Indian Idol 3,10th August 2007: Like the independence spirit, colour was missing ….

The show begins with some Independence Day resolutions and the first one to take on the stage was my favourite Deepali.


Deepali: “Dhol Bajane Laga” For the first time, I found Deepali’s on stage presence completely without any thrill. I was really surprised that what’s going on with her. There was sure something wrong with her. I don’t know about the sur and rhythm, but there was something missing, something typical Deepali throw was missing. Her expressions, which have been the strength of her shows, were half hearted and although her voice was fine, but somewhere it was not that good.

The song was written by Jaaved Ji, one part of the same song was sung by Udit Ji and the same song was composed by Anu Malik… wait wait wait… one more person on the stage… Mr. India, Anil Kapoor. So, the show got one more star on it.

    Anil’s words over the same song, were although “Ekdum Jhakash”, but before the same words, he said “It’s a tough song to sing”… these lines actually say everything.

    Although everyone praised her well, but Udit Ji admitted that there was lesser through than usual. I am not happy with Judge’s words… They were trying to save Deepali more, than saying truth. Anu even commented that she is the one, who could be the female Indian Idol. I don’t agree with today’s performance at least.


Then there were promos of Gandhi: My Father … A film, I would sure like to see as the character of Hari Ram always been interesting to me like Nathu Ram Godse. Not because of the fact that both of them were in a way opposite to the stream, but because their voices were forcibly drained down. I wish if more and more people were able to here those voice and some bitter facts about our Father of Nation Mr. M.K. Gandhi.


Amit: “Yeh Jo Desh Hai” Safe Choice… its now visible that Amit is selecting his songs cleverly in one particular rhythm. But playing safe ended with being someone like Dravid and you might have seen, how Dravid failing in now days. I don’t want to say that he was not good, but he could have done lots better. Something was missing for me.

    Thanks God!!! Alisha and Udit said that he was not fine. Anu came to oppose Alisha… its being personal and not the truth. No comment over it. Jaaved Ji also said words in favour of Amit. Anil even said that he gave him goose pimples and also given standing ovation.

    I think, giving standing ovation will loose its importance in this way. L


Chang: “Baar Baar Haan” The song from the film Lagaan. The same sporting spirit was over the face and in expressions of Chang. I liked his spirit after really many days. But I should say that his voice was not sound that deadly to suit the same song. Everything was nice about the song, means the rhythm, the sur… but only sound quality was not that nice…. It must be sounding over the music at a few places. But anyway…

    Anu Malik tried to speak the truth, but thanks to personal ego….. Alisha felt that the same performance was devine. Its good for encouraging someone and he was nice with all other things too, but it was not 100% according to me. Udit Ji came to support Alisha, but Anil clearly stated that Anu Malik was right and this boy was sure loosing sur at places. Then it was Jaaved Sir, who blamed the choice of song. As he said this was not a song which could have sung by only one singer. Anyway, leave the biggies comment over biggies only.


Ankita: “Hum Logo Ko Samajh” What’s going on? Ankita gave the worst show of Indian Idol for sure. It was unbelievable, she tried to sing from going behind the seats of Judges and messed it completely, whether its words or sur… everything was loosing the key. Thanks God that she decided to come back to stage and then she got the balance again…. but whomever was there on stage, was not Ankita.

    Anu Malik made the fine comments over all the things, giving the credits that she carried on at least. Alisha said her aunt said that if she wish to reborn then want to reborn as Ankita. Anil said once he was in such a situation and then he was to take off from the show… and wants to give the full marks to Ankita that she at least carried on. Jaaved Sir come to give the right comments that he is disappointed from Ankita.


Then another star was on the stage …. Ajay Jadeja. He commented that he never seen Ankita doing fault over the stage and thinks that she failed once because she tried to do something which was not her style. Then there was a request to dance and Ajay did a pretty well job with the other contestants.


Pooja: “Aai Mere Watan Ke Logo” Very risky choice. If you perform even 50% of the same, then you will be on the top and if you missed only a single beat, then no body will be here to favour as the same song is much close to each Indian’s heart.

    I will give more than 100% marks to Pooja for living the same emotions which was the requirement of the same song. He was nice throughout the same song, but somewhere I felt that she was only missing the high nodes/pitches in the same song.

    Jaaved Sir said it was unacceptable to do even slightest injustice with the same song. Anil made the wrong comment saying that it was needed a bit more emotion in it. Alisha gave the right through saying that it was not moving one. Anu gave benefit of doubt and said people should vote for her even if she was not that good today.



Emon: “Lakshay: Title song” I liked it… I liked it… at least someone made the show… what a voice, what a throw and what an environment. You were really looking like Sonu Nigam and sounding like him in a way. Probably it was only performance, which I liked in today’s show.

Anu said in low nodes it was slightly out of confidence, but later you rocked and went fabulas. Jaaved Sir made the comment, which I liked from my heart and he said that not many singers could have tried the same song at this scale.

Emon for me, you were the best today and your performance was the show stealer. Probably I am saying the same first time for you, so celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J



Prashant: “Jindagi Maut Na Ban Jaye” What a sweet voice you have Prashant… I don’t say that you are flawless always, but your voice really covers all the shakes from the performances. You are really really nice to hear and your all efforts take the right shape. Although like everyone else, I know that technically, you have limited choices and the same is visible many times.

    Jaaved Sir said that it was totally flat singing. Alisha said that it was nice and in sur. Udit Ji said that how much caliber you have, you were well. Then Anu said that you were outstanding and the same dragged lots of arguments over the same.

    Anu said Jaaved Ji right at 99% times and Udit Ji out of tune at 45% times. Udit Ji responded with the words the same only because Anu Ji makes me half minded all the times. He also mentioned that sometime, it look like that only Anu Ji and Jaaved Sir are here to judge and others are gathered here for dinner only.

    Udit Ji really irritated this time. I expect the same will move on in next episodes too… So, ending the same show here…. For me it was not well on standards of Indian Idol.

Indian Idol 3, 4th August 2007: Abhishek was indeed the Undisputed Don of Indian Idol …

Although Deepali performed well… but I want to keep my fingers crossed for Abhishek and Deepali. Although according to me, Abhishek and Chang were the weakest links.

Hussain and Minni asked a typical question to all judges that what are things, which pinch them about each other.


Anu Ji:

  1. Udit ji gives very beautiful comments, but somehow when he thinks of saying something really good, then before that could reach to his mouth.. it translates to only one word “Lekin”
  2. Alisha Chinai is a very very good judge, but when she wanted to be. I think she hates beautiful girls a bit more.

Udit Ji:

  1. Malik ji is one of those tricky judges, who if got happy then you’ll get 100% marks and if not happy then… laughhhh (Anu Malik laughs too)

Alisha Ji: Look like everyone was waiting for her take on the same question.

  1. For Udit Ji…. sometime saying truth is harder to him as he likes to be sweet only and doesn’t want to hurt someone. But sometimes you have to be a bit real.
  2. Jaaved Ji is a mastermind most of the time and knows how to say…. but sometime even his words might be more from the mind not from the heart.
  3. And last but not the least Anu Ji (everyone was dying to hear this). He loves to have the last word. He is harsh and hard hitting…. but the same for the truth only… but she thinks that sometime the harshness is too hard hitting.


Jaaved Ji: Look like everyone was waiting for her take on the same question.

