Apple iPad: Are we really running?

Earlier I was reading just too much about iPhone and now this iPad ….apple

As I commented on twitter, sometimes I feel that whole world is divided into two parts; people who have iPhone and people, who haven’t. Yes, I do hear many interesting things and apps about iPhone and they are sure worthy, but still I was never convinced that I should drop my old Nokia Smartphones and choose to buy an iPhone. It might be that worth for a new buy, but if you already own a satisfactory one, then I was never convinced to spend again.

Now, after really too much hype, we finally got the announcement about iPad, Apple’s tablet. I went through specifications and frankly speaking, I have found no reason to buy it till now at least. One could buy a low cost laptop or netbook, but why this? Is it doing anything new, which we were not able to do earlier? Is it offering something better than the others?

Here are some nice videos filming imaginary Hitler counting the limitations and shortcomings of iPad. Enjoy the videos (last one is perfect) and think before rushing for this 25k expense ….




Watch and Show Hindi Movies online

Many people might be searching for such titles, whenever some movie get released. Sometimes due to poor cam quality of CDs / DVDs that hit to market in early rounds or just for free access of movies. Its been illegal since long, but was an already established trend to download movies online, which seems to be much difficult to stop or keeping track of. It seems that finally movie business started to respond in creative ways.

First I got to hear some weeks back that 3 Idiots will come online on YouTube after 12 weeks of release as announced by the director itself and today when I was just checking my subscriptions, then came across an article from Digital Inspiration that says about the collection of Hindi movies already online. Fun is that these are legal to be distributed like normal YouTube links. I am not sure about Revenue Sharing Program of YouTube, but many big banners like Shemaroo Entertainment, Rajshri, Sony Pictures, CBS, MGM, Lions Gate Entertainment, Starz and UltraHindi already seems to join the same.

This might be good way to get profit from dead market big movies of past. Whatever, but its a too good news for movie lovers, they could get hold on their favourites, whenever and wherever they want… not to mention.. all the movies are available in high quality. 🙂 Although till now, only a handful of movies there, hoping that soon more will be added and also some quality content from English Movie stock.

For Popular Hindi Movies Collection, check out the link

For All Movies Collection including English and others, check out the link

Giving you some of the best movies online in full here, Enjoy

Maine Pyar Kiya


Mumbai Salsa: Amazing Movie

Hera Feri


Vivaah: A Cute Movie

Andaaz Apna Apna: All time fun ride


Bawarchi: Rajesh Khanna’s Classic