Two States-Can you go till the end?

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I already wrote once about @chetan_bhagat that what impressions I have about him, when I  wrote my well read post about Chetan Vs Amir, so not mentioning the same again. Should say Two states seems to be the best work of Chetan after Five Point Someone and since I come to read the same, it was a due over me to write something about it.


Two States is about Krish and Ananya, the graduates from IIM-Ahmedabad fall in love with each other and wish to remain together for rest of the life. They are not Hero or Heroines of Bollywood neither do they live in outside the India, so obviously, this wasn’t to be that easy just like their choices. Both already earning higher than their families ever were, but still they wanted to keep their families agreed over their decision. Was earning well enough and being independent, let you make your choices that easily in India? Were the cultural differences between the families that easy to overcome even if they try their best? How much is it worth for hurting many to get someone for rest of your life?

Chetan calls it to be treated as fiction, but also mentions it as semi-autobiographic means based on own experiences (Anusha and Chetan been IIM-A graduates and their marriage possibly gone in the same way), which makes it interesting to read and somewhere in the same league as the first novel from the same author was. He introduces the storyline in his own simple ways …

Love marriages around the world are simple

Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy.
They get married.

In India, there are a few more steps:

Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy.
Girl’s family has to love boy. Boy’s family has to love girl.
Girl’s family has to love boy’s family. Boy’s family has to love girl’s family.
Girl and Boy still love each other. They get married.

The story has the same crisp and realistic nature (even if some sees exaggerations at things like live in etc, but people in similar lifestyles knows that its real) as it has been in his first one Five Point Someone. Though storyline is the most common one, but the way it has been treated makes it almost real in such a way that we start evaluating our options that can we …..

Chetan calls it rightly that it is easy to fight and rebel, but it is much harder to convince. Parents never come to be convinced that its our lives they are talking about and its not hurting their ego by making our most sensitive decision about life. While being at College or job, we almost never ask or care about what cast/ community of the person next to you is and may be never expect someone to care about till we started thinking about marrying the same person.

Parents refuse to accept your choice and behave in such fanatic manner (no matter how educated or matured they might be) that we get confused that they are the same, we expected to be sympathetic towards us and more logical about anything they say. We find ourselves emotionally this much stressed that come to think about reconsidering our love and start thinking in our parents way that with time everything will be settled back to normal.

Two states questions why and how much we are scared to marry outside our community? Why we even start thinking that if it is worth it to marry with making so many members of the families unhappy? Why we gave up at the end or thought its better to marry first and then convince? Its just not about two extremely different communities (like in Two States, Tamil and Panjabi), but about similar communities as well and the way battle was treated till the end makes it so realistic that many of us come to think that were they weak that given up and didn’t went till the end like Krish and Ananya did?

If you think that the story is cheesy or like other movies over similar topics and you can’t really relate yours own, then you are wrong. Like most of us, when Krish introduces Ananya to his mother, she refuses to get smitten by beauty or education or anything else. Yes!!! like most of us, Krish’s mother too annoy/ insults Ananya and her family with her comments. Yes!!! Even the first meet tells both of them that its going to be an impossible chase.

Is the story ends here? No… they wait patiently (sometimes even given up) in worse situations, Krish even convinces Girl’s family totally by filling up personal ambitions of them, so that now they don’t get ashamed of accepting him as groom of their girl. But… is that enough? Love stories many times find one family convinced or totally convinced even then does it make them happen?

Krish’s mom does it all like getting ill or  crying or whatever you could have seen in your families if ever tried. Krish gives up like most of us could have and even were sent to physiatrist. Ananya gets proposal of marrying to much better clan of her own community, Krish even meets one girl of his community for marriage purpose on insisting of her mother. Nothing like that never happened or wont happen if you try. May be Krish got a lucky father to make it happened or its dramatic like movies and you don’t know if you could be this much lucky ever. We get a happy ending in dramatic ways settling everything right, but they really fought it well and the dramatic way was no where out of the world. It asks you a question that Can you go till the end? Can you?????

