Nokia N900 released for India in Rs 30639/- ‘Only’

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So finally the wait ended by today noon in Noida. As I was reporting since long back, predictions went true and Nokia N900 seen the sunlight of the lands of Tajmahal. Told to hit the stores by June 11, 2010 in a price Rs. 30, 639/- with the same configurations and updated software, the flagship and game changing device ended with a disappointing side here in India that is, due to legal limitations, Nokia not launching it with Skype integrated as we have known about Nokia N900 since long.

Still my complaint remains that what’s the reason to release Flagships late in India that is biggest of the mobile market in the world? The question get highlighted again as Nokia not releasing any special version for India and price is still something India users not gonna absorb that much easily when Nokia N8 already one or two months away.


But at the same time, I think I should not  blame Nokia as on how much less price you could have bring for a device that has 32GB Internal memory, 3.5” Amoled Touch Screen and a Full Fledge QWERTY Keypad? Moreover, probably negotiations over Skype capability with Indian Officials might be the reason behind the huge delay of almost 8 months. But still… it was supposed to have a better reception three-four months back, when there was nothing like Nokia N8 was in air.


Anyway, leave the negatives apart, definitely Nokia N900 will be known as a milestone for the mobile history and its open source OS Maemo sure has potential to change the entire mobile scenario. For me, still MeeGo or Android aren’t that exciting on that ground as with Maemo, we start like we always knew it nothing looks unfamilier.. just like desktops. It was much easier to relate and apply their intelligence with it for people knowing Linux a little and sure MeeGo even on being open source doesn’t seem to make that much promises exactly.

Many of us, still have reasons to believe that Maemo will survive even in presence of MeeGo and may be at some stage we will be able to install various OS’s on our smartphones ourselves like we do for our PCs or Laptops.

Though eagerness for Nokia N8 launch might have faded this ‘New’ device’s launch a little, but it has to be seen that how much welcome this well awaited device will get. I still have my reasons to prefer it before Nokia N8.

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Nokia E73 joins the Nokia Business family

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Many are out there desperately waiting for Nokia E5, a cheaper version of Nokia E72 likes, but something arrived before the same and sure has many reasons to bring good news to Nokia Lovers. Nokia E73; though launched within contract of T-Mobile US for regional customers only, but there are many reasons to believe that soon it could hit the worldwide stores as well. Ohhh!!! I have already fallen in love with E-Series devices and here comes more joining the legacy.


Yes!! its expected to be of a lower price band and thanks God, as much info, I got till now, Nokia doesn’t seem to compromise over battery with this one and its coming with the same almighty BP-4L 1500 mAh battery that now days I am not feeling like living with in any of next device (though I’ve been disappointed that all of the next devices are coming with BL-4D 1200 mAh). This ends the fear that Nokia will stop shipping devices with BP-4L batteries at all

Sure, everyone expect the new device to be one bit higher, even notion of E ’73’ tells us that it has few things higher than the earlier one Nokia E72, but what… expect minors only … lets see.


As you can see, there are changes in appearance and as I pointed out with Nokia E52,

  1. Support for more 3G bands – includes support for T-Mobile’s 1700/2100MHz 3G network
  2. We got the colored button for Call and End Call, which sure should be called a welcome step.
  3. We lost the uniquely texured body and in place of silver, seems to got Chrome unless some other colored version also surfaces.
  4. All the keys are inherited from E72 through still I feel E72 was better spaced. Minor margin, but I felt so.
  5. As AAS pointed out, larger metallic bottom lip – the E73 has a thinner plastic strip below the keyboard and, consequently, a larger metallic bottom lip.
  6. Its being said to be adding voice call support over Wi-Fi. Though in India, we can’t exactly get what that means, but its related to some service from T-Mobile that this contracted device gonna use.

More of the differences will come from here and there once the total specs come out and device hit the stores, but it seems to be just a slightly modified version of Nokia E72, either it be hardware or software. Yes!! you will get Digital Compass, Optical Track pad, same 5MP Camera, same Free Navigation, same QuickOffice full version etc…

No words, if this device will ever come to India, but if they get price right (15k or less), then India will welcome the same otherwise, we are happy with Nokia E72 only (just someone please bring white version of Nokia E72 here).

Update: Take a look over the cool ad of Nokia E73 courtesy CJ and NokiaUSA

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