Indian Idol 3, 3rd August 2007: Folk night was owned by Ankita and Pooja …

So, here comes the folk night… nice theme and I am expecting specially girls rocking the night… as Pooja, Deepali and our hot Anky baby, all of them knows how to perform over such songs. As about boys, then if someone do well over the same, then I will be surprised as according to me all of them are urban type voices…. but let’s see.

One more thing, I am thinking about that could they use or would be allowed to use the latest cash song? I don’t think so… anyway, let’s watch the show.


Jaaved JI started the same show giving introduction of folk song and also mentioning the relation of the same with Indian Films. He said that he hopes that music today would not only touch your ears but to the culture you possesses in your blood. Anyway, the show started with Hussain asking Minni to sing any folk tune, she might be knowing and Minni sung “Mare Hiwade Mein”.. just after the same Hussain asked that now please sing the same song and Minni was like O … really funny. Anu praised Minni that the nicely sung and I really liked the joy shown by Minni.

Then it was turn of Hussain and he sung a line from “Dilli Sahar Mein Maro” and Minni commented that at one side, we are looking at trained singer sitting there as contestants and at another side, you like some train’s singer.

Then Ila Arun was called on the stage, the queen of now day folk. She said that although I was called to hear singing of contestants, but really I was hear to find my old old mate Jaaved Bhai… Jaaved Ji commented that “You won’t leave following me?”

It was asked that how Anu Ji and Alisha sitting together? Is everything fine? Anyway, when Emon came on stage, then Udit Ji made an interesting comment that if you don’t sing well then you will become geography. Anu interrupted in between saying “Haai” and corrected him with Alisha that he was meant to say that he will become history, if don’t sing well..

Emon: “Preet Ki Lat Mujhe Aisee Lagi” Really nice song…. and it is more necessary to feel the same rather than singing the same only. Its not easy to feel the same for everyone with the mere few words. Really a marvelous performance …

Ila Ji commented that its first time, when I am watching you face to face and you really reminds me of Sonu Nigam. She felt that he might need more passion into it. Probably, I was not able to figure out the same as I found the exact mount of passion. Probably, the same was asking more from him. Anu Ji said that he got his playback singer. Others were praising only.


Prashant: “Rindpose Summal” The same song from Mission Kashmir was an exact choice for the same boy and he really started off the same extremely well. No one is going to mind, even he was slipping somewhere later. He deserves the place, where he is. I was saying in last episode that he needs to be more responsible towards his community, who are backing him like mad. Alisha commented that he is back. Udit Ji thought finally he came into the mood. Jaaved Ji said although he was thinking that he is being backed up by Darjeeling and Calcutta, but now whole India will back him. Ila said there was a freshness from Assam Tea in his voice . Anu praised him in a comic and playful way.

Prashant! It was never a question of staying in or out for you as you have a sound base of fans… but you have much nice voice and you are able to rock the stage, whenever come to use the same.


Deepali: “Nimbuda Nimbuda” Probably, I never got to see someone singing and performing over the same song. It’s really really tough, I know. Once in my graduation, I was choreographing two songs from the same movie including this one for a show and it took more than a week, I think in preparation…. its not everyone’s cake even if you keep the steps as simple as possible. She was really looking like star and her performance was outstanding like always.

Ila was saying that there was much sweetness in her voice and its really tough that she kept the breath working for her. Anu Malik said that he never saw someone performing and singing well in such a song…. He also commented that he heard Alisha saying Oh! My God during the performance and the same is a huge compliment to her.

Deepali… somewhere you still not reached to the level, which you shown with that “Nisha” song.


Abhishek: “Rang De Basanti” Oh my God… what you did? The same song has made Amey out from the last season… It has been a bit unlucky… and if saying technically, then it’s not a cake of someone else than Sukhwinder himself. Abhishek was keeping his voice at a high scale and a bit loud too…. but somewhere it was not natural. So, there was not that thrill… So, I should say that it was a wrong choice for such a stage.

Ila said that she liked his liveliness and she appreciates his performance. Jaaved Ji said that if the song was a bit in higher scale then it was more brighter. Same opinion was of Alisha and Udit. Anu said that he was out of Sur… and that’s the worst thing, you could have done.

