Nokia C3, C6, E5-Reality check

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Nokia C3 Unique S40 device with 2MP Camera, qwerty keypad, 3.5 mm connector, 55 MB internal memory, supports up to 8GB Memory card, WLAN support,  Inbuilt support for ‘Game changing’ Nokia Messaging for mails and IMs. and price? just RS. 5, 500/- to Rs. 6, 000/- as announced. May be even more lowered down after production.

Nokia C6 A device that seems to fare even more better than Nokia N97 Mini (Rs. 19, 500/-) and even if not, then passing the very popular Nokia 5800 (Rs. 13, 000/-) for sure. Same Symbian OS as Nokia N97 Mini, same processor as Nokia N97 Mini, same 128 MB RAM, 5 MP Camera with LED Flash, secondary camera, sliding qwerty keypad, 3.2” resistive touch TFT screen with nHD 16:9, 640x 360, Free Ovi Maps voice navigation with A-GPS support, WLAN, 3G, Inbuilt support for Game changing Nokia Messaging for mails and IMs and same battery as Nokia N97 Mini… price? just Rs. 14, 000/- – Rs. 15, 000/- at max.

Nokia E5 Top class business device fairing even better than even Nokia E72 (Rs. 18, 500/-) due to many email supports, Lotus/ Exchange support, same 600 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM, 250 internal memory, 5 MP camera, Free Ovi Maps voice navigation obviously, HSPDA/ HSUPA, WLAN, same sleek looks as featured by E72 or E63 and battery life said to be  18.5 hours on GSM…  price? Rs. 12, 500/- or Rs. 13, 000/-


Enough excitement naa??? Get a read over David Gilson post about detailed comparison of these devices with ones, they going to replace. With excitement, Its also a good question to think up on that where are the hidden compromises to present such mouth watering prices? Coz on specification sheets, it seems to bringing the best elements of successful Nokia Smart Phones, but how much we should actually expect coming for us ????

Well.. if we talk about Nokia C3, then if you really think then only addition is WLAN and qwerty keypad or you could add up support for bigger memory card into it as well. Internal Memory boosts up from 30MB as was similar priced Nokia 5310, shouldn’t be that much of price concern as launch dates have years between them. I don’t count Nokia messaging integration on costlier side.

What’s on costlier side is QWERTY and WLAN. but Nokia, Apple already shown that they  could sport WLAN on cheaper rates with their E63 and iPad respectively.

Nokia C3 is a great device for lower end market and might be a big success like old sets like 3300, 3310 and 1600 been. So far, I guess no compromises made as prices are reasonable with a little brave push. Hope as it looks in pictures, Nokia coming with metallic body for C3.

Next is Nokia E5 … those who might have missed from specification sheet, let me remind you neither its coming with Carl Zeiss lenses nor I am expecting it to sport that metallic tough looks as E72 had. More of it, what made Nokia E72 standing out of crowd, the Optical Pad is also missing from Nokia E5. At the end, what’s most wrong part is, its loss about battery, in place of BP-4L (1500mAh) we are going to get BL-4D (1200mAh). Even if its being shown with more talk time, it can easily be expected that battery performance might get crucially lower than its competitor. Current price of E72 has been lowered to 299 Euro and Nokia E5 is being launched on around 190 euro. Less battery and missing optical pad seems to justifying the lesser price.

Also I am thinking about the compromises made around functioning, as increased battery life on lower battery means there are some energy saving techniques applied within and as it happens usually it going to cost over performance from somewhere. Yet to see.. and if Nokia really have found some special technique, then why not it’s there with other two? Future will reveal.

Sure, there are compromises and I am okay with them as its going to allow a broader audience to receive the business series with full feature. Though one shouldn’t expect it going to be great on Camera (provided the Non-Carl Zeiss and No Auto Focus), which is bad as many times a business person uses camera for taking scan like images of documents. Don’t know without Auto Focus and Carl Zeiss, how that would fare. Just could hope that they don’t get plasticy in the  way, as the body of Nokia 5800 was and they will sure get an additional sale from my side .

