Indian Idol 3, 9th June 07: So, here are the final 10+1 …

Final result day… everyone was waiting for it…. From now on, the real battle will begin.

The show started with Jolly Das singing
“Baraso Re Megha Megha” …. Yes how could I forget the girl, when I was keeping a close eye over the whole Indian Idol 2. So, the John Abraham fan is back to the Galas like Indian Idol promised her last time, when she lost the lat chance due to Chicken pox. But it’s a tough thing to her, as she will start in not so favouring environment.


Anu Ji said that she needs to sweat a lot as Indian Idol 3 singer are more tougher than Indian Idol 2. Alisha said that in straight ways that it seemed to be a bit unfair to give it a chance in this much direct ways. Jaaved Sir said, she will be not happy in next few days on missing the last Indian Idol as this time competition is much tougher and the talent this time was not then.

Hussain tried to shock Charu with the statement that she has to go this time. Although neither she was of belief nor anyone else, so the same trick didn’t worked well. Hussain added in that Minni is calling you downstairs, so you have to go there.

Now, it was asked to Judges that from six girls, who has to go? Jaaved Ji said Richa must be out. Alisha said Smita must go now. Udit Ji was also in against Richa. Anu Ji was also of the same opinion that Richa should not be in.


Deepali got the ways for finals in first announcement. Richa and Charu were asked that who is more deserving from them. Charu said she deserves more and Richa also said Charu deserves more. Richa was quite happy over it and she must be, as according to me and many like me, she doesn’t stand a place here. I am really not happy and worried that I am going to loose which one from Pooja and Ankita as Smita gets entry into final Galas. Finally Pooja made it and Ankita is out. Among Pooja and Ankita, there was no other choice, but I am constantly feeling an attitude and proud in this girl, which is not a good thing for a girl, she is not even topped yet. If it’s her nature then she doesn’t stand in a reality show and if some fight is going behind the scenes, then it must be ended to make the girl in natural tunes.

Ankita was called on stage to sing a song and she chosen “Mehabooba” from Ajanbi and this time generous Jaaved even did a few dance steps. It was sure a moment for Indian Idol. I would like to preserve it for ever and so will other do.


Now, it was the turn of boys…. I know that everybody is eyeing over Suhit. Jaaved Ji was of same view and so others. And even I fear the same.

When it came to declarations, then there was much expressiveness than girls and I really liked when Prashant expressed his joy over being selected. Abhishek and Suhit were in last two. Is it reflecting the voting patterns or they just randomly kept them? Abhishek was visibly tensed and Suhit seemed to be confident about his fate. Finally, the verdict came out against Suhit.

Although Alisha request him to leave with a note and singing something for all, but Suhit politely refused saying that he is not in condition to sing. I think it is being happened at the stage for the first time, but it was like Ravi’s exist last time, when everyone was wishing him to go. Suhit knows that he is not in profit.


Jaaved Ji added the rule of wild card entry. He told us that six will perform, who previously got eliminated and then two more will be added in final 11. Although my articles are not in that nick because of being out of time, so this time as it’s the first right in note … I want to make a statement that the two contestants, who are going to get the chance to be in are Bhavin and Aisha. Let’s see, what will happen.




One thought on “Indian Idol 3, 9th June 07: So, here are the final 10+1 …

  1. anlita i cn c ma slf in u plz do rock coz i cnt b allowd 2 do so bt plz do ful fil ma dream coz u cn n u have 2 do dat with lots of love to all to chang abhishaikh n emon love u all

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