  1. Anu Malik is more than enough harsh sometimes over issues, which might have been handled more politely. He gave the example that one man could be called as husband of your mother and your father too.. but the later one is more decent and respectful.
  2. Udit Ji never wanna to commit something in life… he wants to have the both sides with him and the same is not possible at all the times and sometime you need to take the stand.
  3. Alisha hides her intelligence and sometime, I got surprised that why she is laughing. I think she should be straighter to heart and should keep it well to the attitude of a Judge.

Now, it comes to decide that who was better and who should go. But this time no one was asked the same question and Hussain and Minni moved to announce bottom four in hurry and the names were Deepali, Chang, Prashant and Amit Paul. It was also announced that Indian Idol received more than 15 lacs of votes today.


Deepali and Chang are possible choices, but Prashant and Amit are technically (in terms of votes) unbeatable right now, how it come to happen? Even Anu Malik commented that look like public don’t hear us at all. Abhishek was the weakest link. Unfortunately, I need to accept the same fact that yes!!! He was the weakest link.

Then bottom four was asked for singing a song together and the song was “Roobaroo”. Wonderful song… really good. Then there was a break and after the break, Minni said all of you four sung beautifully in last gala, that’s why you all should rest as you are safe, means Abhishek, Pooja, Emon and Ankita; the actual bottom four. Nice twist….

I am really shocked Emon, Pooja and Ankita?? Ankita came to perform with her feminine spirit after really many days and if people send her in bottom after that, then she wont choose the same way again and will remain in her Tom-Boy look. I am not happy. Pooja and Emon, both were good and no one was expecting them to come into bottom.

Every Judge was in a way or another taking a name Abhishek. What to do? Can’t come to advocate my favourite. Emon was declared safe and when he was going then it was announced that how mean friend you are as leaving your friend Pooja behind. Pooja is safe too.

Abhishek and Ankita; no choice… Ankita must be saved, but I am hurt….. how could Ankita come into bottom two? Look like people gone insane.

When asked Abhishek said, he don’t think that Ankita is going to voted out today and on the same question Ankita said God knows. Could you feel the pain behind these two words?

Then it was to Judges. Anu was like saying I fear that if Ankita get voted out. Everyone was saying in favour of Ankita. Jaaved Sir said Abhishek has good voice and style, but we get many boy with good voice and style, but not the girls……

Finally it was announced that Abhishek is out. Abhishek was quite down, completely silent as I was expecting similar response. It was said that when he was performing in Ahmedabad and Minni mentioned that she never seen any Indian Idol contestant rocking the audiences as much as Abhishek did. He sung the Don song at least three times running all over and it was phenomenal.

When he was asked about his best moments in Indian Idol then he replied with the one, when on being asked about the one, Anu come to take his name as Indian Idol. It was bets moment for him and then it was then when his both parents were there back the stage…. which were one of those moments that he could never ever forget.

Then he was called to rock the audience and he was showing like he can’t do the same right now. Minni said she believe that he will do that. I could understand Abhishek, what you might be feeling, when someone asks you for singing. I remember the day, when once I was told to say a few words from my college stage and my words were “Although I have been saying many things in past from here, but probably today you all said this much good words about me that I am not being able to speak any more words, so please don’t request, I can’t speak”. Anyway…. old memories


With a big rounds of claps, Abhishek started with his Don song… he came down from stage directly in audience and crossed all the audience moving around them. He was really undisputed Don of Indian Idol. Public was going crazy… it was unbelievable and thrilling…. he made everyone turning to himself and judges were amazed and so am I. Public was jumping to touch him and even in the rush of people surrounding him, he didn’t came to miss the sur even once. He is a real find of Indian Idol, he is a rock star. What a voice, what an environment. He really gave me goose pimples. Abhishek you are… you are … I will miss you… I will miss you like nuts. He is sure the style king.

Pooja and Deepali were crying like little babies and Pooja specially was unable to stop herself. Anu himself come to stage to cheer him and the show ended then.


This time, Indian Idol going really good and no one developed like some evil in front of others and even departures are so gracious and thrilling. Once Suhit was being developed as the one, but he left sooner… now I think only Prashant is the one, who is gaining people’s attention on being saved every time due to his community support. I think the same will turn in to anger over him in later stages.


Indian Idol 3, 3rd August 2007: Folk night was owned by Ankita and Pooja …

So, here comes the folk night… nice theme and I am expecting specially girls rocking the night… as Pooja, Deepali and our hot Anky baby, all of them knows how to perform over such songs. As about boys, then if someone do well over the same, then I will be surprised as according to me all of them are urban type voices…. but let’s see.

One more thing, I am thinking about that could they use or would be allowed to use the latest cash song? I don’t think so… anyway, let’s watch the show.


Jaaved JI started the same show giving introduction of folk song and also mentioning the relation of the same with Indian Films. He said that he hopes that music today would not only touch your ears but to the culture you possesses in your blood. Anyway, the show started with Hussain asking Minni to sing any folk tune, she might be knowing and Minni sung “Mare Hiwade Mein”.. just after the same Hussain asked that now please sing the same song and Minni was like O … really funny. Anu praised Minni that the nicely sung and I really liked the joy shown by Minni.

Then it was turn of Hussain and he sung a line from “Dilli Sahar Mein Maro” and Minni commented that at one side, we are looking at trained singer sitting there as contestants and at another side, you like some train’s singer.

Then Ila Arun was called on the stage, the queen of now day folk. She said that although I was called to hear singing of contestants, but really I was hear to find my old old mate Jaaved Bhai… Jaaved Ji commented that “You won’t leave following me?”

It was asked that how Anu Ji and Alisha sitting together? Is everything fine? Anyway, when Emon came on stage, then Udit Ji made an interesting comment that if you don’t sing well then you will become geography. Anu interrupted in between saying “Haai” and corrected him with Alisha that he was meant to say that he will become history, if don’t sing well..

Emon: “Preet Ki Lat Mujhe Aisee Lagi” Really nice song…. and it is more necessary to feel the same rather than singing the same only. Its not easy to feel the same for everyone with the mere few words. Really a marvelous performance …

Ila Ji commented that its first time, when I am watching you face to face and you really reminds me of Sonu Nigam. She felt that he might need more passion into it. Probably, I was not able to figure out the same as I found the exact mount of passion. Probably, the same was asking more from him. Anu Ji said that he got his playback singer. Others were praising only.


Prashant: “Rindpose Summal” The same song from Mission Kashmir was an exact choice for the same boy and he really started off the same extremely well. No one is going to mind, even he was slipping somewhere later. He deserves the place, where he is. I was saying in last episode that he needs to be more responsible towards his community, who are backing him like mad. Alisha commented that he is back. Udit Ji thought finally he came into the mood. Jaaved Ji said although he was thinking that he is being backed up by Darjeeling and Calcutta, but now whole India will back him. Ila said there was a freshness from Assam Tea in his voice . Anu praised him in a comic and playful way.

Prashant! It was never a question of staying in or out for you as you have a sound base of fans… but you have much nice voice and you are able to rock the stage, whenever come to use the same.


Deepali: “Nimbuda Nimbuda” Probably, I never got to see someone singing and performing over the same song. It’s really really tough, I know. Once in my graduation, I was choreographing two songs from the same movie including this one for a show and it took more than a week, I think in preparation…. its not everyone’s cake even if you keep the steps as simple as possible. She was really looking like star and her performance was outstanding like always.

Ila was saying that there was much sweetness in her voice and its really tough that she kept the breath working for her. Anu Malik said that he never saw someone performing and singing well in such a song…. He also commented that he heard Alisha saying Oh! My God during the performance and the same is a huge compliment to her.

Deepali… somewhere you still not reached to the level, which you shown with that “Nisha” song.


