Indian Idol 3, 29th June 2007: The real game begins now …

Finally the race is on …
A lot of memories from the last versions are to be overwritten …
A lot of excitement to see that if the earlier rounds were trailer then …
The promises of a step higher quality of entertainment, because of skills displayed till now …


So, the show finally begins with the rocking performance over the title song of “Jhoom Barabar Zhoom” … I noticed a new look of Emon and Smita… and also got to see a better performing Richa at least for this song. The two others to get notices were Deepali and Abhishek … my favourites in now days. Let’s see, could they live up to my expectations this time.


Anyway, let me start the show …

Minni come to ask to the Judges the tricky and crucial question. Who’s favourite of each one? Probably without much dilemma, it was Alisha to speak up in plain that it’s Deepali, hot favourite of everyone (Not bad!!! Our eyes are matching, Suhit and now Deepali… I am happy). Then it was Jaaved Sir, who said “At least today, I will take the name of Emon.” Finally and surprisingly, it ended with Anu Ji saying that it’s Abhishek. I am not surprised with the name of Abhishek as probably he and Prashant are the one, with whom I am connecting myself in a way. I am surprised that why not Udit Ji was asked the same question? Why he was ignored? I am not happy with the same. Whatever the reasons might be.


Deepali: “Lukka Chippi” A different start … much slower one I think. Perhaps!!! I was disappointed with the performance. I thought to get that kind of performance for the start, as I have already got from her in “Nisha Nisha” number. Anyway, everyone come to praise only and finally in last Anu Ji come with the strong opposition saying that it was off-key.

I should say, it was not like that this song was not fine technically, but somehow it was not a catchy number for the moment or could say the soul was sure missing. If you have to be wonderful, then you need to learn making each of your performance better than the last one. This song was perfect in place and pace in the movie and for engaging the viewers with the same charm and magic, you were expected to find the ways… you are better than others even now.. but probably I am expecting a lot from you. J As after watch the same song again, I really could see your efforts and hard work behind the song. Really judging a song in few moments is not that easy.


Parleen: “Chali Chali” Is this over confidence? Trying to get Minni dancing with you and then, singing for Audiences only in way. Am I being a little critical today? Don’t know… but even this number was not touching to me. The voice was stretched a lot to match up with the original but it wasn’t that fruitful effort to me.

Jaaved Ji said Parleen was completely flat in Mukhda. So, its not always better to do that Uchhal Kood, it make the singing suffered. Even Alisha made the comment that it was some 19-20. Udit Ji said .. now its Galas where only singing works. Anu Ji made an important comment that Parleen!!! You singing was not so good not bad. Although in last lines, probably Anu was wrapping up his own comments. Anyway ….. I am not happy with this guy…


Amit: “In Dino” Again the same track!!! I don’t know what to call this particular track or to which singer, he is following … but there is something, which is being repeated … what’s it? I am just not able to give a name. The song and voice was nice as always and good to hear.

He got the standing ovation from Alisha and an interesting comment from Anu Ji. Udit Ji said that he was not able to find it extra-ordinary and thought that earlier performance was much better. Jaaved Ji made the comment that some people are scared of Emon, but Emon should be scared of Amit. Hmmm!! Good comments…..

I should say that I was wrong, when thought to look for conspiracy theories behind his statement that he was not able to perform better, because Bhavin left. He sure seemed to be that much innocent. Sorry Amit.. J


Pooja: “Deedar De” Don’t know, why I am not getting connected with this girl? When she is already hot favourite of my best friend…. I must find some good words about her friend wont be much happy with me 😉

I should say that her performance was not looking as spontaneous in someway. Song was nice, tone was nice … just the enjoyment was missing, the throw of the song was missing. I know we all have heard the same song in earlier rounds of Indian Idol, so have seen many people performing much better on the same tune. Anu Ji said that it’s a Bad singing and it has nothing like Indian Idol singing. Udit Ji and other Judges were of more or less same opinion… It obviously made the little girl in tears.

Minni come to give her courage saying that if Sachin gets out on Zero in one match then he come back with a century in next one, so better to come back with bang.

