Nokia 7230 – Surprise member to family

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As I wrote sometimes back, many of us passing through a time, where we are stuck about buying any phone. While buying any Smartphone was a complete no go, my problem was solved by one friend of mine, who decided to lend her newly bought Nokia 7230 to me for a while.


Finding a full blown review for a S40 device is hard in age of apps and computer like specs phones, but sometimes one should think that not everyone wants a 10k device with loads of advanced features. Many wants just a phone that works well for calls, SMS, Music and if possible then some more … Nokia 7230 somewhat seems to filling the same gap. A 3G successor for Cheap Nokia Supernova 7210 with a slider under Rs. 6, 000/- may sure attract some numbers.

Hard to write on a foreign ground, but trying to … one shouldn’t consider this a review but a rant only…

The retail box: The retail box was holding kind of no surprise. The usual Charger, Data cable, Phone, simple headsets and A manual that’s it.

The 2GB memory card was fitted inside and the battery was 860 mAh, not the greatest, but fair enough for the deal. The price was Rs. 5800/-

Design: Sometimes its hard to know what exactly might interest to customers and even if people accusing Nokia about their OS, I really feel that at least with the variety of hardware design, Nokia is something that is kind of unbeatable. If you skip iPhone like looks, then Nokia probably have handsets in each design. That’s only Nokia that could build such solid sliding phones, otherwise, after Samsung SGH-330 experience, I was away from sliders forever.

On the sheet of measures, a size 10 x 5.5 cm, when folded sure finds affection for it, specially when it has a metallic border covering all the sides. Though the plastic back and its way of opening and closing kind of freaks me out, honestly speaking, neither do I feel cool about the cap over mini USB port coz of the way it opens and close. Things which has to be opened and closed many a times, should be made in a way that will not harm in long run.

I admit, it delights me whenever I see a fresh device with a Nokia logo with white background as the one in the picture above and Nokia’s T9 seems to be running in our DNA that with any new set of Nokia we feel like home. Keys looked similar to what I seen in Nokia 5310 XpressMusic, but with more comfort and grip as you can see yourself. Though power off keys and right menu keys sometimes may annoy you, if you get the phone accidently switch off while you try to press Left Menu Key.

The overall design focus on keeping it minimal, but I am very glad that they managed to put the camera button on side, which many manufacturer just prefer to miss. Other than Camera button, we just find one charging hole, one 3.5mm jack and the miniUSB port; all three place on the top of the device. Nothing else …

I wont call the device exactly slim (I seen 5310, if you remember), but its still slimmer than Nokia N82 in width 14.8mm to be precise and build is truly solid for this price point.

One of my friend commented that why not to make the sliding back made of mirror kind of element? Will have another heads up for females… good idea!! isn’t it?

Features: First talk about Hardware. A 2.4” TFT capable of displaying 16M colors.. kind of standard for a Nokia, though the way, S40 is making use of it, seems not of my taste at least. Such big fonts and icons, when the screen could have displayed small icons and menu with more ease. Something was sure wrong, when folks at Nokia were designing theme for this handset. See that big clock and network/ battery icons ..

While the handset been promoted as one of the cheapest 3G sets around, I will warn people coming this way for faster internet. This one has no HSPDA means a max of some 372 kbps speed, not that 2-3 mbps, we usually enjoy on handsets like E52 or C5 and that’s really not cool. Though I understand the limitation of this price point too and you can’t blame Nokia for this.

We have a 3.5 MP camera here and though 3G is capable of supporting video calling, but I didn’t seen any S40 having the same capability in past and so it was out of shot that by any chance, this one was going to have a front camera. No protecting cover for Camera lens, no flash and not even night mode, but still the camera works very decent. Though I am not some kind of photography expert, but I feel the pictures below are good enough for a 3.5 MP ..

