Some changes in twitter’s mailing template

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Though it seems to have an effect since July 16, 2010, but I took notice of the same only by today. Twitter got some changes in its mailing format, a new template. The below is the new mailing template, when someone follows you.

Changed Twitter

For people, who might not have noticed the change, here is the older one, which was in effect till July 16, 2010.

old twitter

What are the changes ?

The earlier format was a very common one, like many other social sites and unlike twitter’s. Let’s see what’s improved with this new template …

  1. Better presentation: May be this a personal preference, but the new template has a way better presentation of info.
  2. ‘@’ Notation: This character along with ‘#’ character has the most significance in twitter world and without that the older format was just like any other social service. A little but welcome step to include the same. Now even a novice could get an idea that where to begin.
  3. Identity: It doesn’t relate if someone calls you “dabbu” in office. What your family might be calling you, what your friends might be calling, might be of no meaning in front of clients. In same way, it was a better thing to do it to call you by your community name (obviously with @ notation) than calling by name.
  4. Location info: location info getting more and more important for all kind of social services and inclusion of location in mail template is sure a welcome step.
  5. Lists: A feature that’s makes the usages of twitter much efficient. In a way, number of lists also signify that how active the person is.
  6. Basic tasks: Sending a reply message or sending a direct message, the first tasks one should do as a gesture to a new follower.
  7. Removing the annoying message: Earlier template had a annoying message “User may not appear in your follower list. User may have decided to stop following you, or the account may have been suspended for a Terms of Service violation”. That was sure un-necessary. Thanks for removing the same.

Anyone else has a comment on new template?


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