Nokia N82 back from dead

As I mentioned I could bet on these Nokia Care guys, at least of my area, not on Tuesday but on Saturday and that too when I checked into the place to ask, if its done. Obviously, site showing that its closed-unrepaired and numbers given to me for dialing to them are ringing infinitely like they think to pick up once on a while. Anyway, no complaints, I know how we tech support works 😉

Finally, my Nokia N82 is back. Paid Rs. 3850/- even when it was clear that firmware was not updated, keyboard was not replaced (though tried to repair as it seems but gave up). But even then I am fine as they solved the misery of the device, means Application Sound is working fine now and also the Xeon flash, red light at the back was already gone. I got the screen laminated as well. So, in all fine for me.


Don’t know it was my mishandling or anything else, I lost my old memory card as it stopped working with it. Battery was also supposed to be old enough, so I bought both of the things Rs. 1240/- for Battery (BT-6MT) and Rs. 350/- for a 2GB memory card (SanDisk). Buying something from a Nokia Shop means no discounts or offers for you 😦 while Hotspot and Mobile Bazaar offers, but anyway ….

Upgrading the firmware

Been a rough day for me even then as I already was assured that Nokia N97 Mini has arrived in New Delhi for me and should be delivered to me for two week trial by tomorrow, I was in position to take some risk, so I did.

Why risk? Although not quite of a risk, but problem was that my only medium of Internet connection was MTNL 3G SIM and only smart-phone with 3G available with me was Nokia N82 itself, so wise was to wait for tomorrow and then update the device in office itself on their connections, but I thought to experiment and risk. As OTA not available with Nokai N82 as much I know, so the way I took wasn’t recommended I guess.

Odds in my way: I connected internet over PC via MTNL 3G as I usually do. Used Ovi Suit to connect with device and then for updates. As I already downloaded Maps before, it asked me for 112 MB download and excellent MTNL 3G took a shorter while to finish off the same. Then device went white for a while and then a reboot. Might be it 15-20 mins around and I was done with upgrading. I checked the firmware and it was 35.0.002, obviously the latest.

So relieved now with one more task. Will check out what’s been changed? Although after using advanced devices like Nokia 5800 or Nokia N900, sure things not gonna surprise me. Still what is the greatest about Nokia N82 is its great camera performance. I used it a lot when it was fine and will do same from now on. While Xeon flash outsmart anything else, it was the only mobile camera so far I took clear most picture of documents like scan. Amazing!!!!!

Someone please tell me, when Symbian 3 will get released and if Nokia find a way for installing the same on capable devices in place of providing with new models only.