Indian Idol 3, 21st July 2007: Charu!! Keep smiling even if you are not in Indian Idol ….

Again, the day of result is in… again… the question… who will be next and now the same question started giving me scare… as which this rate… Abhishek, Deepali started coming into bottom… someday …..

Right now, I am really not able to comment that who must be out this time… not because everyone was good… But because no one was that bad and everyone stands for a fair chance. If I go through performances of last day, then unfortunately, I am left with taking the name of Abhishek as if I taken someone else name, then it would be unjustified. But….

Anyway, the show started mentioning that Pooja was performing well even after hearing about ill health of her grand mother and even in between, she visited the place to meet her. Such things always has been part of reality shows, but I should say that she was looking nice with that Green dress J.


In the next, Hussain kicked off a really weird and erratic argument that in last three episodes, the contestants to be sent out were only girls. What this does mean haan… were all of those, who were out was enough fair to stand here.. was Smita, Richa were able to find a chance? I don’t think so… I really have seen people firing their guns over Prashant and Abhishek… but is it good to divide the same contest in girls and boys? Tell me one thing…. Was not Sa Re Ga Ma Kids winner was a girl? Because that was the talent there….. See I know there is a little bias … but girls are getting profited in many fields too and if they stood behind someway, then the reason is … how many of them come into fight? Whenever they come to fight, then they find their places too…. Shreya Ghosal came from a talent hunt show… Sunidhi Chauhan was product of a similar show.. its not like that people have a bad taste or always biased.

Hussain said that somehow even the contestants and other people started believing that no girl ever could ne an Indian Idol. Anu Malik come to say that it has been a trend in whole world. Anu said that all the remaining girls and even those one, who have been voted out were nice, but he has not heard people commenting. (Great!!! My case is rather different, in my office, I only have heard the name of Ankita and another name was Emon). Then the same question was thrown to Jaaved Saab and I got the same as I was expecting, what else one could expect from Shabana Ji’s Husband. He himself mentioned that this time American Idol is a girl, but in next sentence came to cry that no girl got chosen most of the time. Please see the ratio and quality.

Even Anu Malik said that boys are good but girls are not bad. See, we know that only one will be the Idol and that would a singing personality according to reality show rules, not the singer only. So, things moving in the same way, who voted out first, who voted out last, that doesn’t matter… only things that matters must be performance and nothing else. Udit Ji said that he still believe over the taste of people and thinks that people will take the right decision.

My take on whole thing is this… its true that loosing girls mean loosing the charm…. That’s why its need of hour to shout over the same from the channel side. I think it was well planned and planted rather than being spontaneous.

Anyway, my female viewers might not be agreeing with me over many points… but at lease I don’t like to see them getting sympathy votes or any kind of reservations… They have shown their metal in each and every field and the same is their dignity and strength. I don’t wish to see them weaker than that as they will loose the respect, which they own now. Although I agree with Jaaved Ji, when he says that one female has to work thrice than a man to get succeed… but they know how to do it and let the same be with them.


In next, the declarations started and the first one to be declared safe was Parleen. In next, people come to hear the name of Charu to come in danger (means again one more girl is in that means only looking good don’t make you). Now, it was time to tease Abhishek… and then Emon and Amit were declared safe, while Abhishek was told nothing about his fate even after again taking his name. In next, it was Deepali, Pooja and Prashant. Unfortunately, the names to be in danger were Deepali and Pooja. What? Three out of Three are girls…. really unbelievable.

But Jaaved Ji’s words were irritating me in a way, when he said that it’s a shame for all viewers… Judges were like saying why leaving the only girl left… let Ankita standing there too. Really one must be frustrated and to change the same pattern…. a big blow of words from the big judges was expected. Finally the fourth one was Abhishek and not Ankita. Chang was declared safe.


Jaaved Sir said…. Usually you ask and I answer that who might go…    . but this time I will give another answer that who is certainly not going to be voted out. That’s Abhishek. He comes to incorporate the issues of voting and honesty of people.

Jaaved Ji… To the hell with you democracy.. its bad for sure.. but its like insulting someone personally.. when you said you could bet that Abhishek wont get voted out… somewhere I didn’t liked it. Although its true that like the other Judges… I was too in the state of shock… as even if I am not talking about Pooja…. then Deepali was my all time favourite and Charu is the charm of Indian Idol to me and many other like me. But making the same gender issues don’t enrich respect for the community. I am asking you only one thing… were all the Judges speaking in similar ways… if the first four to be voted out were boys? Sometime, the majority community faces such things… and boy’s side facing the same today.


In next, Pooja was declared safe….. Ohhhhh No… what is it? What isss it? I am just not able to write or watch the show. Deepali requested people that please give a chance to girls… Charu was confident that one girl sure would be an Indian Idol this time and also replied that she deserved to be safe.

In the next, the voted out name was declared and the name was ….



Charu was shocked… even then she was smiling… she was not believing that she is out. Probably, she never thought of the same even after coming in bottom too. She was in a state of denial. Her innocent question was “Aap Majak Kar Rahe Hai Kya?”

Hussain said “Sorry Charu!! It was nice, if it was a joke… but its true” Charu replied that she can’t believe that. Now, the environment taken the another turn… really it became a touching moment all of a sudden. Charu pleaded saying… “please!!! This stage is so important for me.” Charu suddenly became a crying baby…. there were no tears in her eyes… but only shock.

Hussain started telling about her journey up top this mark, but she stopped him saying that don’t say this. I can’t believe even now. Then the clip was shown and I was thinking that she looks much brighter out of stage… she could be a film actress from her looks. I never thought that she was this much innocent and today like others, I was feeling tears… but somehow those ones were in control inside the eyes as Charu’s smile was with her… I don’t wish that this girl may leave the stage with tears. Don’t know… but right now even I felt myself crushed with her charm. Does Indian Idol going to loose charm after this?

Charu said that she don’t have words to express herself…. but wanted to say that this stage meant a lot to her and so she wants one more chance. But everyone knows that rules can’t be changed. Each of the contestant were in tears.

Charu started singing “Tune O Rangeele”… I am happy that she is like always.. no tears in her eyes and the same expressions cheering others… I am about to complete the article and even then not able to believe that Charu is out. I think last time.. I felt this much shocked only on exit of Neha. Bye Charu… you are a brave girl… we will be with you, whenever you will be back…

we love you…




3 thoughts on “Indian Idol 3, 21st July 2007: Charu!! Keep smiling even if you are not in Indian Idol ….

  1. Hi 😊 Just came across ur blog somehow .. how beautifully u hv described the eviction episode. Thank you .. it’s nostalgic

    1. Amazing to have your comment here.

      Nostalgic for me as well to have a comment on the old blog post from the age when I just had started writing and was just a college pass-out then.

      Hope you doing well

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