WomWorld-Influencing the world from behind the curtain

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Update: Much happy to see many WomWorldian joining here. I know that most of you love to do things rather than saying and we find you people silent most of the times only giving voice to our words. Many like me still wish to get list here grow more to know more about you people.

Twitter accounts and pics …. wish to add more name … 🙂

May be the title seem a bit over … but that just prompted me when I thought to put some lines for today’s post. Will try to introduce a team here, whom I just started to know since last few months (in a way), but knowing more of them still fascinates …

1000heads …. WomWorld … heard of these names?

Chris illman Director of Engagement Strategy  James Whatley Joel Diamond Katie Buntingarto JoensuuMike DavisonAnssi Mäkelä

Lydia Millett Paul Coombes Relationship director  Donna Suffling Riccardo Webb Tom HallJussi-Pekka ErkkolaDaniel Goodall

ShiraFrank Grindrod Account Director@1000HeadsAdam Woodley

May be even the pictures above don’t strike something in your mind, but let me tell you, this is the team, now we know as WomWorld/ Nokia. Each image posted above, when clicked will take you personal twitter page of each of them.

Ok!! tell me, how many of you make decisions about buying products? Either it be phones, electronics, house hold or anything?

TV Ads? Print Media? Friends?

Earlier our opinions were based on what shop owners or sales persons tell you, then it shifted to TVs/ Ads. That’s what companies were doing to reach potential and existing customers. But there was always one thing that never changed, opinions of people like you, opinion of your friends, opinion of people, who might have nothing to with brand or promotion itself, opinions based on personal experiences.

Here came the independent internet reviews …

Internet reviews really have became a big influencing factor for buyers now and cnet reviews, mouthshut.com etc have made big places in buyer’s mind. This is called World of Mouth, publicity from mouth-to-mouth. After using Mouthshut.com so long for my purchase decisions, recently I entered a new world about my very trusted Nokia through WomWorld.

Honestly, now I feel ashamed of myself that I wasn’t aware of existence of WomWorld till recent until Paul mailed me about my Nokia 5800 post. With a few words of praise, he also mentioned that he could send a few Nokia devices to me for trial. Not knowing anything about WomWorld or any similar thing like that it was a surprise to me, surprise in that much big way that I didn’t even given a thought to search about WomWorld … later on after a few days, when Paul asked me to fill some details so that he could send me Nokia N900, then it sounded some real to me. But really neither me, my room partner or any of my colleague were convinced that such a costly device coming to me like common man for trial, neither did I shared the excitement with many people.

In place of waiting for Nokia N900 in real, then I started searching web about WomWorld and Paul… then the journey started. I received Nokia N900 soon and written a couple of reviews over it, later on the other device that came to my door step was Nokia N97 Mini… I even started following them on twitter and soon won first few entries price from @ovibynokia

Just a short journey, but still big impressions for the products and the way, the team is making them reach to the market.

One could feel the impression as last many post of mine centered around Nokia Products .. in no means for any kind of promotion, but from the heart. Increased hits, a different recognition and a feeling of warmth that’s what I shared and hope to share more with WomWorld.

Oh!! Sorry.. I should put a few lines about what WomWorld/ Nokia is.

WomWorld/ Nokia is a Nokia sponsored resource providing latest news, comment and feedback on all things related to Nokia from the world of social media and beyons. A wing of 1000heads.com that is the largest dedicated global Word of Mouth agency in the world, which is based in London, with staff in New York, Vancouver, Paris and the lovelier parts of the Oxfordshire countryside.

They help brands to listen to people, and people talk about brands.

How to do that? They do this by understanding conversations, and using the insight they gain to build and nurture immersive relationships between brands and people. This inspires Word of Mouth, builds advocacy and ultimately increases revenues for their clients.

They do like door to door advertising by contacting bloggers directly and offer trial devices through most simplest procedures (taking each and every cost related thing on their own part). More of it, unlike any other PR agencies in the world, I found them much shy in talking about themselves. You hardly hear anything about the biggest name in PR industry that’s because they do it and leave the part of talking to others only. Probably that’s the soul of World of Mouth is.

A short journey, but still I thought that there should be a post from WomWorld itself introducing its members in details. That’s why posting this… may be it will kick off a detailed post from WomWorld/Nokia itself.