Like one other review said over it, I also come to think that why couples from different communities give into their feelings for each other when they know that they wont go against the grain of their families and that their families will never ever accept their partner? But perhaps somewhere inside, I know the answers, have seen many, have felt thing closely that how come one falls….. so know that sometimes we are bound of have lifelong scars, if cannot sustain the pain of a long struggle before.

If you search the web about Chetan, then you find many criticizing him on his writing style or say that he write movie kind of literature, but I favour him as he make people like me to believe that we can write best sellers in the same way, we talk or think. May be One Night @ Call Center was more dramatic to suit the audience that loved his Five Point Someone, may be Three Mistake of My Life was kind of Bollywood movie using craze of Cricket and incidents like Gujrat Riots, Earth Quakes, but after Five Point Someone Chetan really given another masterpiece, with which you never feel that you are reading a story, which is some fiction only.

Can I be Krish?

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Some riddles you cant solve

In recent months, I am writing more regularly than ever, but still behind the tech guy there is a non-tech emotional persona, who prefers to be silent. Don’t know why today he thought to come out of shelter?  Don’t know how much he can actually say? But here he is with this post, may be the pain could be some lessened.


Sometimes, simple questions of life become this much complex that you can’t answer them or wish that they were never questioned from you. Seems that someone running from answers, but…. answer was always the same, how many times the question was asked. Wasn’t I clear enough? Still it hurts … why .. you know or may be you know nothing.

You make a decision, about which you know that will cause you pain, know that its not what you wanted, but still you make. Why? Because the logic says, because you know that if you don’t take it this way, then would call for more pain later on. But still… how can you be so certain that you are doing right? Your understanding of logic will always be correct? What you will get next will not cause pain? You can actually never look back and think that you weren’t wrong.

But whose logic you are following? Are they hearing yours? Whom are you not hurting? whom are you pleasing? who  is satisfied? who is happy? Are you? Will you?

You are trying to live for others, but you are left alone thinking that do someone cares for you? Isn’t the life a business, where people leave you when you can’t fulfill their expectations? Parents, family, friends and even special ones, whom you find that you actually wants to live for?


You walk on a path with someone, realizing sooner or later that it will be stuck before the end. You know it’ll hurt, it already is, you pull yourself in so many soft steps, but is that causes less pain? You become irritating for others and yourself cause you are running from life, counting seconds, mins, hours and days to end, thinking that time will pass, will heal, will settle things right …

You cant deny that you have to pass through. Really wanted to be with someone, but I know nothing matters already. I am left from both the sides and there was no side for me already.

I know all of it seems random and its hard to know what I am talking about, but don’t know what I wanted. Please do not comment!!! I don’t know what I am feeling… what I’ll .. some painful moments wont pass even after sharing.

Kalkaji Temple and punctured tyre

I Googled with the same phrase and came up with nothing like I was searching for, so I am not sure that anyone else got the same experience like mine or may be, if someone got such an experience, didn’t noticed that much or posted somewhere. Here, I take the initiative, call it conspiracy theory or whatever that’s what I felt.

I wasn’t ready to go there at the first place due to rush in now days thanks to Navratri, but it was insisting of my friend, who almost bullied me for taking a visit to Kalkaji Mandir.

First about the visit itself

The visit was directed by Ovi Maps alone this time (No Google Maps like was in the last trip). I used my Nokia BH-212 Bluetooth headset hidden under helmet connected with Nokia N97 Mini for voice navigation of route. I paid once for not hearing the instructions and following my instincts and was to take a complete circle for coming at the same turn, where I ignored the directions by Ovi Navigation. One glitch I faced was a place, where it said that I have to take turn to right, while there was no right turn, but for rest of the part, it was excellent.

Now, the part I started to write about. Troubles due to “Special traffic arrangement of Delhi police inside the temple” a side, when I was coming out of parking lot (newly made for temporary reasons), then one reminded me that my bike got a puncture in back tyre. frustrated me wasn’t having enough option than walking on the road with bike to find if some auto mobile shop around.

