Indian Idol 3, 9th June 07: So, here are the final 10+1 …

Final result day… everyone was waiting for it…. From now on, the real battle will begin.

The show started with Jolly Das singing
“Baraso Re Megha Megha” …. Yes how could I forget the girl, when I was keeping a close eye over the whole Indian Idol 2. So, the John Abraham fan is back to the Galas like Indian Idol promised her last time, when she lost the lat chance due to Chicken pox. But it’s a tough thing to her, as she will start in not so favouring environment.


Anu Ji said that she needs to sweat a lot as Indian Idol 3 singer are more tougher than Indian Idol 2. Alisha said that in straight ways that it seemed to be a bit unfair to give it a chance in this much direct ways. Jaaved Sir said, she will be not happy in next few days on missing the last Indian Idol as this time competition is much tougher and the talent this time was not then.

Hussain tried to shock Charu with the statement that she has to go this time. Although neither she was of belief nor anyone else, so the same trick didn’t worked well. Hussain added in that Minni is calling you downstairs, so you have to go there.

Now, it was asked to Judges that from six girls, who has to go? Jaaved Ji said Richa must be out. Alisha said Smita must go now. Udit Ji was also in against Richa. Anu Ji was also of the same opinion that Richa should not be in.


Deepali got the ways for finals in first announcement. Richa and Charu were asked that who is more deserving from them. Charu said she deserves more and Richa also said Charu deserves more. Richa was quite happy over it and she must be, as according to me and many like me, she doesn’t stand a place here. I am really not happy and worried that I am going to loose which one from Pooja and Ankita as Smita gets entry into final Galas. Finally Pooja made it and Ankita is out. Among Pooja and Ankita, there was no other choice, but I am constantly feeling an attitude and proud in this girl, which is not a good thing for a girl, she is not even topped yet. If it’s her nature then she doesn’t stand in a reality show and if some fight is going behind the scenes, then it must be ended to make the girl in natural tunes.

Ankita was called on stage to sing a song and she chosen “Mehabooba” from Ajanbi and this time generous Jaaved even did a few dance steps. It was sure a moment for Indian Idol. I would like to preserve it for ever and so will other do.


Now, it was the turn of boys…. I know that everybody is eyeing over Suhit. Jaaved Ji was of same view and so others. And even I fear the same.

When it came to declarations, then there was much expressiveness than girls and I really liked when Prashant expressed his joy over being selected. Abhishek and Suhit were in last two. Is it reflecting the voting patterns or they just randomly kept them? Abhishek was visibly tensed and Suhit seemed to be confident about his fate. Finally, the verdict came out against Suhit.

Although Alisha request him to leave with a note and singing something for all, but Suhit politely refused saying that he is not in condition to sing. I think it is being happened at the stage for the first time, but it was like Ravi’s exist last time, when everyone was wishing him to go. Suhit knows that he is not in profit.


Jaaved Ji added the rule of wild card entry. He told us that six will perform, who previously got eliminated and then two more will be added in final 11. Although my articles are not in that nick because of being out of time, so this time as it’s the first right in note … I want to make a statement that the two contestants, who are going to get the chance to be in are Bhavin and Aisha. Let’s see, what will happen.



Indian Idol 3, 8th June 07: Final battle for the Galas

“If the necklace of pearl got broken then only pearl would be coming out.”

It was the line to start the show and I am thinking that this line was to be saved for later rounds, but anyway.

After today, only six boys will be remained in rounds. I am worried for Suhit, I want him to be in at least. Also my good list is open for Abhishek, Prashant, Chang, Parleen and Bhavin. Emon must be in, but I am unable to find one to loose on cost of whom Suhit could stay in.

Jaaved Ji: Suhit, Rehaan and Chang.

Alisha: Suhit, Rehaan and Prashant.

Udit Ji: Suhit, Rehaan and Amit.

Anu Ji: I liked that you praised Suhit and said that he was never out of sur in that song. Thanks Anu Ji. Must praise for Bhavin from his side and he was absolutely fine. His list was comprising Chang, Amit and Rehaan.

