Three fantasies – three features

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The midnight releases and now days football fever, things always go hard for we Indian Bloggers. The Buzz really don’t get us sleep enough, but when we sleep then..

The Magic Map

See!!! even sleep get followed by the dream of fantasy. Harry Potter’s Magic Map coming in my dreams now days, any guesses why???



Futuristic touch

Dreams are really the most effortless UI na?? Arrange the scenes as you want, move the things around your eyes with strain… realizing a dream not always go easy for even best of the science … but still we try … Am I right?


The Slim Beauty

Who says that beauties don’t make part of dreams and fantasies?? Right … no one says so..

Well … why these three videos? Why the subject line “Three Fantasies – three features”? Any one up for answering the puzzle? what dream me and many others are wishing to see tonight and then next many nights?? Something mysterious??

Seen a dream as big as these fantasies .. fantasies going to be true very soon.. watch out…

Comments awaited… more fantasies awaited… will you join?

Author: Nitish Kumar

I love to write and raising voice, sharing thought and heated debate is a kind of passion for me. Jobwise I am just another Computer professional handling Infra and designing solutions for a big Indian Media house but I love to write, sketch, photography and a lot more.

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