Just after a few meters, in front of Punjab National Bank (Okhala Branch I guess), I find a boy sitting on bike on footpath with a signboard of Auto Mobile shop and few tires hanging upside. Stops me and ask about the puncture and offers to repair. Obviously, I was having no option but to stop. My friend with me taken it as blessing to get someone so near, while I was thinking that where he gone, why he was sitting there, when shop is so inside? How he will fill air in tube, where there is no machine around? Told my friend about my suspicion.

He comes after a few long mins, not less than 10 mins I guess without water tub to check and here my suspicion begins. He seems to be so ‘expert’ that first inspected the tyre from eyes to find any keels if there and found at exactly against where the valve was (only spot, you can be so certain about finding easily). He finds a keel there, removes that and then opens wheel for pulling the tube out.

Interestingly, no testing by water or by filling air into tube, he inspects the tube by his eyes in two three rounds of tube and finally declares that Sir!! the tube is gone, can’t be repaired. My conspiracy theory got a whole cycle completed, obviously, no profit in such a ploy, if you are getting only 20 bucks as puncture repairs. I looked at my friend with expression “thats what I was talking about” and asked him about the amount required for new tyres. He made it professional by saying that Sir, I don’t have tyre of this size, have to look from somewhere (Great!!! are bikes come in different sizes? Pulsor 150cc is like covering more than half of market). I thought whom are you fooling? Asked him to find. He said Rs. 180/- Do I had some option?

He repaired and took money from me meanwhile two other people stopped there; one with broken break wires & one with some other complaint. I left the place wondering if it was all ploy.

Thought to post, if someone else might have faced something like this at the same place, which I doubt that many are having regularly. All of this arrangement seemed suspicious in first sight.

One day with Google-Ovi Maps and Nokia N97 Mini

Testing something is another thing and relying on them in unmanaged scenario as we are used to find in India is just another thing. Earlier I had used simple Nokia Maps to find the destination in one friend’s marriage and usually to know the distance left while travelling via public transport medium and also for using the badge on my blog via the link. This time thought to put it on a blind trial.

One of my friend was coming to New Delhi for an Interview with HDFC Bank. As she was unaware of Delhi locations, so it was up to me escort her. Address was something like HDFC Bank, Vertika Atrium, Sector 53, Gurgaon. I should admit, I am dumb about locations around in Delhi. Schedule goes monotonic in a way that I know about places like home and office only and even though now getting aware with new locations, still I find me dumber than others. So, the responsibility becomes tougher in my case.

It sound nerd, but I used Google Map to search for the location as Ovi Maps wasn’t able to come up with any result related to HDFC, Vertika Atrium. Even Google wasn’t able to find or I might not be using proper search terms, but I found Vertika Attrium for sure and that seems enough to reach there. I used the Get Directions link and taken print out of the route instructions by copy/ paste. I wish Google may place a print button or link for printing out the route instructions. Anyway…

Yes!! I missed a few turns and taken rounds of few places at moments, but that’s all due to misinterpretation of instructions not of fault of any of the two maps. Sure, it didn’t went blind as once or twice, I was to stop and ask people for confirmation that I am going right, but at the end, I was at exact place, I was to reach without many hassles.

Trip is completed but I am left with a few observations…

  1. Sharing: Ovi-Google: I am not sure that till now, I don’t know or there is no way till now for sharing a found location in Google Maps to Ovi Maps though Google Maps detect favourites made by Ovi Maps.

  2. Updates about Locations: When you think of technical aspects, then its sure a mammoth task, but I find that Ovi Maps due to their offline nature, aren’t that updated enough. Specially about places like we have in India, where when routes will be permanently blocked or re-routed via some other long route, no one knows. I come to hit places, where Ovi navigation kept on telling me that I need to turn right, but there was NO right turn? Yes. I was to go a few hundred meters and then by taking a U-turn, was to reach other side of the road to find that the instructions were right but not locally correct under traffic rules.