Though the retail box very proudly displays an App Click-N-Share, but I am yet to discover the same, which provides the well advertised feature of sharing your snap over Flicker, Ovi etc. I wonder that why it’s not part of pre-installed package and why we need to send SMS, get a link and then install the same.

As it targets to Indian crowd and specially Music lovers, the device is packed with FM Radio and very freshly designed Music player. Though no dedicated Music keys might make you grin, but at the same time, you loved the minimalistic simplicity too. The audio is loud enough though loud speakers on back sure annoy me on kind of lesser loudness than I expected. The software has a equalizer option too.. cool


Network reception: Let me tell you, in now days whatever device we run through, we never forget to take a death grip test of the same and without exception all of Nokia devices disappoint about this particular world famous feature, not even this under 100$ phone. So, there is no death grip and for the people, it matters, it has following supporting network ranges

2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G Network UMTS 900 / 2100 / 1900

Call clarity is superb for Indian conditions, better than even Nokia N82 as its kind of too loud than N82’s decent sound, but loud speakers suck, don’t know why.

Software: Symbian S40, either you like it or hate it or better to say, you can like it, if haven’t seen any of Smartphone OS ever, if you have seen one, then you are spoiled. Though S40 amazingly optimizes your device for longer music playback and talk time, you really wonder that how people were managing with iPhone, when there was no multi-tasking.

Only Radio and Music player seems to be something that could be left running in background otherwise, you need to close whatever you might be doing, when some SMS come and you wish to read. Nothing like that you minimize the web page you were viewing or pause the game you were playing, went to read SMS and came back to resume. Nope!!! either SMS or the work you were doing, that’s our S40, low end devices made for people, who want their phones for call, SMS, Music and photos only.

There is Ovi Store in the device, there is Nokia IM, there is Nokia Messaging for a complete surprise and also Ovi Maps 3.0 (which are amazingly fast in startup) even if device doesn’t has GPS or A-GPS chip. What disappointed me if no support for Ovi Contacts, which is a complete shame as even older devices like Nokia 5310 XpressMusic now featuring the same. Why Nokia 7230 was denied the due, even on having the same OS S40, only they knows.

Maps not only provides the option of searching routes offline, but also enable contacts to have Find on map option, if some address is written in contacts.

Though bigger fonts size annoy big time, contacts has options like displaying Name and number in grid or name and pics. I wonder some day S40 will find social integration as well.

Calender has the same format as usual and we got Nokia Life Tools included in offering …

Apps to install: Not much of multi-tasking here, so not much you can think of, but I managed two of great apps Sanptu, which I preferred for Twitter and Ebuddy as Nokia IM not showing Gtalk service without proper bandwidth. Rest we already have Opera mini here, so nothing in essential list remains pending. Though I add my own Ovi App, Cricket 20-20 in my favourites as usual.

Lamination: Not sure that many guys love it or not, but it might be good idea to get your device laminated after buying, cost was Rs. 130/- to me, but the man did a very decent job. Check out the pictures given below …

Note: All pics here are courtesy my Nokia N82

So, this was some sort of walkthrough, I taken with the device.. my recommendations are still in favour of strictly S60 only, either 5233 in Rs. 6, 500/- or C5 in Rs. 7800/- must be a choice for buyers. Sure if anyone wishes to suggest something different, I am all for it.


Some changes in twitter’s mailing template

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Though it seems to have an effect since July 16, 2010, but I took notice of the same only by today. Twitter got some changes in its mailing format, a new template. The below is the new mailing template, when someone follows you.

Changed Twitter

For people, who might not have noticed the change, here is the older one, which was in effect till July 16, 2010.

old twitter

What are the changes ?

