Indian Idol 3, 23rd June 2007: Sunidhi made the show a must watch …. :)

Almost no excitement for today’s show, I knew the results. No matter they are claiming that there were lots of discussions around to choose one from the three.

Anikta getting full support from two Judges at least and that is Udit Ji and Jaaved Ji, no matter, what was shown on screen. Anu Ji was of no opinion and Alisha rooting for Suhit. Everyone knows what is the result, if the final note come out from Jaaved Ji’s mouth.

Let me make one point, like I have said in last version too. All the Judges are here to make their points in their fields and like last time it was Faraha to judge the X-Factor, this time, it’s Alisha to do the job. So, for God sake… don’t create the hate waves against her even in these preliminary rounds.

Finally, without so much Drama, the name came out and it was Ankita. No excitement in a way, but it made the right kind of twist, when Richa’s face was shown to camera… which was very very much annoyed and depressed on Ankita’s name. Emon, Smita and Parleen seemed to be not so so happy on her name and Richa was visibly depressed. Other’s face were not shown. Sure, it leaks the show down behind the scene between the girls. I think in an article, I have already said that Ankita has to fight a battle off the screen too. I hope that she keep on surviving in next rounds. Hoping that, her performances will drag more votes from now on. Ankita!!! You have nothing to loose now… so perform like true rocker… your competitors are Deepali and Chaaru … and Deepali seemed to stay for long in this show.

Suhit and Padmanav left the show in right ways and I was really happy that Suhit left the show with his typical smiles. Best of luck dude …..

Anu Ji made the point that girls are not quite happy over the decision and in a way …. He gave fire to hate waves against Richa… Could Richa survive the same? Hoping that she will come up with a mind blowing performance next time as it’s a do or die for her… waiting to see her in a new look.

Anyway….. after this, the Indian Idol 3, changed to become some Sunidhi’s stage only and only the same made the show much interesting… Sunidhi has become more and more gorgeous in now days and I am really feeling bad that why I missed her shows, when she was in Delhi. L


Sunidhi started with the popular chartbuster “Crazy Kiya Re”. Its an art to look gorgeous and rocking at the same time, even then singing so perfect. She deserves for the place, she has in the industry in now days. Oh! I forgot that she is a competitor of Alisha herself. J

Next it was deadly combination of Deepali and Charu with the song “Bidi Jalai Le” …. Don’t know, but I will be with the same note that Sa Re Ga Ma’s Pawni stole my heart by performing on the same number and no one could stole the same memories. J

Then Sunidhi joined with all the girls and her intention was to rock the floor rather and she made the same. She is much much more trained than I have seen her for the last time. She became one of the best performers of the stage in now days and really was an inspiration for girls. Deepali admitted the same later that it was like living a dream. Although Sunidhi seemed to have a bit of attitude of being a celebrity, but she deserves the same. 😉


Then it moved to contestants again. “Mera Naam Chin Chun Chin”, “Ena Meena Deeka”, “Aajkal Tere Mere Pyar Ke”, “Aao Twist Karein”, “Babu Samjho Ishare” … I was pleased with “Aaj Kal ….” And “Babu Samjho Ishare” only. Don’t know why Anu liked “Aao Twist Karein”, probably because he was able to sing only on the same 😉


Again the same moved to Sunidhi with the peppy number “Sajanaa Ji Wari Wari” …. A song, which could be sang by only Sunidhi… as a lot of trademarks are here…. Great choice to sing on the stageJ Abhishek performed the Nagin dance in between the show … although he got not appreciation for that but I liked the same… He is a rocker and I want him rocking the stage more and more….. J

So, the wait for Galas begins now….

Indian Idol 3, 22nd June 2007: Really excited about what magic will rock the future …

Here comes the well awaited show, it seems to have the credits of mini finals in a way…


Anyway, it’s the business and it finds its way. I and most of us were expecting, we will be done with the two names after today’s show, but ……probably producers seem to be laughing over crazy viewer on their over curiosity… Why I am saying so? You will come to know later on… But here let me start the review.