I went through blogs of a few WomWorldians and find that some of them have a separate identity as bloggers as well. It’s really intriguing me to know more about the process of building the team and workplace.. let’s see… what we will hear from them in reply of this post.

Other online marketing professionals out there needs to took note of it, there is a lot of things to learn from these people.

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Nokia C3, C6, E5-Reality check

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Nokia C3 Unique S40 device with 2MP Camera, qwerty keypad, 3.5 mm connector, 55 MB internal memory, supports up to 8GB Memory card, WLAN support,  Inbuilt support for ‘Game changing’ Nokia Messaging for mails and IMs. and price? just RS. 5, 500/- to Rs. 6, 000/- as announced. May be even more lowered down after production.

Nokia C6 A device that seems to fare even more better than Nokia N97 Mini (Rs. 19, 500/-) and even if not, then passing the very popular Nokia 5800 (Rs. 13, 000/-) for sure. Same Symbian OS as Nokia N97 Mini, same processor as Nokia N97 Mini, same 128 MB RAM, 5 MP Camera with LED Flash, secondary camera, sliding qwerty keypad, 3.2” resistive touch TFT screen with nHD 16:9, 640x 360, Free Ovi Maps voice navigation with A-GPS support, WLAN, 3G, Inbuilt support for Game changing Nokia Messaging for mails and IMs and same battery as Nokia N97 Mini… price? just Rs. 14, 000/- – Rs. 15, 000/- at max.

Nokia E5 Top class business device fairing even better than even Nokia E72 (Rs. 18, 500/-) due to many email supports, Lotus/ Exchange support, same 600 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM, 250 internal memory, 5 MP camera, Free Ovi Maps voice navigation obviously, HSPDA/ HSUPA, WLAN, same sleek looks as featured by E72 or E63 and battery life said to be  18.5 hours on GSM…  price? Rs. 12, 500/- or Rs. 13, 000/-


Enough excitement naa??? Get a read over David Gilson post about detailed comparison of these devices with ones, they going to replace. With excitement, Its also a good question to think up on that where are the hidden compromises to present such mouth watering prices? Coz on specification sheets, it seems to bringing the best elements of successful Nokia Smart Phones, but how much we should actually expect coming for us ????

Well.. if we talk about Nokia C3, then if you really think then only addition is WLAN and qwerty keypad or you could add up support for bigger memory card into it as well. Internal Memory boosts up from 30MB as was similar priced Nokia 5310, shouldn’t be that much of price concern as launch dates have years between them. I don’t count Nokia messaging integration on costlier side.

What’s on costlier side is QWERTY and WLAN. but Nokia, Apple already shown that they  could sport WLAN on cheaper rates with their E63 and iPad respectively.

Nokia C3 is a great device for lower end market and might be a big success like old sets like 3300, 3310 and 1600 been. So far, I guess no compromises made as prices are reasonable with a little brave push. Hope as it looks in pictures, Nokia coming with metallic body for C3.

Next is Nokia E5 … those who might have missed from specification sheet, let me remind you neither its coming with Carl Zeiss lenses nor I am expecting it to sport that metallic tough looks as E72 had. More of it, what made Nokia E72 standing out of crowd, the Optical Pad is also missing from Nokia E5. At the end, what’s most wrong part is, its loss about battery, in place of BP-4L (1500mAh) we are going to get BL-4D (1200mAh). Even if its being shown with more talk time, it can easily be expected that battery performance might get crucially lower than its competitor. Current price of E72 has been lowered to 299 Euro and Nokia E5 is being launched on around 190 euro. Less battery and missing optical pad seems to justifying the lesser price.

Also I am thinking about the compromises made around functioning, as increased battery life on lower battery means there are some energy saving techniques applied within and as it happens usually it going to cost over performance from somewhere. Yet to see.. and if Nokia really have found some special technique, then why not it’s there with other two? Future will reveal.

Sure, there are compromises and I am okay with them as its going to allow a broader audience to receive the business series with full feature. Though one shouldn’t expect it going to be great on Camera (provided the Non-Carl Zeiss and No Auto Focus), which is bad as many times a business person uses camera for taking scan like images of documents. Don’t know without Auto Focus and Carl Zeiss, how that would fare. Just could hope that they don’t get plasticy in the  way, as the body of Nokia 5800 was and they will sure get an additional sale from my side .

For me, still E72 after next firmware updates (might include this Nokia Messaging into that) fares better due to better battery as Business users tend to use WiFi and 3G than GSM.

