Indian Idol 3, 4th June: Its girls again ….

Here comes the day of verdict out for boys. Starting straight from the start, Jaaved Sir’s choice for vote out were Roshan and Sohit, almost obvious choices from Jaaved Sir, then from Alisha’s side, there was only one name Roshan; probably Alisha skipped to speak up against Sohit like me and then it was Udit Ji with Aneesh and Rehaan Khan.

So, these were the choices and the common choice was Roshan at least. Now, it was about girl’s choices like boys did at their times and almost un-ambiguous choice were Roshaan and Rehaan.

Again it was a rapid declaration of safe and un safe list, which finally ended with four names; Roshan and Rehaan (as expected)… Roshan was given a quick verdict saying that he is out and then Rehaan was given the verdict that he is safe (although it was not acceptable for boys) and then it was between Bharat and Parleen and Parleen got the way to advance a step more and Bharat is out.


Then the show moved forward to performances of girls and now here comes my comments:

Pooja Chatterjee: “Ishq Samandar” Favourite contestant of my best friend. Personally likable for many girls specially as she is fine in studies too and seemed to be bold and sensitive over issues. But Indian Idol is for singing and performing ability only, so … performance was fine, sur were fine, but somewhere voice quality was a bit missing. So, I was not that happy and could say that this time Alisha was right about her opinion. Although Udit Ji said, she might be in 1-10 (which also raised eye brow of Shifa), but I don’t think that people will agree on it at least as far as this performance is concerned.

Harshida: “Jawani Jaaneman” Really a good choice for herself in deed as Udit Ji said. One of the few songs, which could suit her bold personality. In fact, even her auctions were fine, except just a minor place, which was nice as she doesn’t belong to India. Jaaved Ji said, Indians always in praise make a comment that it’s imported and she is imported. Alisha said, it was better than the last time. Udit Ji was quit happy with song and I was surprised that why he didn’t said that she is coming in top 10. 😉

Aisha Sayed: “Aao Na” She was being presented as a girl always experimenting with her voice according to the songs and occasions. Over all, she was nice, but I felt her a bit off key at higher nodes. Alisha said she is always nice and this time was no exception, but this time Sur was missing at a few places and the same comment was from Udit Ji’s side too, but Udit Ji added one more thing that she might come in 1-10 list (so, she is the second one in the list now 😉 Jaaved Ji pointed the same thing, which I noticed means the high nodes. He said that her voice was getting in-disciplined at high nodes.

Vertika: “Yeah Mera Dil Pyar Ka Diwana” A song completely opposite to her personality, but she was brave enough to try. But probably, for the judges and show, it was not an excuse and Jaaved Ji in clear words said that this was not her type of song and she was much off key than ever. Alisha said that she is very shy and simple.. Probably which made her uncomfortable with the same song. Udit Ji reminded his memories when he heard Asha Ji singing the same song with Kalyan Ji in 1978. He said that she must be comfortable and enjoying with the song rather than only singing it.

Charu Semwal: “Bidi Jalaile” Good girl image, whether her looks or disciplined manners in fight with Sohit in initial shows, she is a complete package and she is very conscious about it, means caring about her looks with the singing. The girl knows that what makes the votes turning in her favour and she is using her X-Factor. Although everyone praised her, but should say that she was not always perfect with the song and I should put my point against Jaaved Ji, who said that she was better than all the other girls, who sang the same song in many other shows. I am of clear choice that she might be good but was far behind Pawani from Sa Re Ga Ma Kids. She will keep on moving in the show.

Richa Aneja: “Kabhi Neem Neem Kabhi Shahad Shahad” Many people are not happy with the girl from earlier rounds. She kept on doing mistakes; she has enough attitudes to shatter others like she did in earlier rounds, by being very very rude to Prashant, who was with her in duet. Most the girls don’t pay favour to her, I think. So, at one side, there are enough reasons to throw her out, but another side, makes her right candidate for such reality shows. She looks like innocent, but anyone could observe that she is using her innocent looks for hiding her cunningness at few places. Jaaved Sir was not happy with her voice and said that it was not pleasant.

I wont comment over Richa Aneja right now. For me as a person and a singer, she doesn’t stand here. Even if she has good voice quality, she is not able to do justice with that.

Ankita: “Ajnabi” What a look, what a performance, just mind blowing.. she really surprised me. She was the absolute show stealer today. Perfect, very perfect … what else I could say. Transformation after the last boyish looks, very impressive. But I fear that she has given her trump card out before time, but she might be right too as in such shows, we could never guess that when the right time is. Anyway, I will say all the best to Ankita.

Vanita: “Chandani Ratein” Fine performance, both Sur wise and voice quality wise. Judges were objecting about her low nodes, but was praising her. Although Jaaved Ji was saying that she was not having the right Khhanak in voice. Although Minni Mathur gave the excuse of less time to practice, but Jaaved Ji countered saying that its same for each one of them. Anyway, for me, she doesn’t have that star material for Indian Idol.