Abhishek: “Rang De Basanti” Oh my God… what you did? The same song has made Amey out from the last season… It has been a bit unlucky… and if saying technically, then it’s not a cake of someone else than Sukhwinder himself. Abhishek was keeping his voice at a high scale and a bit loud too…. but somewhere it was not natural. So, there was not that thrill… So, I should say that it was a wrong choice for such a stage.

Ila said that she liked his liveliness and she appreciates his performance. Jaaved Ji said that if the song was a bit in higher scale then it was more brighter. Same opinion was of Alisha and Udit. Anu said that he was out of Sur… and that’s the worst thing, you could have done.

Now, my take on the same … I am not being able to take one name whenever the result episode is coming in now days as all of them are performing equally good and it’s now on only performance of the particular… so for me, so for the audience. Abhishek!!! This wrong choice is going to make you in danger for sure and I could only pray that it might not be worse…. but


Pooja: “Nee Main Samajh Gayi” You just made the right choice…. I wish if Abhishek knew that what the choice meant to at this stage. The same song was suiting much to her cocky voice. She was trying to feel the same song and the same was making the same this much nice. This was true Pooja, performing with her perfect voice only… no movement and only movement was from her eyes.

Alisha given her standing ovation and Anu said she make him cry. He has no words to say more and has no words to praise her. He said you are going to be a big playback singer and people will come to you for asking you to sing soon very soon. Jaaved Sir said that although he doesn’t follow any superstition, but right now he wanted to suggest Pooja for her “Najar” … Jaaved Ji always Jaaved Ji. J I liked Pooja’s smile on the same. Ila said, she wanted to pray for her. She is more than outstanding and recalled her of Reshma. Flawless.


Amit Paul: “Omkara” What new, he has left with now? The same question was in air, when he came to perform. I thought that the same song was better suiting to Abhishek than Amit himself. Amit was having the right looks, but not the same attitude to sing such a UP song. I felt that he was not able to feel the passion in the same song. So, according to me, it was one of his bad performances and he was forgetting lines too often in the same song…. like he has not worked over the same. No acceptable at this stage.

Jaaved Sir said that he didn’t noticed that he forgot the lyrics.. and Ila eve commented over the same saying that when Jaaved Sir likes someone, then ignore all his flaw like he did today. But the same also says how much talented you are. Udit Ji said also said that it was wrong selection. Even Alisha said that he was not that good with this song.

Anu made an interesting comment that “They never taste, who always drink and they always talk, who never think.” Over the same Alisha replied that “Same to you.” Do Anu have a problem with all the female singers, he has worked with?

I must say that everyone was not that much harsh over him, because he was outstanding at last three performances. Even when Anu praised him, then he was not happy from inside, at least I thought so.


Ankita Mishra: “Main Aayi Hun UP Bihar Lootne” Here comes my girl… she really taken my suggestions finally… taking her feminine style in action. What an attitude? What is killing style? Ankita, it’s only possible for you… I don’t know why people don’t rush to vote for you like nuts. Each turn and each movement was like thunderbolts… you really gave me something in comparison to you only. You always beat yourself every time. I really want to see you as Indian Idol. But I won’t say that I am rooting for you as the same has not been lucky this time for candidates… I remember Shifa and Ayesha.

I know she was careful about choosing her charm with her famine instinct as she is not used of the same. Alisha was going to comment over something, but then said that your all fault wil be ignored today…. you are outstanding always. Ila said that now she worked with Anu Ji 16 years back and thinks that never going to get the chance again as now its time for Ankita. Anu was smiling over the same… Anu said somewhere your performance make you slipping from Sur at some moments, but your performance overcome everything and at the end, you stand as outstanding always. Jaaved ji said somewhere that nautanki was less, but even then you are never out of outstanding.


Mayank Chang: “Ritu Aa Gayi re” I am not satisfied…. it was not that good enough for me…. I was remembering Sandeep’s performance over the same, which made me watching the same song again and again. There was a thrill and passion in that version and right now, it was a bit flat to me… or it would be unfair to compare Chang with Sandeep. Chang… you are in danger according to me… although I know that Judges wont say much bad to you. But I also want to admit that you were better in second half of the song.

Alisha said he was his own only. Udit Ji said…. He could be Indian Idol. Jaaved Sir compared him with tendulkar.. saying that people were saying that he is out, but again he come to make a century to prove that he still rules.. Ila Ji called him handsome… and also heads off to him. Anu said you proved me right and sung tremendously well. Chang is happy as he has got everything..but somewhere I am not happy at all… Don’t know why… but I know its not sign of being him in danger as the pattern is going opposite to me in this season.


So, here comes one great episode…really this time show is more phenomenal than the last version. If I have to rate the best ones, then the names were Ankita and Pooja Chatterjee (surprisingly). J

At the end…. it was like something… when rightfully Ila grabbed Jaaved Ji’s hands and took him to the stage and made him dancing with her. I wish if I was able to see the same a bit more. J

Indian Idol 3, 28th July 2007: Parleen you made it… you got place in everyone’s heart

All of a sudden the show started and I come to see Deepali in bottom even before I would have sat well in front of my TFT. It was more wrong that the same initiated in very unfair argument over her and Chang link up. Don’t know Alisha realized the same or not, but she did more worse by taking the name of Anu saying that his comment has brought Deepali in the same situation. Over which Anu-Alisha fight begins… where Alisha was saying that you don’t have rights to interfere in someone’s personal life. And Anu said she has rights to fall in love with anybody and I was not objecting the same… over which furious Alisha said that then you better should mind your own business. Anu replied with the same that mind your own business.

Anu said Alisha, probably you have lost your sense of Judgement. Alisha commented that you should look over your own statements only. Anu replied saying that I have given dammn good comments… you think about yourself.

Anu said I made a comment over Emon and everyone is like cursing me, but the same materialized into something later on and so n so…


I don’t want to move with the same argument, but one should think about Deepali at least. She has said that there is nothing like…. her co-contestants has said there is nothing like that even then this whole thing? Only to satisfy your own ego. Alisha and Anu please both of you, mind your own business… we don’t have a problem, what’s going on behind the stage or what has been happened earlier between you, but one poor contestant, whose career might be depending over the same …. Don’t make her shoulder to carry your gun. Its completely unfair to Deepali… I never wished to see her embraced like this. I know Alisha was thinking about the same, but the way, she was carrying out the same… was very very famine and was like never ending fight, which ultimately was only bad to Deepali.

Jaaved Sir said that it’s not our right to say that why the performance was not good. We could only point out the mistakes and that’s it. Finally Anu Malik got irritated and shouted that this is a totally wrong argument.

But there is no stopping for this nonsense… Indian Idol even went into public with the question…. What is this? Are you making fun of all these things? Do someone’s culture and life meant something to them? Are you insane?

Anu questioned Deepali and public that if the same is affecting her performance, then tell him if the same comment was before the performance as he given the same comment after the performance and there has not been any single performance after the same. But Indian Idol team was like not hearing anything and only aim was to sensationalizing the same for their own good, so who cares that what the others are saying.

Now, the question was to the man himself, Chang… who said giving a rose to some friend was not wrong, but blaming her in this way, was sure wrong.


Hussain asked Deepali that look like you seemed to be defeated even before the declaration of results. Alisha said she is a fighter and should fight back and should not give up.

There were a few off screen comments too… where Jaaved sir was extremely unhappy with whole scenario like me as it was hurting to someone’s grace. He was rightly speaking that the two of you are really hurting now. Alisha was saying like that Anu is really insulting like that small town girl.


