Now its Telangana

Telangana: What’s this now? One more state? On what basics? How fair the demand is now?Telangana“ Dec 10, 2009, at 11th day of “fast unto death”  by K Chandrasekhara Rao: the president of Telangana Rashtra Samiti resulted in ‘meltdown’ of Government of India announcing to initiate the process of state of Telangana in Andhra Pradesh assembly. ”

What’s this now?

Its not a new demand, but been here since independence, just like as we have issue of Kashmir. In fact, even States Reorganization Commission (SRC) wasn’t in favour of merging Telangana and Andhra due to the proportional distribution of resource-n-profit issues, just like  Jharkhand movement. In fact, there was a "Gentlemen’s agreement" to provider reassurances to the Telangana people as well to Andhra people in terms of power sharing as well as administrative domicile rules and distribution of expenses of various regions, which shows that it was not a minor issue from the start.

The issue rose again by 1969, when the guarantees that had been agreed on were supposed to lapse by Gentlemen’s agreement. Student agitation for the continuation of the agreement began at Osmania University in Hyderabad and spread to other parts of the region. Government employees and opposition members of the state legislative assembly swiftly threatened "direct action" in support of the students. This movement, also known as Telangana movement, led to widespread violence and deaths of hundreds of people and students of this Telangana region. Approximately 360 students gave their lives in this movement.

One more state?

The movement got new wings in 1990, when Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), promised a separate Telangana state if they came to power. BJP even created Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Uttarkhand states in year 2000 as promised. But the BJP could not create a separate Telangana state because of the opposition from its coalition partner, Telugu Desam Party. These developments brought new life into the separatist Telangana movement by year 2000. As an opposition reaction, Congress party MLAs from the Telangana region, supported a separate Telangana state and formed the Telangana Congress Legislators Forum.

“ In another development, a new party called Telangana Rashtra Samithi (or TRS) was formed with the single point agenda of creating a separate Telangana state, with Hyderabad as its capital lead by Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao popularily known as KCR. ”

The point was “If we could have three new states added, then why not one more, which is equally demanded since long?”

On what basics?

Before the independence, India was consisting of around 500 states (I am not counting estates a.k.a. jagirs here), out of which list of around 200 could be found here. This long list somehow was managed to be shortened by Sardar Patel to 28 States and 7 Union territories. Among many other factors, the basics of combing many states into one, were linguistic. Although that was not very prominent or strict, otherwise, Telangana was a separate state since right then, due to its Telgu speaking community.

One more interesting comment was made about danger to national unity, if states keep on creating like this.

“ Out of the 35 states currently in India (28 states and 7 central possessions), 70% are smaller than Telangana. Telangana’s population is 30 million plus. There are 25 states that are smaller than Telangana. If these twenty-five don’t cause national unity issues, why would creation of a larger state be any dangerous? ”

So, there are basics, but the question is continuation.  You take one right demand through and get more wrong demands in with more violent means.

How fair the demand is now?

As far as the demand is concerned, theoretically it was already approved, when on 9 October 2008, in a historical turnaround from its 26-year history TDP announced its support for the creation of Telengana and in February 2009, state government declared that it had no objection, in principle, to the formation of separate Telangana and that the time had come to move forward decisively on this issue. To resolve issues related to it the government constituted joint house committee. Ahead of the 2009 General Elections in India all the major parties in Andhra Pradesh supported Telangana state.

So, it was just matter of time and of a stone in pond anytime. Telangana movement also has a blog, you can check.

Conflicting issues:

If we talk about issues of conflict, then there are plenty and the biggest issue is Hyderabad.

Hyderabad: As per proposed structure of Telangana, Hyderabad: one of the most developed city is going to the about to be created state and this is sure a reason of agony among people of Andhra, who says that they built Hyderabad in the shape, it is today and snatching it from their hand, is plain injustice and none of Andhra people are ready to accept this.

On the other side, people from Telangana says, Hyderabad was a famous, richer, beautiful and developed city even then when Andhra took over it against the will of local Telgu speaking people there. Its kind of taking back, which was taken once, which seems no where wrong. Moreover, its just re-organization of political regime and machinery otherwise whomever staying where, will be continued to be there, whomever working where, will continue to work in the same way. If you wish to take profits from our resources, then should have given the same share back to our community as well.

