Chak De India: New National Sports Anthem Now …. :)

Again I am back over writing review over some movie and sure this one was intense enough to make me take one on it (Few of you all might be even surprised that why I am keeping quiet over the same till now). How was I able to avoiding commenting over a phenomenon, which went larger than the big screen? More than a review over a movie, it’s a comment over a phenomenon, which people come to observe by Rang De Basanti, Lage Raho Munna Bhai and now Chak De. I have seen lots of reviews over the same movie and all of them have one thing in common, praise and inspiration. J

It always goes tough, when you come to write over a thing after many days of its arrival. You could blame my busyness with my duties, which were at high in past days. Anyway, starting the review now…

Before even taking over the big screen, the same was in news as it was really a Mission Impossible to take a subject like Hockey and that too Women Hockey as the same is although known as national sport in India, but everyone knows that how much glamour in it? J The same hardly get eyes as even rumor of bad health of any cricket player makes bigger news than Hockey Team’s participation in finals. Many people like me eyeing over the same as it was also a full length movie over a team sport. We have only seen Jo Jita Wohi Sikandar, Lagan and Iqbal in that era …. And personally, according to me only Iqbal was some kind of sport oriented movie, while the background subject of other two was different.

Many like me were already digging inside the story before its release and even news papers were showing lots of lines, like how the team gets trained by real coach and how the same is a true story over a real hero. After the music release, everyone knew that the same story will show up an irregularly arranged team, its inner differences, its survival of people’s ignorance towards the game itself, tough training-n-inspiration moments, going through the tough challenges, some nail biting moments and finally surviving the biggest blows to take over the biggest victory to make history.

See people like me, take out the surprise element of a movie 😛 But the same is the actual Indian Audience and Shimit Amin; the
Director was the one being most aware of the same. Even Yashraj Film’s persons were under heavy fire after a miserable year with “Ta Ra Rum Pum’ and ‘Jhoom Barabar Jhoom’ and although it was big step to change the face of Indian Hockey from Film Industry side, but nightmares was just obvious to them. The timing was absolutely perfect as Indian Youth after a worst ever disappointment from their most beloved game was almost ignorant of games and this was the time to take on the empty slot like “It’s now or never”.

But at the same time, you were to take on a Team Sport like Hockey, even playing the characters for the same asks for great stamina. Even Shahrukh commented at one place that he tried to use his star status to avoid actually running over the fields. J But when you will actually move to watch the same flick, you will come to realize that not only me, but everyone else of the crew was well aware of the expectations. A lots of eyes of old hockey players were so desperate to see, if silver screen is strong enough to make ashes alive again or could produce enough fire to get the game in more news than ever it was.

I know there were tears after watching the same movie and those tears were of joy, were of thrill and same went more intense when Chak De became headlines for almost any game and even Hockey/ Football Teams shown the fighting spirits by winning their respective finals. The same movie became a source of inspiration and also a part of training sessions with all kind of team sports. A thing, which many were longing for from so many days, a glamour, which was never here even in Hockey’s golden days. The silver screen proven its strength with a bang called Chak De India.

I know making a finish after this kind of long start will be much of a most tough task to me in writing this review. But what to do, I decided to write all the thoughts that touched my mind before writing the same review.

Now, it enough…. Now points …

Title: Chak De India                
Star Cast:
      * Shahrukh Khan – Kabir Khan
      * Vidya Malvade – Vidya Sharma
      * Sagarika Ghatge – Preeti Sabarwal
      * Chitrashi Rawat – Komal Chautala
      * Shilpa Shukla – Bindia Naik
      * Tanya Abrol – Balbir Kaur
      * Anaitha Nair – Aliya Bose
      * Shubhi Mehta – Gunjan Lakhani
      * Seema Azmi – Rani Dispotta
      * Nisha Nair – Soimoi Kerketa
      * Sandia Furtado – Nethra Reddy
      * Arya Menon – Gul Iqbal
      * Masochon V. Zimik – Molly Zimik
      * Kimi Laldawla – Mary Ralte
      * Kimberly Miranda – Rachna Prasad
      * Nichola Sequeira – Nichola Sequeira
      * Raynia Mascarenhas – Raynia Fernandes     
Director: Shimit Amin
(his only second film as director, was from RGV camp)                
Story,Screenplay and Dialogues:
Jaideep Sahni
Music: Salim Suleiman
Cinematographer: Sudeep Chaterjee
Art Director: Sukant Panigrahy


