Indian Idol 3, 7th June 07: Boys are back with a bang …

Its result round for girls this time …. I am even now upset with the result as before writing this one, I have seen the show. Anyway, let me start ….

Alisha: Smita (Of course), Vertika and Shifa.

Jaaved Ji: Richa, Shifa and Vertika.

Udit Ji: Harshida, Vertika and Richa.

Anu Malik: a lot of advices to all the contestants. The three names were Richa, Vertika and Smita.


Girl’s view was against Ankita and also Richa and Shifa’s name were added in the same list. Richa were given a much faster safe chit. She was not needed to wait for even a minute and got the verdict. Then the girls were divided in two groups; four were safe and four were in bottom four and finally the bottom four came out to be:

Smita, Shifa, Vertika and Harshida.

Jaaved Sir was of opinion to save Smita, Alisha was of opinion to save Harshida and Udit Ji was of choice to save Shifa. Obvious choices as I was expecting from each side.

Smita said that she is being voted out because of her looks and Jaaved Ji said, although it only her right to say so, but he rather agree her point, that public go with looks rather than singing only, it’s a bitter fact. He was angry over public and said that public should have chosen models to be singers. Alisha made the point that she was not outstanding to hide her weakness about the performance. She thought that she has reached to enough extent.

Jaaved Sir was bitter about saying that what simplicity you people are talking about? You are saying the same thing in just a few polite words. Udit Ji was not able to speak much. The verdict came out without delaying it by some drama and given the verdict in favour of Smita.

I was heart broken on loosing Shifa. First Aisha and then Shifa, I must say, if the wild card entries are not going to be favour in one of these two, then Indian Idol is going to loose the charm. Jaaved Ji were quite happy over the same.


Now, I am coming over the boy’s performances.

Bhavin: “Deewana Tera” Brave choice of song. Don’t dare to choose this one, if you are not confident enough as even orchestra’s mistakes seem to be yours. But I should say that you gave justice to the song and also your own touch.

    Jaaved Sir was happy. Alisha said him the horse of long races and also the performance as knock out one. Udit Ji said that last performance was better. Although Bhavin agreed over the same, but Jaaved Ji interrupted to say that this one was better.


Abhishek: “Yeh Dil Diwana” What’s going on? Everyone is trying to catch up Sonu’s high nodes. He was sure happy, if was there. Song was nice, voice was nice and his performance was having the same energy level. What a comeback Abhishek… bravo … On request of Hussain, he even removed his cap.

    Alisha was happy and Jaaved Ji said that he must be in Top Five. Although it gone into humor, but everyone should note the point as Jaaved Ji is not going to say such words in a hurry. Udit Ji were also happy with Abhishek and said parents blessing is with him.


Emon: “Suno Na” Nice song, nice attitude, nice voice as always. He has not that X-Factor to me, but sure nice voice control. Everyone praised him, but Jaaved Ji said that it was not his best. Alisha wished to see him without the glasses and Emon did the same.

    He was asked to emote Judges and he copied there styles in funny ways. It was a funny moment to keep up for later. By the way, nice mimicry of Anu Ji, you are Alisha’s favourite in now days.


Amit: “Phulo Ke Rang Se” Everything was nice, but the song was not suiting over you. My only comment. Judges were happy over his performance and everyone said it very good.

Amit I hope that you may stay longer, so I could see more of you.


Suhit: “Chahata Hu Tujhe” Although I was not familiar with the song, but I felt that he was better than other days and I was not able to find his mistakes.

    I was not happy with the rudeness Judges have shown over him. I know its going to be crucial for him and even if he survives, then he will loose a section of votes. I am sad about him as his all hard work and efforts are now in vein.


Parleen: “Ramataa Jogi” Nice song, nice attitude and mood. It was tough song in deed and I should say bravo over this. Although there were points from Judges, but I know he will survive these stages to reach to final 10, if keeps on performing like this.

    Good Luck, Parleen.


Chang: “Tum Aaye To” Decent look and innocence over face. Sure, he has competition with girls only, but be aware, it a reality show too. Hoping that, the main concentration would be over singing till the end. Song was nice and feel was nice. There was a personal touch in song.

    Jaaved Sir said that there is a kind of relaxation in his voice, which came as a rare package. Alisha felt something from his voice was lesser for the day. Udit Ji said that he is sure one of the best among the boys and need to keep the spirit on.


Rehaan: “Humko Diawana Kar Gaye” Till when this Tabla and Dhol is going to be with you? I said na, you seemed to be like some orchestra singer and I am not of another choice even this time. Even if your song was nice with Sur and voice, I am not that happy. Alisha made the point that he is never out of a particular pattern.

    Jaaved Ji and Alisha were not in much favour of him.


Prashant: “Yaar Ko Maine” What a start… what a start… what a choice of song.. you rocked man… you just rocked. Although the credit goes to song itself, but matching up to level of this song could not be easy to anyone. It’s your best performance yet.

Jaaved Sir was quite happy, although Alisha said that the sur was a little flatter at some places. Jaaved Ji strongly protested that and asked her to tell where he was flat. Udit Ji made the point that at second third line, he was missing something and also he was missing something about the pitching at Antara. Jaaved Sir again said that he is with his earlier opinion even now and knows that public will be with Prashant.

    Don’t worry Prashant, Last stands till last factor is with you. No need to worry after such a performance.


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