Indian Idol 3, 4th August 2007: Abhishek was indeed the Undisputed Don of Indian Idol …

Although Deepali performed well… but I want to keep my fingers crossed for Abhishek and Deepali. Although according to me, Abhishek and Chang were the weakest links.

Hussain and Minni asked a typical question to all judges that what are things, which pinch them about each other.


Anu Ji:

  1. Udit ji gives very beautiful comments, but somehow when he thinks of saying something really good, then before that could reach to his mouth.. it translates to only one word “Lekin”
  2. Alisha Chinai is a very very good judge, but when she wanted to be. I think she hates beautiful girls a bit more.

Udit Ji:

  1. Malik ji is one of those tricky judges, who if got happy then you’ll get 100% marks and if not happy then… laughhhh (Anu Malik laughs too)

Alisha Ji: Look like everyone was waiting for her take on the same question.

  1. For Udit Ji…. sometime saying truth is harder to him as he likes to be sweet only and doesn’t want to hurt someone. But sometimes you have to be a bit real.
  2. Jaaved Ji is a mastermind most of the time and knows how to say…. but sometime even his words might be more from the mind not from the heart.
  3. And last but not the least Anu Ji (everyone was dying to hear this). He loves to have the last word. He is harsh and hard hitting…. but the same for the truth only… but she thinks that sometime the harshness is too hard hitting.


Jaaved Ji: Look like everyone was waiting for her take on the same question.

  1. Anu Malik is more than enough harsh sometimes over issues, which might have been handled more politely. He gave the example that one man could be called as husband of your mother and your father too.. but the later one is more decent and respectful.
  2. Udit Ji never wanna to commit something in life… he wants to have the both sides with him and the same is not possible at all the times and sometime you need to take the stand.
  3. Alisha hides her intelligence and sometime, I got surprised that why she is laughing. I think she should be straighter to heart and should keep it well to the attitude of a Judge.

Now, it comes to decide that who was better and who should go. But this time no one was asked the same question and Hussain and Minni moved to announce bottom four in hurry and the names were Deepali, Chang, Prashant and Amit Paul. It was also announced that Indian Idol received more than 15 lacs of votes today.


Deepali and Chang are possible choices, but Prashant and Amit are technically (in terms of votes) unbeatable right now, how it come to happen? Even Anu Malik commented that look like public don’t hear us at all. Abhishek was the weakest link. Unfortunately, I need to accept the same fact that yes!!! He was the weakest link.

Then bottom four was asked for singing a song together and the song was “Roobaroo”. Wonderful song… really good. Then there was a break and after the break, Minni said all of you four sung beautifully in last gala, that’s why you all should rest as you are safe, means Abhishek, Pooja, Emon and Ankita; the actual bottom four. Nice twist….

I am really shocked Emon, Pooja and Ankita?? Ankita came to perform with her feminine spirit after really many days and if people send her in bottom after that, then she wont choose the same way again and will remain in her Tom-Boy look. I am not happy. Pooja and Emon, both were good and no one was expecting them to come into bottom.

Every Judge was in a way or another taking a name Abhishek. What to do? Can’t come to advocate my favourite. Emon was declared safe and when he was going then it was announced that how mean friend you are as leaving your friend Pooja behind. Pooja is safe too.

Abhishek and Ankita; no choice… Ankita must be saved, but I am hurt….. how could Ankita come into bottom two? Look like people gone insane.

When asked Abhishek said, he don’t think that Ankita is going to voted out today and on the same question Ankita said God knows. Could you feel the pain behind these two words?

Then it was to Judges. Anu was like saying I fear that if Ankita get voted out. Everyone was saying in favour of Ankita. Jaaved Sir said Abhishek has good voice and style, but we get many boy with good voice and style, but not the girls……

Finally it was announced that Abhishek is out. Abhishek was quite down, completely silent as I was expecting similar response. It was said that when he was performing in Ahmedabad and Minni mentioned that she never seen any Indian Idol contestant rocking the audiences as much as Abhishek did. He sung the Don song at least three times running all over and it was phenomenal.

When he was asked about his best moments in Indian Idol then he replied with the one, when on being asked about the one, Anu come to take his name as Indian Idol. It was bets moment for him and then it was then when his both parents were there back the stage…. which were one of those moments that he could never ever forget.

Then he was called to rock the audience and he was showing like he can’t do the same right now. Minni said she believe that he will do that. I could understand Abhishek, what you might be feeling, when someone asks you for singing. I remember the day, when once I was told to say a few words from my college stage and my words were “Although I have been saying many things in past from here, but probably today you all said this much good words about me that I am not being able to speak any more words, so please don’t request, I can’t speak”. Anyway…. old memories


With a big rounds of claps, Abhishek started with his Don song… he came down from stage directly in audience and crossed all the audience moving around them. He was really undisputed Don of Indian Idol. Public was going crazy… it was unbelievable and thrilling…. he made everyone turning to himself and judges were amazed and so am I. Public was jumping to touch him and even in the rush of people surrounding him, he didn’t came to miss the sur even once. He is a real find of Indian Idol, he is a rock star. What a voice, what an environment. He really gave me goose pimples. Abhishek you are… you are … I will miss you… I will miss you like nuts. He is sure the style king.

Pooja and Deepali were crying like little babies and Pooja specially was unable to stop herself. Anu himself come to stage to cheer him and the show ended then.


This time, Indian Idol going really good and no one developed like some evil in front of others and even departures are so gracious and thrilling. Once Suhit was being developed as the one, but he left sooner… now I think only Prashant is the one, who is gaining people’s attention on being saved every time due to his community support. I think the same will turn in to anger over him in later stages.



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