Look like I am not following the show properly… I did not know that one has to be chosen from Judges Side and other from people…… was that told earlier…?? Sorry I missed…

Anyway, this time show is going a bit late na… I was watching the episode of 22nd June 2006 and it was already much in Galas. Anyway …

The show starts with the song “Teri Ankho Ke” Let’s me make my instant comments… Abhishek is improving to be a rock star and Prashant has an extremely sweet voice. Now, coming to girls, then I found Smita’s voices and Charu’s attitude only in tune, others were not getting it right tone somehow. I am really not happy with the stretching of voices in singing of Richa and Pooja. In fact, sometime I am feeling like giving a slap to Richa for being here as she is wasting a place. Try it once to get into Sa Re Ga Ma… you wont get into the primary rounds.


Anyway, the show moved with praises of contestants as its job of Judges and then Hussain announced that the one, who got the way move in by people is Suhit …. … … .. Padmanav, Ankita or Amit Paul. Anyway … later Jayed Khan was introduced to announce the name … Jayed was in Indian Idol 1 as a guest and now he is back in Indian Idol 3. (Honestly speaking, I wasn’t following Indian Idol 1, so don’t know anything about it).

Jayed announced the name Amit Paul. What????? Amit Paul… How it could be… ??? I feel like people aren’t voting in my tunes or I need to re-judge the things again. I mean where Amit stands for stage presence, where Ankita and Suhit are in comparison.

Amit Paul started singing “Hari Bazi Ko Jetna” from “Jo Jeeta Woh Sikandar” …. .. right choice for the moment, but it also must be making people realizing that what they have done. I am not any kind of against the same person, but it really exposed that he is for a particular kind of songs only. Anyway, let me be away with commenting over him or over the decision made my people. Although I want to say that now I knew that the next one, who has to be chosen from Judges side, will be Ankita for sure means no excitement for the other show. If I was there, then my decision was going to be the same, Suhit was needed to make sure his place from public voting here and if he fails to make it then it’s right to see the way out. Sorry Suhit …. I was not wishing you such a farewell. Keep the fighting spirit on…..


Next it comes to performances, which were in pairs or bunches…

Charu and Chang: “Gori GoriCharu is looking really gorgeous like my best friend said. What a confidence and what a screen presence… you are a rocker for sure. It was a song in full mood and both of you got the all points, but I would like to suggest Chang to work over his presence and expressions.

Smita and Deepali: “Baras JaaSmita, Smita, Smita… you are the next to go out along with Richa…. no match with Deepali. If you can’t make a screen presence then at least sticks to the song. Your confidence is loosing all the time and you are not going to make it longer. I hope you will come out from the show as soon as possible, otherwise it would be unfair to your like good singer coming out after getting all the pressure build up against you. Deepali…. you rocked and was able to hold the whole song over yours shoulders alone. You are my choice in now days, although don’t know what share of votes you are getting and in what way people feels.

Prashant and Parleen: “Chain Khuli Ki Main KhuliSuperb!!! You sounded like the original…. Parleen made more point today because of his screen presence… good dance steps indeed. Perfect, nodes, whether it’s high or low… Full points to Parleen… and Prashant… don’t feel like you can’t dance in a flow….. You could. Go for it in next rounds.


So, these were the glimpses before the show… The real show starts now

Pooja, Abhishek and Emon:“Ek Chatur Naar” & “Muttu Kodi” really fine makeup, specially and Abhishek and Emon. I am not saying that they were close to Manna De and Kishor Kumar in anyway… but sure the performance was superb and full of Masti like the song itself requires, although Pooja got wasted in this song and became part of viewers only. Overall, I should say that Abhishek you need to work more, if you want to choose such a song for performance… In straight, your voice was not suiting to the same song many times. Probably, never in tune with originals…..