    The Reality Shows and their ways…. After the break Minni started the show with saying No diplomacy, direct answers… Let’s start with Anu Ji…Anu Ji can we please have you on the stage. Anu said sure.

    Hussain asked that you thought Parleen was nice last day and Deepali was not… if you have to choose one from the two, then whom you will choose? Anu skipped the question and started like someone is challenging his 28 years experience. He has worked with Lataa Mangeskar to Sunidhi Chauhan and Kishor Da to Sonu Nigam and Udit Narayan and his ears are too dangerous. He never hesitate to praise someone, if he liked him/her and says fantastic in the very next sentence and if he don’t like then he says it was non-sense. That’s why Anu is Anu and he sits on the same chair, because he speaks truth. He can’t cheat his ears.

    He said out of Parleen and Deepali, he would sure choose Deepali as she has the particular Playback singer’s voice, where Parleen has a long way to go in that regards. Although for the shows… he would be outstanding. He said that Deepali!! If you will come out of your voice, then you will have only yourself to blame. When Minni asked him that is not he running with the risk that what if pubic carried out with his comments and someone got thrown out because of only the same? Anu answered the same saying that if this was the case, then Emon must not be here…

    Alisha said, we sure love your comments, but only till if the same is restricted to their work only and we are only objecting to your comments on her personal life. Anu got furious saying not everyone or anyone else…. It’s only you Alisha Chinai …. Who are you to judge me? I am here to judge Deepali and it’s my style of judging… Don’t ever comment on the same. Alisha was silent as knew that the same is not going to end if Anu is in front of her. Better decision, which must have taken by her earlier.

Then Alisha was called and when she was going to stage then Anu was saying to Minni that…. you started something that is going to end only when Anu Malik wish to end the same. And Alisha’s expressions were like hating the same man. Like how ridicules this man is?

Alisha was asked the question that what if she has to choose between Abhishek and Pooja? She replied Pooja is definitely a superior singer. When she was asked that if she wanted to add something over Anu Ji… she said…. probably she already has made her point very clear, so nothing to say more.

Udit was asked that Emon, Chang and Ankita… which two of these, must be saved, if choice is yours.. he hesitating replied that Emon and Ankita.

Finally, it was turn for Jaaved Ji… Amit or Prashant? Who? Jaaved Sir… its out of question that Amit Paul is the best singer here and its being too unfair to Prashant to clip him with Amit Paul. If he was clipped with someone else, then probably I was going to take the name of Prashant. But you clipped him with a singer, who has no competition from anyone right this moment. Hussain said….. Anyway, let me ask another question…. If it was, which two out of Emon, Chang and Ankita, then? Jaaved Sir replied that I was going to do toss that which one from Emon and Chang, bu Ankita was there for sure, if decision was of mine.

Ankita’s legs were trembling all the time… although Jaaved Sir tried to cheer her…but the same was of no use. Anyway…. next to come into bottom was Parleen. Then Pooja’s name was declared to come into danger. Two girls and a boy… again the same story… arguments started heating up again. Three of judges were of the point that its look like that we are going to see the same story again. Jaaved Ji was of another opinion saying that his intuition is taking up the name of Parleen this time, even when he has praised him a lot in the last episode.

But finally it was declared that Parleen is out of Indian Idol. With all others, Minni also reminded audiences that we will not only miss Parleen, but will miss his supporter and cousin too, who never a single performance of Parleen. Then Parleen’s last words …

He brought into notice of everyone that he got inspired of Abhijeet Sawant, when he was in twelfth and then he reached to final 50 of Indian Idol 2, even when he was not a trained singer. Then he taken it as a challenge and reached to the finals of Indian Idol. So, he will miss each and everything of it. He also commented over co-contestants, who were in tears… tat’s why they are crying? Should stop crying…

Everyone was in tears and only Parleen was smiling… He reminded me of Panna Gill last time. Minni was in tears. Right at this moment, I am really thinking about his personality … he is such a charming one… really many are going to miss him.

Jaaved Sir said although Minni said that people here wont see you after this… but I wanted to say that there will be one day, when each city of India will be having your posters and each music shop will be having your video album with your picture over them. Its my belief not only sympathy. You are son of a military man and you have the blood in your veins, who can’t take it to defeated. No one can get this much good words from Jaaved Ji. This is called some good bye.. with confident smiles and lot of love from everyone.

Then he performed “Layee Bhi Na Gayi” …. What a song.. what a choice for the moment… he made everyone into tears, when there were lots of tears already… no one was able to hold himself even not me… the moment and song was just like such.. I never thought that I will be in tears at Parleen’s departure, but he made it…. I was not able to hold myself… or anyone else.. who might be watching the show. Alisha was in Deep tears, Udit JI was silent… Anu was rubbing his eyes and Jaaved Ji was staring him totally blank… Hussain was in tears… Deepali, Pooja and Ankita was crying like nuts… we saw a broken Minni right then when the credits were ending…

Parleen… it was your best performance in the Indian Idol and probably I was never moved in such a way with someone’s last performance… why not you chosen the same before? But anyway


Parleen you made it… you got place in everyone’s heart.






Indian Idol 3, 27th July 2007, Amit takes the cake again …

So here comes to the yet another episode of the same show. My eyes are going to miss a pretty face from now on, Charu Semwal… The most beautiful face Indian Idol ever seen. Although I was more moved after Monali left the show last time, but it doesn’t make Charu credits any lesser. Her looks and moves like paused me and I am going to see the same clips again and again. I don’t think, I ever started writing of a new show by calling someone, who is not here…. but Charu deserved being this much special. Good Luck Charu …


Now, here the show starts with the song “Signal” from Bhagaam Bhag. Everyone was looking so nice in suit, especially Parleen, Prashant and Emon. With the words “jump in the air”, Udit Ji was almost ready to jump from the seat. Sure there was so much thrill in the air while the same performance and the same reminded of the last season when there was a similar performance by last five I think, when Antara and Amey was there and the same song was from movie Satya.

Minni and Hussain announced that this episode is dedicated to love. It was mentioned that Udit Ji and Deepa Ji went out on Candle light dinner twice in a week, although later it was mentioned that at Saturday Deepa Ji goes and At Sunday Udit Ji … so it was fun. But I really think that what I might be doing right then ….. when I will be a part of some Candle light dinner… Oh.. leave it… look like the love episode is really getting over me.

Anyway, in next Jaaved Sir sang “Abhi Na Jao Chodkar” in his own poetic way, skipping singing tune. Then …


Then it comes to Emon and the clip in which he was shown, the story was something like this that he is receiving Valentine cards from some mystery girl and still don’t know, who is she? So, it’s a mystery passing through each and every valentine and every time a hope that someday…

Minni gave him the title of being sweet heart of country (?) and he started with the song “Is Pyar Ko Main Kya Naam Doon”. Start was wonderful with those Aalap and I felt Anu much impressed over the same. Here comes the real Emon…. I was saying na that these two candidates Emon and Pooja are not impressing me a lot…. So here comes the fighters to prove me wrong and I wont mind, if they makes me out of field in this way. Heads Off to you Emon. Perfect, perfect, perfect in deed.

Jaaved Sir Achchha, achchha, Bahut Achchha. Alisha commented He is in the league of his own (truly said). Udit Ji said it was from the heart and each and every Aalap was heart taking. Then here comes Anu Ji with his own words “Tera Time Aayela”. Emon was visibly looking happy and naughty this time after really many days.