Deepali: “Abke Sajan Sawan Mein” For me, she is impressive. Right nodes, sweet voices and right attitude. She was nice as like ever. Although this time, it was another tune, but she made it. Everyone praised her performance and Minni introduced the fact that she is topper of her class this year. Impressive for everyone na….. I am counting over you Deepali … don’t disappoint me.

Smita Adhikari: “Jubi Jubi Jubi” Last time, she was in bottom four and it made me clear that she wont make it for longer. But anyway, she is trying hard … and she really rocked this time. Could she make it for next round with this performance? According to me, she must be in, but let’s see, looks are important or voice. Jaaved Ji did the right thing for the moment by giving her a standing ovation. It was almost necessary for making her survived.

Richa seemed to be not happy with her praises.

Priyanka Mukharji: “Hotho Pe Aisi Baat” Start was a bit off key, but in the last phase, she regained the passion. She shown that she has the potential, but was not able to use it this time. Over all, she was not in profit from Judges as except Udit Ji, others were not in favour.

Shifa Ansari: “San Sanan San” My personal favourite… I really started fearing for her as its never easy to match up the expectations. It was too early to give her best and now she has competition with only herself. Song was nice, voice was nice, performance was nice, everything was nice and it was unexpected to hear anything wrong from Judges’s side. Udit Ji started with the comment that she lost Sur and others joined the same. Jaaved Ji also added that somewhere involvement was lesser at a few places.

I hope that this sweet girl will come out to be my favourite for the show this time.

Indian Idol 3, 2nd June 2007: The Journey begins now: Now Boys

The next day, when there were two red cards to be shown to our favourite fourteen. Although Minni started with the comment that viewers got to see the nail biting show, but as you and me were already knew that it was not like that. Anyway….

For contestants, it was the first step and for viewers, it was a glimpse to know that where the show will head in next rounds. Many of us were only wishful to confirm the presence of their favourite contestants and few of them were just watching for cute faces. But for sure, this time as I earlier said Piano Round because of introduction of full orchestra became much much more important and glamorous than ever, moreover it promises the contestants much more exposure than ever and sure will drag many more aspirants for the next time.

Oh!!! Sorry Sorry … I need to be back to the basics…

The show started with the girls praying for Anu Malik’s health and Jaaved Ji’s comments that he thinks that he should fell ill at least once. Besides the other things, sometimes, it seems to be a plot somewhere more than the actual illness. From last trio, two have left the show and the only third one left is ill in piano rounds. Yeah me always me, looking for conspiracy theories.

Udit Ji said, he found Rashmi and Richa not up to the mark, Alisha said it was Rashmi and Priyanka and finally Jaaved Ji was in with his verdict against Pinky and Rashmi, with the comments that they all are well, that’s why they feel a little disappointment after hearing them in good tune earlier.

Then the show moved to secret voting from boys, where the verdict was against Pinky and Priyanka. Although Priyanka protested a little saying that she doesn’t think that her performance over “Tinka Tinka” was such a bad one, which might initiate this much criticism.

Don’t know why, probably because of being only Theater rounds … it was much quick this time and unnecessary drama before showing the red cards was avoided and the verdict came against Rashmi and Pinky. As about Rashmi, all the judges were a side against her and I have written that there might be a chance for her, but ….. it looks like I need to be more careful in making final comments. I am also feeling sorry for Pinky as earlier I said that she is a material for top four at least, but probably her makeover was not able to match up the levels like Antara last time to impress public.

So, finally its remaining twelve and Pinky and Priyanka missed the boat.

Now, moving over boys side,

Shantanu: “Aai chand teri chandni ki kasam” The boy with interesting and funny facial expressions. The voice was really nice and definitely suiting to the song itself, otherwise even a little bit of injustice of this song was a big crime. As about this guy, then I always get amazed by his expressions. Its good or bad, I can’t say, but while having a serious voice and tune, his face is having somehow strange funny expressions. I am really unable to say at this point that it would help him or not, but I think he is not utilizing his expressiveness. Could do better with that, he has the potential, but never lived up to that.

Padmana Bardoloi: “O Mitva” A pleasant and smiling face from the show and sure will be missed by other participants, if someday missed the boats. Baby boy is favourite of girls at least. Voice was nice and Sur was nice. But (like Udit Ji’s Lekin) somewhere feel was missing and he was not getting those throws at many a places. It was great that Udit Ji was there to point out the exact feelings. But should say, I am missing the thrill in the show after these two performances as girl’s start was really rocking.

