Internet Explorer 6: End of An Era

So, here comes the end of an era …

I was already wondering that how some of the old things we grown up with (even after introduction of many new alternatives) just don’t die. Like Windows XP! do we really had found any real alternative for the same, when the date of support expiration is already near? Now its turn of IE6 to go officially. Thanks for the pics Devilsworkshop

Google just announced that some of features in Google Docs and many other Google Sites and Services wont be available google_dumps_IEover Internet Explorer 6 and it made a big buzz across the blogs that Google made the final push to let this browser die, which still was holding more market share than chrome, IE7 or IE8, around 21% till the last December 2009.

Sure the link goes to the recent hacking incident, which was officially done with exploiting flaws in IE6, for which Microsoft later on released security fixes as well. Still many security experts and companies taken stand against Internet Explorer 6. German Government even issued advice to all of its citizens for not using any version of Internet Explorer including even the recent one Internet Explorer 8.  

Is it really so that only that hacking incident made IE6 pushed away? I don’t think so. Introduction of HTML5 has already pushed IE6 to become obsolete as Internet Explorer till its version 7 didn’t supported HTML5 and like Google sites, many of leading sites have already moved over HTML5 due to availability of wide range of more options. Like Google Gears, many of the services already started mentioning that you can’t use them from IE6. Its just this, Google Docs have became of huge importance in world of cloud computing and by ruling out IE6 shares in it, Google has made it somewhat helpless by now (very few can keep and actively use multiple web browsers).

Internet Explorer 6 was released on August 27, 2001, a few months before Windows XP. This version included DHTML enhancements, content restricted inline frames, and partial support of CSS level 1, DOM level 1 and SMIL 2.0. The MSXML engine was also updated to version 3.0. Other new features included a new version of the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK), Media bar, Windows Messenger integration, fault collection, automatic image resizing, P3P, and a new look-and-feel that was in line with the Luna visual style of Windows XP, when used in Windows XP. Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 offered several security enhancements and coincided with XP SP1 patch release. In 2002, the Gopher protocol was disabled and support for it was dropped in Internet Explorer 7. Internet Explorer 6.0 SV1 came out August 6, 2004 for Windows XP SP2 and offered various security enhancements and new color buttons on the user interface. IE6 updated the original ‘blue e’ logo to a lighter blue and more 3D look.

The biggest reason behind the success of Internet Explorer 6, it was shipped with kind of most successful operating system till now, so if the OS was a hit, so was the perfectly working browser Internet Explorer 6. Later as tabbed browsing became more successful and people started shifting to firefox more, Microsoft pushed Internet Explorer 7 with their Windows Vista, but many experienced it slower than even IE6 and was not that well received. Microsoft still hoping the best to get its shares back with a much better Internet Explorer 8.

I expect more services to come forward to drop support with Internet Explorer 6 in next few days as few already done the same from behind silently. As I read in as well, is Gmail going to drop support for IE6 in next?


Apple iPad: Are we really running?

Earlier I was reading just too much about iPhone and now this iPad ….apple

As I commented on twitter, sometimes I feel that whole world is divided into two parts; people who have iPhone and people, who haven’t. Yes, I do hear many interesting things and apps about iPhone and they are sure worthy, but still I was never convinced that I should drop my old Nokia Smartphones and choose to buy an iPhone. It might be that worth for a new buy, but if you already own a satisfactory one, then I was never convinced to spend again.

Now, after really too much hype, we finally got the announcement about iPad, Apple’s tablet. I went through specifications and frankly speaking, I have found no reason to buy it till now at least. One could buy a low cost laptop or netbook, but why this? Is it doing anything new, which we were not able to do earlier? Is it offering something better than the others?

Here are some nice videos filming imaginary Hitler counting the limitations and shortcomings of iPad. Enjoy the videos (last one is perfect) and think before rushing for this 25k expense ….




Watch and Show Hindi Movies online

Many people might be searching for such titles, whenever some movie get released. Sometimes due to poor cam quality of CDs / DVDs that hit to market in early rounds or just for free access of movies. Its been illegal since long, but was an already established trend to download movies online, which seems to be much difficult to stop or keeping track of. It seems that finally movie business started to respond in creative ways.

