Nokia E72 Diary-The last day and some stress tests

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This was apparently the last day of trial, but unfortunately (?) DHL guy didn’t shown up, no call from their side and I was just waiting with huge mess at office. Anyway, the day ended and I thought to post a few moments with addictive Nokia E72.

After Nokia N900, this was Nokia E72, which really taken me under its spell. A device that spread itself into each moment of your daily life. Though their were points of complaint like not that loud speakers (could say that like just little bit higher than ‘normal’ of NSeries) and poor video recording performance perhaps, but two places, where this device is legendary is its battery performance and strongest of connectivity.


Battery: I must say that this monster didn’t failed a single stress test of mine about the battery. I already posted about my first test about that. My next tests were even more mean.

1. Inspired by one fellow WomWorldian post, I thought to drive the bike and record the moments from bike, but at next moment, I was to get embarrassed as roads between my office to home is not that hilly neither too glamorous to show off. What’s attractive in that to show? But still.. I kept Nokia E72 in my right front pocket (though later only I come to know that using spy cam is not just that easy, should have more experience) and drove back to home in late eve from office.

I was in doubt about the light that if it would be able to capture anything, I was in doubt that after heavy use in whole day, will the battery survive for at least 45 mins from Badarpur Border to Laxmi Nagar? 45 Mins of video recording and still it didn’t heated up, didn’t dried down or didn’t hanged. That’s something incredible. I just wish if the video quality was like my Nokia N82.

So, here comes a view of daily traffic on delhi roads in camera of Nokia E72. Did I mentioned it survived the whole trip and recorded around 46 mins. Obviously couldn’t have uploaded all of it. 😉

2. In continuation of my first stress test, I given it another test. Downloading three 700MB+ files back to back. Can you imagine? More than 2 GB download over a power consuming 3G connection and still it survives till the end. Yes!! barely but it survived. Obviously, I remembered only Nokia N900 that was alive with me even after watching two movie back to back on it.


You must be thinking na that how much download I might have done? Check out my data usages during the trial period (Note that today’s usages are not added as I was to reset the device to factory setting before sending, its another case that DHL guy didn’t shown up).


Just 13 day usages.. I am maniac na?? Just think if I was able to use it during the office hours as well? I was just using it after 8PM usually except the stress test that was taken during 2PM-5:30 PM. For people asking about the connection I am using, its MTNL 3G in New Delhi with data recharge of Rs. 2, 500/- per month. Obviously, I have to make something of this much amount, isn’t it?

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NGPay for mobiles-Redefining the way you live your life

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Note: This is for Indian readers as I am not aware if NGPay is available in overseas

Mid of the night, you are talking with a friend that suddenly find that you are about to go down on balance. Bye dear!! will talk you in morning? why? You cant recharge at this time?

A happy weekend, you decide to go movie with a friend. Which movie? What are show timings? What are rates? How to book them fast? Lucky if you are at home and could surf sites over Laptop or computer, but what if you are in a restaurant with friends? There are so many malls, how many numbers you could remember for booking through SMS?

Got a few days off from office. Thought to visit your native place. Booked train/ flight ticket somehow, but didn’t got a return ticket, thought will buy from home side (In Tatkal may be). But there you find that only Internet Cafe is half a kilometer and that too suffered with full of virus infected computers and also power cut most of the time. What now? Will you join the queue on Railway station?


Yes!! you guessed right from the title, I am about to talk on NGPay; also known as India’s Largest Mall on Mobile. For people already knowing a little about it, its a confirmation post that it works flawlessly and for people new to this, here comes something to redefine the meaning of your Smartphone. Its mCommerce.

ngpay is India’s largest mall on your mobile, end-to-end mCommerce service. It is a convenient solution interface between the consumers and merchants. You can shop, bank, buy tickets, pay bills and more easily and securely from your mobile handset. A solution for all situations like I mentioned in start and much more to it.

How to start with: The service is not SMS based, it requires just basic GPRS functionality enabled on your Handset. You thus need to subscribe to basic GPRS plan from your Mobile operator (a rent free plan is available with most operators). And since it is a Java based application, it would work on most handsets (Sorry about Nokia N900 though). Just a 63 kb download from (from your mobile) and you are ready to go, alternatively you can SMS “ngpay” to 56767 to get the link.

Open on mobileDownload and install NGPaySecurity warning, but don't be afraid

Its version 4.08 as of May 16, 2010Size is just 63 KBDoesn't take long to install

What you can do with NGPay? Not only the above three situations mentioned, you can go for more and more and the comfort will go on as the other services keep on adding into the catelouge. So its your one stop solution for all.