Now, Pooja…. Her clip started saying that her parents shared love marriage and so her sister too, but she still don’t know what the romance is. She says that she is only 17 and her first crush started after coming into Indian Idol. Was that serious? She said what she likes about him is his dimples. When it came to admit, then Pooja said they all joking to Parleen saying that Parleen! Be aware, its your photo in her hands and it was all fun for the clip nothing else. Ok. I believe.

“Meri Jindagi Mein Aaye Ho”, the song was .. and I should say.. I didn’t like her voice with this song at least. Her voice is a bit stronger for the same and could suit to folks or rocking ones. But that’s my take…. what about technicalities…. I really not that well to comment about the same. Sur was nice and performance was relaxed…. but somehow the same voice didn’t touched my heart. But it doesn’t mean that performance and singing was not nice… its my personal comment only.

Jaaved Sir said Pooja you sung well, but I felt that you are singing the same a bit carefully. After the same, my video was out so I was not able to hear after that … so don’t know what others Judges comment were.


My show resumed with Deepali singing “Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na”… this meant to be called some voice, this is melody. Although I don’t rate Deepali more than Antara Mishra last time, but for this season, she is the one to look for. Awesome looking in that red saree… she has the grace like Minni or Kajol herself and I really would be lucky person, if my bride looks like something similar after years of marriage J. I really don’t know that why she is not getting that much votes. She is desperate to win and carrying out herself so well for the same. I respect her spirit so much. I come to read from another blog that Deepali said that she was dreaming about her dream man coming on white horse to take her in dreamland. She also mentioned that she also developed a crush after coming into Indian Idol. Jaaved Sir indirectly linked her with Chang, asking that do you know Chinese. Now coming to performance….

When it came to Judges… I don’t know what happened. Alisha said there was big mistakes in chromatic nodes and there was no passion and romance. Udit Ji said it was like no feel, no soul and thinks that it will make the things doubtful. Anu Malik started in harsh ways saying the crush is crushing her voice. He said that he wanted to get her at the best. Jaaved Sir…. love has been inspiration for many others and so the same should be with Deepali, even the same is the case here. Deepali said that she was nervous and Jaaved Sir commented that she like talented girl has no right to be nervous and she is tremendously talented. I say very right Jaaved Ji. I am impressed with Deepali as she knows how to hold herself on the stage even if irrelevant comments are coming in the way.


Now, Chang… he said he got the girl engaged with someone else, when went to propose someone and next time, even after being in a relation for three and half years… he never come to know, when he missed her. Anu Ji commented that Chang in short you should say that your love story became twang.

Now, the song “Chehra Hai Chand Khila Hai” … Really melodious and passion was their in controlled ways. I liked the song.

Jaaved Sir said he wished to have more romance in it. Alisha said it was nice and just you might have missed a little, but I never mind. Udit Ji said you could rock the stage, when come in form as your voice touches the heart, but it was a bit half hearted. Anu Malik was harsh in his particular style, saying how he could think that he will be safe from there. You should have drawn the song, but I am sorry it was one of your worst performances. Alisha commented that “Anu is like enemy of love, you might have not heard of romance in his voice, but I heard it”. Anu Malik wished the have the last words saying that “Get up, wake up, before it’s too late” Jaaved Sir came in between saying Anu says in a bit harsh, but he is on the right side and Chang should take the same seriously.


Now, when it came to Ankita then it was with all the requirements means he must be Good Looking, Joru ka Gulaam, biker and religious. Now, here comes the performance.

“Suraj hua Madhdham” She really got the grace of Kajol in the start, although her eyes were not with the same. The performance was much relaxed and visibly passionate. Hmmmmm… we became so used to her rocking performances that somehow relating with her relax performances… I should say that she has the voice but not the same attitude suiting this kind of songs. For having this much versatility, she needs to learn a lot. The performance is not bad, but if I rate the same on scale, she herself has made…. Its dangerous.

Alisha said she has been special for Indian Idol…. although Romance is not your style, but you did very well, even if Sur was not right in place at some places. Anu attacked Alisha saying that although Alisha was not able to see romance in the same, but he felt that romance is in each breath of the same girl. Alisha was again up to irritation saying that she didn’t said that she has no romance, she just said Romance is not her style. She said She is funky with attitude. Anu said, what are you saying. .. she could sing everything from a Bhajan to a rock… that’s what Ankita made of. Alisha said yeah I agree, but the same is not her forte. Anu said that this might be your opinion, but according to me, she is fantastic in everything she does. Although the same was to be ended, but Anu commented again that look like you don’t want anyone to be here, who is deadly performer. Anu again taken the final words saying Ankita you were outstanding, so don’t worry about anything. Jaaved Sir said he was hearing Saas Bahu fight till yet, so was smiling. He said although he was scared that how the same girl will sing the same song, but now after hearing the same, he wanted to say that he will be very happy, if the same competition is won by Ankita. Rightly said. Udit Ji said somehow your singing was not like Indian Idol. Although Jaaved Ji comment something over the same and it ended finally.. really finally….. these cat dog fights were never here in Indian Idol… are we liking the same? Don’t know.


Now, here comes Prashant, the question was whom Prashant wrote the first love letter of her life. He was saying that “Thanks! You are still with me like some sweet dream” … so sweet. The song was “Yeh Hawayein”. I should say something was missing from the start… Prashant’s voice is capable to do much better than this. Don’t know, it was a scale higher or lesser, but something was not there.

Udit Ji commented that he is getting more and more careless with singing, although he must have been more better as it comes to take the cake. It must be brighter everytime. Alisha said you sung well but not fantastic. Jaaved Sir said that you sung the Mukhda well but not the Antara. He was not in that particular mood and a few punches were unnecessary. At least Anu JI said that 100% improvement from the last time, but it needs 10000%, if you have to make it for Indian Idol title. Prashant, you have backing up of your community and you have to live the same expectation as once Debojit has done.


Then a clip was shown about Anu ji and his wife and that was really sweet in the way, his wife told that how Anu was following her and how those kiddish ways and finally after three years… the same started, when after a gap of 15 days, they come to met and she asked that where were you in those days. Really really sweet Anu … you reminded me many many things… perhaps love is always like this, when we are in it, then we wish that when the same wait will end up and we will be able to say something and when we will be with her like all the time and after years, we smile over the stupid mistakes, we might have done to impress her. Now, when we think about those mistake, then feel surprised that after doing that much worst things, how come she accepted me? And the same tells us that love was in the air… not only from one side, but from both the sides.

Minni was saying that this answers Alisha, when she was saying that Anu Ji is enemy of love. Minni asked for the comments and Alisha smilingly said no comments… J Jaaved Ji came to say that he is with Anu from last 15-16 years and knows that he not only love his wife, but really really respect her a lot and that’s what I respect about him. Anu said Thanks.


Amit Paul came in with his story like Shahrukh of Main Hoon Na.. saying that his first crush was his English Teacher. He said he was wishing to give a rose to her and one day, the same dream ended. Hussain asked him that why every time poor boys receive crash in first crush? Here comes the answer from the invincible Jaaved Ji… love has only two tragic ends… one if it doesn’t succeeds and one if it does. Perfectly speaking. Not very much days, when my girl friend made me in tears and then become so so sweet J

“Pehala Nasha” what is this Amit? Are you decided to make everyone out of this competition? Not ready to leave others relaxed? Knock after knock…. six after six… blast after blast. You are really awesome. You have your own voice and right at this moment, you have no fight at all. Everyone come to praise. Jaaved Sir commented that he is not able to comment as he is still in the memory of the same song, which he heard just a few seconds back. Finally when the chair was with Anu ji, then he gave him the standing ovation with all the other judges and also commented that we are going to find Indian Idol later… but you are Indian Idol for me. Really Amit is getting much praises from the last three episodes and even I wont mind over the same. J

After this, Udit Ji and Amit Paul came to sing together on the stage and Amit liked giving up in start, but later on, he joined the song. He is something. I think, no one will mind it at this moment, if someone says that he is going to be Indian Idol for this season.