Minni was right, when she said that everyone was asking for once more… Jaaved Sir said… if they keep on growing like the same, then at the end, they will be the judges and we will be performers. 😉

Minni said that this time, we are having a few good mimics around… and then it moved to Anu and Emon singing a few lines together on the song “Jaane Ki Jaane Na”. Jaaved Sir made a humor saying that he must say that “Anu Ji Ne Bhi Emon ki Achchhi Copy Ki” nicely said 😉

Then Hussain moved to Abhishek and said he has heard that Abhishek does a fine mimic of Udit Ji… and I was thinking like … is it so? Then its sure going to be interesting to watch. After doing a mimic… he sang the song “Chand Chupa” a few lines only… but it really made me think that he could sing in Udit Ji’s typical voice very well. After that on Minni’s request, Udit Ji sang the same song in his voice and Anu made the right comment that Original is always an original. Abhishek was sure out of competition or Udit Ji made him out this time. 😉

So, the best part of the show ends here.


Then it comes to the word “Lekin” and according to the counts, the word “lekin” made its way more than 7000 times in the show… as they claimed through the clips…. I don’t believe… but it’s a nice leg pulling of Udit Ji less experience of screen presence.


Then it was the song “Lekin Kintu Parantu” and Udit Ji himself joined the whole bunch of boy in singing the same song and now I am thinking that is not this a way to promote the song?

Udit Ji made a comment that if it was in his hands, then everyone from the show today was Indian Idol and that’s truly describes that how much generous Udit Ji is.


Now, it moves over….

Padmanav, Ankita and Suhit: “Aaj Ki Raat”
Sure the screen presence was not that tight… of course, because they are performing in plainly their cloths, not in some sponsored one. It’s not fair, I think. The pressure of the moment was coming out in last moments, where the performance was looking dull.

Alisha said everyone was off-key and Jaaved Ji joined the same. Anu Ji made a comment that whom they were relying, gave them a shock. Was that about Suhit? As they were expecting him to come through voting? Or that was Ankita, about which they were thinking to stood as second at least in voting?

Don’t know……..



Indian Idol 3, 16th June: Fight to the finish … now four to fight for final two more places …

A bit strange results; in quick declarations, we got Amit, Ankita, Padmanav and Suhit in. I know, it’s going to upset many. I am really not happy about Aisha and Bhavin, but really happy to see Suhit in. Jaaved Sir was furious over Suhit and people’s choice and I could understand his emotions. But unknowingly, he has given Suhit the firing fuel …. There are a few rules with reality shows and Suhit is riding over them, if he kept on performing like last round then we are going to see something like Fame Gurukul, something like charm of Kaazi with a much better version.


Amit Paul: “Chal Chalein” Really strange … how could one forget lines at such a stage? Somehow I am not connecting with plot. No one could do such mistake, when he was already singing at his best and was completely perfect. I am looking for conspiracy theories in it. A sight of best performance, then trembling and giving excuse that you got emotional on a fellow contestant because he is out….. You know that in this reality show, only singing can’t make it everytime. Was this a trick? Sorry Amit… somehow… I am feeling like your choice of song is moving on a particular track and a particular mood… your voice is nice for sure… but are you versatile… ?? I am not criticizing but just thought to throw what came in my mind.

But I admit, you sang like the original version.


Ankita: “Kaisi Paheli Hai Yeh Jindagani” She really has something….. she is getting attention from all over. The set is all yours. Am I getting to see, you and Suhit being chosen from the four? Ankita… you were outstanding like ever and I really fear that are you able to match up the standard set by yourself. Don’t forget that you have to fight another battle off the screen too.


Padmanav: “Vande Mataram” A R Rehmaan is A R Rehmaan and your performance shown that. You felt nice, but the original was missing and I should that it seems that crossing or even touching A R Rehmaan is not a cake of any new comer. It was a sincere attempt and I should cheer for you.


