Google Dictionary – some announcements come silently

“ Dec 4, 2009, Google very much unlike to its other product offerings,  ‘silently’ added one more service is its service catalog named Google Dictionary with a very clean and simple yet powerful interface offering meaning of words from 28 different languages and also translate terms from or into English. May be it was not announced as it was already part of Google Translate and now it just came out to be an independent product.

Interesting na? Once a misspelled word Google (actual spelling was Googol) first got included in Oxford English Dictionary in July 2006 and now coming up with its own dictionary. 🙂

Google Dictionary

Now, something about Google Dictionary; even if you might not have started using Google Translate, have you ever noticed that if your query includes a single word or it’s an expression, Google links to the definition in the blue bar that mentions the number of results. Check the pics attached for reference.

Google dic

Google used to offer “define:word” parameter to get definitions, and now the dictionary as an independent product, is the natural extension of that.

Its a welcome move for normal users, who are addicted to Google and wish to straight answers for their definition searches with synonyms, but advanced users might be missing as earlier Google was picking definitions from there, which was extracting information from encyclopedias and aggregating information from various sources.

Google Dictionary displays synonyms, definitions, related phrases for the word and also web definitions from other places. You can star the words you searched using using the star before the word. You can later see starred words for your reference.

Ohh!!! are you asking that why to use Google Dictionary or how to use it? Just think once have you ever needed to press any help button for using any newly launched Google, like products from other companies like Microsoft 😛

photo of Nitish KumarNitish Kumar


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