So, Judges were given verdict against Suhit and Rehaan. Now it was up to boys and their choices were Suhit, Rehaan and Chang.


Rehaan was told to be in last four. Then Emon got to know that he is safe. Then as a surprise, the verdict came in favour of Suhit. I am much happy over it and worried too as rules of reality shows are not going in favour of Suhit. Anyway, next one for bottom four was Amit and for everyone’s surprise, here comes the name of Bhavin in bottom four. Chang and Parleen were declared safe. Then Abhishek was declared to be safe.

So, the bottom four was:

Bhavin, Prashant, Amit and Rehaan.

Jaaved Sir was surprised over the name of Prashant only and Alisha was surprised with the name of Bhavin. For me, it was a tie between Bhavin and Prashant and finally Prashant made it. But I know that Bhavin will get a wild card entry later. I am too sure about it as Judges are in much favour of him. Although I was not happy to loose Amit, he was having much potential, but competition was tough for sure.

Abhishek was crying for Bhavin, don’t worry Abhishek, he will be back to be competitor of yours.


“If you will make a right choice, then you will get to hear right tunes.”

This was the punch line to start the performances …

Emon: “Tujhe Lage Na Najariya” Again Sonu Nigam look-a-like made the tunes with the same. I must say that it was a fine knock. Right energy, right tunes and right nodes. Alisha added that he must find his own identity rather than being another Sonu. Anu was praising him a lot.

    Minni asked that how many of Judges see him in top 5? Udit and Alisha both were of the faouring tunes, but Jaaved Ji added that the same depends on other’s performances as well, so he can’t make a comment right now.

    The conversation ended with a few funny notes with humorous Jaaved Ji pulling legs of Emon.


Charu: “Ruk Jaa Raat” This much sweet girl and such a serious choice. Charu, Charu, Charu; I must say, I am impressed. I am impressed with your versatility. I like the feel inside the song, voice quality was tremendous. I liked, I liked and I liked, what else you need from me? You got my heart today. No matter what Judges going to say.

    Jaaved Ji was quite happy over her performance. Udit Ji said somewhere she missed a few things but overall it was nice. Alisha was in favour. So, she is rocking and must be in final rounds.


Smita: “It’s the time to Disco” Somewhere she was not in right tune for me. I am not saying this because of her performance or looks as I heard the song only keeping the video minimized. She tried to touch the right nodes at some places, but I am not happy. Jaaved Ji said that it was not her forte but she performed nicely. I should say that I am not impressed at all.

    Sony people called her parents on the floor and it made a emotional note for the show. Even she and her father performed for a few lines. Yeah!! Such tricks work well for reality shows and I know; now your place in finals is ensured, but it was trump card and you lost it before the finals. You are not going to make it longer in anyway for sure. Sorry for being rude.


Parleen: “Tanha Tanha Duri” Much being said over his looks, but the boy has a nice voice and tune too. He will get his ways in this shows even if not the title.

    Jaaved Sir was quite happy and expressed himself with the words that what he saw in him at the first sight, he got that back today. Alisha said he need to maintain the same and Udit Ji .. Udit Ji seems to be in love with his looks and personality.


Deepali: “Dheeme Dheeme Gaoon” After “Nisha” kind of performance, everyone is looking for her and she was right when said that now people will find mistakes in place of finding good things in song.

My comment … somehow you were not able to live up to the expectations. Udit Ji added the right thing with saying that competition is tough now and she needs to be careful everytime. Although she said that it’s not an excuse, but her throat was not fine. Jaaved Ji was in much favour of her.

In next, it was her performance as an RJ on request of Minni. I think this performance was more confident than her singing. Anyway, better luck next time. I am rude about judging this time na … sorry I am trying to be a bit balanced and straight.


Suhit: “Saiyon Ni” The Heavy Metal Rocker, could he make it to the finals… at this point equations are against him.

    As about song, then it was the best choice to make a comeback, but Suhit, you spoiled the best chance of your life. Your voice was terrible at high nodes, I am not happy. Jaaved Ji said he is happy and Alisha said you need to work over pitching. Udit Ji wished a good luck to him.