People always said that Nokia N97 and even N97 Mini are overpriced in a way and it was sure evident then one looks over the other successful one Nokia 5800. Nokia C6 seems to giving answers to all those people. Disappointment is on air for few, who expected at least 256 MB RAM and 600 MHz from the successor of Nokia N97 Mini, but let me tell you all of these devices are never meant to be successor of any. Neither E5 nor C6. They are in league of their own and an attempt of Nokia to show that still they rule on the scale they have defined.

The  highest priced among the three, Nokia C6 sure reasons the price due to addition of QWERTY and OS capability of Nokia N97 in Nokia 5800. We have lost tilt slider and 82 MB internal memory, when compared to Nokia N97 Mini. Charging got powered by Micro USB, which is nextGen but still… as I have seen that if we use 3G connection at full force on Laptop via Smart Phone, then it drain battery faster than it charges. I am not sure that should call it a positive addition or not, but its sure convenient for majority.

What are we going to miss most with Nokia C6 is again Carl Ziess and dual LED flash, which will sure make the Camera go completely ordinary. I was not even happy with Nokia 5800 and don’t know how C6 will fare in Camera side that way. I never come to know that why Nokia used lesser battery in N97 Mini and higher in 5800 and same question hits back here as well.

Yes!! there are compromises and some are even painful like camera and battery. 128 MB RAM is not going to take it very far the way it seized sale of N97 Mini and if it lacked anything in A-GPS in comparison to N97 (compass already not there), then it would sure be lesser popular than other two models. The only place where it fares better than other two devices is screen size, which facilitate comfortable browsing and navigation experience.

The only touch screen device of the three model sure would be crucial as still many people wants touch devices. But don’t know why I am feeling that it has less brighter future than other devices and upcoming devices (To be frank)…

So, as a conclusion, I think ‘inclusion’ of Nokia Messaging and Chat (that was already there  in Beta Labs from 8199_h some time available for few select models) sure ground breaking for NextGen communications and a sign of the shift that how seriously various businesses taking social networking. Nokia really went aggressive by including WLAN and all comprehensive features at such mouth watering prices coz sometimes we don’t consider worth of some good things till don’t use them due to price. These devices will bring the power of QWERTY, multitasking, heavy storage support and strong connectivity to mass.

I once said that there are so many features in advance Smart Phones, like we could send co-ordinates that where are we or could upload pictures or could communicate with international friends so easily but that doesn’t make effective appearance till we get such smart phones reaching to all your friends. It was always hard to convince any friend of yours to buy a handset of Rs 20, 000/- as you will always be asked that what’s point of buying a smart phone in such a price, when could buy whole Netbook in same price easily?

You check your Ovi Contacts and find only a few online. You check Google Maps Lattitude and find only two three friends have updated their locations (coz they don’t have smart phones with GPS) You left being lonely many times. I am sure that these new device gonna change the same experience. But sure, we need to keep the expectations realistic as its not gonna be a biggest Multimedia experience for sure. Should wait for next move from Nokia.

Just got more updates today

Check out the video showing C3, C5, C6, E5


Few observations ….

C6 It’s good to see that there is no tilt slider in C6 as for me, I was always susceptible about the same in Nokia N97 Mini and loved the smooth slider experience of Nokia N900. Hope this would be the same. There are physical buttons for receiving and rejecting calls, but the whole body seems to be similar to that Nokia 5800 means no metal in this one at least.

C3 and E5 It seems that I shouldn’t be that worried about the build of these two as both of them seem to sport metallic back and build. Sorry I doubted in first place.

Waiting that when I would be able to take my hands on them….

More updates

Got to see flicker stream of RS77 and view of E5 and C6 there. Interface-wise not much seems to be changed, but I am happy to see the solid looks of E5. Wait continues …

e5-1 e5-2

photo of Nitish KumarNitish Kumar


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Zabbix 1.8 Network Monitoring Book from Packt Publishing

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Sometimes big things come in your way in unexpected manner. Happened to me when I was contacted by Sandeep Patil from Packt Publishing to take a look over their book over Zabbix. I have seen the book earlier and was already knowing that its one of the biggest book on the subject for sure. Chance of reviewing the same would be like chance of interviewing your favourite star. 🙂

This would mark my first time, when might have been requested for reviewing some book otherwise, it has happened once for movie, many times for reality shows, many times for websites or services and in recent months a few times for smart phones, but I was never on reviewing some book. I could bet you that even thinking to review a book that too a tech book was harder or may say boring for me, if it would not have been on my sweet heart Zabbix. Zabbix and Squid been my most favourite Open Source applications and these are truly a must for any IT Infrastructure. I have even wrote dummies manuals over them on my blog.

