Indian Idol 3, 27th July 2007, Amit takes the cake again …

So here comes to the yet another episode of the same show. My eyes are going to miss a pretty face from now on, Charu Semwal… The most beautiful face Indian Idol ever seen. Although I was more moved after Monali left the show last time, but it doesn’t make Charu credits any lesser. Her looks and moves like paused me and I am going to see the same clips again and again. I don’t think, I ever started writing of a new show by calling someone, who is not here…. but Charu deserved being this much special. Good Luck Charu …


Now, here the show starts with the song “Signal” from Bhagaam Bhag. Everyone was looking so nice in suit, especially Parleen, Prashant and Emon. With the words “jump in the air”, Udit Ji was almost ready to jump from the seat. Sure there was so much thrill in the air while the same performance and the same reminded of the last season when there was a similar performance by last five I think, when Antara and Amey was there and the same song was from movie Satya.

Minni and Hussain announced that this episode is dedicated to love. It was mentioned that Udit Ji and Deepa Ji went out on Candle light dinner twice in a week, although later it was mentioned that at Saturday Deepa Ji goes and At Sunday Udit Ji … so it was fun. But I really think that what I might be doing right then ….. when I will be a part of some Candle light dinner… Oh.. leave it… look like the love episode is really getting over me.

Anyway, in next Jaaved Sir sang “Abhi Na Jao Chodkar” in his own poetic way, skipping singing tune. Then …


Then it comes to Emon and the clip in which he was shown, the story was something like this that he is receiving Valentine cards from some mystery girl and still don’t know, who is she? So, it’s a mystery passing through each and every valentine and every time a hope that someday…

Minni gave him the title of being sweet heart of country (?) and he started with the song “Is Pyar Ko Main Kya Naam Doon”. Start was wonderful with those Aalap and I felt Anu much impressed over the same. Here comes the real Emon…. I was saying na that these two candidates Emon and Pooja are not impressing me a lot…. So here comes the fighters to prove me wrong and I wont mind, if they makes me out of field in this way. Heads Off to you Emon. Perfect, perfect, perfect in deed.

Jaaved Sir Achchha, achchha, Bahut Achchha. Alisha commented He is in the league of his own (truly said). Udit Ji said it was from the heart and each and every Aalap was heart taking. Then here comes Anu Ji with his own words “Tera Time Aayela”. Emon was visibly looking happy and naughty this time after really many days.


Now, Pooja…. Her clip started saying that her parents shared love marriage and so her sister too, but she still don’t know what the romance is. She says that she is only 17 and her first crush started after coming into Indian Idol. Was that serious? She said what she likes about him is his dimples. When it came to admit, then Pooja said they all joking to Parleen saying that Parleen! Be aware, its your photo in her hands and it was all fun for the clip nothing else. Ok. I believe.

“Meri Jindagi Mein Aaye Ho”, the song was .. and I should say.. I didn’t like her voice with this song at least. Her voice is a bit stronger for the same and could suit to folks or rocking ones. But that’s my take…. what about technicalities…. I really not that well to comment about the same. Sur was nice and performance was relaxed…. but somehow the same voice didn’t touched my heart. But it doesn’t mean that performance and singing was not nice… its my personal comment only.

Jaaved Sir said Pooja you sung well, but I felt that you are singing the same a bit carefully. After the same, my video was out so I was not able to hear after that … so don’t know what others Judges comment were.


My show resumed with Deepali singing “Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na”… this meant to be called some voice, this is melody. Although I don’t rate Deepali more than Antara Mishra last time, but for this season, she is the one to look for. Awesome looking in that red saree… she has the grace like Minni or Kajol herself and I really would be lucky person, if my bride looks like something similar after years of marriage J. I really don’t know that why she is not getting that much votes. She is desperate to win and carrying out herself so well for the same. I respect her spirit so much. I come to read from another blog that Deepali said that she was dreaming about her dream man coming on white horse to take her in dreamland. She also mentioned that she also developed a crush after coming into Indian Idol. Jaaved Sir indirectly linked her with Chang, asking that do you know Chinese. Now coming to performance….

When it came to Judges… I don’t know what happened. Alisha said there was big mistakes in chromatic nodes and there was no passion and romance. Udit Ji said it was like no feel, no soul and thinks that it will make the things doubtful. Anu Malik started in harsh ways saying the crush is crushing her voice. He said that he wanted to get her at the best. Jaaved Sir…. love has been inspiration for many others and so the same should be with Deepali, even the same is the case here. Deepali said that she was nervous and Jaaved Sir commented that she like talented girl has no right to be nervous and she is tremendously talented. I say very right Jaaved Ji. I am impressed with Deepali as she knows how to hold herself on the stage even if irrelevant comments are coming in the way.


