Indian Idol 3, 22nd June 2007: Really excited about what magic will rock the future …

Here comes the well awaited show, it seems to have the credits of mini finals in a way…


Anyway, it’s the business and it finds its way. I and most of us were expecting, we will be done with the two names after today’s show, but ……probably producers seem to be laughing over crazy viewer on their over curiosity… Why I am saying so? You will come to know later on… But here let me start the review.

Look like I am not following the show properly… I did not know that one has to be chosen from Judges Side and other from people…… was that told earlier…?? Sorry I missed…

Anyway, this time show is going a bit late na… I was watching the episode of 22nd June 2006 and it was already much in Galas. Anyway …

The show starts with the song “Teri Ankho Ke” Let’s me make my instant comments… Abhishek is improving to be a rock star and Prashant has an extremely sweet voice. Now, coming to girls, then I found Smita’s voices and Charu’s attitude only in tune, others were not getting it right tone somehow. I am really not happy with the stretching of voices in singing of Richa and Pooja. In fact, sometime I am feeling like giving a slap to Richa for being here as she is wasting a place. Try it once to get into Sa Re Ga Ma… you wont get into the primary rounds.


Anyway, the show moved with praises of contestants as its job of Judges and then Hussain announced that the one, who got the way move in by people is Suhit …. … … .. Padmanav, Ankita or Amit Paul. Anyway … later Jayed Khan was introduced to announce the name … Jayed was in Indian Idol 1 as a guest and now he is back in Indian Idol 3. (Honestly speaking, I wasn’t following Indian Idol 1, so don’t know anything about it).

Jayed announced the name Amit Paul. What????? Amit Paul… How it could be… ??? I feel like people aren’t voting in my tunes or I need to re-judge the things again. I mean where Amit stands for stage presence, where Ankita and Suhit are in comparison.

Amit Paul started singing “Hari Bazi Ko Jetna” from “Jo Jeeta Woh Sikandar” …. .. right choice for the moment, but it also must be making people realizing that what they have done. I am not any kind of against the same person, but it really exposed that he is for a particular kind of songs only. Anyway, let me be away with commenting over him or over the decision made my people. Although I want to say that now I knew that the next one, who has to be chosen from Judges side, will be Ankita for sure means no excitement for the other show. If I was there, then my decision was going to be the same, Suhit was needed to make sure his place from public voting here and if he fails to make it then it’s right to see the way out. Sorry Suhit …. I was not wishing you such a farewell. Keep the fighting spirit on…..


Next it comes to performances, which were in pairs or bunches…

Charu and Chang: “Gori GoriCharu is looking really gorgeous like my best friend said. What a confidence and what a screen presence… you are a rocker for sure. It was a song in full mood and both of you got the all points, but I would like to suggest Chang to work over his presence and expressions.

Smita and Deepali: “Baras JaaSmita, Smita, Smita… you are the next to go out along with Richa…. no match with Deepali. If you can’t make a screen presence then at least sticks to the song. Your confidence is loosing all the time and you are not going to make it longer. I hope you will come out from the show as soon as possible, otherwise it would be unfair to your like good singer coming out after getting all the pressure build up against you. Deepali…. you rocked and was able to hold the whole song over yours shoulders alone. You are my choice in now days, although don’t know what share of votes you are getting and in what way people feels.

Prashant and Parleen: “Chain Khuli Ki Main KhuliSuperb!!! You sounded like the original…. Parleen made more point today because of his screen presence… good dance steps indeed. Perfect, nodes, whether it’s high or low… Full points to Parleen… and Prashant… don’t feel like you can’t dance in a flow….. You could. Go for it in next rounds.


So, these were the glimpses before the show… The real show starts now

Pooja, Abhishek and Emon:“Ek Chatur Naar” & “Muttu Kodi” really fine makeup, specially and Abhishek and Emon. I am not saying that they were close to Manna De and Kishor Kumar in anyway… but sure the performance was superb and full of Masti like the song itself requires, although Pooja got wasted in this song and became part of viewers only. Overall, I should say that Abhishek you need to work more, if you want to choose such a song for performance… In straight, your voice was not suiting to the same song many times. Probably, never in tune with originals…..

Minni was right, when she said that everyone was asking for once more… Jaaved Sir said… if they keep on growing like the same, then at the end, they will be the judges and we will be performers. 😉

Minni said that this time, we are having a few good mimics around… and then it moved to Anu and Emon singing a few lines together on the song “Jaane Ki Jaane Na”. Jaaved Sir made a humor saying that he must say that “Anu Ji Ne Bhi Emon ki Achchhi Copy Ki” nicely said 😉

Then Hussain moved to Abhishek and said he has heard that Abhishek does a fine mimic of Udit Ji… and I was thinking like … is it so? Then its sure going to be interesting to watch. After doing a mimic… he sang the song “Chand Chupa” a few lines only… but it really made me think that he could sing in Udit Ji’s typical voice very well. After that on Minni’s request, Udit Ji sang the same song in his voice and Anu made the right comment that Original is always an original. Abhishek was sure out of competition or Udit Ji made him out this time. 😉

So, the best part of the show ends here.


Then it comes to the word “Lekin” and according to the counts, the word “lekin” made its way more than 7000 times in the show… as they claimed through the clips…. I don’t believe… but it’s a nice leg pulling of Udit Ji less experience of screen presence.


Then it was the song “Lekin Kintu Parantu” and Udit Ji himself joined the whole bunch of boy in singing the same song and now I am thinking that is not this a way to promote the song?

Udit Ji made a comment that if it was in his hands, then everyone from the show today was Indian Idol and that’s truly describes that how much generous Udit Ji is.


Now, it moves over….

Padmanav, Ankita and Suhit: “Aaj Ki Raat”
Sure the screen presence was not that tight… of course, because they are performing in plainly their cloths, not in some sponsored one. It’s not fair, I think. The pressure of the moment was coming out in last moments, where the performance was looking dull.

Alisha said everyone was off-key and Jaaved Ji joined the same. Anu Ji made a comment that whom they were relying, gave them a shock. Was that about Suhit? As they were expecting him to come through voting? Or that was Ankita, about which they were thinking to stood as second at least in voting?

Don’t know……..




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