My Dell XPS: Finally everything fine with it

As I told you all that it was all heart breaking to see it in hands of technician before even I could have tried my hands well over it. The Dell Executive Mr. Harpal arrived by 1:00 PM of the day next, better in time. But the wrong part of it was that he came here without new LCD and it was to be delivered separately by someone else. Although he came here after assuring that it must have been delivered already, but it was not. Even he was frustrated over it as it was disturbing his next call schedule. Meanwhile he went on talking with me and also diagnosing the piece. Conclusions were of course the same and even a bit further that no loose connection, but actually faulty screen.

After confirming that the parts might be reaching here by 2:00 PM, he went on opening the whole Laptop and detaching the screen. It was sure heartening to see as LCD is not at screws only and rather than being soft and cautious, he was just professional and I was scared if it could lead some scratches at some side (although nothing happened like that). In conversation, even he said that it was better that if I would have asked for a Unit replacement in place of being agreed for a part replacement. I was not able to do so as my flight was scheduled at 26th December and I was willing to keep the laptop by then anyhow. I’ll sure suggest others to never settled for anything less than perfect in case of delivery, but in my case, even now I was not with any complaints as there is no sign that anything might have been replaced, but still….. it will be a pain… just take a look, how was it over me?

Yes!! This is my newly came Laptop in pieces. But sure I got a better view of my laptop for sure before getting into any trouble and as being a Server administrator and experienced with hardware so much, it was not that bad with me as it might have been with any novice, who might be just willing to get the laptop working as soon as possible. But I wish to say to Dell that its really not good impression for the first timer. Beware of such incidents and keep the final check unit more tight and controlled.

Anyway, in the first look, like others, I am also annoyed with Windows Vista. Its really a Hogg when it comes to memory utilization, although as mine case is of 4GB and 2.4 GHz, so its not an issue, but I was really sure able to imagine that how divine it was, if I was getting it installed with Windows XP. I could have tried, but I was already warned that it would void the software support warranty. So, I have to live with it.

I was also troubled a bit with finger print scanner as it was giving me results like bad quality image etc. I told the same to Mr. Harpal. He tried once and it worked well. In fact the problem was with my finger. There were a few cuts over it, so it was not getting the perfect image. I tried with my thumb and it worked. I registered both of my thumb as only one finger was not allowed. After the same, I never tried with the passwords and always used the thumb only. Angutha Chhap 😉

Speakers, I was really never demanding about it with a Laptop, but it really does a decent job. I could give it very good marks. I am happy with its loudness for sure. Being a 2.1, its fine at its limits.

Keyboard is sure divine and I really never had seen anything better than it. I have seen many of HP/ Compaq and even the other products of Dell, but it really something superb. The material also gives you a feel of its robustness. Although in first impression, you might say that it was better, if it was total black in place of being silver, but sometimes later, you get used of it.

Camera is also nice. I have a 2 MP camera with my Desktop as well, so I was already aware that what it could be offering and I found it on the same scale.

People, who might be willing to get a full review here, would be feel little disappointed as I am writing only my experience and not exploring it completely. Of course due to the constraints of my job requirements now days, which are really keeping me on toe.

Few more good things to say about my deal were, it was including a Bluetooth Mouse, which is being very very handy to me and the case, which came as bundled even if you opt for none, if very nice looking and comfortable enough.

Anyway, ending here. Feeling really tired enough.


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