Indian Idol 3, 20 July 2007: Amit, Ankita and Parleen Rocked and Charu was the killer…

A new episode with a contrast theme… called as Chock and Cheese by Anu Malik… Means the contestants have to sing a slow song and then a fast song just after the same. I am impressed, Sony people really have learned from the experiences… last times Sandeep was tagged as the champ of slower-n-soft songs and Karunya as the strongest in fast tunes.. so better to judges the contenders this time from the beginning on the same scale, before they might have framed up into one particular. A really welcome move and I was looking for the best from the same show as was the others including Judges.

Now, directly coming over individual performances….

Pooja, The Dhanbad Dynamite: Note that for the first time, I am giving the same title from my side. You deserved it this time.

  1. Sabaki Baratein Aayi: The song was from the movie Jaanam Samajha Karo and was having Urmila on the screen. The people, who might have felt the emotions behind each and every word of this number in the same movie… might be knowing that it was not an easy job to go par with the same emotions… But Pooja, I should say that this time, I am happy with you. Don’t know, it was the magic of the song itself or something else.. but you really impressed me with this number.


  2. Khallas: Although the little girl started with a little hesitating voice, but she got the peaks very soon… I really liked her enjoying with the emotions, about which I was always worried. She has proved her versatility. Although, I agreed with Jaaved Sir that there was chances of more punch in the word “Khallas”. Anu Malik was there with his expert comments and I am really thinking that this time, he has much improved one than the last time.

Then it was acknowledged that her grandmother was ill and so she was not well during the performances.


Abhishek Kumar: A boy, from whom I expect a lot.

  1. Ek Ladki Ko Dekha: Much flat… I am disappointed… I thought he tried to sing the same song in so much calm and relaxed mood, which snatched the whole charm and magic with the same song. The song was in tune according to the Sur.


  2. Mujhase Shadi Karogi: Ok… Abhishek back again at least this time. So, Rock is your forte, you are really able to make others moving with you. His voice cracks well at high nodes and Udit acknowledged the same by giving him a thumb with the first punch. Although like Anu Malik, I also realized that he was getting carried away by the moments. He was dull at the end. Jaaved Sir commented that some punch in the singing was missing.

Abhishek was bad with first song and lost his comeback chance with the next song, when he got careless at the end. Abhishek, I was thinking to bet over you once, but …

Between the judges comment, there was much tease for Udit Ji, when actually he was looking at Jaaved Sir as the song “Ek Ladki Ko Dekha” was written by him, but as Alisha was in between, so everyone thought that he was looking at Alisha with words “Jaise Khilta Gulab”… Poor Udit J


Chang: The dentist with magical voice …

  1. Dil De Diya Hai: Don’t know the son suited your voice or you made yourself suiting to the same song. Wonderfully rendered with the exact piece of emotions. Heads Off chang.


  2. Jeene Ke Hain Chaar Din: Is it a coincidence? Your both the songs reminded me of Sandeep of last Indian Idol. You are really awesome today… but according to me, there were chances of improvements in the later one. Good comeback Chang. Best of luck.

Anu praised him a lot. Although Alisha and Jaaved commented that somehow second song was not completely well rendered. Jaaved Ji even commented about the first song with the sentence that it was good with certain weaknesses. Its really good that my feelings are matching with the judges.


Deepali: Someone, for only whose performance, I could watch Indian Idol in now days… sure my best favourite in now days… I was waiting to hear her voice.

  1. Banho Mein Chale Aao: Your voice was touching the heart like always and I felt like that you must have completed the song. You gave all the grace and decency to the song as much it was asking for. Although there were chances for performing the emotions, which I think, you avoided because of your illness… nice hearing you.


  2. Prem Jaal Me Phans Gayi: Somewhere I was loosing your sweet voice this time….. you were good as always and performance was killing like always. But there was noticeable trembling in second song.

Although it was in contrast with the comment of Alisha as she said her voice was trembling in first song and the later was nice. The comments started from Udit Ji, who said he didn’t got what he expected.. Although later Jaaved Ji and Anu JI came to praise her a lot and said you are going to stay here for long. I do think so. J


At this moment, Govinda came into the show… everyone knows Govinda for this late entry… which has became a kind of trademark for him. That’s really unfair… as a few contestants missed his comments… L He entered from the top of the stage with a song “Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni” .. A few words from his side and I should say that he really learned a lot of things from being politician. J The show continued with Prashant.


Prashant: A strongest candidate from background… as his community is backing him just like Debojeet was being backed by east.

  1. Aai Ajnabi: He is always perfect with her voice and control over the same… although should say that never tested his voice over the caliber and playing safe in a way…. but sure he is always nice one to hear and have set up to move higher and higher.


