Indian Idol 3, 28th July 2007: Parleen you made it… you got place in everyone’s heart

All of a sudden the show started and I come to see Deepali in bottom even before I would have sat well in front of my TFT. It was more wrong that the same initiated in very unfair argument over her and Chang link up. Don’t know Alisha realized the same or not, but she did more worse by taking the name of Anu saying that his comment has brought Deepali in the same situation. Over which Anu-Alisha fight begins… where Alisha was saying that you don’t have rights to interfere in someone’s personal life. And Anu said she has rights to fall in love with anybody and I was not objecting the same… over which furious Alisha said that then you better should mind your own business. Anu replied with the same that mind your own business.

Anu said Alisha, probably you have lost your sense of Judgement. Alisha commented that you should look over your own statements only. Anu replied saying that I have given dammn good comments… you think about yourself.

Anu said I made a comment over Emon and everyone is like cursing me, but the same materialized into something later on and so n so…


I don’t want to move with the same argument, but one should think about Deepali at least. She has said that there is nothing like…. her co-contestants has said there is nothing like that even then this whole thing? Only to satisfy your own ego. Alisha and Anu please both of you, mind your own business… we don’t have a problem, what’s going on behind the stage or what has been happened earlier between you, but one poor contestant, whose career might be depending over the same …. Don’t make her shoulder to carry your gun. Its completely unfair to Deepali… I never wished to see her embraced like this. I know Alisha was thinking about the same, but the way, she was carrying out the same… was very very famine and was like never ending fight, which ultimately was only bad to Deepali.

Jaaved Sir said that it’s not our right to say that why the performance was not good. We could only point out the mistakes and that’s it. Finally Anu Malik got irritated and shouted that this is a totally wrong argument.

But there is no stopping for this nonsense… Indian Idol even went into public with the question…. What is this? Are you making fun of all these things? Do someone’s culture and life meant something to them? Are you insane?

Anu questioned Deepali and public that if the same is affecting her performance, then tell him if the same comment was before the performance as he given the same comment after the performance and there has not been any single performance after the same. But Indian Idol team was like not hearing anything and only aim was to sensationalizing the same for their own good, so who cares that what the others are saying.

Now, the question was to the man himself, Chang… who said giving a rose to some friend was not wrong, but blaming her in this way, was sure wrong.


Hussain asked Deepali that look like you seemed to be defeated even before the declaration of results. Alisha said she is a fighter and should fight back and should not give up.

There were a few off screen comments too… where Jaaved sir was extremely unhappy with whole scenario like me as it was hurting to someone’s grace. He was rightly speaking that the two of you are really hurting now. Alisha was saying like that Anu is really insulting like that small town girl.


    The Reality Shows and their ways…. After the break Minni started the show with saying No diplomacy, direct answers… Let’s start with Anu Ji…Anu Ji can we please have you on the stage. Anu said sure.

    Hussain asked that you thought Parleen was nice last day and Deepali was not… if you have to choose one from the two, then whom you will choose? Anu skipped the question and started like someone is challenging his 28 years experience. He has worked with Lataa Mangeskar to Sunidhi Chauhan and Kishor Da to Sonu Nigam and Udit Narayan and his ears are too dangerous. He never hesitate to praise someone, if he liked him/her and says fantastic in the very next sentence and if he don’t like then he says it was non-sense. That’s why Anu is Anu and he sits on the same chair, because he speaks truth. He can’t cheat his ears.

    He said out of Parleen and Deepali, he would sure choose Deepali as she has the particular Playback singer’s voice, where Parleen has a long way to go in that regards. Although for the shows… he would be outstanding. He said that Deepali!! If you will come out of your voice, then you will have only yourself to blame. When Minni asked him that is not he running with the risk that what if pubic carried out with his comments and someone got thrown out because of only the same? Anu answered the same saying that if this was the case, then Emon must not be here…

    Alisha said, we sure love your comments, but only till if the same is restricted to their work only and we are only objecting to your comments on her personal life. Anu got furious saying not everyone or anyone else…. It’s only you Alisha Chinai …. Who are you to judge me? I am here to judge Deepali and it’s my style of judging… Don’t ever comment on the same. Alisha was silent as knew that the same is not going to end if Anu is in front of her. Better decision, which must have taken by her earlier.

