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Update: Much happy to see many WomWorldian joining here. I know that most of you love to do things rather than saying and we find you people silent most of the times only giving voice to our words. Many like me still wish to get list here grow more to know more about you people.

Twitter accounts and pics …. wish to add more name … 🙂

May be the title seem a bit over … but that just prompted me when I thought to put some lines for today’s post. Will try to introduce a team here, whom I just started to know since last few months (in a way), but knowing more of them still fascinates …

1000heads …. WomWorld … heard of these names?

Chris illman Director of Engagement Strategy  James Whatley Joel Diamond Katie Buntingarto JoensuuMike DavisonAnssi Mäkelä

Lydia Millett Paul Coombes Relationship director  Donna Suffling Riccardo Webb Tom HallJussi-Pekka ErkkolaDaniel Goodall

ShiraFrank Grindrod Account Director@1000HeadsAdam Woodley

May be even the pictures above don’t strike something in your mind, but let me tell you, this is the team, now we know as WomWorld/ Nokia. Each image posted above, when clicked will take you personal twitter page of each of them.

Ok!! tell me, how many of you make decisions about buying products? Either it be phones, electronics, house hold or anything?

TV Ads? Print Media? Friends?

Earlier our opinions were based on what shop owners or sales persons tell you, then it shifted to TVs/ Ads. That’s what companies were doing to reach potential and existing customers. But there was always one thing that never changed, opinions of people like you, opinion of your friends, opinion of people, who might have nothing to with brand or promotion itself, opinions based on personal experiences.

Here came the independent internet reviews …

Internet reviews really have became a big influencing factor for buyers now and cnet reviews, mouthshut.com etc have made big places in buyer’s mind. This is called World of Mouth, publicity from mouth-to-mouth. After using Mouthshut.com so long for my purchase decisions, recently I entered a new world about my very trusted Nokia through WomWorld.

Honestly, now I feel ashamed of myself that I wasn’t aware of existence of WomWorld till recent until Paul mailed me about my Nokia 5800 post. With a few words of praise, he also mentioned that he could send a few Nokia devices to me for trial. Not knowing anything about WomWorld or any similar thing like that it was a surprise to me, surprise in that much big way that I didn’t even given a thought to search about WomWorld … later on after a few days, when Paul asked me to fill some details so that he could send me Nokia N900, then it sounded some real to me. But really neither me, my room partner or any of my colleague were convinced that such a costly device coming to me like common man for trial, neither did I shared the excitement with many people.

In place of waiting for Nokia N900 in real, then I started searching web about WomWorld and Paul… then the journey started. I received Nokia N900 soon and written a couple of reviews over it, later on the other device that came to my door step was Nokia N97 Mini… I even started following them on twitter and soon won first few entries price from @ovibynokia

Just a short journey, but still big impressions for the products and the way, the team is making them reach to the market.

One could feel the impression as last many post of mine centered around Nokia Products .. in no means for any kind of promotion, but from the heart. Increased hits, a different recognition and a feeling of warmth that’s what I shared and hope to share more with WomWorld.

Oh!! Sorry.. I should put a few lines about what WomWorld/ Nokia is.

WomWorld/ Nokia is a Nokia sponsored resource providing latest news, comment and feedback on all things related to Nokia from the world of social media and beyons. A wing of 1000heads.com that is the largest dedicated global Word of Mouth agency in the world, which is based in London, with staff in New York, Vancouver, Paris and the lovelier parts of the Oxfordshire countryside.

They help brands to listen to people, and people talk about brands.

How to do that? They do this by understanding conversations, and using the insight they gain to build and nurture immersive relationships between brands and people. This inspires Word of Mouth, builds advocacy and ultimately increases revenues for their clients.

They do like door to door advertising by contacting bloggers directly and offer trial devices through most simplest procedures (taking each and every cost related thing on their own part). More of it, unlike any other PR agencies in the world, I found them much shy in talking about themselves. You hardly hear anything about the biggest name in PR industry that’s because they do it and leave the part of talking to others only. Probably that’s the soul of World of Mouth is.

A short journey, but still I thought that there should be a post from WomWorld itself introducing its members in details. That’s why posting this… may be it will kick off a detailed post from WomWorld/Nokia itself.

I went through blogs of a few WomWorldians and find that some of them have a separate identity as bloggers as well. It’s really intriguing me to know more about the process of building the team and workplace.. let’s see… what we will hear from them in reply of this post.

Other online marketing professionals out there needs to took note of it, there is a lot of things to learn from these people.

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