Now, here comes Parleen Gill, who started with saying that he thinks his parents as the perfect couple but wants something different for himself, but at the end, she come to say.. no no.. I need only a girl like my mom. Clip was funny, where Parleen was shown as cooking food and washing cloths. He was called as girl’s poster boy… really? But he is sweet.

“Mere Khyalo Ki Malika” Really I didn’t liked his voice and this is my first comment…. the song is not really suiting you. Jaaved Sir rightly said in the last episode, that you needed to be Parleen, not someone else. Performance was nice, Sur was nice, expressions were nice, but somewhere the sweetness of the song was missing. You have such a sweet smile and personality suiting to romance… but somewhere the voice is a bit wide for such a song.

Jaaved Sir said that it was a miracle that you performed well as after coming from such a performance, which Amit just gave… it was really not easy to concentrate and being competitive to that. Alisha said you moved everyone and Udit Ji said you are going to be in top 5, if keep on singing like this. (Udit Ji… only nine remained here). Anu said, you are 100%, but not flawless like Amit Paul or Emon were, so you have to be to beat them.

After hearing Judges, I am back to think that am I did injustice to write the above lines? Was that really high to ask to match the original voice? Somehow, something, somewhere, there was not something done, something was missing and somewhere something was wrong.


Then it was to Abhishek. His love story was with try, try and one more try. Interesting was the note, where he said that he don’t get the girl in even the dreams, where he might be the hero. After the clip, Abhishek was asked to propose Minni in style of Udit Ji… and he did the same very well with singing “Jaanam Dekh Lo”.. I really liked the laugh of Minni right then… she looked smashing in the pink sari… really awesome lady J

“Roop Tera Mastana” This was the song… I was surprised and so was Alisha. She was looking over the stage like some scared baby that how could make it with this song, which has been sung and heard so many times and its really hard to make an impact with the same.

The choreography was not matching the song that well … and I really smiled when Abhishek tried to give rose to Minni and Hussain picked the same in between and send Abhishek back to the stage and given the same to Minni later on. Minni all the time was looking at Judges that what they might be thinking.

Udit and Anu were of the same opinions that you are good…. but Amit, Emon and Parleen really tightened up the situation and now its not like being only good.. you need to throw yourself to beat them up. Jaaved Sir said that the same song was from 1969 and he was really bored up with the same as heard the same so many times and when come to read that Abhishek is going to sing the same song, then thought why the same boy chosen the same song as the same song is going to make him bored. But Abhishek, you didn’t let me be bored. You felt the song and it was not easy to make this song interesting in now times and doing this is not everyone’s cake. Alisha said that it was one of his best.

Abhishek was still nervous and Hussain tried to cheer up saying that don’t be worry as public will back you always.

It was really a good show in deed.





Indian Idol 3, 21st July 2007: Charu!! Keep smiling even if you are not in Indian Idol ….

Again, the day of result is in… again… the question… who will be next and now the same question started giving me scare… as which this rate… Abhishek, Deepali started coming into bottom… someday …..

Right now, I am really not able to comment that who must be out this time… not because everyone was good… But because no one was that bad and everyone stands for a fair chance. If I go through performances of last day, then unfortunately, I am left with taking the name of Abhishek as if I taken someone else name, then it would be unjustified. But….

Anyway, the show started mentioning that Pooja was performing well even after hearing about ill health of her grand mother and even in between, she visited the place to meet her. Such things always has been part of reality shows, but I should say that she was looking nice with that Green dress J.


In the next, Hussain kicked off a really weird and erratic argument that in last three episodes, the contestants to be sent out were only girls. What this does mean haan… were all of those, who were out was enough fair to stand here.. was Smita, Richa were able to find a chance? I don’t think so… I really have seen people firing their guns over Prashant and Abhishek… but is it good to divide the same contest in girls and boys? Tell me one thing…. Was not Sa Re Ga Ma Kids winner was a girl? Because that was the talent there….. See I know there is a little bias … but girls are getting profited in many fields too and if they stood behind someway, then the reason is … how many of them come into fight? Whenever they come to fight, then they find their places too…. Shreya Ghosal came from a talent hunt show… Sunidhi Chauhan was product of a similar show.. its not like that people have a bad taste or always biased.

Hussain said that somehow even the contestants and other people started believing that no girl ever could ne an Indian Idol. Anu Malik come to say that it has been a trend in whole world. Anu said that all the remaining girls and even those one, who have been voted out were nice, but he has not heard people commenting. (Great!!! My case is rather different, in my office, I only have heard the name of Ankita and another name was Emon). Then the same question was thrown to Jaaved Saab and I got the same as I was expecting, what else one could expect from Shabana Ji’s Husband. He himself mentioned that this time American Idol is a girl, but in next sentence came to cry that no girl got chosen most of the time. Please see the ratio and quality.

Even Anu Malik said that boys are good but girls are not bad. See, we know that only one will be the Idol and that would a singing personality according to reality show rules, not the singer only. So, things moving in the same way, who voted out first, who voted out last, that doesn’t matter… only things that matters must be performance and nothing else. Udit Ji said that he still believe over the taste of people and thinks that people will take the right decision.

My take on whole thing is this… its true that loosing girls mean loosing the charm…. That’s why its need of hour to shout over the same from the channel side. I think it was well planned and planted rather than being spontaneous.

Anyway, my female viewers might not be agreeing with me over many points… but at lease I don’t like to see them getting sympathy votes or any kind of reservations… They have shown their metal in each and every field and the same is their dignity and strength. I don’t wish to see them weaker than that as they will loose the respect, which they own now. Although I agree with Jaaved Ji, when he says that one female has to work thrice than a man to get succeed… but they know how to do it and let the same be with them.


In next, the declarations started and the first one to be declared safe was Parleen. In next, people come to hear the name of Charu to come in danger (means again one more girl is in that means only looking good don’t make you). Now, it was time to tease Abhishek… and then Emon and Amit were declared safe, while Abhishek was told nothing about his fate even after again taking his name. In next, it was Deepali, Pooja and Prashant. Unfortunately, the names to be in danger were Deepali and Pooja. What? Three out of Three are girls…. really unbelievable.

But Jaaved Ji’s words were irritating me in a way, when he said that it’s a shame for all viewers… Judges were like saying why leaving the only girl left… let Ankita standing there too. Really one must be frustrated and to change the same pattern…. a big blow of words from the big judges was expected. Finally the fourth one was Abhishek and not Ankita. Chang was declared safe.


Jaaved Sir said…. Usually you ask and I answer that who might go…    . but this time I will give another answer that who is certainly not going to be voted out. That’s Abhishek. He comes to incorporate the issues of voting and honesty of people.

Jaaved Ji… To the hell with you democracy.. its bad for sure.. but its like insulting someone personally.. when you said you could bet that Abhishek wont get voted out… somewhere I didn’t liked it. Although its true that like the other Judges… I was too in the state of shock… as even if I am not talking about Pooja…. then Deepali was my all time favourite and Charu is the charm of Indian Idol to me and many other like me. But making the same gender issues don’t enrich respect for the community. I am asking you only one thing… were all the Judges speaking in similar ways… if the first four to be voted out were boys? Sometime, the majority community faces such things… and boy’s side facing the same today.