The earlier format was a very common one, like many other social sites and unlike twitter’s. Let’s see what’s improved with this new template …

  1. Better presentation: May be this a personal preference, but the new template has a way better presentation of info.
  2. ‘@’ Notation: This character along with ‘#’ character has the most significance in twitter world and without that the older format was just like any other social service. A little but welcome step to include the same. Now even a novice could get an idea that where to begin.
  3. Identity: It doesn’t relate if someone calls you “dabbu” in office. What your family might be calling you, what your friends might be calling, might be of no meaning in front of clients. In same way, it was a better thing to do it to call you by your community name (obviously with @ notation) than calling by name.
  4. Location info: location info getting more and more important for all kind of social services and inclusion of location in mail template is sure a welcome step.
  5. Lists: A feature that’s makes the usages of twitter much efficient. In a way, number of lists also signify that how active the person is.
  6. Basic tasks: Sending a reply message or sending a direct message, the first tasks one should do as a gesture to a new follower.
  7. Removing the annoying message: Earlier template had a annoying message “User may not appear in your follower list. User may have decided to stop following you, or the account may have been suspended for a Terms of Service violation”. That was sure un-necessary. Thanks for removing the same.

Anyone else has a comment on new template?

A for Apple, B for Bumper

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There was a famous phrase in history books “Let them eat cake”, claimed to be said  by Marie Antoinette, Princess of Louis XIV, who said these words to her agricultural workers, when they were crying that they have no bread to eat. Well!! It looks like history repeats itself and we have another statement “Hold it other way”.

First let’s see the video of the Apple Press Conference held on July 16, 2010, many were wishing to see ..
Thanks to DeAchtergrondNL


Not discrediting Steve and his team for their great efforts, but sadly the conference last day, sure not going to solve the issues even if those been way ‘overblown’ as Antennagate now (in words of Steve himself).

Let me put why …

You need to understand and admit it BIG that there is an issue:

This was the song played by Apple in the press conference and though it was surprising to many that how Apple picked it, when it was uploaded on the same day, but it conveyed the same emotions that Steve and his team might be feeling now.

If you don’t like iPhone 4, don’t buy,
if you bought one and don’t like, bring it back.


Like the song says, the similar were sentiments behind the words of Steve as well.

The media loves a failure
in a string of success
the facts won’t ever matter
if they can make bigger messes

But is it only media?

It sounds justified on their part as Gizmodos screwed them big otherwise may be a retina display, front camera and FaceTime would have been more of surprise and selling point than they actually went like that ordinary on announcement day.

But now, its not just Gizmodos, you got every lead tech blog saying the same, you were due to respond. The above video was some sort of reaction to videos like this


The users reporting issue worldwide can’t all be wrong, specially when you yourself admitted that there is issue. You can’t say users to hold it other way or can’t grin teeth over them that you all are morons making all this issues out of nothing, when all leading tech blogs supporting it with evidences including Consumer Reports now (that eventually forced apple to bring this never precedent conference).

You are not being generous, if you get ready for giving free bumpers (costing 29$). Its a work around not a solution, you cant go away being arrogant that we given you bumpers (till September only), now what else you want? One didn’t bought a 1000$ phone for managing things with workaround.

Let me tell you that how one feel. Similar when your boss says that you may leave the job if you feel that some injustice is happening with you, we have no issue and will wave off your notice period and even will pay you one month salary. Can you leave?

You feel helpless and powerless from very deep inside coz you can’t do anything of them, you have no choice. There is only one iPhone people know about, the only thing to be shown off, the only thing that you waited for this much time, queued for hours and when got one, then you have to compromise and hear taunts from others, about which you can’t do a thing… coz you can’t make a complaint. You grin that why there is only one Apple, one iPhone. But …

A great read in the same regard might be the comparison article from Guardian that compares how iPhone 4 would be a debacle like Windows Vista been for Microsoft. Microsoft never admitted that Vista been a big failure and loss to those who bought it and same is being happened to iPhone buyers now.

Note that still there is one more pending issue with iPhone 4 that is proximity sensor issue, Steve already had admitted this one too and a software fix is on the way.

You screw it big when you blame others

Steve said that We are not perfect, Phones aren’t prefect. Every Smartphone has weak spots, only difference we made is to show it clearly and that’s where we screwed all things up.