There were glimpses of Richa in Mid ways… She visibly seemed to be laughing, smiling and enjoying, when someone else is being taunted by Judges. Want to comment something? Then it was, Deepali trying to cheer up crying Pooja during the breaks. Was the camera intentionally on?


Emon: “Mitwa” So, here comes the favourite of many… Sonu Nigam look-a-like and probably his face is making me …. with him… sorry na 😉

Anyway, the song itself was much nice .., but was tough to sing even then Emon sang it very beautifully and he impressed me a lot by this song at least. He was almost perfect with the same song and he made to hear the same more than once…

After the song Jaaved Sir came in to say that somewhere he tried to change the mood of the song and forced more energy than it was required there, so better be careful. Probably, the same statement made others carried over that. Alisha was unable to speak much. Udit emphasized over not clarity of words and then Anu Ji said right thing that he loved the confidence, all the performance and he must be in for sure… no doubt.

Jaaved Sir again come to say that he tried to make the same song an item number, which was not right. Although Anu Ji come to take over all the show, but I understand Jaaved Sir’s view as he is the creature of song, so who else could know that what is the mood?


Smita: “Sanwaria Sanwaria” Anu Ji made the smart comment that if after get criticized, she come up with the words that she is not good looking then … her thinking is not right. I agree with both… with Smita and Anu Ji. Anyway, the song was much nice in original…. Although Smita sang “Bhooli Hoon Jaise Main Aapni Dagria”, but probably the same was about her today’s performance. You are not going to make it in this way.

Udit Ji criticized her saying that it was flat singing and she was not good. Anu Ji said the scale was god, so I wont give bad marks. Jaaved Sir also encouraged her. In fact, he come to attack over Udit Ji with keeping Anu Ji in smart ways. He said Udit Ji must be doing the same, he was doing earlier means praising every second candidate. Udit Ji replied that its nice that finally, after all these days Jaaved saheb was not worried for me and now he is. Jaaved sir said that he isn’t worried, he’s bothered!


Abhishek: “Main Hoon Don” Before the actual performance, there was a drama related to his stolen lucky cap, which was stolen by his friend. His cap is reminding me of Vineet from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa… I wish that Abhishek get to sing “Tera Jaadoo Chal Gaya” someday.

Udit ji liked his man like voice and Jaaved Ji wished that he might be sincere, so that performance may not make him carried away in over excitement. J Anu Ji said that he has the sense of time and moment and this make him special. Good Judging Anu Ji this time. You impress me in this version of Indian Idol. Experience teaches a lot ….

Here comes the song….. mind blowing… I really wasn’t expecting watching it more than twice. This song was best suiting over him… he is such favourite dude of mine. J At one place, when he said Aisa Dildaar Aaya Hai Kaun. then he was mistaking… but Jaaved Sir’s momentary smile was meant to ignore his little mistake because of magic he created with his performance, otherwise it was not possible to escape Jaaved Ji eyes.

Sure, he learned a few lessons from Emon’s performance and was cool and relaxed while singing the song. You are a good learner … I liked that.

Everyone praised him a lot. Especially, Jaaved Sir was happy as he was in the right mood, when sang the same song. He made the comment that he agree very much with what Anu Ji said before the performance. Udit Ji said that he will be in top three and Alisha’s comment was most cute. She said “Abhishek! You are so good, I hate you” ….. Alisha is one of the best in her ways even if some people come to hate her. Anu Ji was happy with his own comment that he could be Indian Idol.

Then, it was a strange drama of telling people that Abhishek is an adopted child and he came to know about the same a few days ago. Although I was annoyed with the same concept, but afterward felt it not that bad, as either Abhishek was either a much smart actor or the emotions were just spontaneous. Anyway…, I can’t see myself in shoes of Abhishek as it was really tough… but it’s a brave and rewarding to his parents.


Charu: “Na Re Saiyan Ko Chod Ke Na Jaa” Charu!!! Charu!!! Charu!!! You are here for your face, confidence and singing …. You were not that confident today or the song was not suiting over the goody goody girl’s image. Anyway, somehow she was failing to get into the mood of the same song, although without watching the video, I found the same song well at all places.