  2. Kaho Na Kaho: A song, which made me so much impressed in Kazi Taukeer case. Although this time, I was not expecting Prashant to match the same, but he was fair enough. Although should say that this time, his original ascent was quite a time visible and it happens with Non-Hindi speaking communities. I felt much disappointed when he left the last punch, hey hey type… as that was the USP of the same song and in a way tough too… did Prashant skipped that for the same… I was sure that at least after skipping the same punch.. judges are not going to be impressed with him.. otherwise if he was well with that then the story was something else. He has the limitations.

Alisha said she didn’t got that much enjoyment. Alisha said that although in first, he tried… but not got that … and in second…. he was completely out. Udit Ji said similar … saying he is loosing his original spirit. Anu Ji came with an unexpected allegation, when asked him that do you smoke. Although he denied, but even then Anu Malik suggested him that don’t smoke and distress himself. Anu Ji is much senior, so I could feel that these words might have come from experience. Although he praised him too saying, he is fabulous and as he carried out the Arabic words in the song… was so perfect, same was opinion of Jaaved Ji, although he mentioned that it was out of reach to understand the exact feel for people, who don’t know the mean of words…. but it was really rendered well and he must be praised for the same. Jaaved Ji said that he may get passing marks this time… not the distinction. Interesting comment from Govinda that in a fight, there was so many fights…. in preparations… in caring yourself for the same and fighting itself…. And when you feel done with the fight and win… real fight begins right them.

Innocent Prashant was silent.


Then there was trailer from Partner movie. Udit Ji sang a few lines from the movie. Govinda said a few things over the movie, which was deep enough. Was he commenting over Salman approaching him after really many days?


Charu: Tajgi Ka Thadka … a feel of freshness… rightly said, if talking about her looks. She is sure beautiful.

  1. O Sajna: She started with a too much slow song and I am not happy with her choice as this song was not really suiting her…. It doesn’t matter that how much well rendered it was… but mass don’t hear from the view of perfectness… she brought up thrills, when feels the same from her inside… and that’s her USP…. Which was of no use in this song… and so there was no difference in her and others.


  2. Sar Se Sarka Jaye: Here comes my Charu….. she is at her one of the best… at least performance wise… she really thrilled me… she was awesome in looks…. And her movement in the start of the song….. Uffff… I could watch the same clip again and again….. the same directly moved in treasurers of Indian Idol. Charu….. your only this performance is able to keep you stayed in…

Alisha praised her and even if Jaaved Sir was not that happy, but didn’t said her bad and then Anu came here to say that …. She is no more special than other singers and she needs to better than others as she has the caliber… Govinda suggested her to work over Sur… and also choosing songs of her genre…. Is Govnda really knows anything about Sur… yeah you could comment over everything. I should say that it was wrong choice and not a wrong rendering.


Emon: Here comes the Emon…. Controversies being created for him and Anu…. Over confidence… its like wrong argument. It doesn’t stand for a chance… till he is performing excellent. He is a perfectionist and probably that makes him better than the rest. As about me, then I am just missing the particular reality show thrill from his personality…. Probably the same argument is brought in place for giving him the same potential…

  1. Chaudahvi Ka Chand Ho: You are really trying to prove yourself…. in front of all the arguments. The song was sung in so much relaxed voice as the original one was…. So I am giving you full marks over the same.
  2. Dil Mangta Hai: Tu Aaja Soniye…. Right punch….. right node…. Right throw…. everything was perfectly placed and you were able to make people have goose pimples, if were enjoying the same from the inside.. rather than singing the same with a bit extra dedication to prove yourself… singer here are like child and sometime… pressure from outside.. makes them down… its nice that Emon survived this time.. .. I know he could go more better after this….. I am waiting for.

Everyone praised him and a fun was in between Alisha and Anu, when Alisha said that you really answered Anu Ji well…. and Anu JI said to Alisha that you must be happy as you got your desire to beat Anu over someone else shoulders….. this funny fight is now being USP of Indian Idol 😉 Jaaved Ji said if the kid is so sweet, then people like to put a black point over his face and he placed the same with commenting over wrong rendering…. Govinda said that his voice is sweet because of his purity of heart from inside. Before Anu Ji’s actual comments… a break got the place and Anu Malik said Emon is trapped now… After the break even Jaaved Ji said… that for others it was break and was break down for Emon… Anu expressed his happiness over the improvements in Emon… and said this was what he was asking for and that’s why was angry over him.


Ankita: The Charismatic girl every time… again I am like looking like…in what way.. now she is going to make someone dancing. Could she do it again?

