Indian Idol 3, 30th June 2007: It’s time to go for Richa Aneja, Thanks God …

So, finally the result day of first gala came. Everyone must be tense there, as they really able to guess that what will be the pattern of public this time. After departure of Aisha and Bhavin, even the talented and performing ones are not sure about their places.

As per last day telecast was, it was almost certain that Richa Aneja should go, not only because of her no improved performance and at the same time, saying that she don’t know that what she could do better, but also because of visible signs of joy, whenever anyone of the participants was being taunted or criticized by Judges, either it may be Charu, Chang, Deepika or Pooja.

I am really surprised that how come this natured girl finding even single friend among the 13. Anyway, rest people, who might has to go today or some day later are Smita, Parleen and Pooja. I will be really surprised, if the result may come otherwise. I am also looking for Jolly Das, as today will decide that public is ready to adopt the girl in reference of her well deserving efforts.


The episode was very small, so my review will take length according to that. Only 29 mins.

The same show started in the same ways, asking contestants about their views that who must be voted out today.

Abhishek: Smita, because her voice was shaky at the day.

Prashant: Richa, because her voice is immature.

Smita: Richa, because her pronunciation is certainly not a stuff for playback singing.

Amit: Richa, she has no mature singing.

Richa: Voted herself out. Good guts… Anyway, still you said that she doesn’t find any mistake. But voting herself out as Judges were not satisfied.

Parleen: Charu, as Judges said over the performance, I think in the same way.

Chang: Charu, if someone don’t take it personally as personal emotions are not meant to be here. She was always fine, but last she was …

Emon: Prashant, although public and judges love him, but according to me, he need to learn classical music a little more. Emon! Your statement is making my eyebrow raised and sure of public too.

Deepali: Pooja, she is the strongest contender and we have lots of expectations from her, but yesterday, her performance was not up to the mark on that basis, so I voted her out.

Jolly: Pooja, her song was going offkey.

Ankita: Pooja, whatever she sang that day, she was capable to do much better than that.

Charu: Pooja, as I go along with Judges.

Pooja: Voted out herself saying that all the four judges come to criticized her a lot. So, I thought others are more deserving than me.


Pooja was called in danger zone. Minni asked that why hew friends voted out in this way? Was she that bad? Pooja replied in the brave ways, saying that they are her true friends as she was really bad last day.

After it, judges were asked the same question and the first one to reply was the innocent Udit Ji, who said that he will take the name of Richa, on which Richa will think that I am her enemy, but it’s not like that (Even this statement says a lot about Richa and her future).

Alisha took the name of Jolly and that was really strange to me. Anu Ji come to take the name of Richa and Jaaved Ji come up with the name of Pooja.


Richa was also called in danger zone. She was asked that is she satisfied with what the judges said? Anyone could see the arrogant face of the girl. Many people will be disappointed, if this girl doesn’t get voted out today. :O

Chang and Smita got declared safe and then Deepali and Prashant. Then it was Abhishek and then Amit Paul was called on stage and Minni made the twist saying that you are safe and you just needed to shake hands with me. Then Emon, Ankita and Parleen .. Ankita and Emon were declared safe. Among Parleen, Charu and Jolly only, Jolly was safe and this come up with a surprise to me. According to me, this was the best decision, but I am really surprised that public started thinking logically.

Then from the Bottom four, Charu was declared safe. Then it was the turn of Parleen and in this way, the last two were Pooja and Richa. Now, Richa started being depressed. Richa was just praying. Even Alisha was n favour of Pooja more than Richa.

Minni asked the crucial question that is Richa here because of coming in competition a couple of years earlier? Anu Malik replied in his peculiar ways that Pooja’s mind is shaken right now and not in the program right now. He was also going to say that there are girls, who sing so perfect in the same age, so the age must be an excuse. Jaaved Sir tried to defend her… but also mentioned the fact that the problem with Richa can’t be improved by her.

Finally Minni announced that Richa got the lowest number of votes and Pooja was declared safe. Now, Richa started crying. Was Minni right, when she said everyone from the show, was loving the girl?

She got the standing ovations from all the people including Judges… I am on the same statement that she did not well deserve. Jaaved Sir said that no one from us got standing ovation in such little age. He also invited her for coming into Indian Idol again and said that she will go to more heights only.

Then it was final emotional moment, when Richa was up to singing the song, “Dil Hai Chota Sa”, but wasn’t able to collect herself. All the other contestants come to encourage her on the stage. She was really nice with this song, even when she was singing it with trembling voice. The same scene made Jaaved Sir in tears… What else the little girl may ask for more?

Thanks public for the right decision. I doubt that Richa even now knows that what are the reasons behind her being voted out.


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