Sorry Steve, it doesn’t help, it doesn’t help when you say that others have this problem too and its not unique to iPhone 4, when you say that you got highest customer satisfaction rating, when you say that you sold 3, 000, 000 in 3 weeks, when you say that only 0.5% people returned it or when you say that it drops hardly one more call per hundred than iPhone 3GS.

The screw up already started when Apple already got replies over their statement about comparing other devices with this self made debacle as RIM CEO says.

Its clearly been the design decisions that screwed it big. Apple decided to put the antenna outside as covering metal plate, so that they could reduce the size. The decision already damaged Apple in such a big proportion that wont be recoverable.

Nokia already pointed that they resolved such issues by keeping dual antennas; one on top and one on bottom and also with careful selection of material, so that no user may face this issue. Engineering companies and technical leaders behave in this way, not just saying one hand that we made the best phone of planet and on the other hand, we are not perfect like everyone else.

Let me tell you that I have tried to grip my Nokia N82 (that is a very old model from Nokia now) in each and every possible way, but it didn’t dropped a single bar. If someone could show me that N82 drops bar, then it would be a big time learning experience to me as I tried harder to produce a death grip over Nokia N82 and failed all the way.

It was interesting when one reporter challenged Steve to drop some bars from his Blackberry Bold and Steve denied it saying that it depends …

Figures don’t help you

You make joke of yourself when you say that we have state of art test facility, when you say that you have 17 anechoic chambers, when you say that you invested $100 millions, when you say that you have best 18 PhD scientist and engineers or specially when you say that you came up with “Advanced” Antenna Design. Neither it helps when you say that only 1.7% people returning their iPhone 4 that is nothing like panic as bg 1/3 of 6% return rate of iPhone 3GS via AT & T.

Even your figures said iPhone 4 drops more call than iPhone 3GS, while Steve say that people should be expecting half of the calls dropped, I will argue otherwise. This increase dropped calls percentage (by a big 1%) is even after well popularized fact now that there is a death grip one should avoid if use iPhone 4. I argue that even children around the world know that there is a death grip and they know exactly where it is, but still you are getting increased dropped calls. Nothing wrong?? Really??

You release one more version number to fix some formula of displaying bars, so that it could show less bars, which you were generously displaying more, out of proportion. Tell me one thing, you may start showing less bars, but will not people question that why adjacent Nokia Phones showing more bars at the same place, might be your basement and still there is no death grip?

Why people not returning their iPhone 4

  1. Its true that not all will have this problem. Reason is that particular X spot, is on the left bottom side of the phone, particularly affecting only left handed people more. Will someone show figures on how many iPhone 4 buyers were left handed and how much percentage of left handed users facing it? Still people could avoid it, enjoy the really well made phone with features and keep on showing off that they have the best Smartphone on planet (?).
  2. Its a phone that people waited over a long period, specially those with iPhone 3GS. Multi-tasking, retinna display and Facetime even if not biggest thing on planet, but sure are attractive things, if one think about living with just iPhone 3GS. What’s point in returning it, when you know that its not a problem with their model only, when you know that there is no fix on this, when you know that no other manufacturer has released something worth against it (Nokia N8 still keeping people frustratingly waiting and Samsung, HTC almost copying design model). If not iPhone when what else?
  3. You spent f***** 1000 $ over the same phone and now just have to return it that you can’t change your habits slightly? Doesn’t seem to a good idea na? Why not to change the habits when you already made compromise by selecting touch phones, when there are still many advantages with H/W keypads. Why not to make one compromise more, when you already made many by choosing first a most costly touch phone driven by costly apps? If you paid this much then why not some more and buy a bumper even if it screw some of its looks?
  4. Observers missing a great point, MicroSIM. No other manufacturer supports MicroSIM as of now, means if you go back from iPhone, then you need to buy another SIM. Trapped.. Do you feel?