    So, it’s a 3/3, but I know… you are in danger, not because of song only, but because of equations, for breaking them, you were needed to be outstanding today, but you were not.


Abhishek: “Ab Mujhe Raat Din” When you started the song, then I was scared a bit as this song was one of my favourite and coping up with my expectations was not that easy as Sonu Nigam really have done a nice job with this song. But you made it man… you made it.

    Alisha was making him in top 5; Jaaved Ji said he is in Gala. Udit Ji asked that why he changed the nodes a bit lower? He said that h fear about a few things. Udit Ji requested him to sing in right tunes means in original high tunes. He did that and Jaaved Ji found him more better and sparkling in the same, although Alisha said the voice was straining this time as was fear of Abhishek himself.

    After this, Abhishek presented a dance over Udit Ji’s voice and sure he seemed to be a rocker. I would like to see him more and more.


Prashant: “Kehna Hai” The policeman seemed to stepping up slowly. You surprised me with your voice quality this time. You even crossed Chang. This time your voice was having that feel of relaxation. I don’t say that it was a flawless one but the flaw was very minute. Jaaved Ji praised him and Alisha said he lost sur at some places. Udit Ji said he has a lot of expectations and last day, he was better than today.

    Minni made the right comment saying that why that excitement from Judges voice was missing while judging him, which she and whole public feels.


Pooja: “Sajanaa Aa Bhi Jaa” I should say, why her expression are always off key. I am not talking about singing and performance, but before that when camera rolls over you. Why can’t you be just a little girl than behaving like stars or much intense person from even the beginning? Be relaxed and cool.

    You lost something even from the start of the song and after that I lost the interest. I have heard the original and it was one of favourite, when I heard that. It was not that. Although Udit Ji and Alisha praised her, but I got impressed with Jaaved Ji’s eyes, when he said it was her weakest performance ever for the show.


Meiyang Chang: “Dil Keh Raha Hai” Sure as Alisha said… he was in mood today. Jaaved Ji said although he prefers slower songs over him, but it was quite competitive. Udit Ji also added praising statements.

    Minni asked him to sing something in Chinese and as I expected, he doesn’t know much of Chinese and in fact nothing. Anyway , you are favourite and will be, but could you make it till the last knock.


Richa: “Piya Tose Naina Lage” Some people might be disagreeing with me, if I go harsh over her, but she doesn’t stand a place here. The voice was lazy kind of… she was never there.

    Jaaved Ji said it’s a childish singing and not of Indian Idol singing. He said after a few years, she might be a good singer, but she is not right now. Alisha said she is not taking it seriously. After these comments she started crying, so Udit Ji comments were of no matter.

    As about age factor, then I would like to ask all persons, tell me… have not you all heard Sa Re Ga Ma Kids? Weren’t they able to sing more better than seniors? Richa!! You stand with no excuse and you have to go.


Ankita: “Aisa Jaadoo Dala Re” For her I am enough confident that she will make it for finals. But its not like that her performance was up to the mark. She was loosing the momentum today on high nodes, which has been her forte… it was not like “Who Ajnabi”. So, I am not happy. Jaaved Ji praised her, but I am not agreeing with him this time. Udit Ji said performance was nice, but she was not clicking well over low nodes.

    Probably, the personal problem with other girls is making her weaker even in her forte. This performance was weakest in all of her performance, I have seen. But based on her all the performances, she stands for a place in final Galas.







Indian Idol 3, 7th June 07: Boys are back with a bang …

Its result round for girls this time …. I am even now upset with the result as before writing this one, I have seen the show. Anyway, let me start ….

Alisha: Smita (Of course), Vertika and Shifa.

Jaaved Ji: Richa, Shifa and Vertika.

Udit Ji: Harshida, Vertika and Richa.

Anu Malik: a lot of advices to all the contestants. The three names were Richa, Vertika and Smita.


Girl’s view was against Ankita and also Richa and Shifa’s name were added in the same list. Richa were given a much faster safe chit. She was not needed to wait for even a minute and got the verdict. Then the girls were divided in two groups; four were safe and four were in bottom four and finally the bottom four came out to be:

Smita, Shifa, Vertika and Harshida.

