- Panna Gill – Janu Meri Jaan
not good in voice and sur but performance was too good like Neha/Sandeep.
7- Monali Thakur – Yaar Bina Chain Kaha Re

The best performance was of Monali thakur, this girl killed me to the bottom, what a voice, what expression, what smile, she was the most prettiest and most lovable candidate ever in Indian Idol 2 or even in both the versions of the program. If this Girl remained till thelast Galas, I was eraly really going to resign my job to make support for her from all over India. Today her each style make me into tears as she got out very earliar. I will never ever forgive me as the most unjusticefull result of Indian Idol (Not that of Amey Date).

Some may argue that why I have not menioned Karunya, I am not becase I thought that the corus was more in the song not the singer itself and in those few lines he have not impressed me.

Seven candidates on my favourite list means most of the candidates, means really a good show. In deed, it was. Ever best as most of them performed well after that some were good and other worst but not like all were at that

The link for the ever best show is given below:

6th February 2006
Next show was for old songs and my faourite list again became refinded:
1- Panna Gill – Aa Aa Aa Ja
2- Sandeep Acharya – Lo Jhuk Gaya Aasama Bhi
3- Antra Mitra – Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na
4- Monali Thakur – Piya Tose Naina Lage Re
5- Amey Date – Laga Chunari mein Daag

Ok! the list shortened as we have lossed Neha Kakkar and Meenal Jain losted her charm this time.
First time, I thought that Panna is suitable for some kind of song and as a performer, he is alwasy flawless. Sandeep Acharya and Monali were making the place in my heart. Antra Mitra and Amey Date realy really surprised me. Antra was too good and Amey Date choosed the toughest song in this Indian Idol till yet as really sang it, perfect or not, I do not have to say but only singing it is sufficient. Overall a good show. But I always remember this show as we losted Monali after this show. The show really really losted his beauty at best.

The link for that show is given below:

13th February 2006
This was Valentine show and I started to watch show while truely missing Monali as I was started to love the girl more than my Girlfriend (I know she will ruin my head if she read it).

My favourite list this time:
1- Amey Date – Suno Na
2- Antra Mitra – Jara Jara
3- Anuj Sharma – Dil Kya Kare
4- Sandeep Acharya – Tere Naam
5- Karunya – Hum Tum
6- Panna Gill – Hume Aur Jine Ki Chahat

one added named Karunya, although he, Anuj and Panna hardly make it into my favourite list as both sang well but voice s were not suiting their songs. I am very sad for Meenal as somehow his song did not touched me. I was not totally satisfied with Sandeep because of his facial exprssions which were not matching with song but but after some more days I got that it was his nature, but I alwasy suggested him to become more good performer otherwise your craze will go out, you will be gone. Anuj with the best song, my all time favourite, go the benefit of song. I should say only Antra made it safely in my favourite list for the show. All this show will alwasy be known for the pretty women Disaster. I am sorry fr Ravi as he was from my near Villege Pratapgarh and my neighbour’s friend means my closest contestent but I never favoured him sorry!!

The link for that show is given below:

20th February 2006
My favourite list this time:
1- Meenal Jain – Mera Piya Ghar Aaya
2- Ravi Tripathi – Teri Deed Ko Ankhiya Tarase
3- Anuj Sharma – Dil Le Gayi Kudi
I am really surprised with my favourite list this week. Even Sandeep, Antra was out of mark. Karunya got a good song but not that passion. Sandeep was out of mark this time, He started good as always, hisvoice was good but I think this innocent boy goes with the expression of Audience, he should not. I should say Meenal Jain made it but was not good overall only technically good. Amey was was not good at that song, as I compared that with Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Grand Finale Performance. Ravi Tripathi/ Anuj Sharma I think were at their best.

The link for that show is given below:

27th February 2006
My Favourite for this show:
1- Karunya – Lagan Lagi
2- Meenal Jain – Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
3- Sandeep Acharya _ Main Nikala Gaddi Le Ke
4- Amey Date – Tadap Tadap Ke

I think it a disappointing show, Karunya was good this time, Meenal was a kind of best. Sandeep Acharya made it although I was not satisfied with his stand of defending his stand to choose a Udit Ji Song. About Amey Date I should say that he make it in my favourite list with a very short margin as this was one of my favourite song, so anyone could get into my favourite list by just singing it but I really missed the soul in the song but I just gave him reward of getting a very very good song.

