Rubaru; what if life doesn’t give chance to make things back to right …

What’s point in writing a review over movie after this much long after its release? Sure, in place of answers, I have lots questions in my mind. Why such movies, ideas don’t get big banners? Why people don’t get ways to publicize such sensitive matters? Don’t we have means to get limelight to such intellectual creations?

Ru Ba Ru; have you heard about this movie? For most of the chances, you haven’t heard of the same. Even if heard then just heard about a dozen kisses, the lead pair share in this movie, but the people trying to make out a publicity from negative side, come to forget the fact that it’s a capable movie, dammn it, really really capable. But now I really think that do we have the market and people to get it in that ways? Yes! There might be so much of intellectual audience, but what is the way to send them the message that there is some movie out here of their taste? I really missed this movie and just was watching it to pass my time as from all recent releases, this one was probably the only one, I didn’t watched in very first week and it was a tremendous experience.

Title: Ru Ba Ru
Directed by: Arjun Bali
Produced by: Percept Picture Company
Music: Satyadev Burman, Sameeruddin and Strings
Lyrics: Aditya Narayan, Shuja Haider, Soumik Sen and Arjun Bali
Starring: Randeep Huda and Shahana Goswami..

This movie was special to me otherwise, I haven’t came to write a review over it. I found it intellectual enough like Strangers, Cheeni Cum or more closely Mumbai Salsa, but unfortunately all of them shared a way lesser exposure and when left the theaters, one never came to know. Obviously, Cheeni Cum was better out of it due to Amitabh himself. But …

This was a movie for relations, where we see girls preferring the soul of relation itself, while guys prefer perfecting the things in practical ways, which often land in wrong ways to make the relation go uncomfortable. Boys side finds it lesser practical to flip the eyes from ground realities and wants to settle down the troubles one by one and then moving towards enjoying life, while girls get it in the way that if relations are sticking together firmly, then everything could get a way out to be good.

The approaches are quite reasonable as boys know that they would be blamed if anything goes wrong as they were supposed to take care of everything being a tougher side, while girls know that everything has to be fine and it’s a small world of people, one always have to live for. May I won’t be coming with the right words to express the same….. coz of being a boy obviously But it’s not only this movie, many other movie of the same genre reminds me of this difference.

We often see pairs fighting in the same ways even if they loved each other as closely as they could. Rightly said once, when one is wrong in relations, then its easy to set it back, but when both are right, then it’s really …. We get to see an interesting statement in the middle of movie …

  • I don’t know. I do so much, but still she is never happy.
    > Do you love her?

  • Why won’t I love her? What else do you want?
    > You love her, but don’t know how to express it.

  • I will make everything right, when she will be back
    > what if you never got a chance to make everything fine?

The same conversation was what the movie is all about.

Everything is like we get to see, get to experience; forgetting dates, forgetting what’s important for the other one, girls thinking that they are giving their extreme priority to the boys side, while boys thinking why can’t they cope up with the same, even after trying their permissible, practically best. Boys get irritated as they don’t want to get the tag all the time that they don’t care or don’t love the way other side do. They always learned to focus one thing at a time and probably, life is this much engaging that just being with it pace gives no time back to you.

So, is the story all about it? No, there was something else in it to make us realize it in some different way as well.

Nikhil woke up at a day with a bad dream, which ended in a highly tragic node of death of his girlfriend and live-in partner Tara. Somehow Nikhil realizes her that what if he loses everything before getting all the things, all the preparation right in place. The day moves and he get to see everything around him happening in more or less the same way, he got to see in dream. He gets scared and tries to make everything away from the fate, but things keep on moving in the same way and he keeps on changing the things from his side to make everything right from today itself, but was the fate easy enough to be pushed away? Watch the movie …. Learn the priorities.


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