So, it was just that people were feeling cheated when they were forced to buy a Bumper in 29 $ more, which was actually making it look bad and you were paying for making your device look bad. Congratulations!!! now Steve will pay for making your device look bad with a free bumper on your sleek iPhone 4.

Have a poll here … let me see what you all think over it.


Explanation from Fring on Skype to Fringsters

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Just two hour back, I have receied the mail from Fring over the recent Fring-Skype issue following termination of Video calling facility on Fring though Skype. below is the content ..

Hello fringsters,

As you may have noticed, Skype has blocked fring. We are very sorry for any convenience this Skype policy has unfairly caused you.
As loyal fring users, you deserve an explanation: Last week, following the surge in fring video calling traffic, fring service to Skype was temporarily reduced . Unfortunately, Skype and their legal team demanded not to restore your connectivity to Skype via fring.
Needless to say, we are very disappointed that Skype is now trying to muzzle competition, even at the expense of its own users.
While we regret Skype’s decision to block fring, we are committed to continuing to provide you with market-leading innovation, to keep you in touch with your friends, wherever they are.

On fring you can freely use the best mobile over internet communication like video calling, calls and chat anywhere (3G/4G/WiFi) on any advanced Smartphone.
So, if you are frustrated like us with communication barriers, and are just looking for a fun and easy way to stay in touch with your friends on the go, tell them about fring and

invite your friends to join fring here

We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to provide you with great mobile innovations.
Let freedom fring!

the fringTEAM.

What do you think on it? Please comment.

Have to buy a phone urgently? You are screwed

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Strange title from me na… but if you really been in dilemma of buying a phone in recent times, then you know very well that what I am talking about. Its a damn nightmare, if one knows a thing or two about phones and wanna buy one at this nick of time.

Many has said that phones are like chicks, before you settle your eye for one, one more hotter will soon be around. Some even say that phone manufacturers intentionally frustrate the hell out of users by leaving one or two important qualities from each new model, so that there may be scope of selling different devices. Whatever …. but I could bet that nothing could be this much complicated than choosing which phone to buy.

Just a common rant like anyone would feel, whenever up to buying a phone for filling up the needs (not a planned purchase for something particular). If more sophisticated, then one could even write something like this. But I am here only to give words to my dilemma and to see if others could also relate with the same.

Currently I own a Nokia N82, a proud owner of the same. How much I have enjoyed the same, one could get the idea from the fact that I have snapped more than 5-6k pics from the same, more than 200 GBs internet data already has passed through the same. Do you know what it means?

It means its crying to get retired, crying in loud

Ok!! I want to buy a phone. I have to buy one now

Question is what I want to buy. Everyone crying about Touch Phones, resistive vs capacitive, OLED Vs Amoled Vs whatever .. and voices like mine or like even AAS sounds like stupid that touch screen are not the perfect choice, at least for me… tell me how could one type an SMS under the table while hearing the boring meeting minutes or when the boss is uttering the same repetitive words that seriously don’t inspire you anyway or how could you type an emergency message while driving bike or car with some touch screen or in some metro or other crowdy place, where you getting bored and wanna remove boredom with facebook or twitter?

Yeah that says it loud, I serious feel off track with touch phones and even if hugely impressed with leagues of Nokia N900 or Nokia N8, somewhere that doesn’t make my dream of non-touch smartphone. It may sound you weird, but somehow I enjoy touch screens (in fact loved Nokia N900 like some mad), but still somewhere part of me says that you can’t live without a non-touch.

But I want it all …

Priorities of mine … but I still want to own Nokia N900 and Nokia N8 then???

What a nick of time.. Nokia N8 teasing you this much with spectacular camera like never before that leading all to more of frustrations only due to ridicules delay other the other side, first the reports of intolerable signal issues with Apple iPhone 4 and now even confirmation from Consumer Reports that they can’t recommend it. If something was less confusing then this all rants all over internet around Symbian, iOS and Android, do someone really give a damn about it this much?

