Indian Idol II :20th March, the transformation day, Anuj made it higher …

Ok! it’s done Nitish Kumar finally strike back again, All Anuj supporters, this time you too might be happy with my message.

I am talking about the performance of 20th and 21st March. Yes, so late because of one reason that I received those video at yesterday eve, I was really able to post message about the show but as I was really waiting for the recording to get more and more of it as it was a turning track, how you will get when you read the whole message.

This was a transformation day, I do not know why people are rating it lesser than the Holi round, just because of the fact that Karunya did not got good comments?? Not fair.

A lot of reservations before the day, as like Sandeep is a bit lesser in High pitch songs and Anuj's voice have not tenderness (which was my point), Karunya could sing only high pitch songs. A lot of those reservations did broken today.

The way the show started was good as they have given the right explanation about the format, specially those freementle peoples. In next, when Anuj said that he was feeling bad on Judges Walk out on Amey Vote out day, definitely Anu’s and Sonu’s comments are nothing in comparison to the pain they had given to him. But thanks that they did tried at least at that stage. So thanks for the good step.

Now, as this show was called as Yagya, I will be more critical even on Sandeep too. The choice of statements for the Yagya in start of the episode was really well chosen. Although both the times, Sandeep sang first but I will mention about his performance after Anuj Sharma, the hero of the show.

I am very very happy about Anuj performances for the day, I, Nitish Kumar, himself is saying that “Anuj Sharma stole the show at 20th March”.

Bhige Honth Tere – Definitely the best song of the show today, I just said superb is not the word as Sonu is used to say about Karunya every time. You could not imagine that I was, how much surprised by the voice, with which Anuj performed this song. I should admit that I never thought that Anuj do deserves, but he changed my view, that was the first reason why I said this show as the transformation episode. The roughness of his voice really became erased this time as if it was not ever there. The only mistake with him was the pronunciation but I do not pay attention to that at least this time as he has the basic material. Heads off Anuj Sharma. A man in pressure made it, now I really want to see you in the Grand final and I will not be sad if you make it.

I was not surprised to see the views of Judges and celebrity judges (except Vivek) as what could you expect after last episode’s controversy. But on the behalf of Judges, I should say that I should stand up to show praise for his performance.

Adaa – This performance was not a transformation because as performer (not voice wise) I always rated Anuj even above Amey Date. His voice at some places cracked in the way which most of the time I do not like in him. But he really entertained us on today’s hot number, so I forgive him. His new voice really gave justice to the song.

Now to Karunya, Sorry dude! this time the trick to sing last did not paid you off. In finals, now this trick will not work at all.

Who Lamhe – I really thought that this time I will try my best to say something good about Karunya, but really sorry. He is just unlucky, his song was really the best as I have sang it many time and was never satisfied by mine or anyone else voice except the original track. And I was very jealous to Karunya that why he got this song as it was obvious that his performance, if even 30% of original he could do, will be enough to grab the attention. That “Oho Oho” was really missing its life. Truly speaking, he felled too much flat to me and I really lost my control on the injustice with the song when he not even tried the log paused nodes for which I always loved this song. The soul and the best material of this song were its long paused nodes and Karunya messed up with them, I ask you all, should anyone forgive that mistake? Yes!! Of course, all the people who are affected by the views made by Judges are already forgiving him. Anu Malik really irritated me by saying that Karunya did mistake but covered up them which was a sign of being “Intelligent Singer”. Could any body answer me that how many times, who else than Karunya got praised after making mistakes by these Judges?

Yes!! Mini Mathur silently made a point that no one even in Indian Idol 1, got this much praise as Karunya have gotten. Is anybody here to say that Karunya is not hyped???

I was not shocked to see the views of the contestants who have left the show as it was expected from them. Even I was not expecting from Monali to do support of Sandeep. Because all of them know that now in music Industry they only know two people closely (at least till yet) Anu Malik and Sonu Nigam, do I need to say some more. Yashshavi and Ravi but I was expecting Meenal and Amey to join in support of Sandeep as I found them sincere. Neha and Monali are too innocent to be affected by Judges. I liked Panna Gill’s stand and now I should say that I always rated this guy as the best person to face any kind of situation. The shocking one was Antra, but I am sure that she was meaning to say that but her view were edited as she was never in favour of Anuj as she said many time even in Chatting too.

Kambakht Ishq – I have said much time that it was a transformation round. But the transformation goes in negative this time. For first song I have said him unlucky as he got the tough song (and not even tried) but for this second song, I was shocked, as at least, I always thought that Karunya’s power is high pitch song and you messed up at that one, really pity on you, you are the highest level of competition. You will never able to pay for that what the Judges have given you by making hyped this much. Without Sonu Nigam you were out in very first levels. I think you should give all money to Sonu Nigam, if you won. Although I think I and lakhs of Indians will be angry at that day when we made to see you with crown of Indian Idol II.