Now, Chang… he said he got the girl engaged with someone else, when went to propose someone and next time, even after being in a relation for three and half years… he never come to know, when he missed her. Anu Ji commented that Chang in short you should say that your love story became twang.

Now, the song “Chehra Hai Chand Khila Hai” … Really melodious and passion was their in controlled ways. I liked the song.

Jaaved Sir said he wished to have more romance in it. Alisha said it was nice and just you might have missed a little, but I never mind. Udit Ji said you could rock the stage, when come in form as your voice touches the heart, but it was a bit half hearted. Anu Malik was harsh in his particular style, saying how he could think that he will be safe from there. You should have drawn the song, but I am sorry it was one of your worst performances. Alisha commented that “Anu is like enemy of love, you might have not heard of romance in his voice, but I heard it”. Anu Malik wished the have the last words saying that “Get up, wake up, before it’s too late” Jaaved Sir came in between saying Anu says in a bit harsh, but he is on the right side and Chang should take the same seriously.


Now, when it came to Ankita then it was with all the requirements means he must be Good Looking, Joru ka Gulaam, biker and religious. Now, here comes the performance.

“Suraj hua Madhdham” She really got the grace of Kajol in the start, although her eyes were not with the same. The performance was much relaxed and visibly passionate. Hmmmmm… we became so used to her rocking performances that somehow relating with her relax performances… I should say that she has the voice but not the same attitude suiting this kind of songs. For having this much versatility, she needs to learn a lot. The performance is not bad, but if I rate the same on scale, she herself has made…. Its dangerous.

Alisha said she has been special for Indian Idol…. although Romance is not your style, but you did very well, even if Sur was not right in place at some places. Anu attacked Alisha saying that although Alisha was not able to see romance in the same, but he felt that romance is in each breath of the same girl. Alisha was again up to irritation saying that she didn’t said that she has no romance, she just said Romance is not her style. She said She is funky with attitude. Anu said, what are you saying. .. she could sing everything from a Bhajan to a rock… that’s what Ankita made of. Alisha said yeah I agree, but the same is not her forte. Anu said that this might be your opinion, but according to me, she is fantastic in everything she does. Although the same was to be ended, but Anu commented again that look like you don’t want anyone to be here, who is deadly performer. Anu again taken the final words saying Ankita you were outstanding, so don’t worry about anything. Jaaved Sir said he was hearing Saas Bahu fight till yet, so was smiling. He said although he was scared that how the same girl will sing the same song, but now after hearing the same, he wanted to say that he will be very happy, if the same competition is won by Ankita. Rightly said. Udit Ji said somehow your singing was not like Indian Idol. Although Jaaved Ji comment something over the same and it ended finally.. really finally….. these cat dog fights were never here in Indian Idol… are we liking the same? Don’t know.


Now, here comes Prashant, the question was whom Prashant wrote the first love letter of her life. He was saying that “Thanks! You are still with me like some sweet dream” … so sweet. The song was “Yeh Hawayein”. I should say something was missing from the start… Prashant’s voice is capable to do much better than this. Don’t know, it was a scale higher or lesser, but something was not there.

Udit Ji commented that he is getting more and more careless with singing, although he must have been more better as it comes to take the cake. It must be brighter everytime. Alisha said you sung well but not fantastic. Jaaved Sir said that you sung the Mukhda well but not the Antara. He was not in that particular mood and a few punches were unnecessary. At least Anu JI said that 100% improvement from the last time, but it needs 10000%, if you have to make it for Indian Idol title. Prashant, you have backing up of your community and you have to live the same expectation as once Debojit has done.


Then a clip was shown about Anu ji and his wife and that was really sweet in the way, his wife told that how Anu was following her and how those kiddish ways and finally after three years… the same started, when after a gap of 15 days, they come to met and she asked that where were you in those days. Really really sweet Anu … you reminded me many many things… perhaps love is always like this, when we are in it, then we wish that when the same wait will end up and we will be able to say something and when we will be with her like all the time and after years, we smile over the stupid mistakes, we might have done to impress her. Now, when we think about those mistake, then feel surprised that after doing that much worst things, how come she accepted me? And the same tells us that love was in the air… not only from one side, but from both the sides.