You ask on twitter that which phone to buy and people will start giving suggestions for Android, iPhone, Bada etc. Perhaps because they wanna taste it before :P. But seriously speaking, kind of Multi-tasking iOS or Android offering with Galaxy S is not my piece of cake and pre-Bada OS’s from Samsung freak me out. As of now, I can’t stand a Non-Nokia, even if it may be Maemo. Nokia knows its job, whatever people say about it . I know my needs and don’t want suggestions coming from UK to follow ‘the trend’.

That’s make the scene a little more clear, I need a standby phone that could serve my needs well till Nokia N8 arrives and even after the same. Have to save the money for Nokia N8 and still … What if I want a smartphone not in league of Nokia N8 or Nokia N900 or iPhone, but still strong enough that if I am left with the same only for an year then I could survive happily.

Why I am screwed? Why Nokia screwed?

Damn you Nokia, Damn your release schedules and Damn your ignorance for no. 1 mobile market in the world. Keep on selling for US/ UK and keep on loosing people, who write for you. Release of Nokia N900 was a joke and was more worsen due to absence of Skype. Bullshit that Government has any objection. What’s point of releasing something after making it obsolete? What you are doing with C3, C6 and E5? From which planet they are coming? What out of the world technologies you are using in them? What the hell is taking ages in releasing one here in India?

It seems that sales/ business wing of Nokia (probably all from US/UK) desperate to ruin all effort of their efficient development team. They will literally cause hatred among Indian Customers the way they are treating them as second grade. Its getting offending now.

Nokia should understand that its not good for a ship that people are on it only till when no other ship is around. That’s explains why people are jumping from ship now and why Android boomed all of a sudden. Customers in India are on your ship only because they have no better option and if you think it cool then …

What are my options? The phones I have considered so far are

Nokia E72: Big on my cards. Has all the connectivity options at best, one of best keypad in a world that could be very well operated one-handedly too, have the A-GPS at best (Free navigation), Office editing features, what a slim-n-solid yet complete satisfying build and on the top of everything a 1500 mAh battery. Last price quoted to me was Rs. 16, 300/-

Nokia E52: Second best on my cards. Recently bought for my younger bro and let me tell you, my secret plan is to ask it back from him and make him settled with some inferior one as he is not much demanding about Smartphone features. It got all what E72 has except the QWERTY and price as last quoted was Rs. 11, 800/-

Nokia E63: Thanks Pankaj for the same suggestion. Looks great (like E72) for the price tag of around Rs. 8, 000/- but the worst two cons are lowest 3G and no A-GPS. Somehow now days, it looks scary to me thinking that I wont be able to geo-tag my tweets and my photos.

Nokia C5: Thanks Suyog for the hint. Nothing new about the looks again as I seen very similar to this one in E52, but what’s make it different and exciting is some new features with refreshed OS. Contacts on Home screen integrated with Social Services, probably, it stands as the first one of Nokia Messaging era (C3, C6 and E5) we are waiting for. Free maps and though it lacks in wi-fi, but still presence of 10mbps HSPDA sounds good. What’s disappointing is 1050 mAh battery and 50 mb internal storage, even a simple install of Qt will ruin it half. 600 MHz processor and 50 mb left for doing some multi-tasking? Really some freaks are there in Nokia Design team. The price as much I enquired from the internet seems to be somewhere Rs. 8, 000/-

Nokia N900: A pricy device for a change? the price in market seems to be somewhere around Rs. 25, 500/- now, but that is a dream device for sure. It will keep on making people tempted even after  launch of Nokia N8. There must be some serious reasons that Nokia N900 is still the choice for testers testing MeeGo inside Nokia. QWERTY Keypad beating Netbooks, easiest integration with pubic services like Google, Flicker etc, capability to play any kind of media and always a work around over something you wished your device might be doing for you. What screws this device big is Maemo’s choice to exclude Java for God knows reasons. Consumers are deprived from Google Maps, when Nokia still failed to provide some at par Navigation system.

