Something coming, not to Nokia India, to me

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Till now its been four trial devices from @WomWorldNokia to me.

  1. Nokia N900
  2. Nokia N97 Mini
  3. Nokia E72
  4. Nokia BH-905

Yes! I get excited always and its reasonable 😉 after all its a Booklet 3G. This time it was Katie @katieb86 in place of our beloved Paul @_ODoG_ to confirm the trial of Nokia Booklet 3G. I feel worried for Paul as Katie told me that he is not well, so out of office for a while. Hoping that he may get well sooner (may be his tweet was about this illness only).


Not many days back, when I posted that do I need a netbook and honestly speaking, I am finding myself more attracted toward Dell Mini till now due to its price that seems to be 23-24k around while Booklet3G firstly not available in India and secondly costlier one around 37k.

So, with many questions in mind, I will be waiting to get hands on the first netbook I am going to own for a while.

Questions like how GPS fares on it, how many applications are there to make use of it, is there any turn-by-turn navigation, is any browser plugin to use the GPS in web versions of Google Maps or Ovi Maps? Heard that its hard to install Linux on it… will it come with some DVD to install the OS back, so that I could be experimenting with different OS’s in this while? Any chance to get XP running over it with all of its modules like GPS etc working fine? Can I install latest eeGo over it

Really many things that I wanna do with it. Asking all of my readers to suggest me something.. how can I make best use of Nokia Booklet 3G in 14 days?? Hurry!!! WomWorldNokia doesn’t take much time to deliver the device 😉

Now you could download the app for this blog on your Nokia (Symbian5) via  this link or widget via this link.

Why India gets things late, Nokia?

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So, the wait seems to come an end by Friday Noon as it being  reported once again on few blogs and tweets that a device that (Biggest bet is a Nokia N900) been long awaited finally reaching the land of Taj Mahal. As far as the hints tell, Desktop like browsing, Huge storage and still left way to expand more then out of the box DivX support, Is something remains to tell more?

taj-mahal copy

I posted the same news on May 11, 2010 already in clear words, when it was told to be arriving within week but then I got mention from @NokiaIndia itself that it wont be the date (in a week), but at the same time, it wont be too far as well. You should check the post for sure that on what basis of the news was.

Anyway, coming to the point. Nokia N900, a device that has a place, which even Nokia N8 not gonna surpass that easily. The device, which makes you think twice about buying a netbook … the magic that engages you for full time, whether it be office or hone or travel, a device that calls for some addiction like people called for iPhone only.

Yes!! even if late, we are excited about the arrival of it in India and even if now days people are pretty glued over twitter and blogs to know about the launch dates of Nokia N8, I am dead sure that they are many out there, who will make their purchases without  waiting for upcoming most advanced symbian experience. You think, I am stupid saying this… ??? You didn’t have touched a Nokia N900 then.

Sometimes heart asks that why best of the technology like this come to India much after being release everywhere in the world? Sometimes, we Indian thinks that why the second biggest market for mobile handsets get a second grade treatment from Nokia or likes?

The mind answers, “With the great power comes the great responsibilities”. Perhaps Indian market is the meanest one in the world, where people don’t run behind the things in name of buzz. A thing gets a place, when it actually worth it, the reason it failed iPhone badly and Nokia 5800 rocked here. The price is kind of biggest factor here and sometimes asks companies to dive much below their actual costs.

Obviously a huge market like this puts much pressure over companies as European or American customer could buy something for the buzz around the device or if its a tech icon or status symbol kind of, but luring a Indian Customer is hard. More of it, if some device fails here on Indian Standard in first attempts, then even if it get improved, it gets difficult to gain momentum again.

Still the question with Nokia N900 (if it’ll be launched here) will be of Price coz perhaps only that is the thing that matters most for consumers here. Are we going to see some features stripped to make the price point dipping to go below Rs. 25, 000/- ? Like 32 GB could be stripped to be 16 GB … lets wait till friday.. will you buy if its a Nokia N900 with price point under 25k?

Now you could download the app for this blog on your Nokia (Symbian5) via  this link or widget via this link.