Small orrange icon in your applicationsJust needs working GPRS connectionI mean any working connection including Wi-Fi

Every communication with server is encryptedYou need to register your number and detailsAlso address details

There will be a 6 dgiit numeric passwordWelcome to NGPayCurrently supporting 115 services

I hope you will find yourself using first two a lotRecharge adn Topup will come always handyMay be your cinema not listed here but all leading one like PVR, Big and Fun Cinemas are here

Travel and accomodationYou can book train tickets through IRCTC hereI guess it was gift category

Yes!! you can book snacks from hereTill now only Domino is big name hereFrom Aircel to BSNL all could be recharged from here


Recharge typeCircle, supoprts all indiaRecharge any mobile directly not only yours

I have posted just a few screenshots to show that you can not only book move tickets, buy pizza, buy recharge PINs or Book railways/ flight tickets but can do much more than it. Sure amazing that how many services it covers. Personally it’s been lovely for me for recharging at odd timings and once life saviour for booking a train and a flight ticket.

How do you pay for your transactions here: ngpay is absolutely safe and has certified financial grade security. You can pay using a variety of payment instruments. Currently your regular MasterCard / Visa credit cards, HDFC Bank Account, and ItzCash cards are supported (yeah!! still not all debit cards, but I hope soon it will). For your convenience and quicker check-out, you can store your payment details in secure ngpay wallet.

I am using my credit card for the payment as currently it doesn’t support my IDBI Bank Account.

So, what are you thinking? Give it a try and tell me back, if its cool.

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Some more pics of Nokia BH-905

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No matter, you always knew that soon it will leave you apart, but 14 days is a big time to get used to of having the trial around. The mail from WomWorld for returning back the device always seems to be early 😉 I wish Nokia BH-905 was some cheaper to fit the budget.

Here comes some last pics of BH-905 from my side.











Note: All the pics are courtesy my beloved Nokia N82.

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Nokia N8 Vs Nokia N900-Which one you want?

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The looks that will make you believe in things like Love at first sight, the price that make you fear that will you be able to get one before the stock runs out, the big amoled multi-touch shiny screen that find you only dreaming that how will be that like touching to it and a 12 MP with amazing build, which keeping you on toe that when you will get that one to make others envy. Yes!! I am talking about Nokia N8.


But hey!! wait a little, there might be another news in the corner, something else coming to India sooner than that. Yes!! that thing is known to be Techie’s best dream and opening new possibilities by each next day. Yes!! You guessed right, its Nokia N900. I already wrote that there are strong hints that it might land to India very soon and someone also said that price might be around 26-28k. So, which one you will buy? Nokia N8 or Nokia N900?

update: Nokia N900 got released in India on June 04, 2010. Though we got a price Rs. 30, 369/- not any lesser. Current market price of Nokia N900 in New Delhi as on June 30, 2010 is Rs. 25, 900/- and as this is Nokia Priority Dealer price, sure they must be better deal than this with HotSpot etc.

Interesting is that I haven’t seen a single person that might be ready to change his Nokia N900 for any other phone, either it be iPhone or any Android. Its really something that is growing like some wild fever without being hyped or even without that much backing by the manufacturer itself (unfortunately). We were really tired of hearing thing around iPhone that I got this app, I bought that app, how cool this app is and blah blah … but with Nokia N900, some new and real world seems to be opening. With a closing of around 3-4k price difference, Nokia N900 seems to be all set for keeping consumers highly confused about the choice between the two flagship models once N8 arrives.

I thought that its right to compare the two around the features offered and possibilities here as definitely a new debate is just around the corner that which one should be bought now?

1. Design, Build and UI: There will always be views that what is better, having a awesome physical keypad with you to make most of typing or having a shiny touch screen, that keeps your fingers always etching to slide on? Nokia N8 so far sure ride on the best build from Nokia so far, sure rising the bar much higher than the last Flagship Nokia N97 MIni. More of it, nothing seems more solid than a closed one piece build like Nokia N8 has. But at the same time, you can’t write off the tough male look of Nokia N900 as well. Nothing seemed as solid before. I guess it’ll be left over the choice of individuals.

Nokia-N8-06beauty n900

Note: Beautiful pictures of Nokia N900 are courtesy @arun8GB

On the other side, Nokia N900 houses such a nice keypad that people even might crave for something like same on now days Netbooks. It will be seriously interesting to watch that how will a touch screen keypad will fair against something this much awesome, when currently Nokia seems not support multi-touch of keyboard (No Ctrl+C).