Here is the front cover of the book and if you click over the same, then it would take you to the site itself with the details/ pricing etc of the book. Just taken a sneak peak till now, but I could assure you that its definitely worth taking a look for anyone managing small or big Network Infrastructure.


I have written a couple of posts over Zabbix and deployed it in a few scenario in current job as well as test environment at my home, but definitely that doesn’t stand for a chance to get compared in anyway against the author, Rihards Olups, who had straight nine years experience with Zabbix (since first releases). Recently he joined Zabbix SIA and the gained internal knowledge reflects in the book.

This book really fills up the vacuum about Zabbix related books and will really help people, who find it hard enough to deploy confusing NagiOS and then integrating it with other reporting solutions. Even I struggled a lot with countless customizations and template tricks in last many months and always cried if there was a better manual than forums only.

Consisting of 428 pages and 15 chapters, the book not only covers the installation, frontend customizations and extensive configuration instructions, but also includes well worth mentioning chapters over upgrading, maintenance and troubleshooting instructions. The book goes through command-by-command, example-by-example and scenario-by-scenario, not only that but it also includes very useful sources for templates/ rules etc. It really makes the simple yet powerful application experience more wonderful than ever.

As about the structure of the book, then it seems to be really compact and very much to the point (that’s what matter most for any book) along with the same it also impressed me with the way of putting thoughts. Take a look over one example that I got to read, when was just taking a look over introductory lines around backing up Zabbix …

Real men make no backups
And use RAID 0, right? Still, most do make backups, and for a good reason. It is a lucky person who creates backups daily and never needs one, and it is a very unfortunate person who needs a backup when one has not been created, so we will look at the basic requirements for backing up Zabbix.

I’ll take my time to go though the whole of the book and will be back soon with some more thoughts over the book. Meanwhile I want to take this place to thank Sandeep for providing me this licensed electronic review copy to me with personalized footer as given below


Be tuned … will wait for your comments ….


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Nokia C3, Nokia C6, Nokia E5-What you always wished for

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It was just last day, when I wrote over the invitation received from WomWorld. I was wondering that what it will reveal? Why the card was required to sent in place of a simple email? Wished if they could do that integration of IMs again the way they did in Nokia N900? Was thinking about the price on which the new device will come? Was thinking that if they will be worth thinking about? Will they be touch devices again? Are we going to see the first MeeGo? Is the most rumored N-8 is about to unveil?

Lots of questions and answer was just …. Wait!!!! speculations all around .. even if myself and many got the bit that it has to do something with Nokia Messaging and IMs, but still wait was wait..

I really never took part into such an online event and unfortunately even today wasn’t available due to loads of work, but even sneak peak was enough to excite and I was waiting to reach home to write upon it. And here I am …

What was that invitation card about? We have seen many type of campaigns, remember those empty banners saying something is coming… advertising needs lots of creativity and sometimes with so simple ideas. So was the invitation card. Yes!!! I am smiling when writing that the black backside of the card was really cryptic and of actual worth.

There was a screen on the site, which presented a flash based app asking for allowing to access your webcam and then asking to show your card from backside.


Nothing happened …. ??? Now move the card a bit …. unveiling the new device in front of you … amazing…


Yes!!.. Nokia really unveiled the next gen of messaging and more exciting the way it got everything right either it be price or battery life or connections or apps coz only that thing matters more than anything about the real connections. I am just left thinking about my old post on what a dream phone should be like? What should Nokia give a thought? And I am really really overwhelmed that its like getting prayers heard. I am still fascinated that how much of my thoughts coincided. Nokia unveils three new dream devices centered around Nokia Messaging and Social connections.


Yes… not only Nokia N900 like IM integrations and conversational approach will be common to all three of them, but all are having qwerty keypad, WLAN and heavy batteries > 1200 mAh. It really seems that Nokia getting things perfectly right and taking the best elements of its own experience from all of its successful devices rather than thinking about wide spread fever around Touch-Phones.

Let me Introduce the device one by one ….

