Nokia EveryoneConnect invitation from WomWorld

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Sometimes, you find yourself smiling only over things happened. While eagerly waiting for my ovimaps slugs to reach courtesy @ovibyNokia, a DHL courier of A3 size reached to me on Saturday. Received today as I was on leave to entertain parents, who are in Delhi now days.

Take a look what came out of the same ….

85682913 Oh!!! you think something more inside the packet?? Sorry nothing else inside than this 3” x3” Invitation card. Surprise na!!!! Anyway, take a closer look

mobile Upload 

The backside of card also showing something like chat/ message icons… is it cryptic message? Sorry could not use some sci fi technologies to go beyond the black colour … may be …


The link given in the card is, which is showing a cool flash based countdown as given below


I guess, Paul@WomWorldNokia already hinted me about some surprise coming my way few weeks back. Though speculations are around that it might be a launch of rumored NextGen mobile N-8 or connecting with last event, something related with Nokia Messaging. I think I could be assured that this must be N-8 only as WomWorld knows what interests me more… let see… meet you there …..

Ok. I just went a little deeper, checked the source of the site, by the hint there, I changed the dates of my system to April 14, 2010 and here is what I got …

messaging I am not sure what it is.. is it Same Nokia Messaging App available free for all now with some added functionality? Or it is the same integration of IMs and SMS as I loved in Nokia N900?

I don’t think that it would be that hard to integrate Skype/ Gtalk into common Smart Phones. APIs for both are available and provided the devices in market, they could sure afford to extend the same concept to other devices as well. Will they wrap it up in form of some app or will they offer a firmware upgrade for tighter integration?

Not sure that my expectations will be coincide with the upcoming, but will love it, if it happens.

I feel bad about Idea people crying out there for Save Paper campaign. Poor they … Invitation of an online event through this much bigger courier 😉


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Skyfire-You can play Farmville on Nokia N82

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Farmville: An addition of web surfers in same way cigarettes might be for some office goers. Symbian users always been deprived of experiencing the same due to heavy flash used in the same and only Flash Lite 3.0 can’t do Farmville. Look like Skyfire taken the task. Yes!! You can use heavy flash on your only Flash Lite 3.0 device with Skyfire.

I given Skyfire a try for running Farmville on my Nokia N82 and the result were …

FarmVille on Nokia N82

Not sure what doing the trick, but as much I could guess and read, it render websites first as images rather than actual pages and this explains how it handles Flash. Flash might be playing on servers and device must be getting series of pictures. This implies that this kind of Flash performance should be fast on faster connections like 3G or Wi-Fi and worse if using mere GPRS.

I really want to invite users, if could comment about technique being used behind the same. Till then have good comparison between Opera and Skyfire (Courtesy Original post)

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