Nokia World 2010 – Nokia C3-01, few bluetooth headsets and a unique charger

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After two full days of Nokia World, I am really thinking that its much easier to be an Apple Blogger. At least if it was an Apple event, then there were not these many devices, these many news and this much excitement, but same time, this much wait.

As a non-professional, office job holder blogger, it gets too hard to cope up when such flood of events arrive and you ultimately give up as when you are giving 13 hours of day to office only, then not much part of the day remains to cover up all. And you better think to provide links for other’s awesome posts rather than repeating yours. For a detailed one-by-one coverage, check out CJ’s blog.

Continuing my series of posts over Nokia World from where I left it last time

Meanwhile our fellow bloggers have bring some more news about Nokia C7 and Nokia E7, with Dual LEDs, the handy torch feature is right there without trying out that Video Light option.. just press some specific and use your phone as a powerful torch.

But provided the price point, mind says that that we will sure find something more about Nokia E7-00 in next coming days … something more special than what we have seen till now.. what that will be?

E7 E7-1

Other devices announced on day 1

Its true that those 3 big names were enough to steal the show, but there was more, when it comes to devices ..

Day 1 seen a number of new Nokia accessories as well …


BH-609 BH-905i

I could have written in details about them, but our CJ has already done a tremendous job, so just thought to link him here. Read there for sure, they are not just ordinary headsets, but many things under the hood to know about them. Though I am still trying to know about their prices and availability. Just hoping that this time, BH-905i arrive at a much lower price to really afford that.

nokiaworld2010headsetsDon’t you think that these side heros also need some attention?

An interesting accessory was awesome Nokia Charging Plate DT-600


Something that could charge five of yours devices at once. Hoping that pricing would be right and many would be thinking to have one in their drawing rooms.

The second and last day of Nokia World also seen a hell of exciting Nokia C3-01 with 3G, while it looses the QWERTY, brings another milestone of Touch-n-Type series. Look like S40 soon will get repo of Touch-n-Type OS.


Ok.. I will go into details of specs otherwise as my readers wont excuse me about that at least.

Exteriors The slim dimensions 111 x 47.5 x 11 mm and shape will sure remind you of Nokia C5, Nokia 6300 or Nokia 6700 and at the same time, make you feel it solid in hands by 100% steal body. Are we talking about some knife? If I am right, then there is a physical unlock button as well or may be a mean to stop touch functionality. With a volume of 51.43 cc and weight 100 g only, it would be hard to hold, when you see it in front of your eyes. Old good days of insanely solid devices continued.

Nokia_C3-01_Golden_Khaki_3The people, who were praising X3-02, but didn’t thought to bought right then, will now find them hot on heels.

Display Being on cheaper side, this will hold a glossy transmissive display of 2.4” with expected resolution 240 x 320. With better icon placements now, it seems that S40 learning hard about this kind of genre and sure we will see more of such devices soon, but this one looks really solid even if wont perform best under sunlight, given the build and looks, its something legendary.

Interesting was to read 18 bit colors in specs sheet. 18 bits? really?

Resistive touch meant to work for tapping buttons and navigation. As much I understood till now, resistive single touch screens of Nokia X3-02 and Nokia C3-01 not meant for on screen keyboard.

Camera A 5 MP with full focus and flash too. This device serious urges you to buy it. An aperture of f/2.4 and focus range from 50 cm to infinity might not be on best side, but still stands better than any other non carl Zeiss 5MP in Nokia’s bag. Even if video capability is just 640 x 480 @15 fps, there are reasons to believe that its a satisfactory device about occasional snapping.

Remember, there is no front camera.

Connectivity As we find USB OTG 1.3 here again, it clears the strategy of Nokia concentrating big over Touch-n-Type devices. No wonder, if they are planning to push back their XpressMusic series to keep only Touch-n-Type devices in the lower segment.

You also say WOW! when come to know that this ‘flagship’ of S40 series comes with 3G, WiFi, HSDPA Cat9 10.2 Mbps and HSUPA Cat5 2.0 Mbps.

If you are familiar with Nokia’s devices in terms of being used as 3G modem for your Laptop or PC, Nokia sure all set to provide superb options to people considering lower segment devices only. Specially India, where we are yet to see 3G from most of the operators, once that will be set, there will be only one candidate to buy at this segment, Nokia C3-01.

Memory 30 MB of user storage can’t be consider as enough, provided the fact that X3-02 had it 50 mb. I am really confused over this point least that why its lesser?

Disappointing here otherwise with 128 mb SDRAM and 64 mb NAND, it follows the footsteps of Nokia X3-02 only. Same 32 GB hot-swap microSD support is here, but I was a happy man, if Nokia would have given at least 60 mb to this.

But still it doesn’t mean that this device will perform any lesser due to the fact that S40 apps never been known for their memory hunger.

Other features New socially aware S40 series, sure all set to provide too many options in favor of a touch-n-type like. Stereo Radio is obviously here though I was looking for FM recorder as well. Rest everything is like one could expect from a Nokia otherwise I would have needed to tell that it has Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR  with A2DP.

Power management Again, this is not such a specs that I will feel very happy about. A BL-5CT 3.7V 1050mAh is sure better than the one, I have with my Nokia N820.0

GSM Talk Time up to 5.6 hours
CDMA Talk Time up to 3.4 hours
GSM Standby Time up to 17 days
WCDMA Standby Time up to 18 days
Music Playback Time up to 38.0 hours

Sure the specs are not as impressive as one could have expected to be from a new device. A disappointment for otherwise would have been a great news.

Price A price point of 189 USD or 8, 750 INR definitely trying to woo mid range  customers and would be a point of attraction for S40 Series market.

Let’s see official video for the same ..


Are you also finding it hard to control your eagerness for having hands on these devices? Same with me.


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