1Tb USB HDD in Layman’s house, gearing up for Nokia N8, You?

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As I wrote few days back, I am looking for purchasing kind of too many things like Nokia N8, one backup non-touch device for it (E5 or E72), an external 1Tb USB HDD and a tablet (may be iPad). Finally the first available and easy one arrived at Layman’s house.

Definitely USB OTG will be a core selling point for Nokia devices from now on and may be they will set it as a minimum standard for others too. One of the amazing features of Nokia N8 as we seen was capability to support plug and play of more than 1Tb external drives. Means no worry, when we push the limits of making HD videos and fill up even then huge available space.

I have made the first step for Nokia N8, bought a Seagate 3.5” External USB HDD of 1Tb


I already had an external 1Tb drive that I bought back in September 2009 in Rs. 5600, but that time, maximum External HDD storage available without power adapter was 500 Gb, so I was to buy that with an Adapter and so that was a big one and kind of much less portable. but this one…


Its sure has a little bulk upon it, if we compare it with the size of 500 Gb one, but sure with a size of 3.5”, one could bear that. Its little pricy than the adapter one and took Rs. 6700/- from me. But in comparison with the convenience, it will provide to me with upcoming Nokia N8, that price would be nothing.

What else I should think about buying? An HDMI LCD Screen?