Jaaved Sir was of opinion to save Smita, Alisha was of opinion to save Harshida and Udit Ji was of choice to save Shifa. Obvious choices as I was expecting from each side.

Smita said that she is being voted out because of her looks and Jaaved Ji said, although it only her right to say so, but he rather agree her point, that public go with looks rather than singing only, it’s a bitter fact. He was angry over public and said that public should have chosen models to be singers. Alisha made the point that she was not outstanding to hide her weakness about the performance. She thought that she has reached to enough extent.

Jaaved Sir was bitter about saying that what simplicity you people are talking about? You are saying the same thing in just a few polite words. Udit Ji was not able to speak much. The verdict came out without delaying it by some drama and given the verdict in favour of Smita.

I was heart broken on loosing Shifa. First Aisha and then Shifa, I must say, if the wild card entries are not going to be favour in one of these two, then Indian Idol is going to loose the charm. Jaaved Ji were quite happy over the same.


Now, I am coming over the boy’s performances.

Bhavin: “Deewana Tera” Brave choice of song. Don’t dare to choose this one, if you are not confident enough as even orchestra’s mistakes seem to be yours. But I should say that you gave justice to the song and also your own touch.

    Jaaved Sir was happy. Alisha said him the horse of long races and also the performance as knock out one. Udit Ji said that last performance was better. Although Bhavin agreed over the same, but Jaaved Ji interrupted to say that this one was better.


Abhishek: “Yeh Dil Diwana” What’s going on? Everyone is trying to catch up Sonu’s high nodes. He was sure happy, if was there. Song was nice, voice was nice and his performance was having the same energy level. What a comeback Abhishek… bravo … On request of Hussain, he even removed his cap.

    Alisha was happy and Jaaved Ji said that he must be in Top Five. Although it gone into humor, but everyone should note the point as Jaaved Ji is not going to say such words in a hurry. Udit Ji were also happy with Abhishek and said parents blessing is with him.


Emon: “Suno Na” Nice song, nice attitude, nice voice as always. He has not that X-Factor to me, but sure nice voice control. Everyone praised him, but Jaaved Ji said that it was not his best. Alisha wished to see him without the glasses and Emon did the same.

    He was asked to emote Judges and he copied there styles in funny ways. It was a funny moment to keep up for later. By the way, nice mimicry of Anu Ji, you are Alisha’s favourite in now days.


Amit: “Phulo Ke Rang Se” Everything was nice, but the song was not suiting over you. My only comment. Judges were happy over his performance and everyone said it very good.

Amit I hope that you may stay longer, so I could see more of you.


Suhit: “Chahata Hu Tujhe” Although I was not familiar with the song, but I felt that he was better than other days and I was not able to find his mistakes.

    I was not happy with the rudeness Judges have shown over him. I know its going to be crucial for him and even if he survives, then he will loose a section of votes. I am sad about him as his all hard work and efforts are now in vein.


Parleen: “Ramataa Jogi” Nice song, nice attitude and mood. It was tough song in deed and I should say bravo over this. Although there were points from Judges, but I know he will survive these stages to reach to final 10, if keeps on performing like this.

    Good Luck, Parleen.


Chang: “Tum Aaye To” Decent look and innocence over face. Sure, he has competition with girls only, but be aware, it a reality show too. Hoping that, the main concentration would be over singing till the end. Song was nice and feel was nice. There was a personal touch in song.

    Jaaved Sir said that there is a kind of relaxation in his voice, which came as a rare package. Alisha felt something from his voice was lesser for the day. Udit Ji said that he is sure one of the best among the boys and need to keep the spirit on.


Rehaan: “Humko Diawana Kar Gaye” Till when this Tabla and Dhol is going to be with you? I said na, you seemed to be like some orchestra singer and I am not of another choice even this time. Even if your song was nice with Sur and voice, I am not that happy. Alisha made the point that he is never out of a particular pattern.

    Jaaved Ji and Alisha were not in much favour of him.


Prashant: “Yaar Ko Maine” What a start… what a start… what a choice of song.. you rocked man… you just rocked. Although the credit goes to song itself, but matching up to level of this song could not be easy to anyone. It’s your best performance yet.