  1. Babu Ji Dheere Chalna: What a presentation … she is really really talented and enough and knows really well how to choreograph her songs…. All the other girls… were like looking at her with open mouth… only Deepali were looking happy over the same. Whether its slow song or fast…. She gave answers if people were thinking about her as a rocker only…. But I should say that in a way, this song was not that much slower number.


  2. Babu JI Dheere Chalo: Really good selection of songs… see yourself… Babu Ji Dheere Chalna/ Chalo …impressive Ankita every time. Now, it was time to get the full mood for the rocker…. She made people move their legs…. And Udit Ji were like thrilled more specially… she is unstoppable in a way. What a punch… what a rendering…. From where one could catch a mistake…. She is perfect and thrilling every time… she has competition with herself only. She has her special class…


Govinda praised Jaaved Sir saying that what happened to country’s making that we are not getting good enough like Jaaved Ji… although this was a rather different comment as the matter in focus is Ankita right now… Jaaved Sir given her 10 out of 10 and Govinda said she posses a feel of enjoyment and she must carry the same all the time as the same is her USP.. Alisha said that she smoked the stage… Udit Ji said she was thunderbolt….. Anu Malik was saying that it was a real attack over audience and she made everyone thrilled.

Jaaved Sir requested Govinda to dance with Ankita and …. I was like… smiling…. Ankita, you made it again… you made it. Govinda is always a Govinda and I always have seen people performing better in once more and the same was with Ankita,,,, right performance and right expressions all the time…. No matter Indian Idol is with her or not… she will get her ways…. Although I should say that its right time…. when she must start using her feminine ways as she was in Ajnabi song …. Govinda was like all the time… laughing and dancing buddy.

So Anky Baby did it again.


Amit Paul: He always has the potentials and he peaked up at the right moment…

  1. Dil mera Churaya: What a voice… what a control… you are the best …. I really missed to follow you earlier… but you really taken off everything…. Good going … this is perfect style for the reality shows… you were really unnoticed till yet .. but now no one could ignore you… but people rather started waiting for your performances…


  2. O Tum Kya Jano: Although I should say that the second song was not that perfect.. but he was excellent enough to stand out of the rest.


Jaaved Sir said that even he is speechless over his performance and really thinks that he wishes he was having such a voice… Really a big big thing to hear… Amit,… you got it.. While everyone praised…. Anu Ji mentioned that Ankita and Amit are the wild card entries… and this is their hunger to prove them, making them perform out of the rest. Rightly said and I would not be surprised, if one of them wins the final battle…. Although its almost confirmed that one of them is going to make it for the finals… but I am fearing as not all my predictions going well like the last time… L


Parleen: I started noticing his personality … he is really cute and handsome… and you really know that its not that easy for one boy to praise other boy’s personality… but I am doing the same…

  1. Soona Man Ka Angan: Whole the time… I was thinking that where I have heard the same song… but was not able to get it… should say that he was really well… I was wishing if he was singing the whole song…


  2. Kyu aajkal Neend Kam Khhwab jyada Hai: Really got the pace….. you were really here to rock the stage today.. everything was so perfect… you proved that you could sing… you proved that you could perform.. .. what else one needs…. You were so perfect in both the songs…. Great spirits to win…


Anu praised him a lot… Govinda suggest him to be more opened up…. Probably, he was not knowing that how much he has faced on his performances… everyone was saying that he is reborn star… Jaaved Ji said… today he sung like Parleen… so sung nicely… he must keep it being himself… So Parleen is back and he must have all the reasons to be happy now… Anu said… Parleen proved that boys could beat girls again in this competition… I think he was commenting over Amit’s and Parleen’s both the performances…


So, the performances ends here and so my article… which was pending from last many days in midway… I really wanted to say sorry to all viewers… who is reading my articles on daily basis.. really work is getting over me…. And that’s why its becoming tougher and tougher…

The show ended with the entire contestant crew dancing over the stage over the song you are my love… and I should say that my eyes were finding only Charu… she was looking really really …… uffff… I am angry over camera man that he was roaming from here and there….although Ankita too came in her own ways… but Charu posses natural charm and she is unbeatable in that era… later Govinda and Judges too joined the same dance…


So… bbyeee… and wait for next article and also try to comment…


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  1. hi, ankita i love u the most…. and voted 4 u every hour of d day…………. plz plz plz ankita reply me once……. i m dying 2 see u again in indian idol 3 plz come back na …now i ‘ll vote u double………….. and u will definitely win gud luck…. DHARAM PRAKASH (ROORKEE ) uttaranchal join me in orkut

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