No Smoking: Smoking kills; You don’t believe, watch it …

Before watching the same movie, I was enough interested in the same as heard about the connection between one short story of Darna Mana Hai and this one. For me, the same was interesting enough and if this was going to take same concept in the extended way, then it was sure going to be great. A few people mentioned me that the concept was just so high over their heads and the same was to prompt me more and more for the same. But I should say that this movie wasn’t to disappoint me and come to blow me of with it. I rated it something like the almighty Matrix Series. I feel proud that now Indian movies are having enough courage to do something different and intense. Don’t start watching the movie, if you don’t wish to be hooked for next three hours. I bet you will be. 😉

Title: No smoking ‘Smoking kills … you don’t believe it, watch it’ 
Written & Directed by: Anurag Kashyap.
Story: Raja Choudhary & Anurag Kashyap.
Cost: John Abraham, Ayesha Takia, Paresh Rawal, Ranvir Shorey & Gajraj.
Production Design: Wasiq Khan.
Shot by: Rajeev Ravi (Brilliant imagination).
Music: Vishal Bhardwaj.
Gulzar (Didn’t liked, although effect was well).
Edited by: Aarti Bajaj.
Sound Design: Kunal Sharma

As the movie grew up, it was going just so well built, intense and superb that I was just so thrilled. I was really really missing something to watch like this after Matrix series. Signs, nightmares, guesses, fantastic cinematography and totally weird; this was No smoking. The story moves with the mind of the viewer, it tickles you all around to think that what in next? One side, your mind passes through the nightmares and on the other side, like the central character ‘K’, you keep on thinking that how’s it possible, its impossible, it just can’t be. You feel puzzled like the character itself and really think before touching the cigarette. I could bet that no one is going to be able to touch cigarette after just coming out of cinema hall. Do you think that any conventional movie could lasts with such an effect? No way … Hat’s off. Mr. Anurag Kashyap, you really went ahead of time.

Coming over the plot, as the name suggests it was something related to a smoker, moreover a Head strong, die hard Chain Smoker, who finds orgasmic pleasure from smoking in bathroom, in kitchen, at every place, at every chance. Could you give your smoking habbit more importance over your Brother’s asthma problem, your relationship with your wife and could be ready to even force others to take it, when they might be fighting hard to not to do it? No, you can’t, but this movie was needing something like that on the other side as he was to get not a matching side, but a ….

Some scared characters, who have quit smoking by some Prayogshala’s program, try to make him convinced for taking up the same program. Interestingly, the eagerness of those friends were making it look like some kind of networking and it was …. Was it Mr. K’s curiuosity or really will to join the program? Whatever… he steps ahead, when his wife leaves him and the game begins here.

What could you expect from Sri Sri Baba Bangali Sealdah Wale to make him quit smoking? What could be the ways …. Don’t think… just watch it. No question, no logic…. Just tell me back that what was the impression and how was the silence… just after watching the same.


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