Indian Idol 3, 5th June 07: Now, its boys again …

Now, its 12 boys and 12 girls and the verdict day for girls ….. Expect the unexpected.

Udit Ji: Three names on cards, Vertika, Vanita and Ankita Mishra.

Alisha: Judges have raised standards, so the three names Vertika, Vanita and Priyanka.

Jaaved Ji: Priyanka, Shifa and Vertika.

    So, the common choice was Vertika and unexpected names from unusual sides were Shifa from Jaaved Ji and Ankita from Udit Ji. Vertika was paying for coming out of her forte in a bit earlier. About Vanita, I was not in that favour even in my last article. The name of Priyanka was not unexpected and I was expecting her to be out like Vertika. But the other names means Shifa and Ankita were quite surprising to me. Why …??? Anyway, leave it….

    Anu Ji’s presence from recorded message come to show that we are really missing his probably complete contrast views and there would be a lot of heat over the floor by his comments, when he will be back. His verdict was clear that song choices from Vertika and Aisha were worst, Harshida was out of sur at many places; Vanita, Charu, Deepali and Smita were in his good list. Bottom four from Anu Ji’s side were Shifa, Vertika, Harshida, Priyanka and adding one more name Ankita.

    Although he didn’t come to make a strong comment over Richa, although hinted her that its being enough to pretend like little baby, get matured.

    I should say, why everyone was not happy with Ankita’s performance, for me she was outstanding and show stealer … anyway, seems like I am looking from some other view.

    Now, here comes the surprising and actual views from the contestants themselves and I must say that these clips might be deciding for next many episodes. Jealousy, arguments and personal mess-ups, that’s like girls. Thanks you all are not that pretending. But sure, this view was not to reflect the actual performances.

    Ankita was on target from everyone and clashes between Richa and Pooja was quite observable. Ankita was in tears. I know in next days, we will see, joy on Richa’s face on Pooja’s exist or vice versa.

    Interestingly, Richa and Pooja were called on the floor at very first and then it was the turn of Shifa and Harshida. Next were Smita and Deepali and then Charu and Vertika.

    Pooja was clear for the next round and I really liked the attitude on her face over this victory, the war begins now. After it Harshida was declared to be in for the next rounds. Deepali and Charu were declared safe and in the same way, everyone called upon the floor was declared to be safe for the next rounds and it made the verdict out against four names to move into bottom four:

Vanita, Ankita, Aisha and Priyanka.

All the three Judges were of opinion that Aisha should be saved for next rounds and probably many of us too, but we miss the fact that these are the Theater rounds and show is not attracting too many votes and so even a little margin could drag the unexpected scenario, which exactly happened here, making Ankita saved for the next rounds.

Aisha said, if all the Judges and public wished that she should be in top 10, then its really enough for her. Brave girl, heads off to you … you were having the best voice quality among all the girls and sure the perfect attitude to make it to the finals, but…. … really now I am worried about the show itself.

Jaaved Ji and other Judges were not happy on this verdict, but …


Now, the show moved over the 12 boys …..

    Alisha Ji was not on chair and when Minni asked why, then Jaaved Ji said, when we saw that three girls are out now, so we decided to make the one from our side too. Hussain was quick to say that then Minni too won’t be here. Minni assured that she is not going anywhere and was to proceed with the show further by calling Suhit, but then lights trembled and we were watching a new Alisha in dude’s look, like Suhit’s ways. I really liked your spirits Alisha. Thumbs Up for you.


Shantanu: “Neele Neele Ambar Pe” Always unusual expressions and it might be his style too, but he has a voice and I don’t agree when he says that he won’t be able to do much of performance. He might be a rocker at the end. He was getting rhythm, but somehow I felt a friction in the ways and Jaaved Sir remarks as the same, saying that somehow the feel is missing and it was not an effortless singing. Alisha was demanding a little more energy saying it was a little bit serious. Although Udit Ji said he rocked. He must be safe for next many rounds. He is a my kind of boy. I want him to be in.

    One thing was interesting that he clearly said that Bhavin is going to cross many. An open praise and here me, not really knows that Bhavin is how much talented? Really bad for me.