Suhit: “Tu Hai Aasama Me” Now here comes the most awaited performance, The Heavy Metal Rocker …. Suhit Gosai… and this curiosity is making the glimpse of what hidden for the future. His expression and dedication were always unmatched. He sang it very well this time and you moved one more step up from the last performance. Outstanding is the only word.

Jaaved Sir started getting furious over the name and the same is really able to drag moiré votes for him, if my theory works. He was really singing at the best and even then being in controversy is making him look like a fighter. Suhit, I always been with such fighters and as I wrote last time … I am with the same words again… I am with you… I am rooting for you… Heavy Metal Rocker… keep your attitude… not only me, but many like me are with you. Don’t forget you performed last this time.

It was really strange when Jaaved Sir was over furious by saying that Janataa often makes wrong judgments. Its really cool to get Anu in for favouring Suhit as now Alisha got another voice to back Suhit. Best of Luck…. Another taste in the show… I am really happy with Anu Ji’s comment this time…. Really if even this time Jaaved Ji come to criticize him, then I am not expecting good words from his side for Suhit.. neither Suhit himself nor the public… Jaaved Sir.. you are the most respected judge for me even now… but I think you were not this much critical to even Kazi Taukir.

All the viewers! note one thing… not even final galas started…. But this boy made the waves for him.. either opposite or favouring ways.. but people are watching and keeping an eyes over him… his bad mouthing in audition times, when he was paired with Charu will remain in people mind.. but he was just emotional and frustrated and I could really understand the same… as bout his singing, then I rate him improving a lot and in style…. He is a rocker and will be… .. That’s my final note and it wont change… whatever the results might be.


My predictions goes in favour of Suhit and Ankita. What do you think?

Indian Idol 3, 15th June: The best show ever for Indian Idol …

Last time I said “Final result day… everyone was waiting for it…. From now on, the real battle will begin.” And now I admit that I was wrong…. Once we add today’s show, we come to know that there was no battle till yet and the real battle begins now.

What an Episode? Whattttttt annnnn Episode …… undoubtedly best show till yet and I am not saying it for only this version of Indian Idol. Watch the same and tell me, is anyone of you of another choice? After watching the Episode, I could say that there was no one from these six, who doesn’t stand for a chance to stay in Indian Idol. All the seven stands for best seven among all after taking account of today’s performance.


Twists and turns; everyone could guess that there was a lot of argument and cross arguments over the choice of top six, which later became top seven from the eighteen contestants for giving another chance to perform in Indian Idol. Few certain names from my side were Bhavin, Ankita, Aisha, Amit and Shifa, but judges really surprised me by skipping Shifa. I was much disappointed on loosing this cute girl from the show and the last hope shattered again.

Finally the top seven came out to be:

Aisha, Amit, Shantanu, Ankita, Bhavin, Padmanav and Suhit Gosai.

I know many of you might be surprised over the name of Suhit at least as I was on the same. If Suhit is chosen to make the place for a second chance, then there was someone, who was favourite of Jaaved Sir but not of others, probably Shantanu …. Anyway, that’s another thing.


Now, moving over the performances and don’t get surprised, if you will see me praising almost everyone… I am really really surprised to see every one of them. Just …. Let me go with review… the praises will come later.


Aisha Saiyad: “Sajana O Sajana” Best voice … One of the best attitudes ….. Always making her best out from unmatched passion, that’s the girl … Aisha Saiyad. The charming powerhouse is back. She started the Indian Idol 3’s performances in the piano rounds and she came back with a bang for these do-or-die rounds. Aisha… being attached to the last series, I know that it’s almost never in your favour, if you perform first in the show. You have a voice and dedication, which may make even Shreya Ghosal and Sunidhi Chauhan run for money. The song was no where detached from the original version. Now, you don’t need to care that you could find a place in Indian Idol or not … you got the place in hearts and soon we will see you performing for major music directors. If you don’t get selected and don’t get advanced in next rounds, then I am really worried about these kind of shows … how the people are looking over such shows… Aisha is undoubtedly the best girl, I have seen from all the music shows last two years. Are only equations important for clicking in such reality shows?

