NGPay closes its recharge facility

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Sometimes, you really hate when something you liked most about something drops the same service. Around two and half month back, I wrote about NGPay. The best part of the service was mobile top-ups at the moments, you might need them urgently and no other options might be nearest. Sorry to say you guys,  NGPay decided to close down the service since last few days, if I know right.

Not sure, since when the service is closed down, but I came to know around few days back only, the very first mention on tweet from NGpay side was on July 19, 2010, when they claimed that due to too high failure levels, they are forced to remove the service from their catalogue.


More sad part was their re-confirmation on the day next, adding that the services wont be returning soon.


What kind of issues they might be facing?

As I wasn’t able to find any link for any of their blog neither does their own site has any updates on it except this twitter account, nothing confirms that this service is closed permanently.

Issues as much we could guess were particularly related to failed recharges due to communication issues due to limited capacity of mobile internet, delays in secure communication channels, in-correct recharge amounts and something like these.

But still I think it was a business decision due to low margins against high risk factor and too many channels required to resolve issues otherwise IRCTC sure has much more high failure rate in comparison of mobile recharges. I myself faced any issue with recharges rarely, while got more than 5-6 times refunds while using IRCTC through NGPay. But still IRCTC is in their catalogue, while mobile recharges are not… why?

Problem lies in the same thing, NGPay came in existence for. No unified system, there are no perfect routes to return the money from the mobile service providers while IRCTC refunds are very well made and functioning perfectly in comparison.

Still we wish that they may overcome these issues very soon.

What are the alternatives?

I am not really sure that why government or mobile operators are not coming on their own to provide a unified service that could provide online recharges to everyone for any of the provider available across India. May be  there are options of online recharge from individual service providers like Vodafone or Airtel or any other, but nothing matches with a unified system that could be accesses via a simple application in your mobile itself.

One such still available application/ service is mCheck that is still working for recharges.. not sure till when..