Sports Coordinator, Action Director: Rob Miller (A sports movie should be as lively as the sport is and he is the man behind the screen, who did the same job n co-ordination with the man hiself)
Amitabh Shukla (When you come to look over the details, then your work goes long and long like my this article and the same makes the job of Editor more tougher, like this man faced about this movie. Keeping the pace of such a movie for all the time wasn’t something casual.)
Casting Director: Abhimanyu Ray (Finding 16 girls to make hockey players was something)
Sports (I should say that it’s the first of its kind)        


Do you know, what my first comment over the movie just after watching it? My words were “King Khan really has the guts to cross over Shahanshah.” I was neither a fan of both, but in recent days, for the second time, Shahrukh made me realized that he is something. Throughout the movie, there was no Shahrukh and only Kabir Khan was there, he lived the character so well that no Shahrukh was peeking outside. Even I was able to see Shahrukh himself in his movies Devdaas and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, but here for the first time, he was a declared winner.

The same film will bring a remarkable growth for him, something like Munna Bhai did for Sanjay Dutt and even much much better than that.

Now, coming over moments and dialogs: the movie started with the India-Pakistan taking over the final match and India was behind by 1-0. Then they looses the same and Kabir was pointed for the same loss. A few things to observe were:

Khan was the best forward of Asia.

In Penalty Stroke, Saini was about to take the strike, but Kabir came to take it by his own, not to mention, the same penalty stroke was in place because, he got hit by one Pakistani player.

took one of the toughest and finest penalty stroke, except he missed it by a few inches as ball crossed the goalkeeper by head, but the same time, the goal too. L

One cameraman taken note of Kabir’s handshaking with the opposition captain, but no one taken note of the same, when one player of Pakistan team shown thumb to Kabir. Probably, that’s how the media works. L

After the match, there were familiar obligations like, “look like our player are going lazy” and then the one that is there anything wrong with specially Kabir Khan? Have you fixed the match? Obviously Kabir was to burst up and tried to hit the journalist. I was really surprised that how Aaj Tak agreed to be hooked into the same, journalist made the headlines saying that the loosing captain was not able to spare even then journalist and his anger, which indicates that there is something wrong behind the scene. Now the public has to decide who is culprit of nation?

A big comment over the media of now days, who declares someone the culprit on the basis of just a few clips or on the basis of planned and planted things. Like we have seen in case of a teacher in Delhi. The same also highlighted a partition between Hindu-Muslim, although thanks God… there was no emphasis over the same after that.

After the same, there were those scenes of humiliation of Kabir, where he was to leave his house and a boy scratching “Gaddar” over the walls of his house. There was typical expressions in Shahrukh’s eye, someone controlling his anger very hardly and being desperate to bounce back. Moment was at its high, when one boy says to his father that “Papa Papa, mujhe bhi gaddar dekhana hai” and his father shows Kabir Khan. L

This part of story ends with the note, when Kabir’s mother says to him that “Son, don’t look at that side”. And Kabir replies that “You look aside mom, I have to see each and everything.” This was a commitment of deeply scratched tiger, which lead to the story called Chak De India.

After the same, the story moves back to now days time means seven years later, to Indian Hocky Association Building, with theme music of the same movie. In Board Room, Saini was trying to convince Board Members for a proper coach for women’s hocky, whose team is about to participate in world cup after three months and getting casual comments like what any women’s team will do? Why to bother? Interestingly, a female member was also shown to be part of the association, who was quite convinced over the views. It was to rule out the possibility, if including women in associations or politics could do a lot, if the mentality doesn’t get a proper change.

The conversation find a note, where Chairman made a comment that who will spoil his career as Woman Hocky Coach, when this game has no sponsor or limelight? Saini answered that there is a man “Kabir“.