Aisha is such a heart throb and there is no reason for her not being selected for top 10 … I have crossed my fingers…


Shantanu: “Bheege Honth Tere” Heard the clip, in which he said that he was angry, when found himself out. It might be an attitude, but for me, it was his honesty to say the same. I was feeling a bit bitter, when someone from Judges was commenting that he is always disconnected from Audiences and also realized the same that he was not getting enough votes otherwise he was not being commented so. Before his performance, I was thinking that he has to give more than his best as Aisha has really raised the bar like she did even in the first show of piano rounds. But …

But Shantanu, you really really amazed me … where were you till yet? I really was not knowing that you could do that. It was Alisha said rightly that why not he chosen the same song for his performances as this really made the best of his voice out to rock. Really Shantanu, I am still thinking that where are your limits? You rocked man. Everything was better than perfect in your song. I salute your spirit and your anger on being out was justified. You well matched the level set by Aisha Saiyad.


Amit Paul: “Dil Lena Khel Hai Dildaar Ka” Everyone always praised his voice.. his voice truly has a special grain, which may be exploited for favour of music. This was sure up to the mark, but I should say that it was not his best. Yeah!! But the clip shown later about his habbit was sure fun to took the fun from his side. Amit! Probably, although everyone praised you, but for me you were a bit down from the standards set by Aisha and Shantanu and its perfectly normal as both of them were outstanding today.


Suhit: “Tune Mujhe Pehchana Nahin” The Heavy Metal Rocker is back with all the controversies. You chosen one of my most favourite song and with doing justice with the same, you won my heart. You are getting better and better and your Sur and voice is getting improved. You have everything, which a winner needs. You are much stronger than the last time. I found no fault in the performance and you were rocking all over.

Jaaved Sir was very judgmental, when he criticized Suhit. I am not agreeing with that and also the other Judges. I will say it once and you all reading my article should take it in once, Suhit, you have everything to make you another Kaazi Taukir. Suhit!!! You got me rooting for you. Although Amit missed to touch the raised bar, but you made it.


Padmanav: “Lagan Lagi Tumse Man Ki Lagan” A difficult song, tremendous dedication and what a justification with the song. Really it was a Do-or-Die and you shown your metal. Again you too matched the bar raised by Aisha, Shantanu and Suhit. I was really not knowing that always jolly Padmanav is such a trained and spirited singer. You stand for a chance.


Bhavin: “Sodiyein” Really it will remain as a question to all that how this boy was out? There was almost reason to keep him out from the contest, neither for me, nor for the Judges. This time …. Perfect start of the song…. A thing, which I don’t always get to see in such reality shows. He was never off key during the whole song. I want to ask from all the viewers, what are you looking for, if Bhavin can’t make it in top 10?

Although Jaaved Sir made a comment that he was a bit off key in lower nodes and he admitted the same. His sister also came to join him in singing the song “Phoolo Ka Taro Ka” with the mike from Audience. It was sure a nice moment. But I am asking myself, why I am not getting connected with Bhavin, even on being best every time, like I am feeling myself for Shantanu, Aisha and Suhit. Is this called X-Factor? Why and how the handsome guy Bhavin seemed to missing the same?


Ankita: “Tu Vishal Hai” Ms. Confident Ankita…. she already has a lot of good memories with the show. Not only me, but everyone was surprised with her choice of song and I found Alisha a bit down over this and Udit also serious over the same. Really the song was charmless, no matter how fine it was sang. Technically it might be perfect, but it was not having that material for the masses. It was really really brave and serious move to chose such a song.

Ankita….. you have risked your chances to get in, but I know you could make it to reach to next round as she was the last to come out from the show means she was sure getting more votes than others means strategically she stand for a chance. But I should say, Ankita don’t take such risks again. Even for this time, I am fearing for you.