First I got to hear some weeks back that 3 Idiots will come online on YouTube after 12 weeks of release as announced by the director itself and today when I was just checking my subscriptions, then came across an article from Digital Inspiration that says about the collection of Hindi movies already online. Fun is that these are legal to be distributed like normal YouTube links. I am not sure about Revenue Sharing Program of YouTube, but many big banners like Shemaroo Entertainment, Rajshri, Sony Pictures, CBS, MGM, Lions Gate Entertainment, Starz and UltraHindi already seems to join the same.

This might be good way to get profit from dead market big movies of past. Whatever, but its a too good news for movie lovers, they could get hold on their favourites, whenever and wherever they want… not to mention.. all the movies are available in high quality. 🙂 Although till now, only a handful of movies there, hoping that soon more will be added and also some quality content from English Movie stock.

For Popular Hindi Movies Collection, check out the link

For All Movies Collection including English and others, check out the link

Giving you some of the best movies online in full here, Enjoy

Maine Pyar Kiya


Mumbai Salsa: Amazing Movie

Hera Feri


Vivaah: A Cute Movie

Andaaz Apna Apna: All time fun ride


Bawarchi: Rajesh Khanna’s Classic

Zabbix: Really frustrating me now

I wrote about Zabbix Installation for Layman sometimes back and really recommended itzabbix1_thumb_thumb for all system administrators out there, due to its simplicity, flexibility and promising nature about lots of aspects.

But now days, look like myself in deep troubles with the same. I am getting strange kind of problems with well established setups of Zabbix, when no one has altered any kind of configuration that is really very very strange. May be my knowledge about this product is lesser; may be reason is just that I am unable to find any proper book over it; may be the manual itself is one of worse, one could come across. Reason might be any of them or all of them, but its getting really unstable for me. It works perfectly after installation for sometime, but gets unstable soon as data grows. I am just finding one different thing in my environment that our servers run 9 AM-9PM, not 24 hours, but this should be the reason for any standard product. Or it might be something happened behind my back, when I was on leave for 3-4 days. Whatever the reasons might be, I am not able to trace it until now.

Listing here some of the issues I am facing with it, which are yet unexplained/ unresolved:

Problem 1: High Dependency on Local Time :- The first problem, I faced with Zabbix was, its going completely out of tune if somehow local time of the server get altered by any means. I tried even network time, but just of no use. You are left to pray about this only. Its been an issue since long and I have seen warnings about it manuals and books.

I really think that it should have been fixed till now (means some kind of automatic handling or making server time synced with clients etc). If you were offering this solution to corporate as along this ‘bug’ makes it completely unreliable.

Problem 2: Broken graphs later on as Data increases :- I am really not sure about this problem, but its making me low on confidence in front of management about this product. I am getting really many strange scenarios with it. The biggest Zabbix Server of mine was taking care of around 25-30 servers and this was going awry again and again. Like I am getting data in latest data tab correctly, I am getting data in 4 hours and 8 hours graphs correctly, but getting no graphs in 1 hour and 2 hours graphs, while its showing data but no lines on graph.

Searching through forums say that it might due to much data in MySQL tables and MySQL might be needed to be retuned. But I don’t think that such an application would not be able to handle a mere 2 dozen servers for even straight 7 days. No disk space issue (100 GB free), No Memory Issue (1 GB RAM), processor is Core 2 Duo, have enabled house cleanup, have increased the memory limits, but still….

Problem 3: No support as I am unable to find any person, who knows this software a bit more. Look like most of the people using more worse NagiOS only. Professionals require contract for support and forums are not that useful as its not a simple piece of application and problems are of diverse nature… literally too many. Logs are confusing and most of the time not that much info even on setting it on debug mode.

My aim of this post is not to criticize Zabbix itself here, but its support is really poor and many things not that explained in forums and manuals. Much hard to find anyone, who knows it through.

Currently looking for someone, who might be dealing with Zabbix in his environment and could offer help out of the way. I want to invite all who know a thing or two about Zabbix to share the knowledge with me and same will be with myself.

photo of Nitish KumarNitish Kumar

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