Indian Idol 3,10th August 2007: Like the independence spirit, colour was missing ….

The show begins with some Independence Day resolutions and the first one to take on the stage was my favourite Deepali.


Deepali: “Dhol Bajane Laga” For the first time, I found Deepali’s on stage presence completely without any thrill. I was really surprised that what’s going on with her. There was sure something wrong with her. I don’t know about the sur and rhythm, but there was something missing, something typical Deepali throw was missing. Her expressions, which have been the strength of her shows, were half hearted and although her voice was fine, but somewhere it was not that good.

The song was written by Jaaved Ji, one part of the same song was sung by Udit Ji and the same song was composed by Anu Malik… wait wait wait… one more person on the stage… Mr. India, Anil Kapoor. So, the show got one more star on it.

    Anil’s words over the same song, were although “Ekdum Jhakash”, but before the same words, he said “It’s a tough song to sing”… these lines actually say everything.

    Although everyone praised her well, but Udit Ji admitted that there was lesser through than usual. I am not happy with Judge’s words… They were trying to save Deepali more, than saying truth. Anu even commented that she is the one, who could be the female Indian Idol. I don’t agree with today’s performance at least.


Then there were promos of Gandhi: My Father … A film, I would sure like to see as the character of Hari Ram always been interesting to me like Nathu Ram Godse. Not because of the fact that both of them were in a way opposite to the stream, but because their voices were forcibly drained down. I wish if more and more people were able to here those voice and some bitter facts about our Father of Nation Mr. M.K. Gandhi.


Amit: “Yeh Jo Desh Hai” Safe Choice… its now visible that Amit is selecting his songs cleverly in one particular rhythm. But playing safe ended with being someone like Dravid and you might have seen, how Dravid failing in now days. I don’t want to say that he was not good, but he could have done lots better. Something was missing for me.

    Thanks God!!! Alisha and Udit said that he was not fine. Anu came to oppose Alisha… its being personal and not the truth. No comment over it. Jaaved Ji also said words in favour of Amit. Anil even said that he gave him goose pimples and also given standing ovation.

    I think, giving standing ovation will loose its importance in this way. L


Chang: “Baar Baar Haan” The song from the film Lagaan. The same sporting spirit was over the face and in expressions of Chang. I liked his spirit after really many days. But I should say that his voice was not sound that deadly to suit the same song. Everything was nice about the song, means the rhythm, the sur… but only sound quality was not that nice…. It must be sounding over the music at a few places. But anyway…

    Anu Malik tried to speak the truth, but thanks to personal ego….. Alisha felt that the same performance was devine. Its good for encouraging someone and he was nice with all other things too, but it was not 100% according to me. Udit Ji came to support Alisha, but Anil clearly stated that Anu Malik was right and this boy was sure loosing sur at places. Then it was Jaaved Sir, who blamed the choice of song. As he said this was not a song which could have sung by only one singer. Anyway, leave the biggies comment over biggies only.


Ankita: “Hum Logo Ko Samajh” What’s going on? Ankita gave the worst show of Indian Idol for sure. It was unbelievable, she tried to sing from going behind the seats of Judges and messed it completely, whether its words or sur… everything was loosing the key. Thanks God that she decided to come back to stage and then she got the balance again…. but whomever was there on stage, was not Ankita.

    Anu Malik made the fine comments over all the things, giving the credits that she carried on at least. Alisha said her aunt said that if she wish to reborn then want to reborn as Ankita. Anil said once he was in such a situation and then he was to take off from the show… and wants to give the full marks to Ankita that she at least carried on. Jaaved Sir come to give the right comments that he is disappointed from Ankita.


Then another star was on the stage …. Ajay Jadeja. He commented that he never seen Ankita doing fault over the stage and thinks that she failed once because she tried to do something which was not her style. Then there was a request to dance and Ajay did a pretty well job with the other contestants.


Pooja: “Aai Mere Watan Ke Logo” Very risky choice. If you perform even 50% of the same, then you will be on the top and if you missed only a single beat, then no body will be here to favour as the same song is much close to each Indian’s heart.

    I will give more than 100% marks to Pooja for living the same emotions which was the requirement of the same song. He was nice throughout the same song, but somewhere I felt that she was only missing the high nodes/pitches in the same song.

    Jaaved Sir said it was unacceptable to do even slightest injustice with the same song. Anil made the wrong comment saying that it was needed a bit more emotion in it. Alisha gave the right through saying that it was not moving one. Anu gave benefit of doubt and said people should vote for her even if she was not that good today.



Emon: “Lakshay: Title song” I liked it… I liked it… at least someone made the show… what a voice, what a throw and what an environment. You were really looking like Sonu Nigam and sounding like him in a way. Probably it was only performance, which I liked in today’s show.

Anu said in low nodes it was slightly out of confidence, but later you rocked and went fabulas. Jaaved Sir made the comment, which I liked from my heart and he said that not many singers could have tried the same song at this scale.

Emon for me, you were the best today and your performance was the show stealer. Probably I am saying the same first time for you, so celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J



Prashant: “Jindagi Maut Na Ban Jaye” What a sweet voice you have Prashant… I don’t say that you are flawless always, but your voice really covers all the shakes from the performances. You are really really nice to hear and your all efforts take the right shape. Although like everyone else, I know that technically, you have limited choices and the same is visible many times.

    Jaaved Sir said that it was totally flat singing. Alisha said that it was nice and in sur. Udit Ji said that how much caliber you have, you were well. Then Anu said that you were outstanding and the same dragged lots of arguments over the same.

    Anu said Jaaved Ji right at 99% times and Udit Ji out of tune at 45% times. Udit Ji responded with the words the same only because Anu Ji makes me half minded all the times. He also mentioned that sometime, it look like that only Anu Ji and Jaaved Sir are here to judge and others are gathered here for dinner only.

    Udit Ji really irritated this time. I expect the same will move on in next episodes too… So, ending the same show here…. For me it was not well on standards of Indian Idol.


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