Kabir was introduced again with the note “Attack on the mind of opposition team, the goal will be done automatically.”

Kabir Khan in front of association after seven years three months and 14 days; where he get comments from the board that this team even can’t survive against school team of European countries and you are thinking to get your repo back with this one? Kabir answered that I need only this kind of team. When Kabir made the comment that So, I think I am appointed then anyone could feel that this man was well prepared to do the dream.

When he said to Saini that he is here to make this team winning the world cup, then Saini said its impossible and then the film takes its height with the comment from Kabir Khan “Which is impossible, only that’s to do”

Then the film moves further by introducing the individual player coming from different states. Personally I liked the comment over the state culture a lot as this is one of the main problem for almost every game in India. Priti Sabarwal was late by a few mins and so got the punishment to take round of the ground.

Kabir started his ways from asking for introduction of all players and kept on keeping them out of team till they were introducing themselves by their state name. Vidya Sharma, Railway Golchee was first one to introduce herself by the name of India. So, here was the first lesion, play for India, not for yourself, not for your state, not for the rewards from government. Priti Sabarwal also completed her rounds at the last moments.

Next was the scene of common room, showing the initial differences and from here a showdown started between the forwards Komal Chowtala and Priti Sabarwal over a minor issue.

In next briefing, Shahrukh started with the comment that you might be the best one from the rest of india, but from now on, you are just 16 players for me, who knows hockey a little. The sessions started with running for 10 kms. Then usual scenes of individual egos and rows between the players and how the same was dealt by Kabir Khan in strict manners. Kabir Khan gets the name Tuglak from the senior pros. He fights with them by keeping them on the bench, till when they don’t move into his ways.

Seniors like Bindiya Naik and Aliya Bose were the last one to break into the team, although it was with signs of the row being continued. Bindiya was the one with ego and Aliya was the fun loving girl with colored hairs at the ends by red color, only following Bindiya. After the same, Kabir Khan was shown to be much strict over the players in the ways, in the language and also made a note that any team could have only one ‘Gunda’ finally the same ended in whole team coming against Kabir under the lead of Bindiya obviously. But probably, the same was the game plan of Kabir too as at one place, his comment was that its betters if team unites even if against me. J

Kabir resigns as the coach finally, but the table turned after a dramatic event in last treat to the team by him in a restaurant. There was a fight between eve-teasing boys and the girls… it was really fun and thrilling scene to watch in the whole movie and for the first time, it became visible that the member could fight for each other. Kabir was quiet and holding the administration persons indicating that let them fight. Team members also realized the same and Kabir Khan was back in action again. The team was shown united by many short instances in next theme song.

Next important moment was when the association refused to even send the same team to world as it was useless to spent money over them in comparison of Men’s hockey. The same ended in a challenge by Kabir to get both the teams on ground means Men’s one and Women’s one. Who will win, will see the match. Wow!!!! That’s was something interesting. Only one day was given for the practice.

Obviously girls were in fear, but Kabir gave them courage with the note that they are not playing against the boys, but it’s against the mentality and first time, the word moved into the air by Kabir “Chak De”. The match was started depressing in first half as there were three goals from men’s side and women’s team was not even able to make a proper move.

When one of association member came to humiliate Kabir and girls to stop the match in half as there is no hope for them, then finally it produced the fire in the girls and the same changed the ground. Although even then girl fall short of the score by ending 2-3 as the last move was saved by Men’s side Goalkeeper.

Just after the same, the film gets its peak, when even after Men’s team winning, there was a silence all over the ground as everyone there was knowing about the same result even before the match started, but from somewhere inside, they were wishing to see Women’s team win and they also saw a glimpse of that, when the girls fought back to come from 3-0 to 3-2 and just was about to get 3-3 and who knows after the same.

The pin drop silence broke down, when coach of men’s team with all his team gave ovation to girl’s team. The perfect background music, the perfect environment; the chairman was only one to smile and that too artificially. Once boys started clapping, Kabir Khan looked back to the crowd and all persons were giving standing ovations and even association members were unable to hold them. It was all to make goose pimple and so thrilling that I could never forget this movie.