In next, Pooja was declared safe….. Ohhhhh No… what is it? What isss it? I am just not able to write or watch the show. Deepali requested people that please give a chance to girls… Charu was confident that one girl sure would be an Indian Idol this time and also replied that she deserved to be safe.

In the next, the voted out name was declared and the name was ….



Charu was shocked… even then she was smiling… she was not believing that she is out. Probably, she never thought of the same even after coming in bottom too. She was in a state of denial. Her innocent question was “Aap Majak Kar Rahe Hai Kya?”

Hussain said “Sorry Charu!! It was nice, if it was a joke… but its true” Charu replied that she can’t believe that. Now, the environment taken the another turn… really it became a touching moment all of a sudden. Charu pleaded saying… “please!!! This stage is so important for me.” Charu suddenly became a crying baby…. there were no tears in her eyes… but only shock.

Hussain started telling about her journey up top this mark, but she stopped him saying that don’t say this. I can’t believe even now. Then the clip was shown and I was thinking that she looks much brighter out of stage… she could be a film actress from her looks. I never thought that she was this much innocent and today like others, I was feeling tears… but somehow those ones were in control inside the eyes as Charu’s smile was with her… I don’t wish that this girl may leave the stage with tears. Don’t know… but right now even I felt myself crushed with her charm. Does Indian Idol going to loose charm after this?

Charu said that she don’t have words to express herself…. but wanted to say that this stage meant a lot to her and so she wants one more chance. But everyone knows that rules can’t be changed. Each of the contestant were in tears.

Charu started singing “Tune O Rangeele”… I am happy that she is like always.. no tears in her eyes and the same expressions cheering others… I am about to complete the article and even then not able to believe that Charu is out. I think last time.. I felt this much shocked only on exit of Neha. Bye Charu… you are a brave girl… we will be with you, whenever you will be back…

we love you…



Indian Idol 3, 20 July 2007: Amit, Ankita and Parleen Rocked and Charu was the killer…

A new episode with a contrast theme… called as Chock and Cheese by Anu Malik… Means the contestants have to sing a slow song and then a fast song just after the same. I am impressed, Sony people really have learned from the experiences… last times Sandeep was tagged as the champ of slower-n-soft songs and Karunya as the strongest in fast tunes.. so better to judges the contenders this time from the beginning on the same scale, before they might have framed up into one particular. A really welcome move and I was looking for the best from the same show as was the others including Judges.

Now, directly coming over individual performances….

Pooja, The Dhanbad Dynamite: Note that for the first time, I am giving the same title from my side. You deserved it this time.

  1. Sabaki Baratein Aayi: The song was from the movie Jaanam Samajha Karo and was having Urmila on the screen. The people, who might have felt the emotions behind each and every word of this number in the same movie… might be knowing that it was not an easy job to go par with the same emotions… But Pooja, I should say that this time, I am happy with you. Don’t know, it was the magic of the song itself or something else.. but you really impressed me with this number.


  2. Khallas: Although the little girl started with a little hesitating voice, but she got the peaks very soon… I really liked her enjoying with the emotions, about which I was always worried. She has proved her versatility. Although, I agreed with Jaaved Sir that there was chances of more punch in the word “Khallas”. Anu Malik was there with his expert comments and I am really thinking that this time, he has much improved one than the last time.

Then it was acknowledged that her grandmother was ill and so she was not well during the performances.


Abhishek Kumar: A boy, from whom I expect a lot.

  1. Ek Ladki Ko Dekha: Much flat… I am disappointed… I thought he tried to sing the same song in so much calm and relaxed mood, which snatched the whole charm and magic with the same song. The song was in tune according to the Sur.


  2. Mujhase Shadi Karogi: Ok… Abhishek back again at least this time. So, Rock is your forte, you are really able to make others moving with you. His voice cracks well at high nodes and Udit acknowledged the same by giving him a thumb with the first punch. Although like Anu Malik, I also realized that he was getting carried away by the moments. He was dull at the end. Jaaved Sir commented that some punch in the singing was missing.

Abhishek was bad with first song and lost his comeback chance with the next song, when he got careless at the end. Abhishek, I was thinking to bet over you once, but …

Between the judges comment, there was much tease for Udit Ji, when actually he was looking at Jaaved Sir as the song “Ek Ladki Ko Dekha” was written by him, but as Alisha was in between, so everyone thought that he was looking at Alisha with words “Jaise Khilta Gulab”… Poor Udit J


Chang: The dentist with magical voice …

  1. Dil De Diya Hai: Don’t know the son suited your voice or you made yourself suiting to the same song. Wonderfully rendered with the exact piece of emotions. Heads Off chang.


  2. Jeene Ke Hain Chaar Din: Is it a coincidence? Your both the songs reminded me of Sandeep of last Indian Idol. You are really awesome today… but according to me, there were chances of improvements in the later one. Good comeback Chang. Best of luck.

Anu praised him a lot. Although Alisha and Jaaved commented that somehow second song was not completely well rendered. Jaaved Ji even commented about the first song with the sentence that it was good with certain weaknesses. Its really good that my feelings are matching with the judges.


Deepali: Someone, for only whose performance, I could watch Indian Idol in now days… sure my best favourite in now days… I was waiting to hear her voice.

  1. Banho Mein Chale Aao: Your voice was touching the heart like always and I felt like that you must have completed the song. You gave all the grace and decency to the song as much it was asking for. Although there were chances for performing the emotions, which I think, you avoided because of your illness… nice hearing you.


  2. Prem Jaal Me Phans Gayi: Somewhere I was loosing your sweet voice this time….. you were good as always and performance was killing like always. But there was noticeable trembling in second song.

Although it was in contrast with the comment of Alisha as she said her voice was trembling in first song and the later was nice. The comments started from Udit Ji, who said he didn’t got what he expected.. Although later Jaaved Ji and Anu JI came to praise her a lot and said you are going to stay here for long. I do think so. J


At this moment, Govinda came into the show… everyone knows Govinda for this late entry… which has became a kind of trademark for him. That’s really unfair… as a few contestants missed his comments… L He entered from the top of the stage with a song “Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni” .. A few words from his side and I should say that he really learned a lot of things from being politician. J The show continued with Prashant.


Prashant: A strongest candidate from background… as his community is backing him just like Debojeet was being backed by east.

  1. Aai Ajnabi: He is always perfect with her voice and control over the same… although should say that never tested his voice over the caliber and playing safe in a way…. but sure he is always nice one to hear and have set up to move higher and higher.


  2. Kaho Na Kaho: A song, which made me so much impressed in Kazi Taukeer case. Although this time, I was not expecting Prashant to match the same, but he was fair enough. Although should say that this time, his original ascent was quite a time visible and it happens with Non-Hindi speaking communities. I felt much disappointed when he left the last punch, hey hey type… as that was the USP of the same song and in a way tough too… did Prashant skipped that for the same… I was sure that at least after skipping the same punch.. judges are not going to be impressed with him.. otherwise if he was well with that then the story was something else. He has the limitations.

Alisha said she didn’t got that much enjoyment. Alisha said that although in first, he tried… but not got that … and in second…. he was completely out. Udit Ji said similar … saying he is loosing his original spirit. Anu Ji came with an unexpected allegation, when asked him that do you smoke. Although he denied, but even then Anu Malik suggested him that don’t smoke and distress himself. Anu Ji is much senior, so I could feel that these words might have come from experience. Although he praised him too saying, he is fabulous and as he carried out the Arabic words in the song… was so perfect, same was opinion of Jaaved Ji, although he mentioned that it was out of reach to understand the exact feel for people, who don’t know the mean of words…. but it was really rendered well and he must be praised for the same. Jaaved Ji said that he may get passing marks this time… not the distinction. Interesting comment from Govinda that in a fight, there was so many fights…. in preparations… in caring yourself for the same and fighting itself…. And when you feel done with the fight and win… real fight begins right them.