Now, my take on the same … I am not being able to take one name whenever the result episode is coming in now days as all of them are performing equally good and it’s now on only performance of the particular… so for me, so for the audience. Abhishek!!! This wrong choice is going to make you in danger for sure and I could only pray that it might not be worse…. but


Pooja: “Nee Main Samajh Gayi” You just made the right choice…. I wish if Abhishek knew that what the choice meant to at this stage. The same song was suiting much to her cocky voice. She was trying to feel the same song and the same was making the same this much nice. This was true Pooja, performing with her perfect voice only… no movement and only movement was from her eyes.

Alisha given her standing ovation and Anu said she make him cry. He has no words to say more and has no words to praise her. He said you are going to be a big playback singer and people will come to you for asking you to sing soon very soon. Jaaved Sir said that although he doesn’t follow any superstition, but right now he wanted to suggest Pooja for her “Najar” … Jaaved Ji always Jaaved Ji. J I liked Pooja’s smile on the same. Ila said, she wanted to pray for her. She is more than outstanding and recalled her of Reshma. Flawless.


Amit Paul: “Omkara” What new, he has left with now? The same question was in air, when he came to perform. I thought that the same song was better suiting to Abhishek than Amit himself. Amit was having the right looks, but not the same attitude to sing such a UP song. I felt that he was not able to feel the passion in the same song. So, according to me, it was one of his bad performances and he was forgetting lines too often in the same song…. like he has not worked over the same. No acceptable at this stage.

Jaaved Sir said that he didn’t noticed that he forgot the lyrics.. and Ila eve commented over the same saying that when Jaaved Sir likes someone, then ignore all his flaw like he did today. But the same also says how much talented you are. Udit Ji said also said that it was wrong selection. Even Alisha said that he was not that good with this song.

Anu made an interesting comment that “They never taste, who always drink and they always talk, who never think.” Over the same Alisha replied that “Same to you.” Do Anu have a problem with all the female singers, he has worked with?

I must say that everyone was not that much harsh over him, because he was outstanding at last three performances. Even when Anu praised him, then he was not happy from inside, at least I thought so.


Ankita Mishra: “Main Aayi Hun UP Bihar Lootne” Here comes my girl… she really taken my suggestions finally… taking her feminine style in action. What an attitude? What is killing style? Ankita, it’s only possible for you… I don’t know why people don’t rush to vote for you like nuts. Each turn and each movement was like thunderbolts… you really gave me something in comparison to you only. You always beat yourself every time. I really want to see you as Indian Idol. But I won’t say that I am rooting for you as the same has not been lucky this time for candidates… I remember Shifa and Ayesha.

I know she was careful about choosing her charm with her famine instinct as she is not used of the same. Alisha was going to comment over something, but then said that your all fault wil be ignored today…. you are outstanding always. Ila said that now she worked with Anu Ji 16 years back and thinks that never going to get the chance again as now its time for Ankita. Anu was smiling over the same… Anu said somewhere your performance make you slipping from Sur at some moments, but your performance overcome everything and at the end, you stand as outstanding always. Jaaved ji said somewhere that nautanki was less, but even then you are never out of outstanding.


Mayank Chang: “Ritu Aa Gayi re” I am not satisfied…. it was not that good enough for me…. I was remembering Sandeep’s performance over the same, which made me watching the same song again and again. There was a thrill and passion in that version and right now, it was a bit flat to me… or it would be unfair to compare Chang with Sandeep. Chang… you are in danger according to me… although I know that Judges wont say much bad to you. But I also want to admit that you were better in second half of the song.

Alisha said he was his own only. Udit Ji said…. He could be Indian Idol. Jaaved Sir compared him with tendulkar.. saying that people were saying that he is out, but again he come to make a century to prove that he still rules.. Ila Ji called him handsome… and also heads off to him. Anu said you proved me right and sung tremendously well. Chang is happy as he has got everything..but somewhere I am not happy at all… Don’t know why… but I know its not sign of being him in danger as the pattern is going opposite to me in this season.


So, here comes one great episode…really this time show is more phenomenal than the last version. If I have to rate the best ones, then the names were Ankita and Pooja Chatterjee (surprisingly). J

At the end…. it was like something… when rightfully Ila grabbed Jaaved Ji’s hands and took him to the stage and made him dancing with her. I wish if I was able to see the same a bit more. J


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