The link for that show is given below:

6th March 2006
My favourites for Shadi round:
1- Antra Mitra – Mere Hatho Mein
2- Sandeep Achrya – Mehandi Laga Ke Rakhana

The most disappointing show ever. I do not say that Antra was good at her song, but she was looking fabulas at expression and preformance and I specially benefitted him for her performance at the opening song “Sapane mein Milati Hai”, which was the best opening song ever for Indian Idol 2. Sandeep was not at his best but good thyan others. Karunya did not given justice to the great song and for Amey, I do not know what is the problem with “Kal Ho Na Ho”, whenever anyone touches it, he/she goes down, I was really surprised that why Antra gone not Amey. In fact, the things other than stage were responsible for that her Gaon Ki Gori image broked after appearance of her parent and her deeds were making her a vamp kind.

The link for that show is given below:

13th March 2006
My favourites for Holi Round:
1- Amey Date – Satrangi Re
2- Sandeep Acharya – Holi Khele Raghubeera/ Rut Aa Gayi Re
3- Karunya – Ramata Jogi
4- Anuj Sharma – Chal Chhiya Chhiya

For Amey and Karunya, I should say that they are benefitted by the song they got. Satrangi Re or Ramata Jogi. How a Ramata Jogi peformance could do a magic, you should remeber Hem Chandra of SRGMP, Karunya was no where near him but make it in favourite list this time. Anuj Sharma was really good at the second time. The best who made me into tears was one and only Sandeep Acharya, the man realy really banged at both the times. Although as a bad memory, Diya Mirza has losted her good image in my eyes because of her regional comments. As about Sonu Nigam he was worst as always about Karunya, I am really surprised that why this does not move into press for campaigning Karnuya?? Seriously many may start thinking that there is somehting behind it.

I should say that you all must see this as best performance by Sandeep Acharya, which will ultimately make him to the crwon.
The link for that show is given below:

At the end, I have not described about result episode and out of stage things as I was thinking to keep it short (although failed again), but anyway, for other shows, you could write me at, I will really love to anser you all in positive at my best.

Sonia Gandhi’s Resignation : The Great Sacrifice or The Great Straitegy ….

Much noise on Sonia’s resignation… I am not some kind of against her but when ever people praise someone who is not at all deserving then I really shame on people.

What Congress is doing with Uttar Pradesh and Samajwadi Party is open fact, provided that SP is still supporting because of Regional Calculations. And Jaya Bachchan disqualification was a serious matter as she was wife of Amitabh Bachchan before a Political person and tears in her eyes seemed to be very dangerous to Sonia people in next election which are very near and covering a total of five states.

Definately, more than the fans of Sonia Gandhi, there are much more fans of Amitabh Abchchan and if, if somehow, this person is made to speak against Sonia Gandhi, then she really knows that what could be happen. A lot of Governer’s crisis and many things in which Court went again Government. So, it was a huge problem for Congress.

In this situation, Print Media and TV media got the news that an ordinance bill was about to launch to save all the people who are enjoying two posts like Jaya Bachchan, Amar Singh and Sonia Gandhi. How ridiculas it was, no person from politics could do it and this is the time when electionsare very near.

The legal problems may be setlled if before doing something against Jaya Bachchan Sonia Gadhi might be resigning from National Advisory Council only not from MP seat but what it indicates that she took a step back and taking a step back means you will be rule out from elections. Now, many of us were expecting the same what happened on 23rd March. Just the same ridiculas drama as was created when she refused to be Prime Minister. I should admit that it was a tricky decision for any party leader else Sonia Gandhi could do it, not because she is great but she knows that Congress have to come in her feet one day, whenever she needed that is always congress mens view.

In other parties, Madan Laal Khurana set an example and left the CM seat when got fire under Hawala but when he came back he never got that position and now he is out of rule for ever, but this was not the case with Sonia.

But this time, the things were crystal clear that what is going to be happened. What is the problem when a MP who could not speak good Hindi or even English, come out of Parliament, what is the problem whent he person is ruling without crown. I do not see any profit of her being MP to congress and herself too. So, the great sacrifice is made to amke shit of carores which were wasted in election and will be wasted in next coming election. And the face is saved and a new Star is borned. This is what called as Politics and we the normal people of India may be sick of it but will pay for it in each elections.

I was really not wishing such to be happen as it make the poeple to forget what the Governers of Gowa and Bihar done, why an eagrness to make Jaya out and pressures on Amar Singh, but it happened and we have to live with it.

Hey!! God, why I born in India.