As many said to me, buy N900 and you wont regret, 5MP decent camera and a device creating new stories each day. Problem is only battery.. will someone tell me that what was the problem with providing 1500 mAh with it? I am also pushed back to wall due to the price as I have to buy Nokia N8 anyway, then putting this much money worth for?

Nokia E5: Though its announced to be available for sale only by September, but there are strong indications that it may hit stores soon (may be first week of August). With a price point of Rs. 13, 000/- and packing up all features of Nokia E72 (except almighty 1500 mAh battery, it will have 1200 mAh), its a very much anticipated device. Better if Nokia release it now. It may change equations for C5 and E52, it 1200 mAh battery performs nice. May be my next buy.

There were many talking about iPhone etc, but as I already told, I hate full touch screens (N8 is exception as there will be Bluetooth keypads etc). Same goes with Android devices.. most are with touch screens only. I seriously think that even after the worse criticism now days, have anyone ever made a better OS than Symbian for non-touch phones?

So, dear all… want your views here.. what I could buy, should buy …

Well so someone is really panic now

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Well.. what to say… people aware of the fact that how I started with blogging would not be surprised that how annoying I could be at times, when take someone’s side. Yes!! admitting it, I took someone’s side, but for very fare reasons.

If someone calls himself a journalist then I thought he should have had dare to argue or at least facts to show rather than staging an interview to say that I never had a phone. So, was that review a complete lie or someone just scared now?

I could understand that many bloggers are avoiding to be a party in this argument as one of my friend said that one must know both the sides before speaking up. Well.. what to say.. I already said

Just visited the profile of the great “journalist”, who sudden became journalist since the leak and to my surprise, the following appeared in my chrome browser


Interesting, very interesting… the person, known only for selective leaks of secret and protected properties of mobile company, want to protect his tweets from me? 😉 Eldar1

Well!!! Mr. Eldar Murtazin, its not something that would be solved by blocking one or one thousand persons.

All the best, you need it 😉 and by the way, me too do not feel sorry for you

You should have asked me for returning proto says Eldar

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Think that your phone got stolen and after a few days you come to know that its with someone, who already knows that its yours. What should be your response? If you are aggressive then you will go for hitting the man that why he didn’t returned or if you are mature then you will make a polite request that please return my thing back. What if the person doesn’t reply or ignore all your requests? What will you do?

Edlar N8 proto

Seems like a roadside bully story, but very strange that it’s now becoming today’s fastest growing trend in tech world. Reviews, pre-views, leaks, lost prototypes been such frequent incidences that even we started assuming that bloggers are above law and they have rights to tell people what they wanted to tell.

Somehow we sympathize investigative reporters that they risk themselves to bring insider leaks in great interest of public and whenever someone such even after using all legally wrong means get nailed by authorities, then we speak in support of him because what he did was in greater interest of public. But aren’t such trends getting much harder to be tolerated by even most polite authorities?

I could also discuss that what damage the early review of an unfinished product cost to Apple’s iPhone release, I could also talk that how a biased pre-review  of an alleged ‘stolen’ proto forced Nokia to announce a product much earlier before their team could even finish it. I could also also talk about series of biased posts from the man himself and also mention my own past with some similar situation, where I was like Eldar in start of my blogging days … but many analysts will be out there to talk on that. Let me go simple here.

I guess today in early morning, we got to see a post from a public consultant about smart phones named Eldar Murtazin, who claimed that some Russian officials contacted him in morning asking for location of over the leaks of Nokia N8 as Nokia complained with them that their trade secrets has been stolen and misused to cause a confusion. Later even Nokia’s official words followed in.