“ In my opinion, this is sure a tough issue and that’s why many big political leaders from here (like PV Narasimha Rao, Marri Chenna Reddy , T. Anjiah) tried their best to stay away from it. In most of reasoning, it seems to be personal interests of Telangana Leaders as they will receive all the attention and powers, which they are not getting in proper proportion right now. But the trend is far more dangerous as the same reason is underlying many other fair/ unfair demands which gonna be flooded after this. Even it may push Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh movements in wrong directions as well. ”   

so, here is another local vs migrates issue, even Indian-British, BiharJharkhand, ChhattisgarhMadhya Pradesh and Uttar PradeshUttarakhand been of the same nature, will it be accepted?

Implications of acceptance for a new state:

If accepted, then the creation of Telangana is going to generate thrust for other demands as well like some already announced. Some majors are:

  1. First come from Andhra itself, where not to be left behind on the statehood issue, politicians from Rayalaseema region have demanded separate statehood for the backward region, saying they would agree to division of the state to create Telangana only if their demand for Greater Rayalaseema is acceded to.
  2. The next is Assam tribes (Bodos, Karbis and Dimasas) demanding Bodoland, Dimaraji and Karbi Homeland respectively.
  3. Uttar Pradesh is also not behind in these demands with the names Harit Pradesh, Bundelkhand and Purvanchal.
  4. From Maharashtra, its Vidarbha, who wants to be separated as a state.
  5. Bihar has demands of Mithila state comprising of some part of West Bengal as well.
  6. In Himachal Pradesh, GJM claimed to have its demand since 1907 for separate Gorkhaland.

“ We are about to invite some more movements, precisely ten of above at least with the announcement of new state for Telangana. Question is “Can we afford? and is it really that important for development of Telangana people? Cant it be done while being united?

I could have wrote that decision is yours, but I know common man can do nothing about it. These kind of politics will move on with their extreme necessity coz that’s their job. Here I am doing my part by writing a few facts about.

Comments are most welcome.



13 thoughts on “Now its Telangana

  1. Telangana cannot be compared to any other issue in India, Its not the saperate state demand, we are asking to reinstate the state which was already there!

    I am not talking about before Indepandance, Telangana {Hyderabad} was saperate state in India since 1948 till 1956 with rich culture & heritage.

    Now its an democratic wish same as Indias indepandance struggle or Saperate Andhra from Madras!

    Telangana is rich in natural resources but unfortunately benefit of natural resources are given to T farmers/people.

    Merged with Andhra based on certain conditions, our elders compramised because they have promised certain conditions, all the conditions are breached, As per the SRC/Fazal Ali commission we have every right to ask to reinstate our region therefore this cannot be compared to any other issue or new state demands in India.

    Jai Hind Jai Telangana.

    by the way your article is very good with good analysis.


    1. i really afraid, of this separate telanga issue, WHAT if this virus spread to Bangalore… and the Kannadiagas say “KICK the Telanagana PPL” out of bangalore…. “NO more JOBS to Telangana ppl in Bangalore” ” NO HYDERABAD ppl MUST come for INTERVIEW to Bangalore”.. YOU telangana guys are robbing away our jobs….. you are creating traffic problems, you guys are spoiling the city….

      if it this thing keeps spreading to pune, mumbai… but i guess not to worry. hyderabad is enough for ALL telangana ppl, student to work and live happily…….

  2. Hi Nag,
    Thanks Nag for stopping by and dropping comments. I have to admit the fact that being a north indian, I might be missing same emotional ground, your community might be getting along with. I wrote this for bringing some facts, so that people dont start taking sides without even knowing the whole matter in first place.

    I agree with what you are saying, but conditions are different then what was promised then (you already said the same). On the same grounds, Kashmir askig for different country, I dont think anyone agreed here.

    Yes! it was a separate state before, but so was thousands of Raja’s and their Riyasat’s all over the country and it was hard to unite them all then. Might be, some promises were made then, but I dont find all of them relevent even now.

    For me, solutions could be find out within the system without a panic decision like separate state. You can get one but it would come a price over people of India only. Why can’t there be a law for whole country and same people all over without anyone gtting something special. You already seen that such special laws and rights have bring what to our country.

    yes! I know you still dont agree but I dont want my country to pay price again …. many more will follow as well…

    1. I appreciate your efforts to bring out facts for people to understand the issue of Telangana.

      But one point that can shut all other demands after granting statehood to Telangana is that the SRC wanted Telangana to remain a separate state. So, this demand is legitimate based on the SRC, others are not. Period! 🙂

      1. Question is .. what was SRC and what facts its decision was based upon. J & K also has similar facts in its favour and has right to remain as a separate country.