For me, still E72 after next firmware updates (might include this Nokia Messaging into that) fares better due to better battery as Business users tend to use WiFi and 3G than GSM.

People always said that Nokia N97 and even N97 Mini are overpriced in a way and it was sure evident then one looks over the other successful one Nokia 5800. Nokia C6 seems to giving answers to all those people. Disappointment is on air for few, who expected at least 256 MB RAM and 600 MHz from the successor of Nokia N97 Mini, but let me tell you all of these devices are never meant to be successor of any. Neither E5 nor C6. They are in league of their own and an attempt of Nokia to show that still they rule on the scale they have defined.

The  highest priced among the three, Nokia C6 sure reasons the price due to addition of QWERTY and OS capability of Nokia N97 in Nokia 5800. We have lost tilt slider and 82 MB internal memory, when compared to Nokia N97 Mini. Charging got powered by Micro USB, which is nextGen but still… as I have seen that if we use 3G connection at full force on Laptop via Smart Phone, then it drain battery faster than it charges. I am not sure that should call it a positive addition or not, but its sure convenient for majority.

What are we going to miss most with Nokia C6 is again Carl Ziess and dual LED flash, which will sure make the Camera go completely ordinary. I was not even happy with Nokia 5800 and don’t know how C6 will fare in Camera side that way. I never come to know that why Nokia used lesser battery in N97 Mini and higher in 5800 and same question hits back here as well.

Yes!! there are compromises and some are even painful like camera and battery. 128 MB RAM is not going to take it very far the way it seized sale of N97 Mini and if it lacked anything in A-GPS in comparison to N97 (compass already not there), then it would sure be lesser popular than other two models. The only place where it fares better than other two devices is screen size, which facilitate comfortable browsing and navigation experience.

The only touch screen device of the three model sure would be crucial as still many people wants touch devices. But don’t know why I am feeling that it has less brighter future than other devices and upcoming devices (To be frank)…

So, as a conclusion, I think ‘inclusion’ of Nokia Messaging and Chat (that was already there  in Beta Labs from 8199_h some time available for few select models) sure ground breaking for NextGen communications and a sign of the shift that how seriously various businesses taking social networking. Nokia really went aggressive by including WLAN and all comprehensive features at such mouth watering prices coz sometimes we don’t consider worth of some good things till don’t use them due to price. These devices will bring the power of QWERTY, multitasking, heavy storage support and strong connectivity to mass.

I once said that there are so many features in advance Smart Phones, like we could send co-ordinates that where are we or could upload pictures or could communicate with international friends so easily but that doesn’t make effective appearance till we get such smart phones reaching to all your friends. It was always hard to convince any friend of yours to buy a handset of Rs 20, 000/- as you will always be asked that what’s point of buying a smart phone in such a price, when could buy whole Netbook in same price easily?

You check your Ovi Contacts and find only a few online. You check Google Maps Lattitude and find only two three friends have updated their locations (coz they don’t have smart phones with GPS) You left being lonely many times. I am sure that these new device gonna change the same experience. But sure, we need to keep the expectations realistic as its not gonna be a biggest Multimedia experience for sure. Should wait for next move from Nokia.

Just got more updates today

Check out the video showing C3, C5, C6, E5


Few observations ….

C6 It’s good to see that there is no tilt slider in C6 as for me, I was always susceptible about the same in Nokia N97 Mini and loved the smooth slider experience of Nokia N900. Hope this would be the same. There are physical buttons for receiving and rejecting calls, but the whole body seems to be similar to that Nokia 5800 means no metal in this one at least.

C3 and E5 It seems that I shouldn’t be that worried about the build of these two as both of them seem to sport metallic back and build. Sorry I doubted in first place.

Waiting that when I would be able to take my hands on them….

More updates

Got to see flicker stream of RS77 and view of E5 and C6 there. Interface-wise not much seems to be changed, but I am happy to see the solid looks of E5. Wait continues …

e5-1 e5-2

photo of Nitish KumarNitish Kumar


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