Minni was saying that this answers Alisha, when she was saying that Anu Ji is enemy of love. Minni asked for the comments and Alisha smilingly said no comments… J Jaaved Ji came to say that he is with Anu from last 15-16 years and knows that he not only love his wife, but really really respect her a lot and that’s what I respect about him. Anu said Thanks.


Amit Paul came in with his story like Shahrukh of Main Hoon Na.. saying that his first crush was his English Teacher. He said he was wishing to give a rose to her and one day, the same dream ended. Hussain asked him that why every time poor boys receive crash in first crush? Here comes the answer from the invincible Jaaved Ji… love has only two tragic ends… one if it doesn’t succeeds and one if it does. Perfectly speaking. Not very much days, when my girl friend made me in tears and then become so so sweet J

“Pehala Nasha” what is this Amit? Are you decided to make everyone out of this competition? Not ready to leave others relaxed? Knock after knock…. six after six… blast after blast. You are really awesome. You have your own voice and right at this moment, you have no fight at all. Everyone come to praise. Jaaved Sir commented that he is not able to comment as he is still in the memory of the same song, which he heard just a few seconds back. Finally when the chair was with Anu ji, then he gave him the standing ovation with all the other judges and also commented that we are going to find Indian Idol later… but you are Indian Idol for me. Really Amit is getting much praises from the last three episodes and even I wont mind over the same. J

After this, Udit Ji and Amit Paul came to sing together on the stage and Amit liked giving up in start, but later on, he joined the song. He is something. I think, no one will mind it at this moment, if someone says that he is going to be Indian Idol for this season.


Now, here comes Parleen Gill, who started with saying that he thinks his parents as the perfect couple but wants something different for himself, but at the end, she come to say.. no no.. I need only a girl like my mom. Clip was funny, where Parleen was shown as cooking food and washing cloths. He was called as girl’s poster boy… really? But he is sweet.

“Mere Khyalo Ki Malika” Really I didn’t liked his voice and this is my first comment…. the song is not really suiting you. Jaaved Sir rightly said in the last episode, that you needed to be Parleen, not someone else. Performance was nice, Sur was nice, expressions were nice, but somewhere the sweetness of the song was missing. You have such a sweet smile and personality suiting to romance… but somewhere the voice is a bit wide for such a song.

Jaaved Sir said that it was a miracle that you performed well as after coming from such a performance, which Amit just gave… it was really not easy to concentrate and being competitive to that. Alisha said you moved everyone and Udit Ji said you are going to be in top 5, if keep on singing like this. (Udit Ji… only nine remained here). Anu said, you are 100%, but not flawless like Amit Paul or Emon were, so you have to be to beat them.

After hearing Judges, I am back to think that am I did injustice to write the above lines? Was that really high to ask to match the original voice? Somehow, something, somewhere, there was not something done, something was missing and somewhere something was wrong.


Then it was to Abhishek. His love story was with try, try and one more try. Interesting was the note, where he said that he don’t get the girl in even the dreams, where he might be the hero. After the clip, Abhishek was asked to propose Minni in style of Udit Ji… and he did the same very well with singing “Jaanam Dekh Lo”.. I really liked the laugh of Minni right then… she looked smashing in the pink sari… really awesome lady J

“Roop Tera Mastana” This was the song… I was surprised and so was Alisha. She was looking over the stage like some scared baby that how could make it with this song, which has been sung and heard so many times and its really hard to make an impact with the same.

The choreography was not matching the song that well … and I really smiled when Abhishek tried to give rose to Minni and Hussain picked the same in between and send Abhishek back to the stage and given the same to Minni later on. Minni all the time was looking at Judges that what they might be thinking.

Udit and Anu were of the same opinions that you are good…. but Amit, Emon and Parleen really tightened up the situation and now its not like being only good.. you need to throw yourself to beat them up. Jaaved Sir said that the same song was from 1969 and he was really bored up with the same as heard the same so many times and when come to read that Abhishek is going to sing the same song, then thought why the same boy chosen the same song as the same song is going to make him bored. But Abhishek, you didn’t let me be bored. You felt the song and it was not easy to make this song interesting in now times and doing this is not everyone’s cake. Alisha said that it was one of his best.

Abhishek was still nervous and Hussain tried to cheer up saying that don’t be worry as public will back you always.

It was really a good show in deed.






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