Take a look, I am comparing Touch UI’s of Android and iPhone with Physical Keypad of Nokia N900.

keypadnexusiphone keypad

Definitely, for many its not a pleasant sacrifice provided the studies that says touch keypad are less efficient than physical ones and it keeps the rumors on for the next NSeries device Nokia N98 with Symbian^3, probably the same 12 MP camera, but incorporating physical keypad with same sleek design (Check the pics).

Nokia N98Nokia-N8-10

Well! personally I really wish to see that how touch UI keypad of Nokia N8’s big screen will fare against Nokia N900’s real convenience that kept me writing many blog posts directly from Nokia N900 only.

Next is about UI, honestly speaking, we haven’t seen much of exciting things about Symbian^3 except that multiple desktop thing. Reason is, it was the Russian site that prompted Nokia to go for announcing the half baked phone, otherwise when Vladislav Savov of Engadget visited Nokia HQ, then he was not presented with a proto-type with NOT working UI, sure a sign that the OS not fully operational yet.

Accept it, till now Symbian^3 might have excited the world in conversations only, yet it remained much to show off in pictures and video, where if we compare the same with Maemo, then we already seen that what wonder could be done with a mere Non-Capacitive UI. Definitely Symbian^3 needs to surprise us hard, if wanted people to forget Maemo for Symbian or MeeGo.

I will say even if lighter weight and sharp build Nokia N8 catches the eye instantly, Nokia N900 keeps the trust with majestic keypad, while Symbian^3 yet to show its full glory, definitely its gonna be hard to ignore N900’s magical Maemo.

2. Connectivity: One of the first phones to support Bluetooth 3.0, USB on the Go, HDMI and all of the other connectivity options that Nokia N900 supported, Nokia N8 is sure ready to hit the competitors big time. Many people says that Nokia like to tick all the checks in specifications and even after doing all end up doing things just ok or badly. But this time, its something seriously to be watched out. It sure beats even Nokia N900 in this department and sure lovely because at least on Symbian, we could expect a perfectly working Radio App for receiving/ transmitting and may be my personal favourite Google Maps app.


For me, I wish to see that how much battery will fair using all these connectivity options as in case of Nokia N900, I have seen that if I keep on using 3G on full go, then it ended up draining the batteries even if being continuously charged by being connected to Laptop. What about the 1200 mAh battery of Nokia N8 in comparison to 1320 mAh of Nokia N900?

3. Touch Vs. Multi-Touch: Nokia definitely has surprised many by announcing Nokia N8 in a price of around 22, 000/- even when packing other first in world features like Bluetooth and a 16GB memory. Fight will be with now more equipped iPhone 4G touch experience, but many expect Nokia be more ready this time through considerable inputs from touch design of N900.

Resistive Screen             VS         Capacitive Screen

Nokia N900 sure came to re-define the touch for Nokia and it has to move further with Nokia N8 even if that might be an entirely another OS. Multi-touch really re-defines the meaning of touch and the same kept iPhone ride on market big times. Sure, Nokia N8 with good things added from N900 will come to provide more lighter feel of Multi-touch. Perhaps much of reasons to buy it.

4. Maemo Vs Symbian: Maemo is probably the biggest reason behind the new hopes with Symbian^3, otherwise many had given up over Nokia that inspite of good hardware and best of the prices. Experts and bloggers called it Nokia’s obsession with Symbian that’s making it loose the grounds in front of revolutionary Android or iPhone OS.


Arrival of Qt was to bring some hopes and probably with Symbian^3, we could expect to see that in full glory, but still Nokia N900 will stand tall with its Open source and very much user familiar Maemo in front of Nokia N8 and Symbian^3. Probably one of the biggest reason that we are calling for some kind of comparison here. Openness of Maemo is something that couldn’t be compared with anyone. In spite of early bugs and complaints about immaturity at places, only Maemo has bring the scenario that at each next day, we hear about new people doing new things with their Nokia N900.

Many will voice my concern that they fear if with Meego, they gonna loose the same flexibility that Maemo provided and so have their reasons to stick with Nokia N900. Not only Geeks, but even normal people love Linux based Maemo, because its the only place in Smartphones, where you could expect some multimedia player playing all kind of multimedia files, where you could expecting getting some free program to record the calls as easily as you were on some Desktop, only thing that could let you check the logs if something went wrong.

