Well so someone is really panic now

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Well.. what to say… people aware of the fact that how I started with blogging would not be surprised that how annoying I could be at times, when take someone’s side. Yes!! admitting it, I took someone’s side, but for very fare reasons.

If someone calls himself a journalist then I thought he should have had dare to argue or at least facts to show rather than staging an interview to say that I never had a phone. So, was that review a complete lie or someone just scared now?

I could understand that many bloggers are avoiding to be a party in this argument as one of my friend said that one must know both the sides before speaking up. Well.. what to say.. I already said

Just visited the profile of the great “journalist”, who sudden became journalist since the leak and to my surprise, the following appeared in my chrome browser


Interesting, very interesting… the person, known only for selective leaks of secret and protected properties of mobile company, want to protect his tweets from me? 😉 Eldar1

Well!!! Mr. Eldar Murtazin, its not something that would be solved by blocking one or one thousand persons.

All the best, you need it 😉 and by the way, me too do not feel sorry for you


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