    Emon Chatterjee: “Piya Re” The confident kid with clever choices. I felt, he was not able to justice with the song, in the way Karunya has done earlier. The voice was not that pleasant as it was expected from his side. But anyway, all the judges were praising him, what else one may ask for. “Sonu Nigam look-a-like”, the impression from Judges moved in from Udit Ji’s words.

    I am not happy with Emon Chatterjee’s performance.


    Suhit Gosain: “Ai Jindagi Gale Laga le” Worst choice of song. Suhit, it’s not your type and even if you want to give it a try, then its not the right moment. Suhit!!! Its only Theater rounds and you are being completely non-strategic about the stay. Be careful, your image is not going to save you, when margins are crucial.


    Abhishek: “Chala Jaata Hoon” I like this dude, but for me, it was a mediocre performance. I am not happy with him or it might be the case that we have heard this song many times, so we are expecting much more from the kid. He even forgot the lines once.

    Jaaved Ji said that start was fine, but forgetting words was an unforgettable crime. Alisha gave stress on the same. Udit Ji also said that he need to be serious enough for the chance. Alisha made the punch line, saying that there won’t be retakes and will be only one take.


    Prashant: “Ai Kash Ki Ab Hosh Me Hum” He was nice and everybody praised him. I think the innocent boy has the competition with Chang for a particular slot and beating Chang won’t be an easy game for him. Anyway, you are in for the next round from my side.

Best of luck, Prashant.


    Chang: “Meri Saanso Mein Basa Hat Ek Naam” Sincere boy with surprisingly sweet voice and ways. If you ask me right now for the best one among the boys then its Chang no doubt on the basis of songs. He has something in his voice, which relaxes you and its something that is gifted. Udit Ji said he sang better than even himself. What else you could ask for more?

You will stay till Galas. Best of Luck, Chang.


Amit Paul: “Bheegi Bheegi Se” Ambitious song. Choosing such a song makes you left with much much high expectations and even meeting them, don’t make you on the top. So, a bit risky. But its really commendable that he made it till the end. Alisha was not happy with the nodes and Udit Ji said the same that he lost the nodes.

I am not happy with Udit Ji as a Judge, he seemed to be just following other words. Jaaved Ji strictly added that Amit was fine and insisted that he knows what Nodes and rhythm means.


Bhavin: “Tu Hi Meri Sab Hai” Now, the boy moves in. I was really waiting to hear you. Who is this Bhavin? Impressive!!! Really really impressive, what a control over voice, what a performance, what an energy level… You are a rocker and have enough to make it to top five. Alisha said that it was the best performance from Bhavin and I agree with the same.

Bhavin!!! I am with you from now on.


Padmanav: “Mere Rang Mein Rangane Wali” The jolly and funny boy. Sur was nice, voice was nice, feel was balanced and overall the song was in very relaxed mood. Jaaved Ji said that pronunciation needs to be improved. Alisha said that he needs to be flawless now. Udit Ji felt that he lost Sur at few places. For me, he is not the jam for the loner race, but he could try to be.

From my side, best of luck for this round.


Anish Jain: “Ab Mujhe Raat Din” There was something different, different from the original version. Intensity was missing, he was needed to be more involved with the song. All of the Judges were not happy with the Sur. But Jaaved Ji said that he has an exceptional voice and could do much better with it.


Rehaan Khan: “Kyunki Itna Pyar Tumko” Not impressive, somehow he always seemed to be like some orchestra singer and nothing more. The choice of songs too, moving according to the same. This was not going to make the ways to Indian Idol, but he managed to reach up to this point. Jaaved Sir was of the view that he was very very weak and at the same time, Alisha said that he was better than other days. Udit Ji come to agree with Jaaved Ji’s view. Sometime Jaaved Ji dominating the views because of him seniority.

Anyway, Rehaan, you are the weakest link and not going to make it for longer.


Parleen: “Kiya Hua Jo Laari Chhuti” Impressive personality and somehow carrying the look of Anuj from Indian Idol. Pronunciation was not up to the mark for me. Start was disastrous and I was just shocked that how could he do something like that. Low nodes were completely flat for me. Judges were polite over him, I thought he was needed to be more criticized.

Calculations are in your favour, but its not the way to be in.







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