Emon Chatterjee: “O Manjhi Re” It was a very careful song from a singer point of view. A nice and expressive song, but I have seen many singers getting over-excited over the same and making mistakes. If the same song is always a best choice for any stage, then it requires a balanced approach with no experiment with original tunes and Emon did the same. You get the marks. Udit Ji’s words, which went un-noticed were actually true as in the last lines of song, the ascent of “Hain” actually sounded like “he”, probably because of his natural ascent, but that shouldn’t count much. Although he is favourite of my best friend and she wont be happy, if I comment anything otherwise, so keeping the whole care, I just wanted to suggest him that we need some expressiveness and rock, otherwise you will get praises, but not votes in later stages. Think about it.

Bhavin: “Dam Dar Dam” I don’t know why his contenders are counting on him? The way he started the song and continued later, it was totally disappointing. I mean, I was thinking that how he could smile over that and later I got surprised that why all the judges praised him. I was really confused and so switched back to the performance and watched the same again and this time, noticed that he was indeed off key in start and gain the moment after the middle, but the start was such depressive that I was not able to check the tunes later on. I am not happy with him at all.

Prashant: “Ya Ali” This Indian Idol has shown us that not only Indian origin could perform well over Hindi songs, but the others could do well too. I have been happy with this boy all the time, but this time, if truly speaking then I was feeling that he was missing the exact feel from the words “Ya Ali” specially. But I hope that I was wrong otherwise the Judges might have noticed the same. I will agree with Jaaved sir that his pronunciation is much excellent and in fact, surprising by looking at him and his origin. His success will change the mindset of “Salaam Saab” sounding voice. Prashant!!! I will be with you.

Rehaan Khan: “Ehsaan Tera Hoga Mujh Par” Why this song Rehaan? I should say you have taken a risk or shown a bit lesser confidence. Dear!! One thing, you have to understand, being a good singer only don’t make you close to the title, but you have to experiment and show the versatility otherwise… Rehaan!!! I am not really convinced, why and for what reasons? I can’t explain but I am not, that’s sure.

Amit: “Khamosh Raat, Sahmi Hawa” Is the original song really like this? I have to hear it again. Please forgive me, if I am wrong. Judges praised you, nothing to comment on Sur or voice as both were ok, but for me … somehow the song was not engaging and people like me, might be just waiting to get passed through it.

Bharat: “Phirta Rahoon” Bharat!!! Bharat!! Please learn to maintain the start. I do not why, but in this episode, I am going off key with Judges’ choices again and again. But should say that he is fine and passionate about high nodes and Aalaap, but lower nodes were saying that during rehearsal, his overall concentration was over high nodes only. Take care next time, improve your expressions.

Sohit Gosain: “Tera Jaadu Chal Gaya” The Heavy Metal Rocker is the favourite of many people like me for his looks and style. But (Udit Ji’s style again) he is not going to make the title for sure. He has serious limitations with Sur and training. Hoping that, he will keep on improving. I won’t like if he take the final title except, he refines himself exceptionally, but I wont mind his moving up to top 7 or top 6.

Anish: “Sochenge Tumhe Pyar Karein Ki Nahi” While hearing him, I was thinking that my best friend was right, when she was saying that she was not at all impressed by over all performance of boys. Jaaved Sir’s view was otherwise, but I will prefer to make tunes with my best friend than Jaaved Ji this time. Fine, ok … but I am not impressed.

Abhishek Kumar: “Satrangi Re” What’s wrong with me? Why the starts are not engaging me everytime? This time, I got the song from the second line, when he sang “Dil Ka Saaya” … after that everything was fine except the last few nodes, where there were chances of improvement. But I don’t want to take another track, he was much better than others. Now, I am waiting for Shang’s performance to summarize that who was the best.

Parleen Singh Gill: “Dil Ne Tumko Chun Liya Hai” That’s …. Finally I am satisfied with someone’s start, finally. Thanks Parleen!!! You need to move more deeper into emotions at few places, but you were already excellent today and but asking for more will be a bit harder to you. Credits goes to the song itself, but this performance was one of the best for sure. Thanks Parleen, again thanks.

Roshan: “Tum Dil Ki Dhadkan Mein” Don’t know what to say, but I have a few memories attached with the song itself, so not many of singers could cope up well up to my expectations with this song. So, I better not to judge the same song. Although Judges were of the view that he was not fine with Mukhda, although excellent otherwise.

Chang: “Halka Halka Sa” What he is doing? Ohh God!! What is this? Chang, these were my first comments. Saying straight, I was not happy. But I try to hear him twice with close eyes. I feel that I am already over impressed with the original voices of song and so unable to hear any other voice with the same song. Although I know, everyone can’t do great every time, but for me one gets standing ovations, only if he goes beyond the original and might be sounding better than that. Something Pawani did in Sa Re Ga Ma earlier with “Bidi Jalai Le”. Anyway, you were fine Chang.

So, the show ends here. Not happy as no performance was at the levels of Shifa Ansari, Aisha or Charu. Girls having edge till this round. There are much leg pulling going on from Jaaved Ji side for Udit Narayan. I think Jaaved Ji enjoying his experienced and decent image that no one could dare to do the same over him. Anyway, it was nice, but …