Jaaved Sir said it was Nasal and not flexible. Alisha praised her a lot and then It was Anu Ji coming up with worst comment for her. Saying she was off key in whole song..… even Anu said that he is much surprised that how could Alisha like nice girl come up with praises for such a performance. The criticism was this much personal that it created a tiff between both of them and when Jaaved Sir was asked about the same then he completely supported Anu Malik saying that he is much experienced and one should listen and understand his words. He was perfectly fine with his words.

I knew that someday Anu and Alisa’s off screen tiff will come out on screen. Is the same started from here?


Chang: “Salaame Ishaq” Really your voice has something. Alisha pointed the same. He started the song in different ways means starting it right from the chairs rather than from the stage itself. Anu Ji said that Cut the whole story short…. You need to leave your dentistry. Udit Ji and Jaaved Ji also praised and ranked him at top.

Really Alisha and Anu changed their moods very fast.. professional na…

Sorry for the short comment over the same performance, but you are always so nice and charming that I am not getting any more words.


Ankita: “Ankhiya Na Maar” Who you are Ankita? Some magician or something else. Mind blowing… amazing…. You made me thrilled and proved me wrong, if at any point, I might have rated you lesser than Suhit…. you could overtake any of the 13 singers. I really thought you have peaked, but now you are really making me more watchful for the next performance.

Udit Ji made the right comment saying that sometime people make down the expectations, but Ankita made the expectation much higher. All Judges were thrilled and so the people. Richa’s face was really like a must watch, when Anu Ji was commenting. Richa!!! I think you are done now. Its worst moment for you to go Richa!!. Parleen said the exact thing that she is completely un-predictable for everyone and sure scary to competitors. I feel Richa, Smita, Charu and Pooja are in the bunch against her. About rest of persons, I am not that sure.

Ankita… you made the best performance today. Bravo……………… J


Richa: “Piyu Bole” Depressive start …. Although, she covered up the same later on. This song was like the magic and making yourself in tune with the same was asking for much maturity, which Richa sure was not able to. Her voice is making her away from playback as Anu Malik said. Jaaved Sir was right in saying that he felt tensions behind her performance.

A lot was said about her and it was more to depress her. Anyway… I am not happy over her down face… but as much she has shown up… I must be tough, she has no right to stay… she is enough mean…


Prashant: “” When Chang was being praised then I thought Prashant was waiting for his turn. He is making his competition only with Chang and its really good for him as Chang is the right candidate to competite with. The song was enough perfect except the first line of the start… he trembled there. Anyway… good choice of song, according to me. He tried to show versatility.

Jaaved Sir said that it made the weakness of non-trend voice to be shown up, Alisha praised her suit and look. Udit Ji praised that he was so relaxed. Anu Ji come up with more praises saying that he is moving up slowly without making some noise and he will be sure in top 3.

Viewer mind it … Anu is saying the same. Worth to keep it in your mind …


Jolly Das: “Bairy Piya” Jolly is starting the race from a different place, which is making her in edge and in loss. Edge because in last one year, she has became a trained one and knows every bit of stage performance and looking so much confident and good looking. But the loos is that like Alisha… some people are not rooting for you and thinking that she is like hindrance to others and also getting wrong good luck chance.

Anyway, even the last performance was outstanding and this time… she raised the expectation even more higher….. people should sure started taking notice of her…. If she come up with the similar performance and more importantly got selected for next rounds, then she might get surprise me. In a way, luck was against her at the moment, when she came back into Indian Idol 3, but she is fighting back…. Heads off to you, Jolly… you must be happy on missing the last series. J Really wonderful and thrilling expressions.

Everyone come to praise her except Alisha and this made another tiff between Alisha and Anu ji and Jaaved Sir again supported Anu Ji completely.


At the end, when each judge was asked about their favourite in this show then Jaaved Sir was right with his words, when he announced the name of Ankita. Alisha made the name of Amit, Udit Ji came up with the name of Prashant and Anu Ji was with the name of Amon. I am not happy as everyone missed Abhishek’s name.

Yeah!! Before leaving.. I must comment that this time the Indian Idol Video is much much nice and much better choreographed .. although last one was sure nice…. But lyrics of the final Album were a huge let down…. Like they were making it without the mood… Anyway.. its worth to keep in…. so sweet.





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