Then it was a song with the running stills covering lots of things… row between Komal and Priti was still continued, Bindiya was still in that arrogant and out of bunch mood, Vidya captain, most of team members having journey to abroad for the first time, stunned after watching the facilities and practice level of other participating teams (obviously, they were bound to be depressed, the feelings with our Olympic teams left with every time and we blame them for the poor show, not the facilities). I liked the music as the same was running in background only, not going like typical hindi movies, but continuing the story.

Then it was the first match again Australia, which was shown to be Champions. Indian Team gets the first goal in the very first minute, fastest goal of the tournament ever. Then it was doubled by 2-0 soon. Next blow was from Balbir Kaur, who lost her temper and was to come out leaving the team less in strength. Then penaulty corner and Goal… soon the score reached to 4-0. Soi Moi was sent by Kabir to change something, but Bindiya was there to spoil the things only, no support was provided by her. In next, it was to reveal the lack of co-ordination between Komal and Kirti. We have heard so much about lack of co-ordination between Indian forwards in news paper before, but it was beautifully posed here. The row was ended with 7-0 contest.

Kabir was to be controlled one and smiling like some experienced one, but when everything was ended, then he was in front of Bindiya to say that she wont be able to play into any more match from now on. Over which, Bindiya responded back by offering even her body saying whatever Vidya is doing even she could offer. She asked that what vidya has more, why she herself could not be the captain? Kabir left with saying that she has answered the same.

The next match was kind of Do-or-Die, but more importantly with lesser pressure and expectations over/ from Indian team. First one was with detached realities and now they know the ground reality.

This was a match between UK and India. The Co-ordination was better today, the saves were better today, Balbir was in control means a few lesions from the first game. J First half was ended without any goal from both the sides. J Vidya failed to handle one attack, but Gunjan was there to defend, so again they survived. Although it was not that clearly shown, but this scratched Bindiya that she is unable to play.

Then it was Indian attack, although Priti brilliantly made one goal, but the same was with the same problem, Priti refusing to pass to Komal, Kabir was angry over it and that’s why no encouragement to Priti from his side.

Then it was shown that Team is moving step by step over close matches and a kind of contest was going on between Komal and Bindiya, who scores more goal. Priti going alone in the bunch emotionally in comparison with Komal, but even then performing brilliantly.

Now, it was quarter final with Argentina and it was told that the same team came here by injuring seven player of the opposition in the last match by their rough play. Even this time, the same started in the same way, means getting Soi Mui, Aliya and Gul injured, it was like horror at Indian side. Thanks God, there was no goal against them. Now, here came Kabir Khan in anger to make the team feel that he is with them emotionally. He says Balbir, you play your game. Balbir replied Sir, I will hit them. Kabir says, then hit them hard, break them, if they hit once, you hit twice, anyone who came in ways of Komal, Aliya or Priti shouldn’t be able to play again.

And then with goose pimples, it was Balbir in action and her anger when used in right ways, was right answer to Argentina. Komal was the one, to get the goal this time and India reached into Semis.


Kabir and Vidya discussed the game plan against Koria, which was a team, whose Goal was never touched throughout the tournament, due to its man-to-man marking strategy (should have said woman-to-woman). Kabir was knowing that the same could be broken by only one thing, experience and so he was back to Bindiya and she was given the chance, for which she was already desperate. Only now, we see her ego down and she most senior of the team back in team, where the team was stuck over the expected Korian plan and then Bindiya Naik moved into field. The magical co-ordination between Gunjan and Bindiya changed the scenario soon yielding the one goal for India. I really liked the way, Bindiya looked at Kabir. It was a sight, when a fighter looks back after proving himself. Was that to show up, how and why senior pros are kept out in games by coach? So, Bindiya was well part of the team now. J

Team was already part of the history by this dream run to the finals and celebrations, praises were all over. They got new pair of shoes, new cloths, new sticks and what’s more special was team spirit. It was much touching, when Sukhlal; Team Attendant, says Bindiya over the phone that “Harna Nahi Hai Beta Ji” and Bindiya replied that “We will die, but will win” Emotions were running high. But Kabir Khan’s mind was playing over the calculations, over the row between Komal and Priti. Luckily the same was fruitful for Indians till yet as both were desperate to get more goals than the other one, but it was final and no mistake was allowed and sure it was a weakness to hit for the other team. A professional like Kabir Khan was not able to allow the same luxury.