Much more written there as facts, but in past everyone has seen that its been play of words only (which was the last handset from Nokia that he praised and didn’t called a fail? Not even Nokia 5800), but still he claimed the followings:

  1. Nokia never asked for returning the alleged proto (Not denying to have it)
  2. He tried to return, but no one replied his so important, generous and ‘numerous’ emails
  3. Nokia not trying to send thugs or trying to nail him
  4. Nokia hasn’t asked for closing down or jailing Eldar

The issue is that Word of mouth been much important in now days for market and some times people even taking advantage of same. It was just caring for PR that Apple didn’t went for kill, when Gizmodo spoiled what was their years worth, it was just caring for same PR that Nokia could only said “we’d like our prototype back. Please

Its their own prototype, even has mention of the same on it, stores are all around the globe that one could drop the proto back, but still they were helpless saying Please for their own thing and answerless since April 27, 2010.

Eldar’s excuse, he has been on ‘vacation’, so didn’t got any letter even if received in office, Nokia has no proof that he received any letter as he wasn’t in office. How innocent this guy is… even Gizmodo wasn’t. He also admit that Nokia sent him mail about sending their properties back, but what was his reply? He said which device in particular, I am testing many of them? Please mention.

One can really understand that how annoying it might be for a company that trying hard to nice with one, who even after stealing their property, ruining their strategies, ruining their PR and knowing exactly what they are talking about asks back that which proto you talking about?? Is their any law exists about own property, own expense, own hard work? Any moral?

May be we enjoyed Gizmodo, when he leaked out one of the biggest secret people were after, may be Gizmodo earned a lot from that. May be earning good attention due to Edlar, but don’t you think that it will lead to worse for bloggers all around the world? Aren’t the respect or a little relaxations we blogger enjoy now days gonna be on sake, when some of biggies show such disrespect to laws and morals?

I know there are many around with a complete bias and they are searching for one sided info only, but still I thought to engage the man himself on some irritating questions … see what happened today July 07, 2010

Eldar Accused Nokia for lying …

Statement from Nokia which Nokia deleted due to one problem 0 they are lying about any letter to me – google cache: by eldarmurtazin

I posted comment

@eldarmurtazin @pronamc @Nokianever mentioned that they wrote letters, they have publicly requested at first instance mrnitishkumar

Eldar’s reply

@mrnitishkumar no, they never ask me public, official statement from Nokia that they send me letter and i receied it (paper letter) by eldarmurtazin

My reply

@eldarmurtazin Can you quote that office statement? I have saved the google cache page you post. Nothng like paper letter mrnitishkumar

Eldar’s reply

@mrnitishkumar in Russian from Viktorija Eremina, PR director Eurasia, will translate laterby eldarmurtazin

When I was going to leave him on this 😉

@eldarmurtazin My email id is Can you mail or post somewhere? We knw to translate. Btw article is onlineby mrnitishkumar

Eldar’s reply in russian

@mrnitishkumar В частности, официальное письмо Nokia Corporation, доставленное ему с уведомлением".by eldarmurtazin

I replied

@eldarmurtazin Its says "Nokia corporation delivered a formal letter to him as notice." Whose statement is this? Can you post some scan? by mrnitishkumar

Eldar replied

@mrnitishkumar by eldarmurtazin

My reply after reading the same

@eldarmurtazin A biased blogpost nvr a proof & you urself saying that letter not delivered coz u wr nt in ofc & 4 mail u reply which protoby mrnitishkumar

Finally I got him irritated

@mrnitishkumar Interfax. check it. you post too much, sorry have no time to talk with you only. Dont care about you thoughts  by eldarmurtazin

Yes!! Eldar.. you don’t need to care about thoughts coz you are so big for readers. Congr8s.

Its great that twitter is here and Edlar can’t just hold talking, we already have statement from past


Why didn’t you mention that you replied which prototype in particular? I have many of them. Great answer. Eldar is sure much of innocent lad out there. He just got a proto down somewhere, may be bar again 😉 though to write post over it and then was so happy that went for a leave of month.

Eldar, sorry for bugging you… 😉

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