So, here ended the undoubtedly best show of Indian Idol 3 and for me, the top four were Shantanu, Suhit, Bhavin and the fourth place being shared by Aisha and Padmanav. Unexpectedly, even I lost the magic of performance by Aisha from air … that’s what I was fearing from… Aisha, I could say only Best of Luck to you as today’s competition, luck and chances have made you in a bit danger and my mind is already showing a red alarm for you.





Indian Idol 3, 9th June 07: So, here are the final 10+1 …

Final result day… everyone was waiting for it…. From now on, the real battle will begin.

The show started with Jolly Das singing
“Baraso Re Megha Megha” …. Yes how could I forget the girl, when I was keeping a close eye over the whole Indian Idol 2. So, the John Abraham fan is back to the Galas like Indian Idol promised her last time, when she lost the lat chance due to Chicken pox. But it’s a tough thing to her, as she will start in not so favouring environment.


Anu Ji said that she needs to sweat a lot as Indian Idol 3 singer are more tougher than Indian Idol 2. Alisha said that in straight ways that it seemed to be a bit unfair to give it a chance in this much direct ways. Jaaved Sir said, she will be not happy in next few days on missing the last Indian Idol as this time competition is much tougher and the talent this time was not then.

Hussain tried to shock Charu with the statement that she has to go this time. Although neither she was of belief nor anyone else, so the same trick didn’t worked well. Hussain added in that Minni is calling you downstairs, so you have to go there.

Now, it was asked to Judges that from six girls, who has to go? Jaaved Ji said Richa must be out. Alisha said Smita must go now. Udit Ji was also in against Richa. Anu Ji was also of the same opinion that Richa should not be in.


Deepali got the ways for finals in first announcement. Richa and Charu were asked that who is more deserving from them. Charu said she deserves more and Richa also said Charu deserves more. Richa was quite happy over it and she must be, as according to me and many like me, she doesn’t stand a place here. I am really not happy and worried that I am going to loose which one from Pooja and Ankita as Smita gets entry into final Galas. Finally Pooja made it and Ankita is out. Among Pooja and Ankita, there was no other choice, but I am constantly feeling an attitude and proud in this girl, which is not a good thing for a girl, she is not even topped yet. If it’s her nature then she doesn’t stand in a reality show and if some fight is going behind the scenes, then it must be ended to make the girl in natural tunes.

Ankita was called on stage to sing a song and she chosen “Mehabooba” from Ajanbi and this time generous Jaaved even did a few dance steps. It was sure a moment for Indian Idol. I would like to preserve it for ever and so will other do.


Now, it was the turn of boys…. I know that everybody is eyeing over Suhit. Jaaved Ji was of same view and so others. And even I fear the same.

When it came to declarations, then there was much expressiveness than girls and I really liked when Prashant expressed his joy over being selected. Abhishek and Suhit were in last two. Is it reflecting the voting patterns or they just randomly kept them? Abhishek was visibly tensed and Suhit seemed to be confident about his fate. Finally, the verdict came out against Suhit.

Although Alisha request him to leave with a note and singing something for all, but Suhit politely refused saying that he is not in condition to sing. I think it is being happened at the stage for the first time, but it was like Ravi’s exist last time, when everyone was wishing him to go. Suhit knows that he is not in profit.


Jaaved Ji added the rule of wild card entry. He told us that six will perform, who previously got eliminated and then two more will be added in final 11. Although my articles are not in that nick because of being out of time, so this time as it’s the first right in note … I want to make a statement that the two contestants, who are going to get the chance to be in are Bhavin and Aisha. Let’s see, what will happen.



Indian Idol 3, 8th June 07: Final battle for the Galas

“If the necklace of pearl got broken then only pearl would be coming out.”

It was the line to start the show and I am thinking that this line was to be saved for later rounds, but anyway.

After today, only six boys will be remained in rounds. I am worried for Suhit, I want him to be in at least. Also my good list is open for Abhishek, Prashant, Chang, Parleen and Bhavin. Emon must be in, but I am unable to find one to loose on cost of whom Suhit could stay in.