        SRC was also made of humans and points raised on it were related to that point of time.

        Legitimacy changes over time

  3. i think small states are healty signs see europe how developded they are
    you can see large states of india are the curse for india worst for country shame for people only good for producing illitrate public unskilled workers chors and thugs a big problem for educated cultured neigbours because they eat and make hole in neighbours pocket make him insecure astate should not be more than 250 square kms and you see lndia will rule the world in 10years it will become sone ki chidia again

  4. Issue is .. each state comes up with addition in already heavy ‘Government System’. Many departments, many employees will be added, but the resource base to exploit would be the same.

    One cant compare the same with Europe as we are much behind in wealth and their wealth sources are not traditional like us, neither they do have such a time consuming and slow working machinery, we used to have.

  5. Entire North-east & Bengal should be given freedom from India. They are completely different from Indians in every aspects. Why India has occupied these independent ethnics. India should be happy with its eastern border states like bihar, jharkhand, & orisa. From Bengal to Arunachal should be given freedom.

    1. One thing to say.. you all are pathetic, who think so. From where the hell you get time to think these dirty things than thinking of doing anything better for community?

      1. till now hallucination of Indian-ness made us pathetic. Now we’r thinking in a right way.What we got from your india till date? Nothing… We are abused every where in your country just bcz of our culture! language! food habits! We should hav recognized ourself decades before that, we & indians are different in every aspect, even ideologically we are different. We are independent ethnics & we dont hav any hope with india, so, india should leave our lands. All Assamese, Manipuri, Mizo, Naga, bengali have right of self determination.

        –Long live Republic of Bengal–

        1. In this way, each of the person in world needs independence. Do you agree with even your parents most of the times? What is culture? What are values? Disrupting something that’s going fine?

          Hallucination is that spoon feeding by giving reservations to in-capable people on basis of their minority community to you like people. What majority gets for being majority? can’t fight for their own rights.. can’t get their voice go on media? That’s our country is giving us… just coz of you like “Minorities”, whose ego don’t get satisfied even over this. And you come back complaining of rights without doing anything and thinking us different?? you are separating us, we never did.

          You are abused?? Making some joke?

          Ask yourself that do you deserve any hope with such mental? Can you run a state with such cheap thinking that leave the country it wont do anything for us, then you must say sure that leave parents what did they do to us… leave this company .. not paying us enough.. leave this .. leave that.. till when you will run??? Till when and what you will leave.. ??

          Useless running is not life, giving up is not human, you know that if you will make your worth then you will be recognized (many have got), its not an option that make yourself minority and make your own world only on corpse of many. If you are in-capable then don’t give it name of less chances to you.. i

          1. the “minority” or “Reservation” you are talking about are worthless in our society.We have one of the most liberal society around.What we’ve earned for your country is known to world, what we couldnt its our discredit.We never blamed india for that but what we deserve as an ethnic we dint get from your country.Thats why ULFA chairman comes from a freedom fighter’s family who offered his life to “india”.
            Let me give you some example how we people get abused by indians.

            1)Bengalis are not allowed in few Jain temples?(bcz of their food habits)
            2)Muslims & bengalis are not allowed to do job in some marwadi concerns.
            3)What currency do u use in North-east? & All North-east ppl are chinese intruders.

            isnt these above mentioned incidents are abusive? tell me what ur govt has done for NE? any progressive work after independence? Living life is harder than preaching.
            If father ignore u repeatedly, better move away & earn ur bread.

            There might be few hurdles to establish us or our country but we will not take 60yrs to respect our own countrymen & our ppl.

            -long live Republic of Bengal-

        2. Pointless argument …

          What we’ve earned for your country is known to world, what we couldnt its our discredit.
          What any of community didn’t earned that you earned?

          Bengalis are not allowed in few Jain temples?
          Which other community is allowed? Even Hindus are not allowed with Belt etc in their own temples. Its not across communities.

          Muslims & bengalis are not allowed to do job in some marwadi concerns.
          Some private concerns, not government one or majority ones. Why blaming all? Are you communities allowing all to work for you? Don’t bullshit.

          What currency do u use in North-east? & All North-east ppl are chinese intruders.
          God knows.. what you meant to say with this line.. I didn’t got a word

          Living life is harder than preaching.
          Exactly this I am saying..

          If father ignore u repeatedly, better move away & earn ur bread.
          That’s I already said that what could be expected from you likes.. and what even your own people should expect from you like preachers …

          Get a life..

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