    While Google Maps was better in this sense due to highly detailed imaginary, whereas Nokia Satellite imaginary seems to be limited to City Level only not street level (understood due to vector nature of Maps for saving Data usages) and sure at some occasions, you get a better idea by the visuals you see. Not suggesting Nokia for doing so, but Google Maps is a must have for occasions.

  3. Heating of device: I am not sure that what caused that was it noon temperature or extensive usages of 3G data or heavily used Nokia N97 mini, but I found it heated up, when was coming back from the trip and found it better to switch the same off for a while. Must be some local issue otherwise, I have traveled longer with Maps and in comparison this wasn’t even a total of 100 km trip.

    Moral of the story: The navigation device should have excellent cooling system for longer trips as sometime choking/ fluctuating connections could cause a whole bunch of troubles for your beloved device.

Ovi tells you that you have to move straight till 3 km, when you reached nearer, it tells that after 300 m, you have to take left turn or have keep left if the turn is slight or you have two options, one flyover and one the road side by. Moreover, even after wrong turns, it instantly recalculate now renewed route instructions.

Means in all, the perfect solution it is. I have been in touch of a GPS technology related project through  one of my friend Manoj Tripathi under Prof. Anupam and aware of challenges in programming aspects of such a system. Dealing with something like whole world data, is something like amazing, which makes Ovi Maps and Google Maps technology the best of the apps on your smartphones.

Conclusion: Though my personal opinion, but I think such navigation is better for people driving cars as they could see the maps actually and not that better for people driving bikes and keeping the bluetooth headset on (like my case), but still work decently and you can actually rely over it.

Even if not that detailed (don’t have maps of my hometown Azamgarh in details), Ovi Maps is still the best about Voice Guided navigation. Technology is not about labs and research papers only, its about making in reached directly into hands of mass and Nokia and Google doing this at their best. I owe you!!!!


Nokia N97 Mini Review Part 1-Hardware Dissected

This time I really wanted to go for a review with sleeves off, so thought to take my time (though reasons for delay were office related, personal etc as well). But here I am back again. This time, I have decided to take the things one by one rather than summarizing things in one or two posts.

Here is my take on Hardware first. 

Dimension and build:

width x height x depth:    52.5 x 113 x 16.4 millimetres (2.1 x 4.4 x 0.6 inches)
(0.9 mm more in depth from Nokia 5800, not noticeable, more width and height sure appreciable)
Bounding-Volume:    97.3 cubecentimetres
Mass:    138 grams (battery included)
(29 grams higher than Nokia 5800 but considering metal body, its nothing)

Build is kind of perfect except the sliding mechanism as I mentioned in earlier post. Device seems solid from every side and even no components out under the battery. This time, I was not scared from opening the battery cover as just a side uplift for the same (its steel). Keypad layout is the same as was of N900, so I am happy about it, but one complaint was there and so is here about dedicated numeric keys. After all, its a phone first, touch way is nice, but somehow if dedicated numeric keys were there, then it was more of a phone. The 1200 mAh battery is so thin suiting to slim dimensions of cell. Sim slot mechanism is so cool, but I fear about loosing the metal plate (like I have lost hook of my BH-212 bluetooth headset). I really loved the way it has been built coz it didn’t make you feel that it has a full hardware qwerty keypad with it waiting to slide out. 😉

Check the pics given beow.