Jaaved Ji: Suhit, Rehaan and Chang.

Alisha: Suhit, Rehaan and Prashant.

Udit Ji: Suhit, Rehaan and Amit.

Anu Ji: I liked that you praised Suhit and said that he was never out of sur in that song. Thanks Anu Ji. Must praise for Bhavin from his side and he was absolutely fine. His list was comprising Chang, Amit and Rehaan.

So, Judges were given verdict against Suhit and Rehaan. Now it was up to boys and their choices were Suhit, Rehaan and Chang.


Rehaan was told to be in last four. Then Emon got to know that he is safe. Then as a surprise, the verdict came in favour of Suhit. I am much happy over it and worried too as rules of reality shows are not going in favour of Suhit. Anyway, next one for bottom four was Amit and for everyone’s surprise, here comes the name of Bhavin in bottom four. Chang and Parleen were declared safe. Then Abhishek was declared to be safe.

So, the bottom four was:

Bhavin, Prashant, Amit and Rehaan.

Jaaved Sir was surprised over the name of Prashant only and Alisha was surprised with the name of Bhavin. For me, it was a tie between Bhavin and Prashant and finally Prashant made it. But I know that Bhavin will get a wild card entry later. I am too sure about it as Judges are in much favour of him. Although I was not happy to loose Amit, he was having much potential, but competition was tough for sure.

Abhishek was crying for Bhavin, don’t worry Abhishek, he will be back to be competitor of yours.


“If you will make a right choice, then you will get to hear right tunes.”

This was the punch line to start the performances …

Emon: “Tujhe Lage Na Najariya” Again Sonu Nigam look-a-like made the tunes with the same. I must say that it was a fine knock. Right energy, right tunes and right nodes. Alisha added that he must find his own identity rather than being another Sonu. Anu was praising him a lot.

    Minni asked that how many of Judges see him in top 5? Udit and Alisha both were of the faouring tunes, but Jaaved Ji added that the same depends on other’s performances as well, so he can’t make a comment right now.

    The conversation ended with a few funny notes with humorous Jaaved Ji pulling legs of Emon.


Charu: “Ruk Jaa Raat” This much sweet girl and such a serious choice. Charu, Charu, Charu; I must say, I am impressed. I am impressed with your versatility. I like the feel inside the song, voice quality was tremendous. I liked, I liked and I liked, what else you need from me? You got my heart today. No matter what Judges going to say.

    Jaaved Ji was quite happy over her performance. Udit Ji said somewhere she missed a few things but overall it was nice. Alisha was in favour. So, she is rocking and must be in final rounds.


Smita: “It’s the time to Disco” Somewhere she was not in right tune for me. I am not saying this because of her performance or looks as I heard the song only keeping the video minimized. She tried to touch the right nodes at some places, but I am not happy. Jaaved Ji said that it was not her forte but she performed nicely. I should say that I am not impressed at all.

    Sony people called her parents on the floor and it made a emotional note for the show. Even she and her father performed for a few lines. Yeah!! Such tricks work well for reality shows and I know; now your place in finals is ensured, but it was trump card and you lost it before the finals. You are not going to make it longer in anyway for sure. Sorry for being rude.


Parleen: “Tanha Tanha Duri” Much being said over his looks, but the boy has a nice voice and tune too. He will get his ways in this shows even if not the title.

    Jaaved Sir was quite happy and expressed himself with the words that what he saw in him at the first sight, he got that back today. Alisha said he need to maintain the same and Udit Ji .. Udit Ji seems to be in love with his looks and personality.


Deepali: “Dheeme Dheeme Gaoon” After “Nisha” kind of performance, everyone is looking for her and she was right when said that now people will find mistakes in place of finding good things in song.

My comment … somehow you were not able to live up to the expectations. Udit Ji added the right thing with saying that competition is tough now and she needs to be careful everytime. Although she said that it’s not an excuse, but her throat was not fine. Jaaved Ji was in much favour of her.