Then Alisha was called and when she was going to stage then Anu was saying to Minni that…. you started something that is going to end only when Anu Malik wish to end the same. And Alisha’s expressions were like hating the same man. Like how ridicules this man is?

Alisha was asked the question that what if she has to choose between Abhishek and Pooja? She replied Pooja is definitely a superior singer. When she was asked that if she wanted to add something over Anu Ji… she said…. probably she already has made her point very clear, so nothing to say more.

Udit was asked that Emon, Chang and Ankita… which two of these, must be saved, if choice is yours.. he hesitating replied that Emon and Ankita.

Finally, it was turn for Jaaved Ji… Amit or Prashant? Who? Jaaved Sir… its out of question that Amit Paul is the best singer here and its being too unfair to Prashant to clip him with Amit Paul. If he was clipped with someone else, then probably I was going to take the name of Prashant. But you clipped him with a singer, who has no competition from anyone right this moment. Hussain said….. Anyway, let me ask another question…. If it was, which two out of Emon, Chang and Ankita, then? Jaaved Sir replied that I was going to do toss that which one from Emon and Chang, bu Ankita was there for sure, if decision was of mine.

Ankita’s legs were trembling all the time… although Jaaved Sir tried to cheer her…but the same was of no use. Anyway…. next to come into bottom was Parleen. Then Pooja’s name was declared to come into danger. Two girls and a boy… again the same story… arguments started heating up again. Three of judges were of the point that its look like that we are going to see the same story again. Jaaved Ji was of another opinion saying that his intuition is taking up the name of Parleen this time, even when he has praised him a lot in the last episode.

But finally it was declared that Parleen is out of Indian Idol. With all others, Minni also reminded audiences that we will not only miss Parleen, but will miss his supporter and cousin too, who never a single performance of Parleen. Then Parleen’s last words …

He brought into notice of everyone that he got inspired of Abhijeet Sawant, when he was in twelfth and then he reached to final 50 of Indian Idol 2, even when he was not a trained singer. Then he taken it as a challenge and reached to the finals of Indian Idol. So, he will miss each and everything of it. He also commented over co-contestants, who were in tears… tat’s why they are crying? Should stop crying…

Everyone was in tears and only Parleen was smiling… He reminded me of Panna Gill last time. Minni was in tears. Right at this moment, I am really thinking about his personality … he is such a charming one… really many are going to miss him.

Jaaved Sir said although Minni said that people here wont see you after this… but I wanted to say that there will be one day, when each city of India will be having your posters and each music shop will be having your video album with your picture over them. Its my belief not only sympathy. You are son of a military man and you have the blood in your veins, who can’t take it to defeated. No one can get this much good words from Jaaved Ji. This is called some good bye.. with confident smiles and lot of love from everyone.

Then he performed “Layee Bhi Na Gayi” …. What a song.. what a choice for the moment… he made everyone into tears, when there were lots of tears already… no one was able to hold himself even not me… the moment and song was just like such.. I never thought that I will be in tears at Parleen’s departure, but he made it…. I was not able to hold myself… or anyone else.. who might be watching the show. Alisha was in Deep tears, Udit JI was silent… Anu was rubbing his eyes and Jaaved Ji was staring him totally blank… Hussain was in tears… Deepali, Pooja and Ankita was crying like nuts… we saw a broken Minni right then when the credits were ending…

Parleen… it was your best performance in the Indian Idol and probably I was never moved in such a way with someone’s last performance… why not you chosen the same before? But anyway


Parleen you made it… you got place in everyone’s heart.







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