The looks with keypad open Keypad seems to have nice spacing

 Metal battery cover thats too easy to removeMade in Finland

 Volume/ Zoom Keys, Camera Keys MiniUSB port with a white light and keyguard switch

Power button on top and 3.5 mm jack check the half open SIM plate, MicroSD card slot above it and well built inside back

Processor and Chipset:

CPU+Clock: 434 MHz (N900 has 600 MHz)
Width of Machine Word: 32 bit
CPU Core: ARM11
Level 1 cache: 16KiB data cache / 16 KiB instruction cache (Double of it N900 has)
Instruction Set: ARMv6 (N900 has v7)

Part of RISC family, ARM processors are part of most of embedded electronics now days. ARM architecture was suitable for smart-phones for their higher clocking capabilities and low power consumption. Nokia took ARM architecture ahead and other players followed. Though now, we find Snapdragon processors clocking at 1GHz from same ARM family, but who might have seen power of even 600 MHz ARM Cortex A8 clubbed with PowerVR SGX graphics, would sure like to wait more. Yes!! the widely used 434 MHz one seems a bit outdated now, but still it stands better than the average if not the best ones out there.

Earlier released with 369 MHz, same Nokia 5800 shows 434 MHz now, I wasn’t really sure that both have the same processor or different ones. Little deeper dig told me that Nokia 5800 had different one named Nokia Rapido YII3E (kind of over clocked now) and iARM 1136JF-S sure has better capabilities. Not everything shows on specs. Check ARM official website.

Where N97 Mini lacks with other leading smart-phones of now days is dedicated graphics. it still without something like PowerVR SGX graphics that’s a let down for sure.


RAM capacity: 128 MiB
ROM type: Flash EEPROM
ROM capacity: 512 MiB, including 280.6MiB user-accessible non-volatile storage
Secondary ROM type: Flash EEPROM
Secondary ROM capacity: 7630 MiB

This is the area of enhancement in N97 Mini over Nokia 5800. Nokia 5800 had only 73 MB out of 128 MB RAM accessible, while it has all. There was 256 MB ROM with only 81 MB available for users and now with N97 Mini it has 512 MB ROM with 280 MB accessible for users. Nokia N97 has a secondary ROM of 8GB in addition for all kind of usages, while still supports microSD, microSDHC, TransFlash, High Capacity (SD 2.0/HC) memory cards with capacity of up to 32GB. Yes!! I know greedy like us still cry loud for 256 MB RAM, but greed never ends.

At cost and performance side, then having an internal storage in GBs is sure the best for performance but ask for cost as well. So, the same justifies the cost of N97 Mini in a way.


Display Type: color transflective resistive touch screen TFT display
Display Color Depth: 24 bit/pixel (16777216 scales)
Display Diagonal: 3.2 " (81 millimetres)
Display Resolution: 360 x 640 (230400 pixels)
Viewable Display Size: 1.56 " x 2.78 " (39.71 x 70.6 millimetres)
Dot Pitch: 230.3 pixel/inch (0.11031 millimetre/pixel)
Video out: NTSC/PAL resolution, Proprietary connector

I am really not sure that whether both the display unit is the same as was used in Nokia 5800. Considering the price, they should have increased the resolution at least. It seems a bit more responsive than Nokia 5800, but that should be due to better OS and processor I guess. Moreover, I noticed that N97 Mini has something wider about display. Don’t know what it is, but its there for sure. May be some OS enhancements made that way or something else.

As far as discussion about Capacitive Vs Resistive goes, then sure capacitive ones have the wow!! factor, but still considering the price and convenience of stylus with resistive screen, I don’t mind being with a resistive one. I might be Nokia Fan-Boy, but checked capacitive one on iPod 3G Touch and didn’t found it so ground breaking that one can’t bear being with resistive one

Camera Performance:

Main Camera : –

Sensor Type: CMOS sensor
Resolution: 2592 x1944 pixels (5.04MP)
Lens: Carl Zeiss optics
Autofocus (AF): Supported
Optical Zoom: 1 x
Macro Mode: Supported
Built-in Flash: mobile light (Dual LED) 400, Video light 
Camcorder: 640×480 pixels , 30frame/sec
Recordable Image Formats: JPG
Recordable Video Formats: 3GP, MPEG4
Geotagging: Supported

Secondary Camera : –

Sensor Type: CMOS sensor
Resolution: 320 x240 pixels (0.08MP)
Camcorder: 176x144pixels , 15frame/sec
Recordable Image Formats: JPG
Recordable Video Formats: 3GP

I always been in love with my Nokia N82 5 MP Camera with Xeon flash and even after using N900 for a while, my faith didn’t broken that Xeon flash was something out of world. I was kind of totally disappointed with Nokia 5800 and sure Nokia N97 Mini seems brighter on this time. I am really surprised that even with Led Flash, it manages really good snaps otherwise I was so much in love with Xeon that never thought anything else could give something like this.