If somebody argue with me about the above view then just look the video that how much disappointed the man Fardeen Khan, itself was. The man, who was the most close to the song, how could see his memories with this song tarnished. Karunya you were totally flat without emotions. That is the main problem with you. Your high head always work with tricks and your heart never got the chance to play. Make your inside good then you will feel that goodness touching everyone around you and the listener of you too, then you will not need any Sonu Nigam to survive.

Dil De Diya Hai – The song that Sandeep sang, and I was really worried because I know that none of the three could satisfy me at least on this song and as the worst, I was always thinking that Sandeep’s smiling face is not doing justice with the mood of song some times, although he sang always better but performance is not that much open. But as I have said it was a transformation round and as last time in Holi round, Sandeep amazed me again, he was really looking sad as was the mood of song and the show touched many hearts when Sandeep sang “Insaaf Kar Do, Mujhe Maaf Kar Do” and walked to the Judges. If someone has even a slight doubt on his voice then he should be ashamed of it.

I was expecting that Anu Malik will appreciate the song and Sonu should also say some good things as now he is being criticized for being rude on Sandeep. But again I became disappointed; really I am not going to change my views about Sonu Nigam, even after the moment, the show ends. They both have decided they have to take it as a mission to make Karunya Indian Idol and Anu, you too …..

I do not know that if anyone noticed that after Sonu Nigam, Anu Malik was too going to say some prewritten negative words but Vivek Oberai silently objected and Anu Malik modified his stand but finally he did what he was made to do even before the performance itself.

But I go with the celebrity Judges. Sandeep really amazed me as if he satisfied me on this song then really he has done the best, this song is among some of the songs that really touched me in last two year releases and I was really not going to forgive him, if he makes it tarnished.

Jaye Jaye – As I have said this show as transformation round, again a transformation, who says that Sandeep could not dance; he is not Kazi Taukir but has enough star material. But this was not the only transformation. But there was a tight slap on faces of them who said that Sandeep is uncomfortable in high pitch. I really jumped in which way he sang “ek baar” at the end of song specially. Vivek Oberoi mentioned that he continued singing well when for a second he slipped on the stage (not that kind of slip only legs messed up), but I am asking to Anu Malik that why this time why not he said that this was a sign of great singer when even Vivek Oberoi said the same indirectly. Sonu Nigam finally said what I was expecting; yes he was better than Sonu that time. As a summary, I should say that Anuj was first by his “Bheege Honth Tere” and Sandeep by a close margin at second by his “Dil De Diya Hai” and “Jaye Jaye”. As the top four from the show were:

1- Bheege Honth Tere – Anuj Sharma

2- Jaye Jaye – Sandeep Acharya

3- Dil De Diya Hai – Sandeep Acharya

4- Adaa – Anuj Sharma

Karunya dear!! Although no one was expecting from me to support you, but I swear that this time I was ready to do that. But you are unlucky that you missed the chance, may the last chance.


4 thoughts on “Indian Idol II :20th March, the transformation day, Anuj made it higher …

  1. A friendly suggestion
    🙂 Better english please. In some places I couldnt understand if you are critical or appreciative

    I can understand your support for Sandeep as he was good in some songs, but I cannot understand your continued support of him when he isnt good. When he was so offkey in A’bad and Lucknow, as a loyal supporter shouldn’t you offer constructive criticism of your star so that he can become better.

    What I cannot understand is your continuous criticism of Karunya. He IS technically better than the other two contestants. He may not hold magic for you but when you look at the song, can you not see that he is never out of Sur? He stays true to the spirit of the song even if is not putting the proper passion in it. I will agree with you if you say he doesnt light a fire with his song. But he never sang offkey. Please see delhi performance to see how well he rendered the songs on stage and he WAS better than Sandeep or Anuj in A’bad or Lucknow.

    And for the life of me, I cannot understand what you see in Anuj? He is offkey, he goes nasal at the slightest high pitch. You said Karunya made remarks in bad taste about other contestants like Panna. But Anuj is no better, he bad mouthed Karunya and Sandeep too. But even if you take their attitudes out, Anuj should never have made it this far. His voice quality, his rendering of songs should have eliminated him long back. He is NOT good, he is not even close to the other 2 contesntants.

    What ever it may be, Voting public have made him a winner so far and he may even end up as a winner. I cannot deny it if it happens. But like a bad after taste, his rendition of the song “Adaa” is stuck in my mind and it will take some time to get it out of my system. When ever I want to irritate my room mates, I replay his song from the sifymax web site.

    Hope you will do a little soul searching before posting your next log.

    P.S I am not trying to be critical of your opinion, You are entitled to your opinion and I respect that even if I dont agree with it.

  2. Are you an employee of Sony? of any of the contestants ?
    else You really have a lot of time at your disposal.. Pls. put it to better use !

    you are not going to gain anything in all this !

    Please stop wasting time … The country will surely go to dogs in this case

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