Jaaved Sir was quite happy, although Alisha said that the sur was a little flatter at some places. Jaaved Ji strongly protested that and asked her to tell where he was flat. Udit Ji made the point that at second third line, he was missing something and also he was missing something about the pitching at Antara. Jaaved Sir again said that he is with his earlier opinion even now and knows that public will be with Prashant.

    Don’t worry Prashant, Last stands till last factor is with you. No need to worry after such a performance.

Indian Idol 3, 6th June 07: Final nodes for girls

Result rounds for boys this time …

Obvious choice was Rehaan, Abhishek and Suhit from boy’s side, although Parleen’s name was added in the same. Suhit was asked that why most of the boys chosen him to be out? Suhit answered that he knows that he was not fine, but there were others too out of track. Abhishek was brave enough to accept the fact that forgetting lyrics is an unforgettable crime for singer.

Here comes Anu Ji’s verdict now, I must say that lots of improvement in his views. Look like he looses his senses only with girls 😉 anyway …. His views are quite satisfactory. He praised and respected the views of Jaaved Ji and Alisha and also made a passing remark over Udit Ji.

As about contestants, his view was about Shantanu first and he said that there was no passion in voice and expressions were more on face rather than singing itself. Although he added that he is finding of Indian Idol 3. Next was Emon, who was praised and same with Chang. Anu Ji even questioned Jaaved Ji that why he was against Alisha, when they were giving opinion about Amit as they were right on there place. Next was Bhavin, who got standing ovation from Anu Ji’s side. Padmanav and Aneesh were not in good book of Anu today. Even he said that Parleen is trading on his looks for saving him rather than improving his voice. He made a naughty gesture saying that he should stop looking here and there.

Now, it was choices about Bottom three, then …

Anu Ji: Padmanav, Aneesh and Rehaan.

Udit Ji: Rehaan, Aneesh and Padmanav.

Alisha: Amit, Padmanav and Abhishek

Jaaved Ji: Suhit, Rehaan and Shantanu.


    Now it was clearance to contestants, Emon and Amit were given clearance of being safe. Parleen was then for the safer side, but the unexpected decision was on Rehaan Khan, who was on safer side along with Bhavin. Aneesh was first to enter into bottom. Then Prashant, Abhishek and Chang were declared to be safe.

    So, here comes the bottom four:

Suhit, Shantanu, Aneesh and Padmanav.

Jaaved Ji was of choice to save Shantanu and Alisha was to save Suhit. On which there was a good debate between Alisha and Jaaved Ji. Although Jaaved Ji said that at each day others were better than Suhit. Udit Ji came with support of Padmanav.

Then it was given verdict against Aneesh and then to Padmanav. Means final words for Shantanu and Suhit and Suhit made the way to get advanced for one more round. I like to salute Shantanu’s brave smile at the moment.     You have an attitude to make it for longer. My best wishes will be with you.


So, now the show started with girl ….. Girl’s contest was given a name Dhoom 3. Anyway, now to the individual performances….

Deepali: “Nisha” Girl!!! You are such a spark … you rocked and took my heart. Can’t say that I found you better than Shifa, but you were almost there. What a performance, what a confidence. You were right about yourself that you need consistent encouragement to be confident and then she gains momentum. I could say that there were a few slight mistakes in singing, but her performance was enough to overtake all the things.

All the judges were in favour of Deepali. Rare moment, when all the three judges might be agreed on the same view, as Jaaved Sir mentioned.


Chaaru: “O Mere Sona Re” She was nice like ever. She is nice with her cute face and fine smile, but some how she is not clicking to my heart. Can’t say any reason, but anyway, she was fine with her song.

    Jaaved Sir said that she was missing the feel and naughtiness was missing and Alisha was of the same view. Even Alisha said that she is thankful that this time, she and Jaaved Sir are of same view. Udit Sir praised a lot to her and said that she must be in top 5, on which Jaaved Sir commented that there must be at least 9 contestants in top 5 this time according to Udit Ji.