Nokia C3 Series 40 devices.. like the one I had Nokia 5310. Many loved them due to their price and C3 functionality. It was not for those people, who are very much concerned about browsing over phones, but wish to have cool camera/ music phones in hands with best talk-time.

Nokia C3 represents the same class. You get connectivity with Gtalk, Yahoo, Live Messenger and Ovi chat, conversational view, One click access to mail via Nokia Messaging (Graduated from beta), favorite contacts on home screen, just like you seen in Nokia N97 etc, easy updates/ uploads to Facebook, Twitter etc, Wireless Lan with easy access point authentication (No 3G though), 2 MP Camera, 3.5 AV connector, FM Stereo Radio, 55 MB internal memory (more than enough for Series 40), though no memory card included but supports up to 8 GB and amazing 1320 mAh battery with 7 hours talk time.

Though searching over web didn’t confirmed me about the processor, but it seems that it would offer 64 MB RAM and 128 NAND ROM. Enough for a Series 40 na????

Could find the official specifications here


Now the best part of the deal. What’s the price? 90 Euro before taxes means should stand somewhere Rs. 5, 500/- or Rs. 6, 000/- if I am right about conversion rates.



I know you cant believe it.. but the world is sure going to change and the ruler is back. Really will be interesting to see if it returns back the era of non-touch phones. And don’t run to Nokia Priority shops, it’s scheduled to be released in Q2 means somewhere around June/ July 2010.

Nokia C6 Do you think that something holding you back, when you take a Series 40 device in your hands? Do nokia_c6 you think that a Series 40 device is made for only school going teenagers? Do you think that you can’t live without latest Symbian 9? You think that it would be like living in some village without the cool apps you had in your N82, N97? You still don’t want to loose the grip with touch device. Nokia still with you 🙂

Nokia C6 represents surprisingly the only touch device among these three next gen messaging devices. Nokia N97 like full keypad, Nokia 5800 like screen, full Email support for Gmail, Yahoo, Live Mail, Ovi Mail, IM client available from Ovi Store for Gtalk, Live Messenger, Yahoo or Ovi Chat. Almost exactly same or better customizable home screen than Nokia N97. What more you could wish for?

Here comes more … nHD 16:9, 640x 360, 3.2” TFT screen with 16M colors, 5MP primary camera with Integrated Led Flash, secondary front camera for video calling, FM Stereo Radio, feee ovi maps voice navigation with Integrated A-GPS (No compass though), WLAN, 3G, 200  MB Internal Memory, 2 GB Card included and supports up to 16GB, Micro USB Connector (Not sure that it could be charged through the same or not) and the amazing 7 hours talk time with 1200 mAh battery, What else you wished for?? Really pushes N97 way behind. rocessor will be the same as Nokia 5800, 434 MHz ARM11 and will feature 128 MB RAM

Could find the official specifications here


Again the best part of deal. Nokia really got the point right what I mentioned in my Nokia 5800 post and my dream phone post. The price is highest among the three but still just 220 Euro means will stand somewhere Rs. 14, 000/- – Rs. 15, 000/- obviously if I am right about conversion rates.



You are really thinking na.. if have already bought Nokia N97 Mini or didn’t bought due to high price or even if you started loving your Nokia 5800 like some die hard. Why Nokia does this? Why their own products stands like best rivals? Its time to enjoy and make fun, for them who waited for better. Yes!! this one is also scheduled to be released in Q2 means somewhere around June/ July 2010.

Nokia E5 Do you think that IMs and Social updates are for only kids and youth? Do you think that  being ae51 professional meant to keep you away from social? Do you think that business phone are made of something else and fun phone of another? You ask that why a strictly professional boss or executive can’t be a active socialite? Yes!! Nokia heard you ..

Nokia E5 brings best of their business phones like E63 and E72. Same qwerty keypad, same long battery life, best 5MP Camera with full focus, best of the connectivity with 10MB upload speed/ 2MB download speed with HSPDA/ HSUPA, favourite contacts with images on home screen, One click IM/ mail clients, support for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Traveler means covering 90% business mails all over the world and never to miss free Ovi Maps Voice Navigation with Integrated A-GPS Support. Yes!!! this one also packs the same conversational view of IMs/SMS and graduated Nokia Messaging.

