A full detailed Interactive Nokia N8 Unboxing-All Videos

Do you know what we Nokia fans do on twitter now days? Most of the timeline of mine goes on talking about Nokia N8 and why not.. where else we have something like a 12 megapixel mobile camera with Xenon, where else we have a gorgeous 3.5” screen with capacitive multi-touch, such a superb anodized aluminum body and where else many more things like this come at a price of under 25k INR? If you could hold yourself not talking about such a thing, then you must be brave for sure.

I guess one day back, I said that I wont be writing anything over Nokia N8 till I wont get the same in my hands as was really feeling jealous with my mate bloggers of the gang, who had their hands on this shiny new toy of town. Moreover, the whole blogger world is buzzing this much about Nokia N8 that it leaves really little for you to talk about Nokia N8, when you might have not seen it in real yet.

That was what I decided one day back, but here comes Nokia, here comes Womworld and 1000Heads, here comes the bonding they make with us in way like no one else does. You might have seen stories of many trial devices from Nokia to bloggers in past and some very exciting competitions .. but hold your breath, something most amazing happened today…

While I was already watching the interactive videos being uploaded by Nokia since Mondays and controlling my excitement about Nokia N8 somehow (I must say, no other smart phone from the past might have excited we Indians this much) , but it was till 1954 hrs of today …

After a stressing day at office, when I was really tired after reaching back to home crossing the terrible, rainy traffic and checked my mail box on my Nokia N82’s Nokia Messaging account, there was a mail from our very own Lydia and the WOMWorld/Nokia team

Hey Nitish!
Hope all is well over on your side?

Thought we’d drop you a quick mail to let you know the guys over at Nokia put a little surprise together for you 🙂

Not only are you the first person to see this, but you’ve also got a personal introduction to it all!

Let us know what you think, and feel free to share.

The intro:

The unboxing:

Lydia and the WOMWorld/Nokia team


This all got me suddenly much excited and excitement crossed the boundaries once, I downloaded the video from the link given in mail. Promise you guys @1000Heads, if ever, I owned a company, then you will be my marketing team, only you .. no one else.. you are beyond magic… just awesome.

Wanna know, why I am this much excited about the video? Check out the video yourself ..


Whoaa!! She took my name… how come Nokia came to know that out of those three people, I liked her most. I am still like dreaming… should say.. awesome was just a word before today.. now its a real feeling. Thanks Guys thanks.. you got me.. you totally got me.

People talk about Apple’s marketing and say that Nokia should learn a thing or two from them, but today I really think that if Nokia really need such marketing?

You need marketing to sell something ridiculously higher priced device that come to change your habits and leaving you constrained about features without pouring extra bucks at each step. You can’t make a complain as people will ask that why you bought something in double price and you become fanboy.

Nokia never been into such marketing and that’s the reason, you even find many negative words over bad products from even we like bloggers, whom people many times call Nokia fanboys, but still we are family, yes!! family… a word that is too easy to be spoken and used, but making people part of your family is something that is beyond marketing. Nokia is part of lives of ours… isn’t it?

Let me introduce you all something that really don’t need any kind of marketing to sell it … Nokia N8 unboxing in most awesome way, you might have ever imagined.

The blue boxes, as I seen with Nokia Booklet 3G, but so many of them… it feel really itchy and we feel like even begging from Womworld for our share from it.

We got three amazingly hot unboxers here presenting three streams …

1. Brenda the elegance: Brenda, whom I liked most among the three even before receiving the mail, is here to unbox the Blue Nokia N8. A color, which I would like chose if someone says that Black is dangerous to my life (otherwise Black is my color). I wonder that how come Womworld guys there knew that I liked her most?


Brenda represents the sober and elegant class, who weighs any product just not by exteriors, but by its features, its elegance … in short in most sensible way of judging. Truly speaking, she is so sober that it was hard to decide that what to look.. her face or Nokia N8.. LOL

In first part, she talks about things inside the box, which we will see in next videos as well. She shows each and every component of the Nokia N8 box and the first thing that relieves us is … yes!! we do have a proper length USB cable here (Thanks God! Nokia got the point finally). She shows the special stylus for the capacitive screen with the note that its available in select regions only and we really pray that it will arrive in India too.

Let’s see other part of the unboxing videos by Brenda that could be navigated to from end of the last video.

Five Vibrant colors of Nokia N8


After the unboxing get over, she demonstrates the five different colors of Nokia N8 here. While at one side, people are still waiting after months for white colored version of something… here Nokia coming with five brilliant colors from the day one. Yup!! for many, it’s hard to decide, which one to go for.

Multiple Home screens to choose and customize in one Nokia N8


Multiple home screens provide one a much better and larger space to put their priorities in their own unique ways. I loved the fact that Nokia kept the implement up to three screens only as it didn’t make sense to have like some dozens screen. Think you could have hundreds of icons on your desktop, but is that a good idea?

720p HD Recording

I still remember the days, when we were hiring professionals to shoot our videos in functions and not many were able to afford Digicams to record their precious moments. Then came the era of mobile camera and life really changed. I really think that youtube wouldn’t been such a big site, if there were no mobile cameras around. May be exaggerated my statement look like, but man.. look at the resolution.. where are we…  its not the resolution, but its the revolution. 