19032010004 With this camera performance, it really justifies its price as Nokia N82 must be around 17.5k now days, I guess.

Carl Zeiss optics been a blessing for Nokia because of its performance. As about the base technology, then I know that CCD one that is used in the main stream digital cameras will never make it to smart phones as they consumes a lot of power, though produce high quality of pictures, while CMOS ones will be susceptible to Noise even at the best. But practically, you can see that its totally acceptable for a non-professional to completely live and love his smart phone CMOS Censor based camera. 🙂

GPS Unit:

Built-in-GPS module: Supported
GPS Protocol: NMEA 0183
GPS Antenna: Internal antenna
Complementary GPS Services: Assisted GPS
Built-in Compass: Available

Though I am not sure which chipset it usages but I assume that it must be SIRF III like most of the devices. GPS really been a blessing and addition of Voice guidance by Nokia makes it something like part of life. I am still disappointed that why not free navigation made the way to my beloved Nokia N82 yet or will it ever? I know prices are slashed for navigation, but still …. Addition of Compass makes it so cool and accurate; something on another level. Sure faster than Nokia 5800 and Nokia N82 when it comes to locking and I still feel better than Nokia N900 due to so naive Ovi Map software there. Moreover, better performing Ovi Maps due to improved memory and prosessor I guess otherwise N82 has started troubling with new version of Ovi Maps. Adding a video from boybandreject00 for overview

Limitations of GPS technologies aside, its like integrating all your travelling needs like Camera, Music, Internet and GPS at the same place. Limitations are like .. I think it doesn’t sense that we are over some flyover or below that or obviously doesn’t get updated about if route are changed or temporarily blocked by authority for weeks. May be in other countries situation might be some different, but in India, it is fact.


Cellular Networks: GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, UMTS900, UMTS1900, UMTS2100
Cellular Data Links: CSD, HSCSD, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA,GPRS Class B Multi-slot Class 32,, EDGE Class B Multi-slot Class 32, HSDPA 3.6 (Cat. 6)
USB: USB 2.0 client, Hi-Speed (480Mbit/s), USB Series Micro-B (Micro-USB) connector
Bluetooth (802.15): Bluetooth 2.0 + Enhanced Data Rate, Internal antenna
Wireless LAN/Wi-Fi-(802.11):    IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, 54 Mbit/s

I come to read somewhere that when it comes to specifications, then Nokia likes to tick all of them, so is the case with Nokia N97. It drops Infrared and HSUPA support, but still have plenty of super fast connectivity options for utilizing its connected widgets.

I really feel that connectivity on the go is an era where Smart Phones beats Laptops, Netbooks and computers. Though N900 is a revolution of its kind, but still many coulod manage their works with a Full qwerty keypad and nice screen with all time connected fast web. Only issue was with switching so many available options, then Nokia is improving in this area with each device. While I find Nokia N900 the smoothest, N97 Mini also seems to have avoided most of the connectivity glitches.

Music Unit:

Audio Channel(s): 3D stereo sound
Analog/Digital Converter (Recording): 16 bit nominal quantization, 48000 Hz sampling frequency
Digital/Analog Converter (Playing): 16 bit resolution, 48000 Hz holding frequency
Microphone(s): mono sound
Loudspeaker(s): stereo sound
Audio Output: 3.5mm plug
Analog Radio: FM radio (87.5-108MHz) with RDS radio reciever, Proprietary headset as antenna

When it comes to Multimedia, then Nokia always been a champion of all and my expectation are much high after having N900.  Still my demands will be the same. Find some way to play all kind of media files. Not a rocket science and could be done via any firmware update. I guess what needs to be done is negotiation with various format providers. Next annoyance is to use Wired Headphone for FM Radio. Why? What about Bluetooth Headset? Please drop this requirement …

I wish if FM Transmitter was part of the deal.. I was having no issue in buying this right now.

