Strangers; Best thriller produced in recent months …

An extremely interesting entertainment, which made me write again, although was in way to write over other movies as well, which came in between but ‘Strangers’ came to be winner at the end. A must watch.

We might have heard about such a concept in few short stories and it is obviously possible that the similar story might already been realized into movie earlier but the same fact doesn’t make its credit any lesser. But putting the name for the reference “Strangers in the train by Alfred Hitchcock”

Extremely interesting dialogues, highly intellectual ways and things, which make your mind scratched, are the USP of this movie. I loved the way dialogues were here, something like I seen in Cheeni Kum, but this time, it was full fledged. Lovely…. Engaging… What more I could praise. One of the best thriller produced by bollywood in last few months.

Title: Strangers
Directed by: Aanand L Rai.
Written by: Gaurav Sharma and Himanshu Sharma
Production banner : Sahara one Motion Pictures
Produced by: Uday Tiwari
Music Directors: Vinay Tiwari
Editing: Sanjay Sankla
Javed Akhtar
Playback: Lata Mangeshkar, Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal
Cinematographer: Manoj Gupta
Cost: Kay Kay Menon, Jimmy Sheirgill, Nandana Sen, Sonali Kulkarni, Kittu Gidwani.

Jimmy; in one of the best roles of his life yet, Kay Kay Menon; as we may expect from him, Sonali Kulkarni; according to her caliber and class and Nandana Sen; brilliant just like Jimmy.

The story started with two strangers males meeting in a train and then interesting conversations between them, which was initiated by Rahul (Jimmy); a writer …. I could relate myself with him so well and so it was already interesting for me and the plots and dialogues made it extremely interesting to me.

Sanjeev and Jimmy have their stories to share, their life story, what was common? What was to be common in them?

Rahul’s Story: A writer, which come to meet a beautiful girl in an unusual ways and his engaging ways connected her close to him in a short period and they got married. But as the nature, soon the same things which attracted them, come to be the problems. After coming into love, he lost his writing skills and I liked when he described in words that how he lost and why writers write. Worth hearing 😉 He started suspecting her wife along with his irritation over himself and like other writers are his silence along with the girl side silence as well come to make the things more worse. All was because of no communication between them.

Sanjeev’s Story: A businessman, who was in a nice life, with a nice wife, but things changed when she lost her mental stability due to death of her son in an accident and finally it started making him distracted to her till an extent that he come to think about killing her. But was this only reason?

The train journey ends with proposal of Sanjeev to Rahul to kill his wife and he will kill his and in this way, both of them will be out of their troubles and in this way, it comes out to be a journey of lifetime. But what was still left in the story… yes there was a big twist in story…. Watch it for the same…. You will like it… its something like we seen in “Chocolate”, but this time story was not fake in any side, but still the suspense and psychological thrill.

Lots to write about this movie and analyzing the relations, but .. leaving that part, because of some reasons. Cinematography and dialogues are the area, which could brought awards for this movie and if Jimmy may manage to get any award then it would be a new changing cinematic face. Background score and each thing about this movie was world class and intellectual enough. Probably, it’s the effect of corporate in Bollywood now, it has to be change its face for better and worthy movies. Again a movie for the class and has the perfect standard. Better watch it than reading this review only.


2 thoughts on “Strangers; Best thriller produced in recent months …

  1. thanks nitish….just read what you wrote…thanks alot

    by the way my name is Himanshu…..i’ve written this film

    thanks again


  2. Itne din baad i understand sirji this is your blog address, till now i was thinking this is your web address. Now i will visit and try to write on it.

    Bye bye sir.

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