Yes!! we want capabilities of Nokia N8, but still we love Maemo’s openness more. It remains to be see that who will win?

Lots could be said about these and I just wished to point the debate that would take place over web very soon, when Nokia N8 trial units will be out and people will get a feel of real things. Let’s see, who will go more strong? Will after the early excitement with Nokia N8, Nokia N900 will still keep world’s interest in it or Symbian^3 will come to change the game?

Waiting for your comments, more things that could be compared between the two, more things that could have been mentioned here.. anything that you wish to share about the two… you are most welcome.

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Nokia E72 Diary Continued

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Not much to write about Nokia E72 today, but have you remembered my mention in the first post about downloading a big file inside the Nokia E72 itself? Here are screenshots of the same.




Notice the size of file and also the time stamp given below. Could understand that what speed MTNL 3G is giving to me in New Delhi 😉

I tried the same with Nokia N82, but when it tries to start downloading, I get the message “Not Supported”. I have seen it working over Nokia 5800, Nokia N97 and Nokia N900. Perhaps, N82’s browser can’t handle the downloads.

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Do Smartphones need a new category more?

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Does one size fit all? Doesn’t it limit your sight, if you fail to know your real audience while selling something? What’s more worth, being specialized or doing all?

Most of the Smartphones in market seems to be classified in three categories:

  1. Entertainment devices: I guess most of the devices fall in the same category. General purpose what focuses on voice communication and additional features like Radio, Camera etc. I want to keep devices around 10-12k in it. Target Audience are most of the users that might not be crazy about gadgets, but still love to keep up with the changing world and also those who just wanna communication in their hands.
  2. Business Devices: The superior devices, whose core focus is on providing better length of talk time and making most use of the hardware for serious purposes than entertainment. Blackberry, ESeries etc fall in this category. Target Audience are business users, who wants kind of mini-computers in their hands. Their devices might not be best of the league about the entertainment, but they deliver the best about what a Communication device always meant to be. best of battery and best of business apps.
  3. High End Devices: Could call it the premium segment, the best of technology, the best of hardware, the best of entertainment, best of versatility and the best of price. Target audience are people, who can’t let it loose and want the technology at its best even if they need to pay a price for the same. People who wanna show off or even making most of what they can get. iPhone, Android, Nokia N8 kind of devices fall in this category.

I guess there should have been a fourth category, a category that could contain the flexible and very programmable devices like Nokia N900 and Android based devices, note that I am not keeping iPhone in this category. What about giving a name to it High tech devices.

Why I am asking for a fourth category or even if that matters for anyone?

The reason for the same is, somewhere I feel that Nokia N900 like devices are bound to loose their existence to devices like Nokia N8 that would seem to be comparable to Nokia N900 or even advanced, but we will loose the flexibility we jus seen only which it. We all techie just loved the idea Nokia N900 came up with. I mean you get a device that you could install/ re-install like some PC, could reprogram the same in whatever manner, you might be missing, flowing number of apps coz no special training required to make an app for it.

Do you want to let Nokia N90 die? Will we be able to accept MeeGo if it came to give any bit less freedom to us? Aren’t we want separate existence of devices like Nokia N900? Nokia and other compnies need to know in strong words that there is a segment, which wanted the open platforms like Android and Maemo badly and there are buyers for that.

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Nokia N900 So finally its coming to India

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It was early morning reply from @IndiaNokia to Nirav Thakkar that might have prompted CJ to post that something is coming to India. So, Nokia N900 finally seems about to arrive in India.

Nirav asked @IndiaNokia about service of his Nokia N900


Surprising and exciting was the reply. Have they went over-excited to reveal it before time?


Definitely twitter is the best medium about being updated 😉 Its crystal clear that Nokia N900 finally coming to India. The question is on how much price they will offer it as India has seen that over priced iPhone 3GS didn’t got place here and Nokia N97 Mini and others sold much higher than N97 Classic. Not only me, but even Nokia might have got the point that Rs. 30, 000/- plus would be a higher amount to be reasonable (people who know about it, might be ready to pay even that amount for it).

Let’s see how long this week gonna to feel.

People who might be thinking that what’s heck about this Nokia N900, should look back for my old posts on the same.

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Got a word from @IndiaNokia that they have not confirmed that the launch date would be within a week, but saying that they would be in position of telling the confirm date by then.


So, May be we will be needed to wait a little more. Lets see what happens 😉

photo of Nitish KumarNitish Kumar

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