You may be disappointed that why business devices still has those 2.4 “ QVGA LCD 320×240 as this one has, but 250 MB Internal memory and support for 32 GB card (2GB included) really come to blow your mind. Here comes Nokia to take you in wonderland, the talk time of 18 hours 30 mins on GSM. Really some trick behind this as its still 5 hours and 30 mins on 3G and battery is BL-4D 1200 mAh. Really wish to know details behind this GSM optimizations. But its amazing for people, who finds them travelling most of the time. This really seems unbelievable when you know that it features the same processor earlier Nokia N900 & Nokia E72 and more of RAM will be 256 MB. Great!!!! Superb!!! Really making me restless …

Oh!!! you are waiting for the price na… here it comes … 180 Euro before taxes means somewhere Rs. 12, 500/- or Rs. 13, 000/- I guess. Same price as Nokia 5800. I really love this price tag. The next few month will be hard as this device is not gonna released in Q2, but Q3 means in September/ October I think. Let’s see when it will make it to India. I hope very soon.


I was already impressed with Nokia E72 and it was being loved all over the world… its like overkill. I love you Nokia. Anyone still holding BlackBerry?

For me, the announcement came like a dream came true and Nokia seemed to be like some Santa giving all my wishes. As Thomos on Engadget wrote, Nokia bringing the best of smart phones in affordable ‘dumb phones’ market. The world is sure about to change. The complaints seem being over now that Smart Phones prices are getting as high that people started thinking about buying Netbook and doing compromises. I always said Smart Phones will realize into connections, when many will hold high end devices … it really about to happen. 🙂

For me, it will be more interesting to watch that how webkit based browser will fare in all of these device and what processors and how much RAM these are going to get as the same is not mentioned in press released but means a lot. Also have to see that if they will release the same IM client for other devices or not? Again … wait not over even now 😦 ….

Paul@WomWorldNokia already assured me that I will be on their mind once they get access to these dream devices. So, I will sure be back with more details, when get one of these in my own hands. Clocks started ticking slow .. 😦

Update: Updated the link for Dream Phone post. Was pointing to wrong article. Check again.

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Nokia EveryoneConnect invitation from WomWorld

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Sometimes, you find yourself smiling only over things happened. While eagerly waiting for my ovimaps slugs to reach courtesy @ovibyNokia, a DHL courier of A3 size reached to me on Saturday. Received today as I was on leave to entertain parents, who are in Delhi now days.

Take a look what came out of the same ….

85682913 Oh!!! you think something more inside the packet?? Sorry nothing else inside than this 3” x3” Invitation card. Surprise na!!!! Anyway, take a closer look

mobile Upload 

The backside of card also showing something like chat/ message icons… is it cryptic message? Sorry could not use some sci fi technologies to go beyond the black colour … may be …


The link given in the card is http://events.nokia.com/everyoneconnect/, which is showing a cool flash based countdown as given below


I guess, Paul@WomWorldNokia already hinted me about some surprise coming my way few weeks back. Though speculations are around that it might be a launch of rumored NextGen mobile N-8 or connecting with last event, something related with Nokia Messaging. I think I could be assured that this must be N-8 only as WomWorld knows what interests me more… let see… meet you there …..

Ok. I just went a little deeper, checked the source of the site, by the hint there, I changed the dates of my system to April 14, 2010 and here is what I got …

messaging I am not sure what it is.. is it Same Nokia Messaging App available free for all now with some added functionality? Or it is the same integration of IMs and SMS as I loved in Nokia N900?

I don’t think that it would be that hard to integrate Skype/ Gtalk into common Smart Phones. APIs for both are available and provided the devices in market, they could sure afford to extend the same concept to other devices as well. Will they wrap it up in form of some app or will they offer a firmware upgrade for tighter integration?

Not sure that my expectations will be coincide with the upcoming, but will love it, if it happens.

I feel bad about Idea people crying out there for Save Paper campaign. Poor they … Invitation of an online event through this much bigger courier 😉


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Skyfire-You can play Farmville on Nokia N82

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Farmville: An addition of web surfers in same way cigarettes might be for some office goers. Symbian users always been deprived of experiencing the same due to heavy flash used in the same and only Flash Lite 3.0 can’t do Farmville. Look like Skyfire taken the task. Yes!! You can use heavy flash on your only Flash Lite 3.0 device with Skyfire.