In next, it was her performance as an RJ on request of Minni. I think this performance was more confident than her singing. Anyway, better luck next time. I am rude about judging this time na … sorry I am trying to be a bit balanced and straight.


Suhit: “Saiyon Ni” The Heavy Metal Rocker, could he make it to the finals… at this point equations are against him.

    As about song, then it was the best choice to make a comeback, but Suhit, you spoiled the best chance of your life. Your voice was terrible at high nodes, I am not happy. Jaaved Ji said he is happy and Alisha said you need to work over pitching. Udit Ji wished a good luck to him.

    So, it’s a 3/3, but I know… you are in danger, not because of song only, but because of equations, for breaking them, you were needed to be outstanding today, but you were not.


Abhishek: “Ab Mujhe Raat Din” When you started the song, then I was scared a bit as this song was one of my favourite and coping up with my expectations was not that easy as Sonu Nigam really have done a nice job with this song. But you made it man… you made it.

    Alisha was making him in top 5; Jaaved Ji said he is in Gala. Udit Ji asked that why he changed the nodes a bit lower? He said that h fear about a few things. Udit Ji requested him to sing in right tunes means in original high tunes. He did that and Jaaved Ji found him more better and sparkling in the same, although Alisha said the voice was straining this time as was fear of Abhishek himself.

    After this, Abhishek presented a dance over Udit Ji’s voice and sure he seemed to be a rocker. I would like to see him more and more.


Prashant: “Kehna Hai” The policeman seemed to stepping up slowly. You surprised me with your voice quality this time. You even crossed Chang. This time your voice was having that feel of relaxation. I don’t say that it was a flawless one but the flaw was very minute. Jaaved Ji praised him and Alisha said he lost sur at some places. Udit Ji said he has a lot of expectations and last day, he was better than today.

    Minni made the right comment saying that why that excitement from Judges voice was missing while judging him, which she and whole public feels.


Pooja: “Sajanaa Aa Bhi Jaa” I should say, why her expression are always off key. I am not talking about singing and performance, but before that when camera rolls over you. Why can’t you be just a little girl than behaving like stars or much intense person from even the beginning? Be relaxed and cool.

    You lost something even from the start of the song and after that I lost the interest. I have heard the original and it was one of favourite, when I heard that. It was not that. Although Udit Ji and Alisha praised her, but I got impressed with Jaaved Ji’s eyes, when he said it was her weakest performance ever for the show.


Meiyang Chang: “Dil Keh Raha Hai” Sure as Alisha said… he was in mood today. Jaaved Ji said although he prefers slower songs over him, but it was quite competitive. Udit Ji also added praising statements.

    Minni asked him to sing something in Chinese and as I expected, he doesn’t know much of Chinese and in fact nothing. Anyway , you are favourite and will be, but could you make it till the last knock.


Richa: “Piya Tose Naina Lage” Some people might be disagreeing with me, if I go harsh over her, but she doesn’t stand a place here. The voice was lazy kind of… she was never there.

    Jaaved Ji said it’s a childish singing and not of Indian Idol singing. He said after a few years, she might be a good singer, but she is not right now. Alisha said she is not taking it seriously. After these comments she started crying, so Udit Ji comments were of no matter.

    As about age factor, then I would like to ask all persons, tell me… have not you all heard Sa Re Ga Ma Kids? Weren’t they able to sing more better than seniors? Richa!! You stand with no excuse and you have to go.


Ankita: “Aisa Jaadoo Dala Re” For her I am enough confident that she will make it for finals. But its not like that her performance was up to the mark. She was loosing the momentum today on high nodes, which has been her forte… it was not like “Who Ajnabi”. So, I am not happy. Jaaved Ji praised her, but I am not agreeing with him this time. Udit Ji said performance was nice, but she was not clicking well over low nodes.

    Probably, the personal problem with other girls is making her weaker even in her forte. This performance was weakest in all of her performance, I have seen. But based on her all the performances, she stands for a place in final Galas.