Indian Idol 3, 16th June: Fight to the finish … now four to fight for final two more places …

A bit strange results; in quick declarations, we got Amit, Ankita, Padmanav and Suhit in. I know, it’s going to upset many. I am really not happy about Aisha and Bhavin, but really happy to see Suhit in. Jaaved Sir was furious over Suhit and people’s choice and I could understand his emotions. But unknowingly, he has given Suhit the firing fuel …. There are a few rules with reality shows and Suhit is riding over them, if he kept on performing like last round then we are going to see something like Fame Gurukul, something like charm of Kaazi with a much better version.


Amit Paul: “Chal Chalein” Really strange … how could one forget lines at such a stage? Somehow I am not connecting with plot. No one could do such mistake, when he was already singing at his best and was completely perfect. I am looking for conspiracy theories in it. A sight of best performance, then trembling and giving excuse that you got emotional on a fellow contestant because he is out….. You know that in this reality show, only singing can’t make it everytime. Was this a trick? Sorry Amit… somehow… I am feeling like your choice of song is moving on a particular track and a particular mood… your voice is nice for sure… but are you versatile… ?? I am not criticizing but just thought to throw what came in my mind.

But I admit, you sang like the original version.


Ankita: “Kaisi Paheli Hai Yeh Jindagani” She really has something….. she is getting attention from all over. The set is all yours. Am I getting to see, you and Suhit being chosen from the four? Ankita… you were outstanding like ever and I really fear that are you able to match up the standard set by yourself. Don’t forget that you have to fight another battle off the screen too.


Padmanav: “Vande Mataram” A R Rehmaan is A R Rehmaan and your performance shown that. You felt nice, but the original was missing and I should that it seems that crossing or even touching A R Rehmaan is not a cake of any new comer. It was a sincere attempt and I should cheer for you.


Suhit: “Tu Hai Aasama Me” Now here comes the most awaited performance, The Heavy Metal Rocker …. Suhit Gosai… and this curiosity is making the glimpse of what hidden for the future. His expression and dedication were always unmatched. He sang it very well this time and you moved one more step up from the last performance. Outstanding is the only word.

Jaaved Sir started getting furious over the name and the same is really able to drag moiré votes for him, if my theory works. He was really singing at the best and even then being in controversy is making him look like a fighter. Suhit, I always been with such fighters and as I wrote last time … I am with the same words again… I am with you… I am rooting for you… Heavy Metal Rocker… keep your attitude… not only me, but many like me are with you. Don’t forget you performed last this time.

It was really strange when Jaaved Sir was over furious by saying that Janataa often makes wrong judgments. Its really cool to get Anu in for favouring Suhit as now Alisha got another voice to back Suhit. Best of Luck…. Another taste in the show… I am really happy with Anu Ji’s comment this time…. Really if even this time Jaaved Ji come to criticize him, then I am not expecting good words from his side for Suhit.. neither Suhit himself nor the public… Jaaved Sir.. you are the most respected judge for me even now… but I think you were not this much critical to even Kazi Taukir.

All the viewers! note one thing… not even final galas started…. But this boy made the waves for him.. either opposite or favouring ways.. but people are watching and keeping an eyes over him… his bad mouthing in audition times, when he was paired with Charu will remain in people mind.. but he was just emotional and frustrated and I could really understand the same… as bout his singing, then I rate him improving a lot and in style…. He is a rocker and will be… .. That’s my final note and it wont change… whatever the results might be.


My predictions goes in favour of Suhit and Ankita. What do you think?


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