Dil Dosti Etc.; Is it Indian ‘American Pie’ or ‘Girl Next Door’

Could you do three in a day? As much this comment was bold enough, the same was in turn unexpectedly evolved as the movie, Dil Dosti Etc. People who have followed my articles, knows that its not that strange that this one got me to write over it. Anyway, … coming over movie….

Story revolves around Hindu College, Delhi and one folk (Mercedes Benz Son) named Apoorv. He is the main lead and his own ways of discoveries or could say to find an aim out of today’s real life in unconventional way leads the story, in what way it is. Story as I said starts with the comment, when SanjayMishra (Shreyas) in just a casual conversation asks, if Apoorv could do bed with three in one day and Apporv reacts in light ways over it saying “Do you think of me as a white water lake”. But probably, no one knew that this will be main theme at the end. He asks, When you are young, you believe possibilities are endless,
what do you wish to? Wealth, Fame, Strength, Love, friendship, Sex?

Apoorv, a just entrant to college life, who just like normal boys, wants to skip ragging and so kept running from Hostel in nights and keeping days in busy. Difference is, he has the money and he has to spend his nights in a city, where probably no one elder knows him. A young Richie Rich in now days could look over which obvious ways, when has no friend circle around; prostitutes. Once started, it went on habbit and even when he was over with the reasons to stay outside in night, the same was not over. Was a fling with that prostitute, which he wished to get over his rules than the professional ways? Till the last day, he kept on paying, so he knows the limits.

Then he befriended with Sanjay Mishra, someone, who hails from Bihar and at least has a reason to do what he does. Have you noticed? The same were the words from Apoorv. Then he meets a college going girl Kintu, who want to have fun in life (college life love, wants to have stud around her), he want to have her as wish to have a cute girl as girlfriend, but sure his engaging thought can no way relate with the poor little girl, neither even the girl wishes so. Other character around is Prerna, a girl popped into life of Sanjay Mishra. Reason power, difference and curiousity to look over a different perspective.

Wealth; Apoorv has it as he just came back from his father’s US office.
Fame; He wants to enjoy that short span fame, when others called him stud or champ of seducing.
Strength; Probably this is what attracted him towards Sanjay.
Love; He wants to know about, but is there any to drive him crazy after being just used of …
Friendship; Has he ever asked about? His curious mind scans and investigate over behaviours.
Sex; Only things, he seems to enjoy. But its now a habit than passion or maniac-ness.

He wants to know what he wants and the journey unveils in typical Prakash Jha ways that where youth is going.

You come to watch movie and if found similar company, then make fun of it saying it porno or cheap; if found someone middle class with you like Sanjay Mishra, then criticize in hard
words, but it makes you think. You yourself think that why you are criticizing those deeds, sentences and ploys, even might have passed through from here or there? Is it total absurd and away from life? If you have the answer or even trying to find the answer then this movie is done with what this one wanted to do.

Title: Dil Dosti Etc. ‘When you are young, you believe possibilities are endless’  
Written & Directed by: Manish Tiwary.
Screen Play: Pawan Sony
Produced by: Prakash Jha
Music Directors: Sidharth Suhas, Agnee
Raam Goutam, Prashant Pandey, Siddharth Suhas, Kumaar
Cost: Shreyas Talpade, Nikita Anand, Imaad Shah, Smriti Mishra, Ishita Sharma.


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