He called Komal and Priti out of celebrations and asked the same question directly. He gave them the clear words that they are playing for Australia, if they continue the lack of co-ordination. When Kabir left, then first time Priti made a comment, which shows how desperately, she wants to prove herself in front of her boyfriend-cum-fiancé (vice captain of Indian Cricket Team). Was the issue still unresolved?

The famous ’70 minutes’ speech. Truly speaking, I was not that impressed by the same, don’t know why, but it was just ok to me… not giving goose pimples.

Match starts… against the team, which started the tournament for India by giving them a 7-0 defeat. The ball was with Indian and they superbly shown their brilliance by putting a goal even before the first minute could have been completed. Priti was the one to get the cake. The same was enough to trigger to Komal and we see Komal Chowtala not passing the ball to Priti, even when Bindiya kept on calling her for the same. L

First half ended with 1-0. But the second half was not that lucky one and they got one straight goal and then another. Aussies were ahead now. Only a few mins were left now and Aussies were only trying to retain the ball. But then Indians got the ball and for the first time, we see Komal calling Priti to be with her in run. Australian Coach over his calculations shouts to the goalkeeper that defend by coming in front as she wont pass, but there was something else in Komal’s mind this time and she passes the ball to Priti first time ever with shouting, “Comeon, show that boy” and priti made no mistake.

So, it was Penalty Shoot out. Although film maker made the moment, when we she that Priti asks Komal to take strike in her place. But I wish to ask that why Komal was already not in those fives? Netra was penalty specialist ok, Bindiya was most experienced, Aliya and Priti were the forwards, but Komal was one of the top two forwards, why was she kept out? Probably, I have an answer. She was the best one to dribble the ball and so was having the place in forwards, not because of hitting the ball harder. When it was not to dodge many but only one, then probably for Kabir, it was better to keep mature guns blazing.

But anyway …

1st Strike (India): Netra Reddy fails.
1st Strike (Australia): Sara, Beautiful grounded shot. Stunned, it was so perfect really.
2nd Strike (India):
Aliya Bose fails.
2nd Strike (Australia): Serlyn Jones,
Perfection continues.

Now, it was 2-0, means each stroke was to defend, each stroke to make. Do or Die.

3rd Strike (India): Komal Chowtala, fine shot, Made it.
3rd Strike (Australia): Vidya looked at Kabir and for the first time defends it.
4th Strike (India): Mery, Indian Specialist. Same shot as was the one, Shahrukh tried in start.
4th Strike (Australia):
Emely, Vidya saves.
Last Strike (India):
Bindiya Naik, similar one like Komal. Made it.

Last Strike (Australia): It was the most thrilling moment, Kabir’s mind was playing, calculations, emotions, memories. He was the one to guess that the player is going to play a straight shot and then he prays to God that Vidya may look at him, Vidya looks at him, he signals her and then SAVE. INDIANS MADE IT.

It was obviously most touching moment. Shahrukh was like at top of his acting, when he was shown standing alone trembling over his legs. Watching all over and even then not hearing noise of crowd, away from Team celebrating at field. It was all so so touching.

So, Team was world Champion and Kabir gets his grace back and the same media was to praise him like anything. But the Kabir was unaffected of the same and he went to his old parental home, which he was to leave after loosing finals. He was to see praise and sorry in neighbors eyes. He got what he was wishing to get and the picture started to end here. Although with the titles, it was also shown that how life changes for the winning team members now.



It has became National Anthem for sports in now days. Asian Cup, Football, Twenty-Twenty and Chess world Title. When Yashraj Film taken the same concept, then they were knowing that they will give at least a part of glory back to Hockey in terms of commercialization, but it will do wonder in this way for every sports, they never expected. In the same way, Sanjay was not that expecting from Munnabhai. But in India, Films works more than anything.


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