Power Management:

Battery: BL-4D 1200 mAh Li-Ion battery
Talk-time (maximum): GSM 430 mins, WCDMA 240 mins
Standby time (maximum): GSM up to 320 h, WCDMA up to 310 h
Video playback time: (nHD, 30 fps, maximum): 210 mins
Video recording time: (VGA, 30fps, maximum): 170 mins
Video call time (maximum): 120 mins
Music playback time (offline mode, maximum): Up to 28 h

It fares well for whole day operations, but I really see no point in removing the earlier 1320 mAh, which was there in Nokia 5800 except the fact about size. But when Apple and other could make slimmer batteries, then why not Nokia? I really see no point in reducing the battery at least, as powerful battery might be, it would be more appreciated. May be some price concerns, but don’t make compromise on battery at least plz!!!.

So, here I am finishing my first round of review for Nokia N97 Mini. Will be back soon about other things. Join the conversation and suggest me more.

Nokia N97 Mini- Unboxing and first impressions

The starving without a capable smart phone for a while, memories of my dates with N900 and my escalated expectations from a smart phone. Really, I find myself way too demanding than ever because of level of comfort I had with Nokia N900.


In absence of N900, the next gem of Nokia catalogue was Nokia N97 Mini (N97 being overpriced and less policed), so I was trying to settle my mind on the same. Where I got stuck, was the question that how much more its offering than Nokia 5800 as both share same processor, same screen size and similar dimensions. My mind was saying, so what if N97 Mini has few improvements, but price difference is too high. I really wanted to have a look myself for the worthy differences on additional price.

Finally, WomWorld came to be my saviour again by sending me the trial device straight at the same day, they received N900 back to them. And here I am …

I will try to add captions in un-boxing video attached later on, but mentioning a few things I noticed.

  1. The Box: Though I am not sure that its slimmest packaging in whole smart phone world, but its the most slim package I ever seen. Clever design. Though I didn’t found the same black box as Nokia started to produce from recycled materials, but I think this must be with the trial device only. I think I have seen N97 Mini in similar package made of recycled materials on Nokia Shop. Not sure though!!!!

    I think Nokia and others are bound to take such moves due to Apple’s strategy to put “Environmental Status Report” in promotions of iPhone, but if something calling for Good, then its always welcome. Make all devices from recycled materials and think new ways.

  2. Micro USB Charger again: It didn’t surprised me as I was aware of the news from Jan 2009 that Micro USB Charger would be a standard soon. This will not only accomplish the target of forming universal charger for all kind of devices, but also works in the same direction of minimalistic design (as the same port will serve the data transfer and connectivity purpose as well). But for my surprise, there was no connector available in the box for making use of older version chargers.

    No complaints!!! thanks .. it make me handling only one cable inserted into it, when I am sharing my 3G connection with my PC through it. 🙂

  3. Keypad: More space means more convenience and I already loved keypad of N900, which is sure taken inspiration from this one. Removal of D pad is sure good enough. I love typing from cell.

  4. Surprisingly slim:  It looks slimmer than Nokia 5800 in thickness and rest of the dimension already same. So, that’s impressive that they retained the size, even reduced and then dare to incorporate the sliding qwerty keypad into it as well. If not curious, then many might keep on using the device without knowing existence of qwerty keypad into it that’s a compliment for its slim design.

  5. Tough build like a rock: Out of the other features, it’s Nokia N97 Mini’s looks and build that gonna to attract specially class customer like business persons with heavy use of cells. A real solid body made of metal most of the places, specially battery cover and rest places where plastic is, I find even that of high quality repellent of finger prints and most kind of scratches. That’s for sure is something that gonna stay long. I wish to have more devices build like this from Nokia.