    In next, Minni asked Chaaru a personal question, the qualities, which she would like to see in the boy, she may wish to get married. Chaaru then gave the three qualities Understanding, Passionate and Ambitious. Jaaved said that if someone wishing to marry her then he already must be ambitious.


Harshida: “Rangeelo Maro Dholna” A song suiting to her bold looks. I really got surprised that how she could cope up with such a song. Pronunciation was sharp and high nodes were excellent. I was unable to find any mistake in her performance.

    Alisha started with the right words “Too hot to handle”, much better than previous performances. Jaaved Sir praised her and said it never seemed that she is from England. Udit Ji pointed that the song was much suiting to her.

    Then a funny note was here, when Minni requested to Jaaved Ji to give her a few lesions about Hindi and Urdu. Jaaved Sir, given a sentence, which even I am unable to write down after hearing the same clip more than thrice and then he also gave the same in Urdu, after which she tried last words and it was funny, when we got to see that while talking to her, Jaaved Sir was pulling legs of Udit Ji’s “Lekin”.


Shifa: “Jaaiye Aap Kahan Jayenge” What were you doing Shifa? Its not like my girl. Not a good choice of song. Your forte is expressiveness and is was not like that there was no chance of that much expressiveness with this song, but you were not able to experiment. It was a deep performance rather than being confident and sensuous.

    Alisha pointed it as colorless. Jaaved Sir said feminine arrogance and flirtation was missing. Udit Sir was not in that favour too. Shifa was a bit in tears. But I know she is a brave girl.

    I want to hear and watch you more and more, so be here with the show.


Ankita: “Golmaal” What a voice? You are the performer, you are the rocker. Alisha said that you keep on missing the nodes and went flat a bit sometimes. Udit Ji said you were loosing the sur at few moments. Jaaved Sir said that this girl enjoys her performances and sing for herself that’s a nice attitude. Udit Ji was a bit in tears and requested her to bring back the same mood again as he is roping for her.


Smita: “Sheesha Ho Ya Dil Ho” Her voice was nice. But probably I am more looking over X-factor, so knew that she won’t be able to make it up to the top. For exceeding over her looks, you need to be outstanding and just being normal or competitive is not going to work for you.

This time, none of three Judges were in much favour of her. So, the girl was back with tears.


Vertika: “” Somehow, I never got satisfied with her expressions and I should make a rather clear statement that this kind of shy ways is not going to make the crown for her. Her voice was nice, her nodes were fine, but somehow she was unable to initiate that magic, which must be with this song. Somehow I felt this song as colorless. What was missing, I was unable to judge and was waiting for Judges’ comments over the same.

    Jaaved Ji said that this performance was careful rather than being fluent and the same opinion came from Alisha’s side. Udit Ji added that she was not enjoying the song and was not confident with it.

Pooja: “Ek Pyar Ka Na Nagma Hai” She was named as strongest competitor from more than one sides, so everyone was looking for her performance. She seemed to be desperate and confident about herself. I liked that attitude and somehow felt that somewhere some kind of fight going on inside her. Is it with contestant girls?

Jaaved Sir added that he will give 9/10 as her pronunciation was needed to be improved. Udit Ji was decided to give him a standing ovation, but somehow his less confidence and other’s influences made him to keep him under control.

    Pooja!! Not only me, but everyone else was unable to get the reasons behind her un-usual expressions. She was visibly upset over something.


Richa: “Pal Pal” Two things from her introduction were making a bitter taste as she called Alisha as Alisha Chinai rather than calling her Alisha Ji and then she ended with saying that she has only competition with her. Richa you never impressed me and if you are here then you are just costing over other’s place. That’s only what I have to say about you. You seemed to be too much proud to me.

    Although I said that baby singing matured a bit today, but she was not able to cope with Shreya Ghosal, the original singer. Alisha praised her, but Udit Ji was of another tune saying that she lost Sur at many places. Jaaved Sir said that she achieved the mood of song on the cost of sur and it must not happen. Her face was showing the same attitude as I have seen over the face of Pooja Chatterjee, are you people able to find some connection?


So, today shows ends here. Let’s wait for the results.