I given Skyfire a try for running Farmville on my Nokia N82 and the result were …

FarmVille on Nokia N82

Not sure what doing the trick, but as much I could guess and read, it render websites first as images rather than actual pages and this explains how it handles Flash. Flash might be playing on servers and device must be getting series of pictures. This implies that this kind of Flash performance should be fast on faster connections like 3G or Wi-Fi and worse if using mere GPRS.

I really want to invite users, if could comment about technique being used behind the same. Till then have good comparison between Opera and Skyfire (Courtesy Original post)

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How many of British customs we are following?

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Continuing with my own trend of being late into things, here I am with the latest debate raised by Environmental Minister Jairam Ramesh, when on April 02, 2010 at seventh convocation ceremony of Indian Institude of Forest management, he termed the wearing of the traditional convocation robe as a ‘barbaric colonial practice’.

convocationSometimes we educated people find ourselves really in weird state of mind, when finding things like this get attention more than the issues that affect common man’s life. May be the statement make some sense, but doesn’t the whole education system must be a matter of more concerns than a uniform thing?

In reference of the same, I found the Mumbai Mirror article a real good read. It reports that this isn’t the first instance, when such a disagreement with the customs might have been shown. Lawyers in Mumbai’s civil and sessions courts moved a resolution making black gowns optional (Though that demand had more to do with Mumbai’s humid weather than anti-colonial sentiments, the flowing gowns have been discarded). Similarly, In 2004, the department of posts decided to change the uniform of their postmen from the heavy khaki of the colonial era to blue trousers and shirts. It was felt that the old uniform with embellishments like metal buttons and cap was unsuitable for India’s weather.

Sure, these demands weren’t in same context in which Mr. Jairam has taken his concerns, but sure its not unusual to expect something like this from our politicians. Still I am not condemning it, just try to reason with facts …

Hasn’t this be the case many times that we have changed names of streets, buildings  and roads in name of our leaders from old British names? Haven’t people find more pride in calling Mumbai rather than long established name Bombay now? What’s wrong if someone is talking about changing one more thing ….

Sometimes it really needs to be figured out that what are we following for convenience and what might be roadnameactually hurting the sentiments.

Most of us don’t mind wearing jeans, paint-shirts or even foreign brands coz it reasons well for convenience. We reason with renaming of roads, bus/ railways stations and buildings in name of Indians as even in that time, when it was named, it was named to honor someone without caring for our sentiments or might be renamed from some other names.

Similarly, it seems justified if wearing gowns on occasion of convocation reminds us of the fact that its a British custom. But there are many other things to think upon, let’s know about a few ….

  1. whole education system is based on British Customs otherwise, we had some very other kind of gown system in our country then. Rather than flirting with inner sentiments that why to spend money on buying gown to wear on some particular day only, when it has no cultural or educational objective, why not to think about the education system itself?

    As about the gown itself, then let me tell you that gown is not only British, but its something all over the world. Gown is a symbol to show equality among students, who are now about to face the real world. Throwing the caps in air was symbol for the same. In our ancient culture, we had a similar tradition that the student was to live in Brahamcharya/ Ashram culture, where they were bound to beg before people of city for food and do all the works of Ashram. They were meant to leave behind what they belonged to, however rich, however powerful, Ashram rules were same to all. Once, their study period was over, there was also trend of convocation, where they were to leave Ashram cloths and wear there regular ones.

    In this way, if we see, then time has changed, students are not forced to wear uniforms while study and obviously, we see inequality between students, when someone come with branded cloths/ watches/ cell phones and someone very ordinary cloths. The cruel social life starts from very beginning.

    Is this wrong, if every student get a sense of equality on the day, he/ she leaves the institution?  If really have to change something then should work up on education system, the way it treats, the way it creates … that’s what outdated today coz it was created in context of making clerks for British administration then.

  2. Whole Justice system of India is based on British customs Your Honor! Me Lord! His Highness!!! the words have became this much common that we forgot that if they were having any context in current scenario. Was everything created by British system so bad that should be discarded?
  3. The biggest railways/ road network of the world is also a British heritage. Mentioning it not to say that British given a lot to us, but to remind that not everything that belongs to a wrong name would be wrong.

If you calling uniforms off then why not to apply the same on doctors, nurses, postmen, constables, police officers, army or similar of those? Why shouldn’t they also be relaxed? Though I know that it doesn’t matter for them coz doesn’t influence cheap votes, but I wish if the concerns were for changing something that actually affects students.



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