    But there are few horrible thing about the build as well (may be only I am scared). I am scared of sliding mechanism, don’t know why, but  I feel its sliding is not safe for rough usage. Opening the keypad requires a particular pattern and if some unknown usages some force then …. moreover, don’t know this was with only my device, but I noticed some loose part in screen just above the logo, hope its not with all devices.

    Even then its somewhat best build so far and I know they already had invented better sliding mechanisms (like N900) that will follow later on (process of learning from feedbacks you say). I hope that keep on making such solid bodies (it feels solid than N900 too).

  6. Internal layout: Most of the time, we concentrate over exteriors only, but Nokia took great care about internal side as well. While the layout is minimalistic and solid enough, I found the way of inserting SIM cool!! Though I struggled to find the same in first place, but I find it safer for SIM even if we might be used to changing SIM again and again. SIM protected with little mettle plate.. good idea.. note that.. don’t loose the metal plate otherwise … 😉 I am stuck after loosing the hook of my Nokia BH-212 😥

    Good move, I feel the same will be standard soon.

The live un-boxing is in video given above, though it was a trial device, so was already opened, but even then you could get a view of what’s inside and how to start with.

Sure, a big review is coming about the features and differences with other devices like Nokia 5800 in similar league.

Nokia N82 back from dead

As I mentioned I could bet on these Nokia Care guys, at least of my area, not on Tuesday but on Saturday and that too when I checked into the place to ask, if its done. Obviously, site showing that its closed-unrepaired and numbers given to me for dialing to them are ringing infinitely like they think to pick up once on a while. Anyway, no complaints, I know how we tech support works 😉

Finally, my Nokia N82 is back. Paid Rs. 3850/- even when it was clear that firmware was not updated, keyboard was not replaced (though tried to repair as it seems but gave up). But even then I am fine as they solved the misery of the device, means Application Sound is working fine now and also the Xeon flash, red light at the back was already gone. I got the screen laminated as well. So, in all fine for me.


Don’t know it was my mishandling or anything else, I lost my old memory card as it stopped working with it. Battery was also supposed to be old enough, so I bought both of the things Rs. 1240/- for Battery (BT-6MT) and Rs. 350/- for a 2GB memory card (SanDisk). Buying something from a Nokia Shop means no discounts or offers for you 😦 while Hotspot and Mobile Bazaar offers, but anyway ….

Upgrading the firmware

Been a rough day for me even then as I already was assured that Nokia N97 Mini has arrived in New Delhi for me and should be delivered to me for two week trial by tomorrow, I was in position to take some risk, so I did.

Why risk? Although not quite of a risk, but problem was that my only medium of Internet connection was MTNL 3G SIM and only smart-phone with 3G available with me was Nokia N82 itself, so wise was to wait for tomorrow and then update the device in office itself on their connections, but I thought to experiment and risk. As OTA not available with Nokai N82 as much I know, so the way I took wasn’t recommended I guess.

Odds in my way: I connected internet over PC via MTNL 3G as I usually do. Used Ovi Suit to connect with device and then for updates. As I already downloaded Maps before, it asked me for 112 MB download and excellent MTNL 3G took a shorter while to finish off the same. Then device went white for a while and then a reboot. Might be it 15-20 mins around and I was done with upgrading. I checked the firmware and it was 35.0.002, obviously the latest.

So relieved now with one more task. Will check out what’s been changed? Although after using advanced devices like Nokia 5800 or Nokia N900, sure things not gonna surprise me. Still what is the greatest about Nokia N82 is its great camera performance. I used it a lot when it was fine and will do same from now on. While Xeon flash outsmart anything else, it was the only mobile camera so far I took clear most picture of documents like scan. Amazing!!!!!

Someone please tell me, when Symbian 3 will get released and if Nokia find a way for installing the same on capable devices in place of providing with new models only.