Innocent Prashant was silent.


Then there was trailer from Partner movie. Udit Ji sang a few lines from the movie. Govinda said a few things over the movie, which was deep enough. Was he commenting over Salman approaching him after really many days?


Charu: Tajgi Ka Thadka … a feel of freshness… rightly said, if talking about her looks. She is sure beautiful.

  1. O Sajna: She started with a too much slow song and I am not happy with her choice as this song was not really suiting her…. It doesn’t matter that how much well rendered it was… but mass don’t hear from the view of perfectness… she brought up thrills, when feels the same from her inside… and that’s her USP…. Which was of no use in this song… and so there was no difference in her and others.


  2. Sar Se Sarka Jaye: Here comes my Charu….. she is at her one of the best… at least performance wise… she really thrilled me… she was awesome in looks…. And her movement in the start of the song….. Uffff… I could watch the same clip again and again….. the same directly moved in treasurers of Indian Idol. Charu….. your only this performance is able to keep you stayed in…

Alisha praised her and even if Jaaved Sir was not that happy, but didn’t said her bad and then Anu came here to say that …. She is no more special than other singers and she needs to better than others as she has the caliber… Govinda suggested her to work over Sur… and also choosing songs of her genre…. Is Govnda really knows anything about Sur… yeah you could comment over everything. I should say that it was wrong choice and not a wrong rendering.


Emon: Here comes the Emon…. Controversies being created for him and Anu…. Over confidence… its like wrong argument. It doesn’t stand for a chance… till he is performing excellent. He is a perfectionist and probably that makes him better than the rest. As about me, then I am just missing the particular reality show thrill from his personality…. Probably the same argument is brought in place for giving him the same potential…

  1. Chaudahvi Ka Chand Ho: You are really trying to prove yourself…. in front of all the arguments. The song was sung in so much relaxed voice as the original one was…. So I am giving you full marks over the same.
  2. Dil Mangta Hai: Tu Aaja Soniye…. Right punch….. right node…. Right throw…. everything was perfectly placed and you were able to make people have goose pimples, if were enjoying the same from the inside.. rather than singing the same with a bit extra dedication to prove yourself… singer here are like child and sometime… pressure from outside.. makes them down… its nice that Emon survived this time.. .. I know he could go more better after this….. I am waiting for.

Everyone praised him and a fun was in between Alisha and Anu, when Alisha said that you really answered Anu Ji well…. and Anu JI said to Alisha that you must be happy as you got your desire to beat Anu over someone else shoulders….. this funny fight is now being USP of Indian Idol 😉 Jaaved Ji said if the kid is so sweet, then people like to put a black point over his face and he placed the same with commenting over wrong rendering…. Govinda said that his voice is sweet because of his purity of heart from inside. Before Anu Ji’s actual comments… a break got the place and Anu Malik said Emon is trapped now… After the break even Jaaved Ji said… that for others it was break and was break down for Emon… Anu expressed his happiness over the improvements in Emon… and said this was what he was asking for and that’s why was angry over him.


Ankita: The Charismatic girl every time… again I am like looking like…in what way.. now she is going to make someone dancing. Could she do it again?

  1. Babu Ji Dheere Chalna: What a presentation … she is really really talented and enough and knows really well how to choreograph her songs…. All the other girls… were like looking at her with open mouth… only Deepali were looking happy over the same. Whether its slow song or fast…. She gave answers if people were thinking about her as a rocker only…. But I should say that in a way, this song was not that much slower number.


  2. Babu JI Dheere Chalo: Really good selection of songs… see yourself… Babu Ji Dheere Chalna/ Chalo …impressive Ankita every time. Now, it was time to get the full mood for the rocker…. She made people move their legs…. And Udit Ji were like thrilled more specially… she is unstoppable in a way. What a punch… what a rendering…. From where one could catch a mistake…. She is perfect and thrilling every time… she has competition with herself only. She has her special class…


Govinda praised Jaaved Sir saying that what happened to country’s making that we are not getting good enough like Jaaved Ji… although this was a rather different comment as the matter in focus is Ankita right now… Jaaved Sir given her 10 out of 10 and Govinda said she posses a feel of enjoyment and she must carry the same all the time as the same is her USP.. Alisha said that she smoked the stage… Udit Ji said she was thunderbolt….. Anu Malik was saying that it was a real attack over audience and she made everyone thrilled.

Jaaved Sir requested Govinda to dance with Ankita and …. I was like… smiling…. Ankita, you made it again… you made it. Govinda is always a Govinda and I always have seen people performing better in once more and the same was with Ankita,,,, right performance and right expressions all the time…. No matter Indian Idol is with her or not… she will get her ways…. Although I should say that its right time…. when she must start using her feminine ways as she was in Ajnabi song …. Govinda was like all the time… laughing and dancing buddy.

So Anky Baby did it again.


Amit Paul: He always has the potentials and he peaked up at the right moment…

  1. Dil mera Churaya: What a voice… what a control… you are the best …. I really missed to follow you earlier… but you really taken off everything…. Good going … this is perfect style for the reality shows… you were really unnoticed till yet .. but now no one could ignore you… but people rather started waiting for your performances…


  2. O Tum Kya Jano: Although I should say that the second song was not that perfect.. but he was excellent enough to stand out of the rest.


Jaaved Sir said that even he is speechless over his performance and really thinks that he wishes he was having such a voice… Really a big big thing to hear… Amit,… you got it.. While everyone praised…. Anu Ji mentioned that Ankita and Amit are the wild card entries… and this is their hunger to prove them, making them perform out of the rest. Rightly said and I would not be surprised, if one of them wins the final battle…. Although its almost confirmed that one of them is going to make it for the finals… but I am fearing as not all my predictions going well like the last time… L


Parleen: I started noticing his personality … he is really cute and handsome… and you really know that its not that easy for one boy to praise other boy’s personality… but I am doing the same…

  1. Soona Man Ka Angan: Whole the time… I was thinking that where I have heard the same song… but was not able to get it… should say that he was really well… I was wishing if he was singing the whole song…


  2. Kyu aajkal Neend Kam Khhwab jyada Hai: Really got the pace….. you were really here to rock the stage today.. everything was so perfect… you proved that you could sing… you proved that you could perform.. .. what else one needs…. You were so perfect in both the songs…. Great spirits to win…


Anu praised him a lot… Govinda suggest him to be more opened up…. Probably, he was not knowing that how much he has faced on his performances… everyone was saying that he is reborn star… Jaaved Ji said… today he sung like Parleen… so sung nicely… he must keep it being himself… So Parleen is back and he must have all the reasons to be happy now… Anu said… Parleen proved that boys could beat girls again in this competition… I think he was commenting over Amit’s and Parleen’s both the performances…


So, the performances ends here and so my article… which was pending from last many days in midway… I really wanted to say sorry to all viewers… who is reading my articles on daily basis.. really work is getting over me…. And that’s why its becoming tougher and tougher…

The show ended with the entire contestant crew dancing over the stage over the song you are my love… and I should say that my eyes were finding only Charu… she was looking really really …… uffff… I am angry over camera man that he was roaming from here and there….although Ankita too came in her own ways… but Charu posses natural charm and she is unbeatable in that era… later Govinda and Judges too joined the same dance…


So… bbyeee… and wait for next article and also try to comment…