Nokia C5-03 touch screen arrives @ Rs. 10500

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While some of us spotted the all new C5-01 in the wild last day, today was the day to let Nokia announce it officially, Nokia C5-03, yeah they caught us by surprise by  an inexpensive 3.2” touch screen with WiFi support, A-GPS, Compass, 5MP camera (without flash thoguh) and Symbian^1 as operating system is ready to be shipped at a price around Rs. 10, 500/- without taxes.

Nokia C5 again? you will say, when you read their post.. but its Nokia C5-03 actually. May God help their naming system. At least they should have written the full name in their official post.

Definitely specs aren’t overwhelming for geeks, but the price tag and looks are set to change the game for the mid market that was being threatened by Galaxy 3 or Galaxy 57 like cheaper alternatives.  Though it also missing the front camera (if I am right), but having 3G, WiFi and A-GPS gonna be a huge plus and definitely its like pushing Nokia 5235, 5233 like best sellers out of the way.

Seems to be available in four colors initially including the above three and dark gray one, it measures 105.8 mm x 51.0 mm x 13.8 mm (L x W x H) and weighs 93g – that makes it a similar size to the (imminently) forthcoming C6-01 and sure its a much better looking phone than the current cheaper touch phones from Nokia were (read Nokia 5233, Nokia 5235, Nokia 5800).

Blogger community might get irritated a little on presence of Symbian^1 and just 40 MB user storage, but mind it has some other audience and targets in mind and believe me at this price tag and in this looks, it rocks. As per their post, it will start shipping by End of this quarter means End of December 2010. You may hope that next best selling has arrived.

I will be back, when I get more on it. Well done Nokia, after announcement of C7 shipment now this… fight back really seems to be started up. Nokia 5800 killer has arrived from Nokia itself.


As promised, hereby bringing the full specs of Nokia C5-03. It seems to have all from Nokia 5800, but in much compact outlook. We got better processor here and also better HSPA (on the contrary of what some tech sites claimed that there is no HSPA). Though there is no USB OTG in it, but remember its S60 5th Edition, probably not meant for supporting that. Addition of WMV 9 video playback suggest that the video playback should support larger range than earlier devices.

There are some shortcomings as well, when you compare with Nokia 5800, like no secondary camera means no video call. Though it has a 5MP Camera, but we have no Carl Zeiss like 5800, neither do we have a Flash. Even Video recording stands on 15 fps like it was on E72, unlike 5800 where it was 30 fps.

But its in comparison with Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, which still selling on higher price, if you compare with cheaper Nokia 5233 or Nokia 5235, then its a hands down victory. Take a look over complete specs.

C5-03-01C5-03-02C5-03-03 C5-03-04

Laymans take reached to 100000 views mark, Thanks to all

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I know its being obsessed with blog stats, I know some might even say that its kind of show off, when some of the blogs get around 50000 hits on daily basis, but let me say… its not a small feet for me, each of the views counts a lot for me and I really really wanna thank you all for making it happen.


Yes!! today morning, Layman’s Take reached to the landmark of 100000 views, despite of the fact that people were to bear some of the terrible grammar mistakes in my posts here (I write in one go in short time available to me, but I know thats not an excuse, taking care of that)7, but still they kept on reading and I kept on writing … many of the times, even without caring that if anyone give a damn to what a Layman thinks.

Many of us think that its embarrassing to public the blog stats, because those are not always gigantic like big names often show, but today I wanted to shout because its sure a worth for me even if, I never exactly wrote for these stats (or might be I did).

The blog started in 2006 and after writing over Indian Idol specifically, I kind of abandoned the writing for most of the times (more due to time constraints and may be due to lesser reasons to write)… which easily explains that why I got just that many views in last few years, which I am getting in one month now days. This all changed once I started to write about Smart phones and came in touch of amazing Nokia Community.

The mails from you all kept on reminding me that what you are appreciating and what you want me to write more on … those lovely conversations became such an obsession that even after spending work hours from 8AM-8PM, I managed to kept myself awake till late nights to bring what I felt worth for community.

Even after temptations, I took a decision once that this blog will never go behind advertisements ever and will be plain and simple in the way, it’s today, no matter how big or small it gets and I am still on my words. Its voice of a Layman and it will be.

This all is dedicated to Nokia, Womworld and 1000 Heads people

Do you know since I got in touch with Womworld/ Nokia, this blog has received more than 75% of its views by this year only (till now, its more than 77k so far this year), obviously I has to dedicated this to them first and then to all of you amazing viewers.

I receives dozens of mails daily (at times I was getting hundreds) over things related to sys admin or purchase of new Nokia device or just for some info or advice. Other than Nokia, I have also received a number of offers to write for some respected blogs (which I would love to, once I started managing my time more well and have more resources and contacts), received some free books and a number of invitations. Believe me, I reply each and every one of them, either I could offer something big or not, but still each and everyone of them is same important to me as I am myself.

The short post is just to thank all of you for making Layman’s take reach here and a reminder to myself that its time to get serious now.