Buying a Dell XPS M1530

Buying something is always been tough for someone like me, who wants to be optimistic and keeping the requirements sometimes even hyper. It was even long ride than my buying Nokia N82. I mean even with that I was sure that it will serve me properly, but even then confirming from reviews and reading specifications and capabilities etc.

Anyway, let me to come to the point. Buying a Laptop, when it was decided to be one of Dell, then choices were Inspiration, Lattitude, Studio, Vostro and XPS. People knowing me were too sure that only configuration of Dell XPS M1530 or M1730 could interest me. Somewhere I decided to keep my budget restricted by Rs. 60,000/- INR as I already have a Desktop with configuration given below:

Processor: 2.2 GHz Core 2 Duo
HDD: 1000 GB
Graphics Card: 512 MB nVIDIA 8600 GTS
Display: 22′ LCD Screen

But that was a price XPS starts with. Now, the another thing to trouble me was that I had lost my credit card in a theft one month back and I didn’t really went to apply again. My bank account has the Internet Banking enabled and I thought to get a Go Ahead with the same. I was to get my salary by first week of the month and I made the customized configuration online on 3rd November 2008, I guess. It wasn’t the first time, I might have did that (it was a joke for my colleagues), but for the first time, I completed all the things and posted it.

Then I was supposed to get a call by the day next or the same day and I guess I got the call at the same day. I really don’t remember what happened then, but I guess, I went ahead with the base configuration and asked for the discounts, which might be possible and I got a discount of 4% VAT only as I already was guessing. I was even then reluctant as I was not getting what I wished for. Like 7200 RPM drive, Sound Blaster or Carry Case, while for me at least the first two were a must. The base configuration for Dell XPS M1530 then, was:

Processor: 2.1 GHz Core 2 Duo
RAM: 3 GB DDR2 (2×1)
HDD: 320 GB
Graphics Card: 256 MB nVIDIA 8600 GT
Display: 15′ Screen

and other usual accessories.

The price quoted was Rs. 58,378/- INR. It was sure a big thought to me being a medium class buyer as this purchase was behind the back of my parents & room partner and they were sure going to be angry over me for this ‘useless purchase’. I was always thinking like any usual Indian Medium class buyer and I asked the Dell Executive Mr. Girish that could I make the payment with NEFT through my internet banking enabled IDBI account. He said sure I could go for that and provided me B’glore CitiBank Account details as well, in which I was supposed to transfer the money, if I buy and as per the proceedings as the amount will take one day to get transferred, so order will be supposed to be received by the day next. Honestly speaking, for me it was a bad idea to drop in around 60,000/- into an unknown account, just on basis of few telephonic conversations and just because it’s in name of a big Company. I was sure reluctant big time.

In many reviews, I read about the bargaining on Dell’s prices, Dell Coupons and big time Thursday Deals. I got my offer by Thursday as well. The offer was that if I pay by the same day by credit card, then I will get a well customized configuration including 7200 RPM drive, Carry Case, Sound Blaster etc and still in budget means 59,397/-. I was sure going to happy, if there was not a catch, Internet Banking was not supported for this offer. L

Meanwhile another thing was going on at my side. My company made a purchase from Dell for more than a dozen Lattitude and Vostro Laptops. My Infrastructure Head (My Boss) said that a good deal might be arranged, if I follow the company links. I thought to give it a try and it was worth it. But the same also come to delay everything. I replied to Girish that I will go through my business links and the conversation broken later on.

But you know office side things, it went rather complicated as due to work, sometimes I was not getting time to talk over it and sometimes … so it didn’t went ahead and when it went ahead by end of November, then probably the Dell person dealing the business with us was changed and I got a general deal. Although it was profitable as there was an option of paying by Cash\ Cheque and the Dell office was in Gurgaon* (I am in Delhi). But the lady dealing with me was not ready to give any special offer or extra discount than standard 4%. I really said to her that whatever you are offering me, anyone anonymous could get by just filling order on your site. Why should I choose Dell, when even BDM’s of HP are almost regularly following me, if I go ahead for a deal with them? She was only replying that if any offer came then she could provide me, but right now she doesn’t have.

Honestly speaking, I was irritated. Irritated that why our company went ahead to have a business relationship with Dell, when they have nothing special to offer? But later I thought that I might be being little selfish, it was just an individual deal. In the moments of confusion, I called ABN Amro for my credit card, if it could be delivered back to me and for my surprised; it was delivered in just two days. Probably, it was the breakthrough that made me deciding to go ahead with Mr. Girish, the first Dell executive, I talked with. If I was to go with the same price, then why not with the person, who was sure nice to me and given attractive offers in place of being reluctant to give any.

I wrote an email to him mentioning the configurations I required. And he replied very soon with lesser prices than were being quoted to me right then. I made up my mind then and then it was time to say yes to the deal. But as my other friends bought Dell and a few online buddies suggesting me, it was the time to ask for discounts as one of online buddy got a 10% deal depending on his configuration. I talked with Girish over this matter and he said he can’t give this much offer, but will sure provide me the best deal at the moment, when I would be buying.

Finally the day came, 9th December 2008, when I was to buy and I was working in my office ready with two credit cards to pay with them. I got a call from his side asking me for my opinion. I said I am ready to buy, have to payments ready, but want to be assured of the best deal. He asked me for some time, he could arrange a good deal for me. I said ok and went for Lunch. While Lunch, I got a call from his side telling me about the offer. He asked me to be in front of computer. I was at Lunch and signals over my cell weren’t strong enough to get it online right then, so I said him to go ahead with telling me as I have worked out much over customization of Dell Configurations.

He given me the offer of a configuration in Rs. 69,000/- INR, which was including almost everything means 2.5 GHz Processor with 6 MB L2 Cache, 4 GB RAM, 320 GB 7200 RPM drive, Carry Case etc. I said Buddy!!! It’s really out of my budget as I really don’t need to spend this much over a Laptop. What he could do more to keep it under 63,000/- limit at least. Later after a few exercises, I was offered with a configuration (offer valid for sometime only), which finally became my final configuration as given below:

Processor: 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo 3MB L2 Cache
RAM: 4 GB DDR2 (2×2)
HDD: 320 GB 7200 RPM
Graphics Card: 256 MB nVIDIA 8600 GT
Display: 15′ Screen (1280×1024)
Sound: Blaster
Extra: Bluetooth Optical Mouse and rest is common in all XPS accessories* (check online).
Carry Case: No. As it was exceeding my cash limits.

Price was Rs. 63,125/- INR… Thanks to Girish.

He guided me to IVR and I made the payment, although later I was left with the thinking that should I disclose my credit card numbers and code to anyone online? Yes! I really went ahead to change the codes later on. Cautious you know.

In minutes, he replied by mail while keeping me on call and I confirmed over mail. I also made a double check on Dell’s site and my order was being shown there. I was relaxed a bit. Finally the payment was made. I was promised that my consignment will arrive in five working days and I really needed that as by the last week of December, I was to fly outside the city.

At the same night, it started showing Order Received, Released to Manufacturing and I was happy that the things are proceeding in right manners. At the day next, whole day there was no change in status while I keep on checking. I tried to keep patience and it was fruitful as in the morning of the day next means at 11th December 2008, I got an expected delivery date, which was 15th December 2008 in my case and the status shown was Ship from Factory. So, everything seems to be good enough till now and moving in time. I am waiting to get my hands on the same machine and then I will update you all guys about the same. Till then keep checking out my articles.


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