Social Networking

It really surprises you that how social networking has became an integral part of our lives. Its not long that when internet was meant to be Yahoo messenger and mails only. But today twitter and facebook like sites became bigger than anything. Facebook and twitter has as many users as not even many country might be having citizens in total. Sure the credit is to smart phones and when someone like Nokia N8 comes with Integrated Social Networking then..

Seamless Multi-tasking

There is a big world of apps out there when we talk about other operating systems and it looks like they have apps for everything.. even making a call also an app for them, I guess and may be even Antenna … what’s profit of having apps for little things which we never thought that should be separate thing from OS itself? What’s part of installing hundreds of small apps in your memory and keep on moaning that we have millions of apps out there for bucks, when you can’t run and navigate through even 12 together. That’s where you say..

Nokia is Nokia and Symbian still rules when it comes to Multi-Tasking.

2. Ryan the Geek: Geek.. someone on twitter said that when it comes to Nokia, then every Tom and Harry become Geeky and expert on mobile technology. I guess that should be taken as a compliment that how natural and simplified the technical innovations of Nokia are. Ryan here presents a Geek’s perspective about Nokia N8.

He goes with same unboxing as Brenda gone through or might be with some geeky little details and then let’s zoom in, what more details, he wanted to share about Nokia N8…

Bright AMOLED Screen and tough body

Definitely that gonna be some divine experience, when such a live and talking AMOLED screen with play with our fingers and we thought that big screens are meant to better view only. The scratch resistant body really assures us that its same robust Nokia we lived with since decades.

Ultra-Sharp 12 mp Camera

When I talk about Camera of Nokia N86 some days back, then I mentioned that its not only about Megapixels, when someone make a camera and it really make us proud that no one knows it better than Nokia itself. Definitely Nokia N8 is beyond that whatever you might have expected from a successor of Nokia N82 and Nokia N86 likes. Your phone is much much more bigger and important thing now and you are very much ready for handling anything instantly.

Flash Support


“Flash website are just way cooler to look at” – it really made me smile that Nokia chosen to make an entire heading over it. We all know that whom are they referring to and we are all with them. Flash is here to stay and no one could keep on deciding that what way we choose to live with.

Flexible Keyboard


Definitely this is the most important part, I am looking for. I already said once that its gonna be hard for me to live with some only touch phone, so it become so much of important that how touch keyboard of Nokia N8 gonna feel in my hands. Though still not demonstrated anywhere, I would really like to see that how swype will perform over it and also a request from Nokia for coming with idea of transparent keyboard as well. Still proper support for Landscape and Portrait modes delights.

High Speed Symbian OS


May have faced much criticism with touch devices, Symbian been a real Gladiator when it comes to mobile phones and Symbian^3 really really have a lots of expectations from it. We really expecting that Nokia has removed all the annoyances, people might be complaining till now. Each video seems solid and smooth… itching to feel myself.

3. Suzy the sizzling hot: She alls herself sizzling hot and even we don’t deny the fact as while playing all the videos, our eyes kept slipping from Nokia N8 sometimes. When she talks about Nokia N8, then she really talk about entertainment, looks and compactness of things.

After her own way of un-boxing, she talks about going under skin of Nokia N8

12 Mega Pixel Camera


It might have a different meaning for a Geek like Ryan, while for fashion conscious people like Suzy, it opens up another vibrant world of colors.


HDMI Output

I really wonder, if Nokia N8 will push up the sales of HDMI monitors, which are really down in prices here in India up to an affordable level (I have seen 48” in 44k). My Nokia N82 been a personal digicam for me since years and I always challenged even professionals, really wonder that how the world will fall in front of me, once Nokia N8 arrives.

Two ways of charging up

Definitely its cool to have feature of USB charging if all of sudden your phone is low on battery and you have no 2mm chargers around (Though unlikely keeping Nokia’s popularity in mind).

Faster Micro USB Output

Nothing was frustrating you more, when your smart phone was taking too much time, when you wanted to get ready for some trip and wished to fill up your phone with Gbs of songs and movies at the last moment. Not only USB OTG has arrived to forget such worries forever, but the enhanced speed of Micro USB sure gonna blow your mind, when you will experience it.

Crisp Call Quality

When we talk about Call Quality and signal reception, then there were never other names and its always been the most pleasant part that while making design decisions like keeping the battery locked down, Nokia never even dreamed of making compromises like Antennagate.

Though still we will be wishing for a better front camera always. May be that will arrive when our network will be capable of providing better speeds (even 3G is not everywhere in India).

So, these were the details about the huge flood of videos from Nokia side in last two days and at the end, again I would like to thank Womworld Team to make me feel close to them, when I was wishing much lonely without any trial device like C6, E5 or without any plans of going to Nokia World.

Whatever I do.. I am with you guys.. always. People please join with my voice, if wanna say something.

By the way, whose unboxing you liked most? My heart goes on for Brenda… what about yours?



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